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  1. I saw a Mark Crossfield video where he had said that the best reasons for the launch monitor was to help the coach faster diagnose the problem and also to give the coach ways to win arguments with the student. Like yes you feel you’re hitting slices because you’re over the top, but really it’s because your face is wide open, that sort of thing. However my best lessons were not done with launch monitor. I can relate to the hit better outdoors than indoors.
  2. How hard would it be to do slightly curved face like the Sik and Bobby Grace radial putters to get consistent launch and loft off strikes from top to bottom ?
  3. The Epic did better for me than Sim I tend to not put enough spin for my fairway metals. Srixon felt also almost automatic for me as well
  4. After doing the Rapsodo review, I found it to be accurate outdoors the best. Using to develop feel for 40-80 yards shot. Also got a lesson on them to give me idea what launch angle to do. It also shows dispersion of shots
  5. What I’m thinking of is fit now, hold onto those specs and buy at the end of the year when everyone is dumping inventory. Most manufacturers aren’t that different year to year, especially irons.
  6. I got the same on a range session. At the time it seemed correct especially outside. Indoors is another story. Review posting tonight
  7. I am working on wedges only for the launch angle. My drivers are all topped shots, so the launch is 2-5 degrees right now
  8. Rev, I had been so focused on working on launch angle that I missed the apex. From what I could tell before your discovery , the upgrade was more about setting up their virtual lesson packages
  9. Where was this 4 hours ago? Was literally topping every driver and striping anything else. Definitely feeling out of sorts with sequence
  10. Praying for calm hearts and her gallbladder to cool down
  11. Sorry off topic, but what did you regret about going to the 410 plus?
  12. The M2 3HL has been money, however my new to me Mavrik Max 5 wood is so easy to hit and land that the M2 might be seeing the for sale
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