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  1. I tried the Mavrik set (woods and hybrids) and found them to have greater dispersion and less control than my Epic Flash's. My handicap is 15.
  2. I am ONLY concerned about face contact with my driver with a Martini tee = This is a performance-only question. Thank you for your replies.
  3. I have been using Martini tees for a few years. Occasionally, I hit a ball with my driver which goes way off line. My handicap is 15, so I am willing to concede that it could be me. But it has me wondering if the face of the driver always clears the rim of the tee and hits the ball without interference. There are videos showing that with "regular" wooden tees, the driver hits the ball first. Is anybody aware if the large bowl on the Martini tees can interfere with contact between the driver face and the ball?
  4. My older brother got me a set of clubs. I think he thought it was a way for us to connect. It worked. I took lessons, joined a men’s club and built a SkyTrak system in my garage. I am 61 and have been playing four years. I have brought my handicap down from 32 to 18 – And it’s still dropping! And now I can beat my brother. As for MYGOLFSPY, I have a background in statistics and quality control. So I clearly get what you are doing. As a matter of fact, I cannot believe the “find it/cut it” movement didn’t start decades ago. It’s shocking! In the meantime, you have helped me get the
  5. I would love to participate. Although I am not sure how I am going to get selected in such a large group of potential, and undoubtedly deserving, testers! I play about 30 rounds a year and in about 6 tournaments, with my local men's club. I also take lessons. My handicap is 29, because I have only been playing for 2 years. However, I am pretty good putter; I generally two putt. I am usually the first designated putter on my men's club best-ball tournaments. (I also drive pretty well, but my short game [150-50 yards] needs a lot of practice. Hence, the reason for my high handicap.)
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