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  1. He offered a playing lesson. Which I mind of found to be a bit ironic But yeah I was going to ask about the practice time. But in a way I’d feel awkward going in there. In the back of my mind I’d be wondering if he was still watching me
  2. Thanks. Some good thoughts there. You are correct in how they do there things and sticking with the same instructor could be good or bad. That was one my hesitation in the beginning to sign up with them. In this case it didn’t work out. According to him, I’m leaving $$ on the table by stopping before my package is up. But i lost all motivation to go in and continue on without seeing any progress or light bulb light up. Oh well, time to focus on the new instructor and approach.
  3. I’m sad to report that I have divorced myself from GolfTec lessons After 7 sessions I just felt we weren’t making prorgess like i should. As the student i shoulder most of the blame, ultimately it comes down to me putting in the work and being able to grasp the concept of what the instructor is showing you. That said, I am disappointed that he didn’t pick up on that, and find another approach or some other trigger that might have worked for me. I had posted about that before and mentioned it at my last lesson, but it didnt seem to make a difference. He kept heading down th
  4. No doubt the man can tell a story, in print or in person!
  5. That's a great plan, score the points early to be redeemed when it counts!
  6. Oh man, that's awfully early for a storm like that and the worst in history none the less. That just means you're due for an unsual warm up in about two weeks
  7. Best in the Biz right here guys! Thanks for a great piece John!
  8. You can always count on me to brighten your day, or feel more sane about yourself. You are correct in that we are always full of doubt. The biggest thing eating at me was could it have been a bit more if we tried this. But the important thing is I got confirmation on the shaft, so that's good, but that a couple other things that weren't tried on Thursday led to a bit better results. Yeah, we are full of doubts arent' we! Ha... No that wasn't a secret message. Only that I got it in before the orders were submitted, I don't know when they will actually go into production.
  9. John, sorry I don't. I had the V6 for a period of time a couple years ago, and you are correct it was pretty small. That was the ultimate reason I moved away from it. When I struck it cleanly, it was the best feeling iron I've ever hit. But at my level, I couldn't do that often enough. When Looked at the CB it is definitely on the smaller size, but just don't have the measurements compared to the V6. Not trying to put build up John's piece on hype, but it wouldn't shock me one bit if he has that comparison.
  10. So just a fitting update, in case there are any eagle eyes out there that track these sort of things and mention it later As we golfers are often prone to do, I started wondering about a couple of the results in my fitting and some things I began to doubt. Rainy Sundays are never good for letting the mind wonder. So first thing Monday, I was able to get in touch with one of the guys at 2nd swing, which in my mind offers fittings every bit as good if not better than Club Champion. In any case, I went in to see him and didn't say anything about my previous results, just that I wan
  11. Definitely check out the blog piece when it gets posted, there probably isn't a golf writer in the business more in tune with Wilson than John Barba. I'm really looking forward to reading his piece on them.
  12. I believe the home page piece will have the full rundown, if it misses anything, I do have all the specs and shafts etc that I will put up in bit. You don't like?
  13. Definitely more to come on the home page from JB, but here's a sneak peak.
  14. Just kidding of course. Embargos often have a 9:00 AM EST time. i guess it gives them time to have the Inside Sales reps all set to take your money!!
  15. Didnt you see? The HQ Staff is on a Mental Health week off. So you’ll have to wait until next week
  16. Actually if anyone could have it was @hartrick11he was right there in the willy wonka chocolate factory
  17. Don’t let him fool you Rick!! He can absolutely stripe them sometimes. Although the look he gets on his face when he pures the 4 iron...is a little worrisome
  18. I could have gotten mine early as well, but I wouldn't do that to you guys We're a team right!!
  19. I definitely need to book a lesson with you on my next trip down there, which might be January if I have my way!
  20. Tell us more! What was the format? How'd you do?
  21. You got your TSi already? Are you PGA or just know somebody
  22. So true! And if it’s a PXG player with an Exotic shaft, you’ll talk for days.
  23. No. I honestly don’t think he does. He has little interest in LM numbers. He’s very old fashioned in a lot of his thoughts. He still uses a TM RocketBLZ 3 wood, which he hits very well. Until last year he still played Titleist DCI irons. I finally got him to upgrade to AP3 but he wouldnt go get fit for them. Just wanted DGS 300 shaft—because that’s what works for him. He won’t look at any LM data i show him. Matter of fact he was on my Rapsodo snd didn’t care about any of the numbers, just wanted to dissect his swing. It will come down to if the TSi I have comi
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