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  1. Am wondering if the magic sauce is the swing weight irrespective of the flex? Anyone tried a regular or stiff with D0 swing weight?
  2. Had the G15. Currently have JPX921 HMP that got fit for. The extra offset of the G15 is great if you miss right a lot, but I found I had to hold off release to avoid big left misses so ended up right miss as well. YMMV
  3. While the Supercharged didn’t work for me, I started to think slow in the first transition move and have found much better strike and launch with my own gamer. Just need to fix an open clubface
  4. Can’t wait to hear you smash your personal best. What changed that got you the extra yards? Smash factor, launch or spin?
  5. The Supercharged is getting returned. I still replicated my strike pattern (toe side and low on the face). I seem to remember one of the TXG reviews that felt the Autoflex worked best for those who generally find middle of clubface, but needed more launch and ball speed. For those that the O-PH is working for, did you already have generally center strikes?
  6. Ok you guys gonna get me in trouble. I ordered a PLB Supercharged. Thinking the counter balance may help get the swing weight without having to change the back weight.
  7. I bought a TS2 with Kuro Kage 50 g stiff earlier this year to replicate at magical fitting couple years with that driver. Usually a serious low ball hitter, was playing the G400, the True Spec guy put the TS2 with a Fubuki shaft and I was able to apex over the tree line and 20 yards further. I’m wondering if he put a much softer shaft in now. Previous shaft was NVS Orange 65 g stiff. Didn’t look at that shaft closely and it was a free fitting deal, so can’t find the settings. I’m thinking the Prolaunch blue senior flex might be best?
  8. Following this thread and thinking about the Lagshot trainer, wonder if the main benefit of the softer whippy shaft is to force the golfer to sequence better. It would require one to have that “mature backswing” Dr. Kwon talks about
  9. Scott has his “Tiger’s 5 rules”keys to score well. Where do you feel you lose shots? https://golf.com/instruction/5-golden-scoring-rules-scott-fawcett/?amp=1
  10. That’s quite cool. Hope you get multiple kick in birdies with this set
  11. Rchang

    Women’s Open

    Buhai ate up the course under some quite blustery conditions. Hope she can finish the deal
  12. Golfworks makes quality heads. My son just started playing. After spending too much time (and money) on eBay figuring out which irons for me, I had him work with a fitter to find the right shaft. The Mizuno shaft optimizer was very helpful if you have access. The KE4 tours with DG120 has been great for him and doesn’t break the bank
  13. You measured swing speed in this test. Isn’t the goal to increase ball speed to get more distance? While club head speed might be the same, did one shaft result in better strike patterns? I think Mark Crossfield had argued that shafts are vastly overrated and even TXG guys have stated that shafts do more for timing than anything by else.
  14. Have fun with them. I did a set of Golftec lessons couple years ago. The online lesson recap and the practice bays were the things that really helped for me groove things. That and not abandoning fixes too soon
  15. Rchang


    If you can get past the look, I found the Ping G15 to be almost stupid easy to hit. Very forgiving. Now if you can get even a rudimentary fitting to know lie angle and what shaft tends to work for you, that will go long way to getting consistent with the irons. I had a set of Golfworks KE4 irons made for my son by his instructor. He had him swing the Mizuno shaft optimizer. That got us a shaft and lie angle. My son is a new golfer, and when he got these, his iron game jumped. Almost made a hole in one with his first time out. Hard to beat at around $400
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