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  1. Finally got out on the course with the Tour X. Definitely seeing longer carry than the KnSig. Mostly noticeable on the iron, higher launch and about 10 yds better carry. Felt fine off the putter and wedges. One downside was that it doesn’t seem to stop quickly with my mid iron shots. Granted is first time and was hitting from the rough a lot (did I mention the 3 wood carry was more than expected?)
  2. @ole gray yes is the 4 piece. Just got them and only got chance to putt and chip. Feel similar to some Pro V1 I have. Had noticed the K Sig felt heavy compared to other balls. This feels like other premium balls heft
  3. I typically used balls I find on course but not in water. This winter bought KSig 3 piece based on TXG review. Thought I could use the spin. However found just like the MGS ball test that it was much shorter than my usual, especially on iron shots. Last round, after hooking my last KSig OB, found a Maxfli and played 6 holes. Nice high tee and iron shots. Just ordered my 2 for $50
  4. Roger Ohio odyssey white hot xg #5 lag putt strength, short putt weakness
  5. When I was a beginner, scoring wasn’t the goal. Learning to hit all the shots you don’t get on a range. My friends would have me hit a drive. If it was playable (meaning not lost or way deep in trees or duffed 100 yds) I played it. Otherwise would drop where my cart partner had drove the ball. That way still learning, but not slowing play down
  6. There is a teacher on YouTube, Larry Cheung who advocates less wrist hinge. He teaches the guys at TXG. Matt there hits driver 180 mph ball speed with minimal wrist hinge, so your experience is very valid
  7. For my golfing, I had always bought used clubs. This year did buy a Ping G400 just after they announced the 410. Am very happy with its performance and discounted from full price
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