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  1. For those who measure gains using this (or any) swing speed device. Do you measure gains when hitting a ball (both baseline and improvement)? Or are the increases from max effort swings (which I would not likely ever do on the course)? There may be a correlation between increases in max effort swings and actual on the course swings, but was just wondering how most measure this?
  2. Congrats on making the move. My family did this over a year ago and haven’t looked back. I am mostly vegan and vegetarian, but will eat fish every now and then. It was shockingly easy to make the transition. Weight dropped and never felt better.
  3. Patrick NC/USA 3.5 Titleist T-MB with TT S300 AMT steel shafts I500
  4. I actually just found a set of Snake Eyes Ultimate Design irons on eBay that I used to play a long time ago. They are aluminum bronze heads. The heads are in great shape, just need some cleaning, so I assume the durability is fine on these.
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