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  1. I also highly recommend a caddie at any of the resort courses where it's an option. I had a "regular" caddie at Whistling Straits when I was going there every year for a while. I think he's a Bandon now as a matter of fact. Had several at Pinehurst as well. They almost always to a man make the experience much more enjoyable and yes will save you some strokes most ikely as well.
  2. Oh boy, I have to put this down in print...huh Safe: I can safely say the Scotty Cameron Select Flowback, has been in the bag since May _which is an eternity for me, and no signs of leaving anytime soon. It has a firms hand on the staring lineup in 2023. Also the SM9 50,54 and 58 wedges are locked in place. Chopping Block: The only thing in the bag that is in danger is the TSR2 16.5 fairway wood. I just haven't been able to get consistent or comfortable with it. Not sure what I'd go with the replace it, possibly a TSR2 5 wood,. I will also try out the PING G430 FW when they are avaiable, I've always hit PING FW very well. Not Chopping Block: But just moved out of the way due to the fact I can only have 14 clubs in the bag:-Mizuno Hot Metal HL Irons---I really like them and they won't go anywhere soon, but right now they are behind the T200. Cobra LTD X driver, see the same reason as the Hot Metal Irons. As for the new stuff that is coming in 2023, that will likely catch my eye? The TSR1 Driver, the rumored T400 irons in January if they in fact are released then. Alsways curious to see what TM does on the Driver front and they supposedly have something that will have everyone's attention when released, and it's not the STealth 2. So that remains to be seen.
  3. Absolutely, once I have a location and iteneray/price locked down it will be put out here on the site, probably even posted as announcemnt at the top of the page, so it will be very visilbe. Information on cost, signup etc will all be posted as soon as its' final. Ideally that will happen between now and the end of the year.
  4. Thanks to those who have answered so far. Very helpful info. Bumping this for the holiday crowd that may have been traveling last week!
  5. Well I’ve got a current passport yourr season runs what June 29 to July 6
  6. Cool...I was in NC as few years ago and they had just opened a location at a course near where we were staying but we were playing 36 a day so there was no time to try and schedule on then. That's the cloests I have come. But everytime they post on SM about a new location comng, I throw in a bid for Maryland..ha I was lucky enough to be fit by Ian several years ago in Toronto (it's on their channel if you want a good laugh) and it was the first real truly provessional fitting I had, learned so much spending that 1/2 day with him and Matt. I think the title is Fittings are Just For Buying Clubs or something like that the date was June 2018 I believe)
  7. As has been discusse don here many times over the years, there is interest in an official MY Golf Spy Outing. This past summer we held a semi unoffiical 2 day MGS Outing in Maryland. I say semi as it wasn't put on by HQ, just put together by me and attened by 12 very good and loyal MGS Members. I took some things from that outing that went well and some that will need to be improved to move on to a bigger and better outing in 2023. The thought right now is to have two possible outings. Realistically I know these outings will probabl end up with 12 to 20 players. They always start out with interestg from 60 or more but when it comes time to commit time and money the list understandibly shrinks quite a bit. So my purpose of this thread is two fold, find out some of the most important factors in your alls mind on committing to an outing. I'll ask several questions with multiple choice. pick the best answer for you at this time. It wil lhelp in me in gettng information from possible locations. Also it’s very helpful if you keep your answers realistic Meaning don’t select less than $500 then pick Kiawah for 3 nights and 3 rounds with private rooms Have your budget amount line up with the type of courses and number of nites etc Let's try to keep the comments focused on expanding on your selection to a given answer, and not going off topic on things that aren't asked about.
  8. That's awesome, should be a really good experience. I've been to some good fitters, but True Spec isn't anywere near us, so I keep waiting for maybe one day I'll be near them ::)
  9. No he’s probably not. Most of the courses with caddies willl do that. Remember they are double bagging in many cases. So carrying two Tour bags is no fun chore for anyone.
