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  1. If you can find one, the Nike Air Hybrid Stand bag is awesome.. 14 way divider, drink pouch and an awesome strap tunnel if you decide to ride.. The one drawback is it may be a little heavier than some others. And it’s old now and hard to find in good condition! But I won’t part with mine.. ever!!!
  2. Anyone have any experience with these? The txg review has peaked my interest? I currently play P790/P770 combo set! Looking for comparison or reviews or any type of feedback? Thanks!
  3. 48* here today, I hit the links! Very frustrating round today! Shot an 84 on a course that's pretty difficult for me! I putted well, but had much higher hopes for probably one of the last rounds of the year! Was hoping to shoot par for the first time at some point this year but a couple 73's is as close as I got! Dangit!!
  4. Handicap is trending down, I'm a 7.6 index officially, I've gotten close to par this year, with a 73 and yesterday a 74. I just can't seem to break through to the magical par.
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