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  1. Yeah. We just talked about that among the Mods. I wiesly listened to the majority.
  2. John, I appreciate so much the kind words. You reiterate one of the points I made, abut the growth of this forum. I'm sure in 2017 i was able to welcome every new member personally. Now there is no way, I try to do it in our regional Mid Atlantic thread, and it's tough to keep up with just one area, let alone a whole country. The same goes for the birthday wishes. I made a decision not to add my Happy Birthday to those threads, as I knew I would miss one or two along the way, and I didn't want that person whoever it happened to be, to take it personally. Not saying they would even have missed it, but just knowing it could be a possibility, I didn't want to chance. @GolfSpy Barbajo was the first to say it here, that I heard, and I've stolen it many times, but the members here Rock!! You guys make the place, we just keep the lights on for it all to happen. Thanks and be well
  3. How's that for a click-bait tile? But it's true. My MGS Anniversary and story. Four years ago this week, I was browsing my Twitter timeline, when I saw a Tweet thread by MyGolfSpy and it got pretty heated. It wasn't your typical forged vs cast debate---shameless plug for this weeks NPG episode. It was deeper than that. While I can't recall exactly what everyone was so worked up about, they were definitely piling on MGS for a story or take it had put out. Like most times when we witness a car crash, we slow down to take a look...we know we shouldn't and we probably say we don't, but we all know we do. Anyway, I digress, I logged onto the site to see what all the fuss was about. As I said, I honestly don't recall the topic, but what I found was a very well written story with tons of inside information that I had not seen the likes of from the current forum I was on, even though it had contacts with all the companies as well, they had never written a true piece of journalism like this. So I was hooked, I read several past articles, and not once did I find anything that I thought was false, untrue or inflammatory as the twitter trolls were calling it. Again all I found were great articles, by Tony Covey, John Barba, Dave Wolfe and Chris Nickel And four years later, they are all still pumping out the best golf writing in the business. Then I found my way to the forum, and what I found really hit home. A very welcoming and friendly place. It seemed to be led by guys like @revkev @hckymeyer ( who was the Forum Director along with @GolfSpy Barbajo ) @fozcycle @Kenny B@Jmikecpa@chisag @jlukes @DawgDaddy and of course @BIG STU Each one of these members and the others set a tone, I had never seen on a discussion board before, and I was part of the two other big ones as well. It was a friendly, non confrontational tone. I felt welcomed and at home right from the start. In all honestly the forum wasn't near as big those four short years ago, and content was not as plentiful as it is now. True story, I told someone just this week, that I could log on and read all new posts and threads in less than 30 minutes or an hour. And that's not a testament to my speed reading skills...ha Over the next few months, I started noticing some names from the other forums coming on board, some I had interacted with for several years such as @ole gray @cnosil and @PMookie and a few I 'recruited" Going back to the lack of new threads. During those early months, I would often go back and find a thread from a year or several years ago and comment on it just to stoke new conversation. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't In a ironic twist, @GolfSpy STUDque who joined about a year later, kind of did the same thing, but in a more weekly time theme of for #ThowBackThursday, and had fun reading the responses to old threads that some didn't notice the original date on. I was fortunate that in December 2017, the site posted an opening for a couple Moderators. I applied like I'm sure many of you did. After a several stage application and virtual interview process, I and Studque got the email, to start picking out our @Golfspy_names I was stoked! Then just a year later came the opportunity to be Forum Director, again Studque and I both got to split the duties of running the forum. The opportunity to really have a direct hand in the things the forum does from Forum Testing. contests and other cool content is something we both enjoy and are appreciative of. We had to bring on a moderator to help us and we sorted through dozen and dozens of applications. It was impossible to choose just one, and we had a true half dozen finalist that all would have been great. But @GolfSpy Stroker and @GolfSpy MPR stood out and I can honestly say, the forum would't be doing nearly as well and have so many cool things going on without these two. Most of you have no idea the amount of time and effort they put in behind the scenes to keep things functioning and running well here. Thanks guys, I'm truly lucky to get to work with three talented and dedicated guys as you all are. So I promise this isn't a "phase 1" of a long drawn out post...ha It's already long enough. I'll just end by saying this place has been my internet home for the past four years, and I've enjoyed every single moment of it. In away everyone that contributes here whether it's 20 posts a year or 3,000 posts a year....looking at you @Shankster is like another family to me. And I truly appreciate you all!