  10. I wouldn’t dare do that. Whenever I’m going to a resort Course with caddies. I always take my lightweight carry bag. I saw a Mr. Big Shot type pull up in a huge Escalade at whistling straights. He had a Staff Bsg and all the irons still had the plastic on them. The bag drop attendant starting switching then to a carry bag and Mr Big Shot said. Hey I just bought that bag yesterday. The bag drop guy said. Sir. Show me your PGA Card and we’ll be happy to leave the clubs in it. Otherwise they are going in this bag.
  11. Bingo! Perfect analogy! I mean nobody is going mistake me for Alex Ovechkin if Iwere to wear his sweater
  12. Yeah, and I've said this before, but for those that haven't heard. Titleist actaully refer to them as a Tour bag now and not a staff bag. Because they felt calling them just staff bags limited the regular players from buying. But they felt anybody would want a Tour Bag...ha I know there's an old line sentiment out there that says if your not a PGA Tour Pro or PGA Golf Professional you shouldn't have a "tour' bag. But I'm of the mind, play what you want and like, and don't worry about what others say. I didn't go as far as to get my name on it. That would kill the resale value of course But as for the irons, i'm really looking forward to getting out with them possibly for a 9 hole run this afternoon.
  13. Yeah, I do want to pat myself on the back regarding putter. I rolled the whole season wih the same putter, the the Scotty Cameron Select 5.5. I did buy a PING PLD Tyne 4 back in March at the same time I ordered the SC. They both came in late April, I tried both and once I gave the Scotty a few rounds, it never left the bag and it will go into 2023 firmly entrenched in the Starting lineup.
  14. I can relate. Except I’d never make such a declaration to my wife. She’d hold me to it. My golf buddies. They know differently ha
  15. Yeah. It is hard to believe. I’m trying to prepare myself for 2023 which I’m professing to be a year of restraint We’ll see if I make it a week past the z January launch dates with that…LOL
  16. So when I clicked on this thread, it took me to posts of October 18th. Wow, I knew it had been a while since I had anything to post. So here you go. These were on order for a bit, but just arived. Hopefully will get them out for our Turkey Shoot Scramble on Friday. Temps supposed to be mid 50's but raining. Got them with SteelFiber I80 shafts. Had a chance to hit a few 6 irons on the range today, and the shaft did exactly what they do in my Gen 5, just start online and hold it very well. Such a tight dispersion. Better than any shaft I can recall hitting. As for the irons, tough to tell much hitting into a 10 mph wind in mid 30's temp, but they felt great, except for the first couple that I hit while getting warmed up. But pretty consistent high fade, just what I'm looking for.
  17. Interested to hear if anyone has experience with the Meta Quest 2 and espically now that they are expanding the offering with Golf+ that will include Pinehurst and Pebble Beach. I am a complete newbie to most game systems anyway, but form what I've seen of this system for the cost $399 it looks like it could be a pretty entertaining winter time activity.
  18. This is the internet, you don't have to be accountable for anythig....ha I'll take a look at it and see...thanks
  19. Ah gotcha, I see I didn't know it was going to add a net field after I entered the amount over par. I'm sure that was in the instructins somewhere, but I who reads those...ha Yeah, the stopping ability from the increased height and spin came in very handy on some of the shots. I'll work on increaseing distance with some off season speed training---"he says every year" ha
  20. As for gapping, I was using the PXG Gen 5 XP. The lofts are definitely different, the 7 iron loft on the PXG is 28 degrees. The Mizuno's are 32, so it's a full club "shorter" which I saw on the course. Not that I was looking to get shorter, but as long as I know how far each club goes that's the important part, whether I hit a 6 iorn or 7 iron into a 135 yard shot doesn't really matter. Yeah, I know fo rsome of you that's a PW but that's another story. Wedges, the PW is 45 and I have the set gap wedge at 50 and then vokey 54 and 58. Oh and on the score, I tried to post +6 for the Net Score isnstead of the 78 but it didn't take it. Maybe i entered somehting wrong?
