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  1. Can only say that not losing strokes to drives into OB or untenable situations was an easy improvement. My easiest issue now is improving my chipping and pitching to get the ball on the green. That is more technique and practice. Depends on what you need
  2. When I had got series of Golftec lessons, it included a fitting. I had suspected that my driver was really bad for me, but having someone do the numbers of spin, launch, strike pattern showed how bad. Then just demoing a few drivers and showing what I got from one head to another. Getting a well fit club let me work on certain parts of the swing instead of fighting the ill-fit driver too
  3. I got fit for my driver. What a difference it made. It was also the first driver I got new instead of eBay. Of the 4 drivers I got on it over 18 years, only one did ok, with the last being such a disaster that I went back to one that was 5 years old, but at least could find the golf course. I probably would have saved money by fitting into the right driver and keeping it longer. Also if you want to save money, get fit just before the new drivers come out. I got a G400 about a month before G410 and paid about $100 less.
  4. 47 Cincinnati, Ohio swing speed 95-98 Average fitness I would love the opportunity to add this to my regimen. Am committed to see it through.
  5. With your big cut, what it the start line? Does it start straight then fade way or goes left and then cut?
  6. Rev, did you do all 3 clubs or just the 2 lighter clubs?
  7. Roger. Ohio handicap 16 current Ping G15 7 iron 145 yd carry
  8. Long time ago I had a SMT driver. Long and could not keep it from slicing, but that was more me. My brother in law has it now, but never plays. I might reclaim it to try out
  9. You will probably need different shafts to help with timing a faster swing. That is his job to help you with that. And the only brands he has are high markup/cost equipment? Sounds like a had previously been a car dealer
  10. Went out to chip/pitch practice. Had to keep convincing myself to commit to a shot. Vocalizing in my best Yoda voice, “Do or do not... there is no try” helped tremendously
  11. When I was testing out the G400 range, I ended up finding the regular G400 was few mph faster than the G400Max. I chalked it up to the smalller club head. Suspect this is why the “Tour preferred “ heads from all manufacturers are slightly smaller than the regular heads. The main issue is enough MOI to be usable.
  12. Getting to play in Ohio in mid-January is blessing. After my last round of only +6, was expecting to come back to earth. Leaving my putter at home didn’t help. Ended up 89, my best score at this course ever, and more importantly played with the same ball the whole round.
  13. I remember a TXG video comparing blade vs game improvement iron. One thing they mentioned was club head drooping more with GI than the blade because of the toe weight of the GI heads. Which means requisite lie angle might be different for the G410 vs your Mizunos. Might be best to test before just changing the angle.
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