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  1. I have not used mine for couple months. Been rehabbing bilateral elbow surgery. Does Insight require the subscription service?
  2. When I am working on swing mechanics, I don’t use it. Because he marks your yardages, I don’t want to muddy up the waters. And I want to focus on the swing feel as opposed to with the ball is doing at the moment. I find it helpful to do my gapping especially with half and three-quarter wedges. That really helped my last couple rounds.
  3. I had found that light makes a big difference. Didn’t do well near dusk or when was hitting from a covered bay into very bright sunlight
  4. Congrats guys. Love to see how Arccos works for you
  5. Rchang

    Sub70 golf

    Anyone compare the 699 with Maltby TS-1?
  6. It’s interesting that some testers get higher flight off the Tour and some off the X. Would love to see someone do a Trackman or Quad session and compare height and spin rates
  7. Try converting to a GIF and upload that. Won’t bog down for being too big of a file
  8. If your son have a golf teacher or coach, he or she can give a good ball park of players or game improvement heads. Then looking at Mygolfspy most wanted list is a good place to start. If not, just have him swing a couple types in same brand family. That he liked the muscle back might mean he needs thinner soled irons For shafts, look for a golf store that has the Mizuno shaft optimizer. It is a gizmo they put on a club and let your son swing. It will give a listing of 3-6 shafts that would work for him. My fitter found that it tends to give recommendations that go across brands. If you are not very brand OEM conscious, consider something like Maltby or Sub70 as your son will outgrow the clubs in 3 years or less. Good luck and have fun with him
  9. Feel for you. Golf is like a whack-a-mole. Improve one part and another problem pops up
  10. Did you check where you impact the face? I got high spin with very positive AoA (average was 4) because I would strike low on face. After watching Monte’s Drive 4 Dough, saw his clip of lowering tee height influenced a more level and centered strike. Swing now around +1 degrees with much more centered strike
  11. I will +1 the tee it lower. I find better contact when I don’t try to swing up, but think line drive and let the ball position make me catch on upswing instead of swing for the fences
  12. Congrats to the testers. Will be particularly interested in the T200 results.
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