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  1. And by logistics i mean, Adam said if we do it, he wants to do it right. So you can imagine the work that the staff puts into everything they do, that the outing would have to be on the same level.
  2. Its something Adam and I have talked about for a while. It’s not impossible but a lot of logistics involved to do it right. But I’ll keep plugging away In the meantime we encourage all areas to organize local outings. There are seceral a year that already tske place. We had one in MD 2 years ago that got about 12 guys if we could do an official MGS one near HQ i think we could easily get 30 to 40 to make it. Thats just from the Forum if it were promoted on the blog You’d have to close the borders to VA
  3. You are correct Just had it confirmed from my contact at Titleist. He had SM8 52 and 56 in the bag this week. also just noticed i mistyped above mesnt to say since 60 was the only one listed that must mean Vokey for the others.
  4. Absolutely. With a few other local spies that are around here, we could have a mini-outing
  5. Lots of thoughts..just no recent experience since I haven’t swung a club in almost 3 months. 7 wood is an absolute must for anyone in our swing demographic. I have the G410 and it is the longest running club in my bag. 2 years now. i also have the TSi 16.5 but it just came in before i got sick, so no experience with it. I ordered the TSi1 driver and hybrid in 20 and 24 last week. They will be in March. I’ll compare them to the Srixon ZX 24 degree that came in and is still untouched in my office You can see I have a lot of catching up to do. Ha
  6. I say you guys compromise and meet in Maryland FWIW I’ve hosted Monte’s DC/Balt clinic at my course the last 3 years—2020 was cancelled. It’s usually in October.
  7. Not saying my post is infallible. But the info came directly from a text lfrom TM’s PR after the win. Pehaps he had those in the bag at the beginning of the week when the survey was done, and then changed it up after Zingers chipping lesson on Tuesday
  8. it’s a wonderful and dangerous thing when two club ho’s put their heads together on new iron purchases
  9. My info is that he has always had the 52 in MG2 and goes back snd forth with between the Vokey and MG2 in 60. The fact s 60 wasnt listed above would indicate he had the Vokey in play.
  10. MORIKAWA COLLECTS HIS FIRST WORLD GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYING TAYLORMADE'S NEW TP5 BALL TaylorMade's Collin Morikawa now has 4 PGA TOUR victories including a major and a WGC before the age of 25 CARLSBAD, Calif. (February 28, 2021) – Team TaylorMade's Collin Morikawa captures the WGC-Workday Championship at The Concession, FL and moves inside the Top 5 in the OWGR. © Getty Images Collin recently switched to TaylorMade's new 2021 TP5 ball and the company's new Spider FCG putter at the first event of th
  11. Most Wanted and Forum Testing are two totally different entities and really serve two different audiences. Most Wanted is to help the average consumer who usually buys off the rack without getting fit, to have an idea of what drivers performed the best over a large range of testers. Forum Testing is targeted obviously to our Forum readers who are more likely interested in details of how a particular driver worked for someone that may have similar swing DNA to them, over a period of 4-6 weeks which likely includes several rounds and range sessions. It also allows t
  12. We are pretty much the same person...age, physical limitations, driving distance etc. I wouldn’t classify it as being harder or easier to fit someone like us. I would say we potentially have as much to gain as a younger more athletic player. I have had 3 very good fittings in the past 2 years. And none of them viewed me as “well there isnt much we can do to help you”. In fact the results were surprising. At one of them, he wanted to know why i had a Sr flex in my driver. I told him, i chose that because I’m old . Turned out i needed an R and i was actually closer to S tha
  13. Actually our Forum Testing is the most indepth and quality testing of all forums. Thats not me saying that, it’s several OEM’s that think so. If you are talking about Forum Testing Realize that for products like Rapsodo, it’s likely the twsters don’t have another LM to compare it to. In addition we stress to the testers that the review shouldn’t be a comparison to something else of the same kind. It should focus mainly on the product and does it perform and/or do what the manufacturer claims and markets it to do. Sounds like you would find the My Golf Spy Buyers
  14. Really good post Pop. As others have said, kudos to you for going with what works. When I ordered my ZX5 the 4’s werent available yet. As i wanted to order the 5/6 in 4 and go 7-G in the 5. But my rep told me, we can order the ZX4 to match after the fact. So i may do that. What were your thiughts on the Apex DCB.
  15. You and me both MPR. I posted on IG yesterday about how the Ten 2 Ball as well as the single line Ten both really appeal to me.
  16. If we have one in our Fitting Cart i will. But won’t be buying it to try.
  17. I will let you know. Delivery is not until March 26, hopefully I’ll be back to the course by then.
  18. Glad it was helpful to you. The Tour Speed is a seriously good ball for the price.
  19. Well speaking of Pinehurst, this was perfect timing. Titleist just announced it's 2021 Team Titleist Invitational is going back to Pinehurst. I think I was the 2nd one to sign up! https://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/team-titleist/f/the-clubhouse/49976/announcing-the-2021-team-titleist-invitational I've been to four of the six invitationals and they are without a doubt first class and a great time.
  20. Not quite yet. Still probably 4-6 weeks away from being able to play. But by “in action” you meant buying and thinking about. Then, yes I am
  21. I just posted in the What Did You Buy Thread. So I might as well update this thread. SM8 Slate Blue 54/58 Apex21 irons. Possible DCB/Apex combo RadSpeed OL irons D9 Driver
  22. Not really. @cnosilcan give you more insight. It takes typically 3-5 weeks of testing for each product and then a couple weeks to compile/verify snd analyze the data. It will take well into late summer to complete every category.
  23. Hey, I have to have something to look forward to. And armchair ordering has been good medicine for me.
  24. Whenever I get back to work, I’ll probably spend the whole first day back taking pictures for this thread. Ordered this week: TSi1 Driver with the full light driver setup TSi1 20/24 hybrid SC Phantom X 11.5 Those are in addition to whats already in the office waiting. ZX5 Driver ZX 3wood ZX 22/26 hybrid ZX5 5-G ZX7 8-P STX Driver I obviously have a few drivers to add to the 2020-21 shootout i had just started before I got sick.
  25. You didn’t mention which ones you are already playing. But favorites of mine in the area. #2,4 and 8. Mid Pines/Pine Needles Mid South Dormie Club-it may be 100% private now. Tobacco Road As for dining, definitely Pine Crest Inn, Pinehurst Brewery and maybe The Duece for lunch
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