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  1. Yep. PING lately has had some releases at 18 months from the previous iteration. Titleist, Mizuno and Srixon are all pretty steady at 24 months for each model.
  2. Definitely not the irons. I'd have to look again in the hybrids I didn't focus on those.
  3. The only new club coming that they have told dealers about is the G710 irons for s launch in January. Any mention of a driver is just someone guessing. A new driver less than a year after the last one would be completely unprecedented for them. This Second part of course is just my thought. Not coming from PING directly.
  4. Happy Birthday to the Original Old Coot
  5. I believe it's just the driver on the price drop. At least that's the info I got on Wed.
  6. All we know is its a 2020 Bridgestone ball This man gets it
  7. The G410 7 wood changed my life this year...and yeah my game as well. its that good!!
  8. And yet they still don't return my calls about Forum Testing. But I don't ever give up!!
  9. Maybe we can all help you out by sending you our shopping lists and PayPal you the money. We could keep you out the whole day
  10. 12 Testers Wanted! It's not often we have Forum Testing opportunities during the winter time.But then again, It's not often we have an OEM present us with an opportunity for our members to participate in "White Box Ball Testing", and that's what we have here. Many of you as devoted golf geeks probably are well aware of that companies from time to time send out a yet to be released ball with no information about it, and ask you to play it, and report back what you think about it.These are called White Box Testings, as the balls come in non-descript white sleeves. There is no marketing info on the ball of what it's features are. That's what Bridgestone will want you to provide back to them after playing the ball for several weeks. Here's what you'll get and what you need to do. Each tester will receive two sleeves of balls, you will be asked to put these balls in play at for at least 3 to 4 rounds between early January and early February. So due to the need to get ample testing in during that time, we are looking for testers in geographical locations that will allow you to fulfill the amount of testing asked.We won't limit to certain states, but just know if you are already buried under a foot of snow, we'll probably look somewhere else How to enter: Follow the instructions below, and PLEASE DO NOT quote this post when doing so. Also. This testing will not keep testers from participating in other testings in 2020 as it is a special edition testing. Provide the following information: First Name/City State Ball Used as your Gamer Driver Swing Speed That's it, we'll pick the testers sometime next week, so check back to see if you've been selected.
  11. Look who's back! I got excited for a moment thinking you had figured out the Ipad or laptop configuration, then I read the last line, that you're in your old office today. Well however or whatever it took to get you on line, so glad to see you drop in. Come out and see me sometime, I can't play for another 5 weeks or so, but we can sit around and talk about how good we would play if we went out....ha
  12. I think for Some of the same reasons. They will get worn out even faster than greens would as it's a much smaller space with a lot of traffic. Grass does regrow And 4 tee boxes to maintain would be a lot as well.
  13. Yep. I forgot that. It was part of whst he said when he was talking about the seams on the fringes. i know weve all had a minigolf hole in one ruined by a bad seam
  14. I talked to our Super about this a couple weeks ago. He has heard of some small executive type courses doing it. But said he cant imagine any regular course would ever do so. The size of greens (and 18 of them not 9) would be very expensive. once they are done they arent maintenance free. They would need to be cleaned/brushed/vacuumed regularly . creating and changing holes could present quality challenges. Eventually the turf will wear out and need replaced. damage can be tough to repair vs grass. Where the turf meets grass on the fringes could create some awkward rolls/lies plus he said probably a myriad of other things he hadn’t thought of Think about it. All other synthetic fields are generally 1 large area that arent 18 individual 3,000 SQ Feet fields of their own.
  15. We'll definitely be doing something with Cobra. And I'm sure it will be fantastic. They are always one eager to work with our members.
  16. As Cnosil said. Whatever he limit you set for the white/gold break someone is going to be feel disadvantaged. I paly in an annual tournament that takes a unique approach and I have not heard of one complaint in many years. The standard tee is the white. But they have a "Rule of 70". If your age plus your handicap =70 or higher you may move up one tee box. So me I'm past years as a 55 year old and 20 handicap didn't have to hit from the longer trees. Same for say a 65 year old 5 handicap. He may not have the distance to compete from the longer tees. But has a fair chance now. You could also institute a rule of 80 or 85 for those super seniors or very high cap 65 year old. An added bonus was, pace of play dramatically improved as well.
  17. From what I was told at Cobra the Carbon Fiber insert in the top line is done for performance reasons not looks. It saves weight and helps add speed to the face. It is different looking. But it isn't something that would bother me at all.
  18. Make a late fall ride out to CP while i can't play, I'd be happy to be your riding caddie
  19. Yeah, I'm sure all the tight lips we had to have may have built up for something radical. But i must say the infinity face to me is a pretty big dparture from what anyone has done, I know some may say it's just a different way to show alignment, but from what I was told at Cobra by one of the product managers, it also increases ball speed all around the edges of the face, not that we hope to miss out there And I as I said earlier, it's probably the first Cobra driver in few years, that I will actually seek out to demo.
  20. I'm almost certain from what I recall the white version has a matte finish.
  21. Ha. Well that could be an added bonus. I really liked the look of it when I put it in the address position.
  22. Well not to get too graphic here. Let's just say it wasn't on any joint, back, neck or heart. But nonetheless less a very sensitive area
  23. Hey guys. I may be laid up still recovering from surgery. But I'm peaking in now and then. We honor all embargos on here dispite what shows up elsewhere. All will be revealed tomorrow. Sit tight.
  24. Thanks to all the donors for their support this year. It helped make 2019 one of the biggest years in growth for MGS yet, and we're hoping for even more of it in 2020 both on the forum side and what the guys at HQ do.
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