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  1. Yeah. I get it. There are a few guys out there that when they win, I shrug and say oh well...we're on to Cincinnati.
  2. Really? Is it the putter thing? Otherwise I can't think of any reason someone wouldn't like Scott. I mean he pretty much has it all..movie star looks, great wife, fame, money and best looking swing on the planet. Well ok, yeah I pretty much hate him now too
  3. The great thing about this thread....well one of the great things.....MBP originally posted his intro in 2012- he joined in 2010. But people were “welcoming him” in 2016-17 And now the thread will continue to live on.
  4. Last week of April--29 or 30. I'll check for sure and let you know.
  5. I debated posting that one. But it was just soooo good it's ok to go against our pledge to be helpful and not mock entries. At the time, it brought me soooo many smiles.
  6. We don't require it....yet....but not having pictures of each driver will most likely result in zero interest in the clubs.
  7. You are spot on about the GolfspyMBP intro....epic!!
  8. We are having a PXG fitting day at our course on March 26th in the afternoon. If you can swing it, it might be worth the drive to get fit by one of their Master Fitters
  9. Yep. Thats the one i have....well one of the ones. Ha Great price on it by the way As fsr as name on the bag. Im not sure i would put mine on a staff bag. But i have this one and i always get a lot of compliments on it.
  10. Oh I don't know, that could get interesting. But not sure there is anything else right now electronic wise on my radar. So I wouldn't set it too high if you do.
  11. Nice little pickup. Looking forward to hearing some results with it.
  12. Welcome! Glad you jumped in. Great looking setup and way to go in getting fit to make the new club purchase. What a huge difference in club and shaft. You’re going to love the results.
  13. I've read all of your posts and all the replies. The answer is simply...NO, forgiving clubs will NOT stymie your improving. Simple as that.
  14. yes, correct on both accounts, Congressional is full Country Club with a much more active social membership than golf, the members didn't like losing access to all the social parts of the club, clubhouse, pool, tennis etc for two to four weeks during the peak summer time when most of them can enjoy it. As for Quicken Loans, the Founder Dan Gilbert said he would only continue to sponsor the event, if it was moved to the company's home town of Detroit. And when money talks, the PGA Tour listens
  15. Wow..just wow! Thanks to @hckymeyer for nominating this thread as one of the most memorable...Well I think I want to thank him...ha But he sure nailed it. The BobCat/Tony back and forth will forever be MGS legendary stuff. Imagine some random internet dude telling one of the most respected Golf Equipment Writes in the business that he is clueless. Glad I had finished my coffee by then. Then to see it was resurrected by Studque two years later, and quietly went away....until today that is.. My actually biggest takeaway from the thread....going back 4 years I found it quite amazing how many drivers were brought up and raved about SLDR, Cobra LTD F6,, XR16, Big Bertha, G30 and others. And how rarely if every do I see any of those in bags now days. Probably the only one of the bunch would be the G30. This is an equipment forum and it goes to show, we do love trying and buying new and shiny!"
  16. Yep, the BMW moves around, Chicago, St. Louis, New York, I could see Caves getting in on a rotation and getting it every 5 years or so. But getting the top 70 players on the Fed Ex and trying to move into the Tour Championship Top 30 pretty much guarantees a very good field. Definitely will be a tournament worth getting out to see, on such a spectacular course. Not really from a visual standpoint, but just from a design and challenge. It has hosted as you mentioned. US Mid AM US Senior Open LPGA Crown Men's NCAA Championship Women's NCAA Championship Senior Player's Championship
  17. This is perfect, exactly the type of thread we were hoping this question would generate. Now I'm off to read the entire thread. Thanks B!
  18. I do have it and like it. But yeah. Just want to add another option. Toys are fun
  19. You're right about the feel. I was torn on weight, between these and the TGI 70. I hit them with good disperon at the demo. So I'm hoping they work without costing me too much clubspeed. I was in the Alta 55 in my PING G700. But the fitter said they were too light for me.
  20. Yeah. They have held up well for 2 years. I'll be going with the SM8 in April. Probably will do the black again.
  21. Pretty quick. Maybe a 2 day build. Then 4-5 days shipping. So definitely less than 2 weeks. Then sent out for the shaft install. Here's a couple more pics taken outside today ....just because
  22. Looks like you're all set for the season, those G700's are among the best SGI clubs out there....so of course I just traded mine in
  23. Yep. I just sold a TS1 to a retired guy at our course for $399 and he was thrilled. Litteraly one of the best deals/price on a current model driver out there right now.
  24. Cool! Yes, the consistency is one of the key things I noticed During my demo at KBS.
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