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  1. Golfspy_CG2

    Happy Birthday GolfSpy_MBP

    Hope it's a great one Dan! Thanks for all the great photo images on IG!!
  2. Golfspy_CG2

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    Although he did get a bit of flack for his dads over exuberance during the round that year in the Master's but still it was hard to blame him. I spoke to someone last night who knows Kuchar very well and likes him A LOT and says he is a very good guy. But he also says he handled it wrong, possibly from the beginning but most certainly once it became "a thing" My thoughts above kind are very similar to his thoughts.
  3. Golfspy_CG2

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    Also in a purely it didn't happen so it doesn't matter statement, if Kuchar had just finished two places lower, 3rd place, he would have "only" made $469,000 for the week and this never would have been a story. It's only because he won, and the amount of 1 Million dollars makes for a sensational story.
  4. Golfspy_CG2

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    So I've kind of updated my thoughts on this. While I still think Kuchar didn't do anything wrong initially, he struck an agreement and the caddie gladly accepted it, and Kuchar paid a bonus at the end after the win, granted a bonus that many find horribly insufficient. That may be, but let's not forget the caddie agreed and didn't say anything for MONTHS, so who are we to judge? All that said, once this became public and Steinberg advised Kuchar of the backlash, he probably should have just said publicly. "You know we had an agreement for the week that covered everything but a win. I gave a bit more than amount agreed upon for a top 20, and didn't think anymore of it. But now in hindsight, I realize I probably should have taken a bit more time to evaluate the situation, and offered him more. As a result, I've now sent a check for $50,000 to El Tucan in addition to the previous $4,000. Once again I had a great week with El Tucan, and I'm sorry that this has become a sour note to a great week for both of us" Or something to that effect. While I hate the idea of giving in to extortion or the public firestorm, it's probably the best option out for Kuchar.
  5. Golfspy_CG2

    MGS and Mark Crossfield - unscripted

    It was cool to listen in to the short conversation. Would definitely like to see Crossfield visit HQ and sit down for a chat on the couch with Adam. That would be must see TV
  6. Our very own @McGolf was quoted in the recent Golf Digest article in driver fitting. I got to share Lunch with Jim and his wife at the PGA Show. What a nice guy and very knowledgeable. I'm sure he'd also be happy to answer any club fitting questions anyone has. Congrats Jim. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/what-you-should-know-before-getting-a-driver-fitting-this-season?utm_social-type=owned&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_brand=gd&mbid=social_twitter
  7. Good to hear. I'm sure it was just nice to be out swinging a club. I'm sure there will be conditions in the future for testing them.
  8. Golfspy_CG2

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    Probably because he already blew through the original 3K Hey. I'm usually pro caddie in all things. They have a pretty tough job and earn every penny. I have a couple good friends on tour as caddies. Having spoke to one. He has no problem with Kuchars handling of it.
  9. Golfspy_CG2

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    Maybe I'm the outlier here, but they agreed upon $3,000 plus a percentage to be determined of winnings. After the win Kuchar and his agent upped it to $15,000, more than 5 times the agreed upon amount. The caddie refused it holding out for $50,000. I don't see a problem on Kuchar's end. The 10% is usually reserved for the full time caddie who goes through the ups and downs of a full season and often works weeks on end without his guy making a cut, and getting barely travel expenses. This was a one time gig for the guy and to be offered 5 times more than the original agreed upon amount, I don't honestly have a problem with that.
  10. Golfspy_CG2

    Happy birthday @GolfSpy Dave

    Happy Birthday Dave!
  11. Golfspy_CG2

    New member...Murfsurfandturf

    I'm not Stud...But it's done. Welcome to the site, glad to have you and thank you for your service. My father was retired career Air Force before his passing. Those are some great shots by the way. Hope you feel free to share many more of them. We have a great thread called Pics From The Course.
  12. We often ask our self, if we will be gaining anything about going from our current fairly recent driver to the newest latest models out there. But let's turn the tables on that, have you ever gone from a newer release club of any sort to an older model. I know Rick Shiels has the new driver vs 5 year old driver video out that has been talked about a bit. But this morning, during a conversation with MDGolfHacker I told him about my two midnight Ebay purchases with much enthusiasm. I was met with a cold bucket of water right in the face!! He was silent for a while then said, "Why would you go backwards in technology. You have the "latest" newest technology in in Titleist's 917 driver that is brand new. Why would you want a G30 that is what 4 years old," I told him, I think it's more like two years turns out it's--actually not quite 3.5 yet...so we'll split the difference--hey, it's my thread so I can make up the guidelines. But back on track, we had a conversation about my 917 driver that is about 14 months old, and told him what I had seen and heard about the G30, and also the JPX850. You know what a rabbit hole Youtube is, you go on looking for one thing, and end up looking at half a dozen others. So I should feel fortunate, I only walked away with two. But after watching several reviews of both drivers, I came away very intrigued. And to be fair, I also had on course experience with a friends G30 last week that was pretty amazing, which started this whole, well let's look at this well, maybe the driver of two or three years ago is pretty good. So what about anyone else, is there a cluub of any sort, driver, irons, wedges or putter that you have gone backwards on to an older model. If so, why and how did it work out?
  13. LOL!! Definitley a hot spot for deals to go down
  14. Golfspy_CG2

