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  1. I'm kinda in-between these two. Since I have had the G30 and G400 MAX previously. I'd say the point Stud mentions about off center hits is accurate. I certainly don't notice it on every drive. But yes there are times it's very remincent of the G30. However, I don't consider that going backwards. I just consider it the sound it makes. As long as it's giving me that nice high ball flight and finding fairways, I'll take whatever sound it brings. But I only know with some sound can be a deal breaker. So up it's definitely another reason people should get fit so they can hear the sound of that's important to them.
  2. I'm transitioning to a new setup for 2019. But I did play 9 holes of league this week with the Irons still in the bag for the moment. They did just as well as they did during the testing period last fall. They are still very nice looking at address and give as good of feel as most any other forged iron out there.
  3. Let's see if I can quote this accurately from the PING fitter in PHX. The 410+ in the draw setting will have 9 more yards of right to left (for a RH) flight then left in the neutral setting. The SFT a fixed weight in the heel will have 9 more yards of Right to Left than that. So 18 more yards than a 410+ in the Neutral position. As for the hosel settings. I haven't messed with mine really since my fitting. I have the weight in the draw setting and lie is neutral.
  4. TESTERS WANTED (4) So you think the importance of shaft design is only important to drivers. Well the engineers at Odyssey Golf among some of the best and brightest minds in the business want to show you otherwise. For years counterbalancing has been a big buzz word in the world of putter shafts. Well the new Stroke Lab putters by Odyssey Golf aren't just counterbalanced, they take weight shifting to a whole new level or should I say end. As in redistributing 40 percent of the weight from the middle of the shaft into the butt and head end of the shaft. The results show that you will make a much more consistent stroke with Stroke Lab than with the standard putter shaft. Don't believe it? We're going to give you...well four of you a chance to prove it to yourself and the rest of the forum. How to Apply This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully: 1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member 2. In this thread (and ONLY in this thread - please don't go back to the blog and apply - it won't do you any good!), tell us the following: - Your first name - State - Your current model of putter - Is putting a strength or weakness of your game This review opportunity is open to any golfer who resides in the US or Canada. We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back. Please do not 'quote' this post when applying...
  5. LOL...yeah they are both unique testings in their own different ways. But both offer great opportunities for two very unheralded. products. Loved your grip picture !!
  6. You've made a positive impact in your relatively short time as a new member....Thanks for jumping in, and hope you have a great birthday.
  7. Perhaps not as many as some other threads. But i will say the quality percent is probably higher than some of those other testings. We've had a lot of really solid good contributing members apply for this. it'll be tough to pick the final group, we certainly won't be hurting to find good testers here. Stay tuned, selections could come very soon!
  8. I'd give it a couple weeks guys before making a special trip. I went Saturday (the 2nd day it was open) and it looked like they obviously rushed the opening to be open for any Masters bump there might be in people getting ready. tons of boxes laying around unpacked, lots of clubs bunched up in racks where you couldn't really get to see them. That said, when they get fully settled, I think it's going to be a phenomenal place. Thousands and I mean thousands of quality looking used clubs, from wedges to full sets. i think i saw 10 to 12 sets of used PINGS from like Eye 2's to G700's on the rack. They have new stuff as well and do fittings for that. in the middle of the store are the slots for all the individual used drivers, FW, hybrids putters etc. They have 6 hitting bays each with it's own Trackman. They were still getting a few of those set up. It's in a very nondescript warehouse complex. Not your typical big box store with a fancy big entrance, you have to really look to find it. about 1/2 mile NW of Wegmans to give you all a landmark.
  9. I'm not sure what the abuse of other companies was, or what happened. But I stumbled across a twitter thread by another site that asked readers to comment about NL (I don't even want to do them the justice of spelling their name) and Sub 70. I commented that I hadn't hit either one But based on the comments I've seen come out of both companies in SM, I would not even consider NL, and that you couldn't even compare the two. So just keep doing what you do. I like to think Class, professionalism and performance all win in the end!