  4. You guys should have just parked the cart near the starter area, grabbed a couple beverages, and just pulled up a chair, and watched the crowds stop and stare at those two bags, and you could just "yeah, that's right playa's here"
  5. The Cobra Pars and Stripes hit the course tonight. It did very well except for 2 bad drives toward the end of a very hot and humid day where I was whipped. I'll have more on it in the Cobra SpeedZone thread. Score was a sloppy 97. Sloppy in short game and putting. Driving and approach were good for the most part.
  6. While we don't have a MGS contest going for this PGA, here's a pretty cool one being sponsored by Callaway. https://play.fanbeat.com/channels/million-dollar-majors
  7. FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Aug. 5, 2020) – Following years of rigorous product development, the introduction of the new Titleist Tour Speed – a high performance, multilayer golf ball with a proprietary thermoplastic urethane cover – provides golfers with the fastest, best performing golf ball in its category. Proven through extensive testing with amateur players, the breakthrough performance of Tour Speed is further enhanced by the superior quality and consistency of Titleist’s precision manufacturing process. Available in U.S. golf shops beginning Aug. 7, Tour Speed offers a distinct and compelling performance option in the Titleist golf ball family through its innovative three-piece design, delivering a unique combination of exceptional distance in the long game and precise short game scoring control: • A new high-speed core formulation combined with Titleist’s fastest ionomer casing layer delivers maximum speed and low long game spin for category-leading distance. Tour Speed is faster and longer than Callaway Chrome Soft, Bridgestone Tour B RX, TaylorMade Tour Response, Srixon Z-STAR and Srixon Q-STAR TOUR. • Tour Speed’s thermoplastic urethane (TPU) cover is proprietary Titleist golf ball technology specifically formulated by R&D chemists, delivering greenside spin for short game scoring control with soft feel. • The exceptional distance of Tour Speed is enhanced by a new 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design that provides a penetrating, consistent flight. “Golfers can trust that when they tee up a Titleist, they are getting superior performance and quality versus the competition,” said Michael Mahoney, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “Our golf ball scientists and engineers have gone to extraordinary lengths in the development of Tour Speed – testing numerous core formulations and aerodynamic patterns, while formulating and analyzing hundreds of TPU cover blends – to deliver on that promise. We have made every investment necessary in these new technologies, including a significant expansion of our manufacturing facility and process.” EXTENSIVE AMATEUR TESTING In addition to Titleist’s robot testing protocol, the performance of Tour Speed has been validated through rounds of comprehensive amateur testing, including: • A three-month R&D test market conducted in the United States and Canada for the experimental golf ball EXP•01 – a prototype created during the development process for what has now become Tour Speed; and • A golf ball performance study of amateur golfers led by Fordie Pitts, Titleist’s R&D golf ball consultant on the PGA Tour. The blind test, conducted at the Manchester Lane Test Facility in Massachusetts, evaluated Tour Speed prototypes versus a wide range of current Titleist and competitive golf ball models. “Every new Titleist golf ball must exceed our stringent machine and player testing targets in order to advance from the R&D phase,” said Scott Cooper, Titleist Golf Ball R&D’s lead implementation engineer for Tour Speed. “All of the data and golfer feedback we’ve collected has been clear: Tour Speed is consistently the fastest, longest and most preferred golf ball among the competitive urethane-covered products in this category.” AVAILABILITY The new Titleist Tour Speed is available in the U.S. beginning Friday, Aug. 7. MAP $39.99. ON THE WEB https://www.titleist.com/golf-balls/tour-speed