    PING S55

    I haven't played them. But a member of our staff has them and has no intention of looking at anything else. And he kills them with a nice high draw. C
  15. Golfspy_CG2

    Course to play on the way home

    All the ones above are good. But the best of the bunch is Whiskey Creek. Followed pretty closely by Musket Ridge. Then Links of Gettysburg a Third place if you decide to go up central PA. It is a very hard course though, especially the back nine. Both Whisley and Links have dramatic and very scenic 18th holes. Great holes to decide a match.
  16. Ha. Well I am going to a Team Titleist event in Pinehurst in April. So smart money would be on TS2 and take the under 6 weeks line
  17. As an avid MGS'er, you know doubt have read about, or even tried, TrueGolfFit - Adam and Tony's personalized online golf fitting engine. You give TrueGolfFit what amounts to your swing DNA, and the engine's algorithms search and filter the mountain of data MyGolfSpy has collected over the years to deliver to you your best fit and first alternative driver. And the fit is guaranteed! Now, what if you combine that online fitting with Global Golf's U-try driver demo program? For $25 Global Golf will send you the driver of your choice, brand-new and unopened, to try on your home course for two weeks. If you like it, keep and and the $25 goes toward your purchase price. Don't like it? Send it back. The shipping is all taken care of. At MyGolfSpy we're all about having forum members put things to real live tests to experience for themselves what a club/device/program etc does, and to bring honest, unbiased feedback to the rest of the forum. This testing was a bit unique as it involved two separate entities that MGS combined into one experience. As such it took a bit of patience to get all the pieces moving in the correct direction but in the end I think our testers will be able to give some solid feedback on, TrueGolfFit, Global U Try and most fun of all the drivers they were fit for. Note: Due to the nature of this testing where the testers get to keep the driver, they will not be able to review the return process. Feel free to hit them up with all the questions you can think of, I know they are eager to get going. Goaliewales14 Stage 1 GoalieWales14 Stage 2 GB13 Stage 1 GB13 Stage 2 808Nation Stage 1 808Nation Stage 2 Eseay32 Stage 1 Eseay32 Stage 2
  18. That is completely badass!
  19. Golfspy_CG2

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    I can't get the Phantom X No.12 out of my head.
  20. And you thought forum testing season was over huh? Well, you should know at My Golf Spy, testing never sleeps. Whether it’s the Most Wanted Testing, Forum Testing or just plain unofficial forum members doing their own testing, we are always anxious to hear about something new on the market. So the good folks at Callaway reached with a set of 2019 Big Bertha irons to be reviewed. So as we did earlier this year, we put our heads together and came up with who we feel will be a fine selection to put these to the test. And we came up with the perfect Spy in our opinon, please join Dawg Daddy as he shares his thoughts on these irons over the next 4 weeks or so. Normally this is where we would write a bit of a promo piece about the irons while the selection process is going on. But since Dawg Daddy has had these in hand for a short time, we don’t want to spoil any of his Stage 1 impressions on looks and initial thoughts. As we did during some of the later season reviews, Dawg Daddy is ready and able to answer any questions you throw at him along the way, he doesn’t have to save anything for Stage 2. These are expected to be one of the biggest selling irons on the market next year and will definitely get a lot of attention, so fire away with any questions you might have for him.
  21. I've been holding off on pulling the TS2 trigger. I dont even want to go hit the F9.
  22. Golfspy_CG2

    Mizuno jox919 hot metal “PRO”

    I wanna say March 7 sticks in my mind. But don't quote me.
  23. Golfspy_CG2

    8999 +1

    Congrats Alan. Glad you hung your hat in our little clubhouse.
  24. Golfspy_CG2

    MGS vs. Jamie Sadlowski long drive

    Loved the Watch Out Mizuno! For those that have never seen that range in person on Demo Day, it's a huge round range with vendors set up in about 12 stations all the way around it. Mizuno was on the other side of the range from Srixon. From one side to the other is probably close to 500 yards or a bit more.
  25. RICKIE FOWLER CAPTURES WMPO GAMING NEW TAYLORMADE TP5X GOLF BALL In just his second week playing the TP5x competitively after more than a decade playing his previous model, TaylorMade's newest staffer captures 2nd victory for new '19 TP5/x line in same day following stablemate Dustin Johnson's victory at the Saudi International. After making this statement before putting the ball into play for the first time at the Farmers Insurance Open last week, Rickie can now include himself as one of the best players in the world playing - and playing well - with TaylorMade's TP5/x golf balls. Rickie staved off three of the highest ranked players in the field to win at TPC Scottsdale, notching his 5th PGA TOUR victory. TaylorMade introduced the 2019 TP5 and TP5x golf balls earlier this month, following the resounding global success of their predecessors on worldwide tours. With Fowler, 6 of the top 12 players in the Official World Golf Rankings have now put either the ‘19 TP5 or TP5x in play, further validating its world class performance. The 2019 models feature a new Speed Layer System with High-Flex Material (HFM), the fastest material the company has ever used in a golf ball. The all new TP5 & TP5x golf balls will hit retail shelves around the world on February 15.