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  1. After reading the MGS reveiw, I did a little extra research and decided to go with the remote control MGI Zip Navigator. It is light enough for an old guy like me (73) to get it in and out of the SUV. Pay attention to the company's recommendation to test drive the Zip in the backyard before taking it on the course. I drove the Zip into my wife's car (not good) and on the course had to wrestle it to the ground before it almost pushed me into the lake. Operating the controller while the Zip is coming at you takes a little practice. It took about four games before I got the hang of driving the Zip, meaning I didn't tip it over. Once I got the hang of driving the cart I really enjoy it. The hillside stablizer is definately a plus. The adjustable 3rd wheel is very useful. My buddies and I tested the control range out to 250 yards and it was still controlable. I really liked the variable speeds. The wheels have good traction even in muddy areas and the battery is very easy to install and uninstall. The accessories are really useful. The umbrella holder, seat, card, phone and drink holders are most useful for me. The wheel covers are of marginal value. The rain bag was out of production when I bought the Zip. Overall, the Zip Navigator is an outstanding piece of equipment. It really makes walking the course more enjoyable.
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