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  1. Consider doing the foot spray test on both drivers to see where he is hitting on the face. I’m guessing he’s hitting the new driver more toe and low.
  2. Update. Got my driver woes fixed. MLM showed me i was launching really low. Mainly from low face strikes. This last range session
  3. Was glad to be part of the first testing. The addition to the Coach Connect will be interesting. Pull mine out when trying to fiddle with my wedges. Good luck everyone
  4. Something that measures your performance on course to help you know what to practice. Currently using Golflogix, but thinking about Arccos. +1 on the instructor. My Rapsodo helpful for doing wedge yardages PuttOut because pace control is king
  5. How do you feel with doing flighted shots or draw/fade control?
  6. Would like a donor badge please
  7. After watching this video I doubled down on the fade for driver. I tried to draw my driver when first getting out of beginner slice. Was relatively successful at first, but when started to speed up the swing, duck hooks were close by. The ball position being forward and teed up tends to cause the path go left, making the fade a simple thing with a squared up stance. I don’t think a fade goes shorter, because I can pivot faster and release more without worrying about closing down the face and hooking OB. YMMV
  8. I do distance drills, pace out to target and see how my feels are matched to reality for 10’ over. Then clock drill from 1 to 5 feet
  9. If I wasn’t still enjoying my G400, would consider throwing my name in. Good luck testers. This year’s driver seems quite hot
  10. For the 3/4 wood, while I got good speed numbers from both regular Mavrik and the Max, I went with the Max because of the lower edge has helped my poor turf contact. Also liked the higher spin numbers I got.
  11. Just wanted to update. I'm continuing to use the Rapsodo. I have been working on Monte Scheinblum's No Turn Cast video. Has been working very well for me. The MLM is helpful to tag the video with how the shot was, so when I come home I can compare what was a good swing and see if can see trends. When I was doing the testing, my driver swing was horrible. I'm still working on it, but after a lesson and Monte's information go along with it, I'm trying to get more upright on my takeaway and get my arms moving in front of my chest more. I was able to see getting my right arm behind and stuck on this swing from couple weeks ago Working on my cues for range session today. Worked through my wedges first And slow 8 iron Then driver. Wasn't doing well Then with the real time video, I noticed I am very hunched over at address. Moved to more upright feeling (felt like standing up) Definitely MLM is powerful, but finding more uses for it
  12. That is a sweet list, but golf is so mind related that any guilt will surely screw up your scoring and enjoyment of the trip. I remember way more our family trips than any golf outing I’ve been on. Something I should start doing for my bucket list trip, put aside $50 a month towards the future trip
  13. She did have great strength to last that long with a cancer that usually kills very quickly. Pray the happy memories of her comfort your family now
  14. I saw a Mark Crossfield video where he had said that the best reasons for the launch monitor was to help the coach faster diagnose the problem and also to give the coach ways to win arguments with the student. Like yes you feel you’re hitting slices because you’re over the top, but really it’s because your face is wide open, that sort of thing. However my best lessons were not done with launch monitor. I can relate to the hit better outdoors than indoors.
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