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  1. Good question. I'll go into detail when I post my fitting portion.-----so you've been warned. But my answer is No. Everything from 5 hybrid to 3 iron is new. I did not think there was a FW that could beat my 917 F2 (you saw me hit it a bit last year) but the G410 did!! Which one? You'll have to come back to find out. Ha
  2. Yep. Excellently done. I enjoyed it.
  3. Impressive,...212 yards carry at 83 mph! You must be wearing out the sweet spot on that face! Enjoy the new stick!
  4. I waited until I had the time to read this uninterrupted, so I grabbed a hot-dog and beverage and sat down to take it all in! What a great experience, and one of the best write-ups of a fitting I've read, great detailed info on each segment, wit out bombarding or overloading us with stats. Just perfect, gave the essentials! Congrats on the new purchase, so great that your wife was cool with your "free fitting" resulting in some new sticks! Small world about Loren and Maria. A good friend of mine just took the job as her full time caddie. He had been with Charl Swartzel...who is now out for the year with an injury. I'm excited to see how things go for them. He's worked for a previous No. 1 in the world on the LPGA and a number as well. So he's a good get for her as well.
  5. ...Looks down with anticipation, then quickly falls into disappointment But probably a good thing, it would have been awkward to ban a previous Forum Director
  6. I'm sure you'd listen to a Buckets&Birds podcast though wouldn't you...possibly coming this fall
  7. Well. Remember the subject he'd be writing about. He might not be able to keep track of what is new since last week. But it is a good thought. I'm sure he'll definitley post some thoughts. We'll be playing again tomorrow.
  8. Thanks! When I was meeting with PING and we were brainstorming, it just evolved out things we were both saying. They were truly excited about it and I think the commitment they showed in trying to get all five of us fit by actual PING reps says how much it means to them. I have to say, some of my results have been eye opening and game changing. I'm anxious to share them, which I will in the next day or two.
  9. Some of our best ideas come from the forum. Sometimes as group, the staff gets stuck thinking in the same circles. Then a member can come out of the blue with an idea or thought that is brilliant. So as they say....no idea is a bad one. Everyone should always feel free to post them or send them to us via PM if you don't want to mention it publicly. But that is an awesome goal!
  10. And his first post wasn't a testing application
  11. At least he joined with a profile pic! Dad might have been in trouble if he hadn't...ha
  12. LOL..That's great. You'll have to tell him how significant that is! Not to worry, if he's like many other 5 year olds, just give him his own smartphone and he'll catch Shankster in no time...
  13. I know, but to be honest, I bring it on myself
  14. I think $500 retail. While I think you are 100% correct that it will help a lot of Seniors and others who have lost speed. I just hope that those same golfers give it a chance. I can't tell you how many times I've heard some of my friends and players at our club say "I'm not good enough to play a Titleist club" That was true maybe 10 years ago, heck maybe even 5. But it has changed so much in the past few years. Titlesit realized that and has a really solid line of clubs good for anyone from scratch to 25 handicap. So here's hoping they have great success with it. I never put a timetable on things. But I early returns are very promising. Now why do you gotta do me like that No that isn't an open invitation to go find old posts...well maybe not so old, that prove you correct...ha
  15. Sometime very soon, possibly by the time I even finish this post, we will hit the 80,000 member mark. That's quite an achievement. This forum has grown so much in the three years I've been here. Not just in member numbers, but in the participation levels of current members, the value everyone of you add to the forum with your posts! It's by far the most congenial and helpful golf forum out there, and I say that as someone who has spent time on all the other big ones. What @GolfSpy_X started here several years ago has grown into something I know he is very pleased with and is all behind making it grow even more. So thanks to the other 79,998 of you and let's welcome in number 80,000 with a big congratulations to everyone here!!
  16. I should have you write my review, as an unbiased observer since you've seen several of my rounds with the clubs
  17. This is a process that started back in January at the PGA Show when I had a conversation with the people at PING about the testings for this year. Both of us wanted to do something new and different, and after coming up with an idea and ironing the details, a testing unlike any we've done before was born. We talk often on this site saying "Go Get Fit" and PING has a phrase you hear constantly among it's staff #FittingMatters And one of the areas that we felt fitting was overlooked was in the long game, fairway woods and hybrids. So I went out to PING HQ in Phoenix, and was fit by one of their master fitters. PING then graciously arranged for the four testers who were selected, to be fit by either the area field rep for PING or in the case of two of them, two top 100 PING Fitters. So this review thread will be a bit different as it will have a third stage--the fitting process--which will be talked about at the same time as Stage 1 is posted. As a staff tester, I will post one stage, that is hopefully not TLDR...but make no promise Each person was fit to what fit their personal gaps between driver and the last iron. So each of us came up with a different combo to test. I think you will find the results very interesting and in some cases eye opening. One final note. Due to the horrific weather and deadly floods/tornado's that hit MO last month, TSauer's fitting was delayed quite a bit from the others. Fortunately he and everyone involved are safe and sound, but it just took a while for them to all work through the timing. So his stage's may be a bit behind the others, but he has an awesome setup to review, and I'm looking forward to reading all these, knowing how my setup has helped my game already. @revkev Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @mr.hicksta Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @TSauer Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @PAgolfer2017 Stage 1 Fitting Stage 2 @Golfspy_CG2 Combined Review
  18. It's still a 1 on the scorecard! Nicely done!
  19. yeah, man it's mad for us "seasoned" players....ha
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