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  1. I used arccos most of the year and went from a 21 to 14.9. I don't credit Arccos 100%--as I also got a full bag fitting of PING and the changes in my bag--more FW and hybrids and less irons was the biggest diffence. The biggest part of Arccos helping was getting solid and consistent distances for each club. It helped the longer yardges tremendously. I now knew from 175 I would hit my 7 wood instead of trying to over swing a 4 iron or 4 hybrid. My long game got so much better. Then seeing the percentage of shots that were short or missed left or right helped me know where to work on my swing. The fact that less than 5% of my approach shots went long, led me to take more club than I would have in the past. So yes shit tracking can be a huge help to higher handicaps.
  2. But the lofts is what "everyone" on the other side of the discussion is complaining about "the new 7 irons are 28 degrees, that's a 5 iron" I agree with the more distance the better for again 98% of us golfers, the other 2% don't need or are good enough to adjust. While the average golfer will not be helped as you said, I can honestly say as an employee of a club who goes out and plays with a lot of regular players who are just out for fun, they don't put much thinking into their club decisions or wonder now that this 100 yard shot that may be between their PW and GW if they even know that, they don't care they'll just grab either one and hope to come within 10 yards of the green in any direction. Anyway, it's a good fun discussion, that those of us who believe the tech is real and that there is actual R&D reasons for the stronger lofts will not waiver, and those who think it's all just done for marketing won't be convinced. HA...I told someone last night this "debate" has become the new "blades vs CB" discussion.
  3. The dissenters will say that with the stronger lofts you often end up with a 43* PW as a result and the next club up is likely a GW at 50 or 52. So they say the 7 to 8 degree difference will leave them a distance gap between those two clubs instead of the 4 to 5 degrees that everyone seems to think is gospel. The problem with that thinking...IMO only, is we have established we are talking about the average weekend casual golfer who doesn't really get into fitting and all the specs That player will not notice or care about a 2 degree gap difference between his older clubs and his newer ones. It's all a bunch of commotion about something that will at most affect 1% to 2% of the players, and those players are already educated enough to know they can do things to offset that difference if it's noticeable to them.
  4. Whenever I hear someone who is not as good as they think they are talking about how you'll never get good playing GI clubs, I immediately reference you, in saying, "Well I know a guy who said the G700's helped him take another .75 to 1.2 strokes off his game, when they scoff at that saying it's not much. I say, "Oh I forgot to mention he was already a +1.5 At that point, I say, "The Defense Rests" ha'
  5. The bold part is one thing almost every tester that I've worked with or read their reviews does a very good job on. Those of you who have tested--as you have--know very well part of our instructions in the very beginning of the template we send out is to say to be honest, if it works how it was advertised or touted by the OEM say so, if you see it not doing so for you...by all means say that as well. I say the member here do that to a level that is not seen anywhere else.
  6. Sounds fun!! Hope today went better for you.
  7. Is the bold really a thing to you? I play with a couple guys who will hit a 7 iron from 170 and I'll hit a 7 or 9 w. And yet I generally score 5-8 shots better than them every round. You touched on the reasons for stronger--not jacked---lofts yourself. And Cnosil as usual summed it all up very well. My 2019 SUV gets 5 to 8 more MPG than my 2010 one did. I guess I have a jacked fuel tank
  8. I would bet so, you're results with that were among the best of any tests that I recall reading this year.
  9. Just to be clear, I was trying to have fun with the term influencer , based on recent MGS posts on SM
  10. This is a question for anyone who has tested/reviewed a club here on the forum. When you played your club or used whatever you were testing, at your home course or anywhere else for that matter, did any inquire about it and lead to them purchasing it to the best of your knowledge? This isn't to report back to any OEM's, it's just something that I have been wondering about. After all, not only do the products we test get thorough reviews here, but probably just as important they get real world live trials in front of other golfers. As for 2019 test, I was part of the Ping Long Game testing---and bought G410 irons on my own outside of the testing, and will be providing my final recap in the next week. So I'll speak to that. I know of two people at our club that purchased G410 FW's as a result of trying mine out on the range and course, One of them pretty much ended up copying my bag, He bought G410 driver, Two Fairway woods, two hybrids, G410 irons, a Glide wedge and a Wolverwine Putter (for the record I have a Tyne 4) So let's hear any of your thoughts or experiences. Also if you weren't a tester but have bought something based on either a review here or on based on trying from somebody on the course, let us know as well.
  11. I used Arccos this year and ShotScope last year. For my purposes Arccos was the better fit. I don't want thrash Shotscope as it does provide some very good info as well, but the big flaw for me was the need to take a full practice stroke before it would activate, and it seemed to miss shots at a higher rate than Arccos does, that could be related to the practice swing issue I mentioned. I know Arccos can be used to gather info with using it during the round and the upload afterward like you mentioned. The one thing that goes against what you prefer is the phone in the pocket. I'd prefer not to have the phone in my pocket, but I manage it without it really interfering at all. The Caddie Link that is currently on back order will solve that issue, as you just clip it to your belt. As to the amount of Data and the way it's presented and able to be used to analyze your game, again I think Arccos has a strong lead in that category as well.
  12. No I wasn't if so they would probably all have ended in two pieces in the nearest dumpster. To be fair I have nothing against those who use them properly to retrieve their own ball that may be stuck in some thick sticker bushes but is easily in sight. But those who walk the perimeter of every hole with the retriever in hand ready to strike for any round white object they see, even 20 yards deep in trees or 10 feet off shore of a pond, are the ones I have no patience for. Trust me we see plenty of those at our course
  13. Pretty sure everything around the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup is seen as nothing but a money grab for the PGA of America. Really a shame in trying to grow the game. I'll see Suzy Whaley at the PGA Show, if she's not surrounded by security, I'll be sure and let her know the feelings of the general public. BTW, when my little man finally got into the room, only Tue-Thurs practice available as well.
  14. I've had a good success with KBS, probably one of my top two brands of shafts along with Nippon. I have played the following: KBS Tour 90 KBS Tour KBS C-Taper Lite KBS TGI 80 graphite in a demo Callaway Apex 19 iron I have. I love it in that head. I only have a mid to high 70's swing speed with a 7 iron and I don't find them heavy or boardy at all, as long as I stay in my profile.
  15. A vast majority go tot ticket and travel brokers to be sold in packages. I bet the actual amount that is sold to the general public is very small. In this way the USGA has it all over the PGA of America, they give actual everyday golf fans a chance to get tickets. Anyway, my guy is only about halfway there, the 8th block. I had to leave right after 11:00 for a meeting and didnt' get back until about 45 minutes ago.
  16. Ever since Evnroll putters came on the scene a couple years ago as the surprising winner of the My Golf Spy Most Wanted putter, it's been on a roll ever since. The latest model it's ER2B has a high standard to live up to, and we have selected four members to test, review and report their results back to the forum. That begins this week as you can check in with them over the next four to six weeks to see how they are performing. The Testers are @ncwoz Stage 1 Stage 2 @Wedgie Stage 1 Stage 2 @Tsmithjr9 Stage 1 Stage 2 @KurtActual Stage 1 Stage 2
  17. LOL...I was going to ask the same question...Glad to know it wasn't Stroker!
  18. That's really something. Go to a GG o someplace local and they charge $2 to $5 per club for adjustments like that based on my experience.
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