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  1. AirPods have setting to let in surrounding sound. I assume most earbuds that are used for running have similar. I prefer no music, but play with guys you like it. Our compromise is turn it down at the tee box and enjoy it otherwise through the green. It gets jarring when the song switches while you’re in mid swing and my crap game doesn’t need any more handicaps
  2. Am also listening to the Chasing Scratch pod. Started season 3. Did Arccos for a year and the shots gained analytics did confirm don’t over do approach or short game, because was even to my handicap goal, but driver accuracy (as in fewer PK’s) and 3-5 foot putts are my bane of existence. Going to focus my practice
  3. Usually in cart, you aren’t always going straight to your ball, but zigzagging from one to another. Or you have to park a distance from the ball. Can’t tell you how many times near the green I went up thinking I had one type of shot, carrying 3 different clubs, and realized I needed another club that is in the cart. Lou Stagner just put out a newletter that if you mostly walk, you play better walking and if you mostly ride you play better riding. So YMMV
  4. Also my actual preshot starts 10 yards before getting to the ball, I start assessing lie, obstacles, wind. This is why I play better walking than riding, my rhythm is a bit messed up when I ride
  5. I keep an extra ball, two tees, divot repair tool and ball marker in pocket from beginning of the round. Walk up and put my bag down level with your ball. Take my yardage and then pull club. Then step back and start preshot routine
  6. My Jones Trouper twists terribly in my old school SM Speed Cart. Any issue with this?
  7. Congrats all. Looking forward to your results
  8. Best thing. Stick to one ball. And glad they highlighted how good the Maxfli Tour ones are. Still have some finders, but usually to give to my son who is still in spraying mode
  9. Good luck healing. Maybe it’s your Paul Pierce wheelchair game
  10. Played much better this week. 91 instead of 111. Lost only 1 ball. Let’s go
  11. I went to the lighter/softer Alta CB when I got my G430 because of this thread. Like it, but wish for something more stable when I get quick. How does the MP compare?
  12. With the way prices are going in golf, $90 is a steal. Hope the material holds up well
  13. Will say you have had one of the more unique club odyssey. How do you have time to play golf?
  14. Yesterday was one of those days that hope look darkest before the dawn. Ballstriking anything over 8 iron was abysmal. My recovery shots hit a tree 7 times. At least I putted well. Still worst score in 2 years
  15. Good luck to all the testers. Looking forward to your experiences
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