  8. Drivers are fickle things. Well no matter how long the honeymoon lasts, her looks should last quite a while
  9. It does. But honestly the differemce off the tee is negligible and for the average golfer, it won't effect performance much at all. Driver head and of course swing will have the largest impact.
  10. Whew? I can put off that eye appointment a bit longer. It is a really cool look. Sound is awesome as well.
  11. Yeah. Lets hope it behaves well on its first trip out.
  12. I'll get thst pic for you tomorrow. The face is actually a blue slate color. Unless I'm completely color blind. I often wear one Navy and one Black sock
  13. No sorry. We were one Major short of a slam. And Two other sports have the Triple Crown But we do have something really cool planned for the US Open and Masters! So stay tuned.
  14. Bold and Brite. But i kinda like it. Everyone that looked st it today, immediately said “its larger than my ............” fill in the blank with any other 460 driver. i thought so to, but when sat next to my TS1 a G410, they looked very similar.
  15. I posted some pics in the What Did You Buy thread, but wanted to post some initial thoughts on it here. Just received my Cobra ParsandStripes SZ Extreme driver today. We had a tropical storm pass through this morning that dumped 6.5" of rain on us in about 4 hours. So the course was closed and the sun came out, who was I to sit and let this thing go untouched until tomorrow. So everyone knows there is a honeymoon period, and like the human variety club honeymoons differ in their longevity. But man, talk about setting expectations for a honeymoon period. First swing out of the box, without any range warm up I might add, just a few practice swings to loosen up the old bones, and the result was a ball flight and distance I have rarely seen. It started on a dead straight line down the middle and continuing to rise to about the highest I've hit any driver in a while, unfortunately I didn't have trackman, just my SX500. Just from the tee box, I could tell it carried past where my drives usually end up. I hit another 5 balls. None of the reached that one, but they were all within talking distance of it. And four were in the middle of the fairway, I was off in the right rough first cut and one was in the left rough, maybe 8 feet off the fairway, I tried to "go after" that one and probably pulled it a bit low. Most here know I'm not a very long hitter, I "average" 190' to 195 carry and 208 to 215 total. The SX500 obviously can't track carry, but gives the total distance. It was 218 (into a still a bit of wind from the storm) and it had to be mostly carry as the fairways were still very soft and there was a ball mark about 2 feet away. Anyway, whatever value you put in the first shot and possible outlier of any club, I was very pleased right off the bat. The flight was pretty much the same on all the shots, the other ones as mentioned were 5 to 9 yards shorter--based on the SX500 marking feature. I'll be playing tomorrow all be it on a still very wet course, but should get an idea of how it does during an actual round, and later this month when a plan I'm working on comes together, I'll have some trackman numbers on it.
  16. Actually, that is the worst part of it...before I hit a shot. It is without a doubt the most impossible headcover I've ever dealt with to put back on. It's way too small for the head, almost like it was built for a FW. But it is cool looking, maybe it'll loosen up a bit over time. But you can bet I won't be haphazardly putting it on while I'm standing on the cartpath, I'll make sure I'm on grass or it's in the bag.
  17. Seems like I have waited forever for this. Cobra's Pars & Stripes special edition. So of course it arrives on the day of a tropical storm in the area. Will that still stop me from giving it a go? Stay tuned.
  18. Golfspy_CG2

    JPX 921's

    Everything is coming Monday. Now that they have said that, so can we I guess
  19. Golfspy_CG2

    JPX 921's

    Yep seeing and hitting them is always wiser than going on a hunch..ha I think that is correct on the fitting cart.
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    JPX 921's

    Although I might just go Forged 1 strong and leave the 5 where it is, and if the gap is 5 degrees, I probably won't notice that much and i get a few more yards out of the 5 iron. I would think the 5 HM might launch a bit higher if the weight is distributed a bit lower than the Forged, just guessing on that last part.
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    HM 919 specs Other rumors have the new HM being 1 degree stronger as well The
  22. Golfspy_CG2

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    Some rumors are as good as gold
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