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  1. That looks amazing. I live in Cincinnati too. You should charge membership fees
  2. I play a lot by myself. Not having a second pair of eyes hurts me.
  3. Was going to enter, but decided to keep faith at least for the next season with my new to me Odyssey 7s O-works Red. Good luck everyone
  4. It is amazing the number of premium balls (ProV1, Chromesoft, TP5) I find compared to cheaper ones. There are a couple holes that have wooden areas that tend to collect balls. Will stroll for a minute and try to round up equal to what I lose.
  5. New driver G400 -1 changed wedges to Vokey SM7 and SM6 -2 changed putter to Oworks 7s. -1 same irons Ping G15, same hybrids 9 can’t remember when bought the 3w, but because I never used one until this one will do 0.5 bag, shoes the same 2 balls, I blame MGS for making me go from what I find to the Maxfli -1 ditto for Kirkland globe -1 so 9.5 and my average score has dropped 4 strokes, so I’ll take that trade
  6. The GGSwingtips is a channel that Gankaa used to be part of, but not now. Seems they were doing shady things like have other instructors say they were him on the website. He sued them and his current site is his own. I gather from the interview, GGSwingtips still own the rights to use the videos they filmed. And they do not advertise he is not part of them anymore
  7. Appropriate aggressive off tee as am good with driver. Too aggressive when I’m in the trees
  8. I get chance to play maybe 2-3 times a month. There is no way to guess my yardages. Before getting my laser, I totally wasted at least 20 minutes a round trying to hunt out the yardage markers. Golf is hard enough
  9. Looking forward to your reviews. Was hoping to get to try these as upgrade to my G15, bit will get to eat some popcorn and watch the show
  10. Worked on the 5 iron low punch. Need that to get out of the trees. Yesterday at the range I was either shanking or topping it. In the backyard, with plastic balls, concentrated on rotating with the shoulders and not takeaway with the hands. Much better results. Ready for my golf trip now
  11. I might use Infinit Speed if walking. Usually will that an energy gel. Using a Chia one now that I like the taste
  12. Thanks mods for clearing the fake posts. I had to translate that just because was curious what it meant. Subject all was call their Wechat to buy a fake diploma to the school of your choice. Not exactly golf related
  13. Roger from the Buckeye State, Ohio Handicap 15 Ping G15 7 iron carry 155
  14. I’m like the window shopper. Will go to Golf Galaxy and play around with clubs. The Ping G410 are real deal. I compared them to the Srixon 585 (loved the look, could shape left or right, short distance though) and Callaway Apex (ball rockets off, spraying it all over the place). The G410 were good distances with very consistent ball flight and dispersion. Just upgraded driver, wedge and putter, so will shelve these ideas until maybe next year
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