  10. Great experience and write up! Enjoy the driver and be sure and drop int he St190 thread and let us know how it's working for you as you go along.
  11. Press Release from Puma PUMA Golf is excited to announce a multi-year agreement with four-time major winner Ernie Els. As part of the partnership, Els will serve as a global ambassador and wear PUMA Golf footwear during his professional events. Els will wear PUMA’s IGNITE PWRADAPT and NXT family of shoes on Tour. The PWRADAPT family of footwear features a cutting-edge traction system with 3-dimensional traction pods and responsive cushioning with IGNITE Foam, for the ideal blend of industry-leading technology, style, comfort and performance. A Comfort Construction mesh bootie replaces a traditional tongue for improved fit, comfort and support, while the PWRFRAME, an ultra-thin TPU frame, is strategically placed in high stress areas on the shoe’s upper for lightweight support and enhanced stability that golfers need to play well on all surfaces and slopes. “I’m excited about this new relationship with PUMA,” comments Els. “I’ve been wearing their golf shoes since the start of the year and honestly I feel like it’s really been a factor in me catching some form of late. I just feel more grounded with these shoes, like it’s giving me a firmer foundation in my swing. What I also like is the shoe combines stability with lightness and comfort. That’s a tough trick to pull off, but the guys at PUMA have nailed it. I’m very happy to be part of the team.” “We are honored to have Ernie wearing our footwear and representing our brand on Tour. He is an icon in the international golf world, with an exemplary career both on and off the course, and a huge global presence. We’re excited to welcome him to the PUMA family,” said Dan Ladd, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, COBRA PUMA GOLF. See attached for the full press release with additional details. Reach out with any questions! In honor of the partnership announcement, PUMA made him some custom shoes to wear as he tees-it-up at this week’s RBC Heritage.
  12. it's not quite UMBC upsetting UVA...But wow, didn't see that coming!
  13. Hey PA....Help me out as I lost track of your shaft switches, felt like I was in the mirror funny house. Which one ended up working for you best the new Alta off the Bay, or the Tensi that you ordered for the testing. The Alta was the one the fitter said was best correct? I'm glad you found one that works, I'm just confused on which one it was. Also glad the range troll helped. That's a rare case indeed...ha
  14. It's not uncommon at all for him to change shirts in the locker room after the range session before going to the first tee. As for during the round, I would think it's a less frequent occurrence, but I could see popping into one of the TV compound trailers along the way to change shirts if needed. it's not something you'd see on camera most likely.
  15. yeah, well you definitely play the right game then if it's required to have high ball flight..ha You would enjoy Troon North, you have to work it into your plans one day. It's a special treat for sure!
  16. Yeah I sure did. In the pics from the course thread. Posted it that night. Ha. You seriously need to reevaluate your definition of greatness. But it was a GREAT time!!
  17. I find it hard to believe as well. But I've had two people there that should know, tell me it is the case. But I guess they wouldn't be the first OEM to tell a little white lie
  18. Here's a video that was shot at Bridgestone's Ball Factory in GA today after Tigers win at the Masters. A kinda neat look inside.
  19. The line I have used a few times during my weekly radio segment, and I stole from someone, which I could give them credit, "He doesn't move the needle. He IS the needle" is so true!
  20. With so many players having recent success with the ArmLock putters on the PGA Tour, we thought we'd see how it works for the average golfer. So follow four of our forum members as the put the Bettinardi Studio Armlock in play over the next four to six weeks to see how they perform with it. Feel free to join the conversation and ask any questions you might have in regards to the putter or method of using it. @KCLeo12 Stage 1 Stage 2 @CarlH Stage 1 Stage 2 @GB13 Stage 1 Stage 2 @downlowkey Stage 1 Stage 2
  21. I'd say it's a few yards longer than the G400 Max---going strictly by memory--which is not the best thing to do. I truly be able to tell once I get out on our course with it a time or two and see where my drives are compared to where the Max used to put me.
  22. Sounds like a good time for a 4 minute semon and early dismissal to the congregation
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