  21. Date 11/07/2022 Course Name Compass Pointe Golf Couese-NorthEast Gross Score 96 Course Handicap 18 Gross Over/(Under) 24 Net Score to Par 6 Net Score 78 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 231 First 18 hole round with the Hot Metal HL and they performed. really liked the ball Flight and feel. Score could have been better. But short game was spotty as heck.
  22. Had a chance to see these and roll a few putts with them a couple weeks ago. Unbelievelably great feeling and sounding. And the price should get everone's attention for a milled putter. But as Barbs says, it remains to be seen if the general off the street golf customer will ackowledge Cleveland as a putter company.
  23. HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Nov. 7, 2022 — Cleveland Golf®, is proud to introduce the new HB SOFT Milled line of putters. Discover how milling is available for all with the HB SOFT Milled, officially launching on Nov. 18, 2022. “The HB SOFT Milled putter line delivers milled precision at a remarkable value,” said Haley Wian, Business Planning Manager at Cleveland Golf. “With a variety of head shapes, alignment options, and a fitting system to match any stroke type, there is an HB SOFT Milled putter to help upgrade your putting performance.” The new line of putters provides a premium combination of features and technologies at an irresistible price point. HB SOFT Milled starts with each putter shape being cast in molten steel before the face and back are precision milled for performance purposes – the face for consistent distance and the back for a razor-sharp address view. Then, the sole is hand polished to an exacting tolerance before completing the process. Featuring a refined Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT) which helps to alleviate the issue of distance control, SOFT offers model specific milling that normalizes ball speeds across the entire putter face for a pure, consistent roll regardless of putter shape. Depending on stroke type and alignment preference, there is a new model to fit every stroke. For Slight Arc stroke types, the Golf Pride PRO ONLY Red Star is a tour-preferred pistol shape grip that is designed to help turn the putter over through the putting stroke. For Straight stroke types, the Golf Pride PRO ONLY Green Star has a rounded, oval-back shape for comfortable hand positioning and to help keep the hands quiet through the stroke. With this new release, we’re featuring the new UST Mamiya All-In shaft as an upgraded offering for HB SOFT Milled. The All-In shaft features a 26% stiffer profile to help minimize shaft flex during the putting stroke for more consistency. Meanwhile, the proprietary nanotechnology strengthens the shaft for better feel and response, while delivering a 10% more consistent face angle at impact. Choose from any of the 10 tour-proven shapes and sink more birdies with premium steel, precision milling, and score-dropping face technology with HB SOFT Milled. Key Technologies: Milled Putter Heads: First cast, then CNC Milled for precise weighting and crisp lines. It’s smarter milling that reduces waste for an attainable cost. Speed Optimized Face Technology: Ensures consistent speed control and distance performance by normalizing ball speed across the face of the putter, now with a more responsive feel. Stroke-Fit Alignment and Grip: Each shape features a specific alignment scheme and grip designed to fit the stroke of that putter. Retail Information and Pricing Pricing: $199.99 (Standard), $249.99 (UST Mamiya All-In Shaft) U.S. Retail Launch Date: November 18, 2022
  24. I did catch that..kudos!! BTW, a Texas outing i the summer is a definte non starter...and the guys thought it was hot in Maryland in August...ha .....how do you feel about December
  25. Great write up. Thanks. Sounds like a quality fitting. The shaft analyzer is really good. I e used it in several fittings (including my own) and it is usually spot on. Like you the biggest thing it did for me was get me out of recoil and into lightweight steel or Steelfiber. My top two recommendations were Steelfiber wnd Modus 105 with the Nippon 950 the next. So far o love the Steelfiber and I never would have picked those on my own as I have alway thought they were too harsh for me. But like you again. I have a pretty aggressive move from the top so the firmness helps there We are also the same specs in length anc lie…good to know
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