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  2. If that were mine I think I'd strip the lettering and replace it with a clear black. Though I'm not sure if the paint stripper would have any affect on the red, so it might not be worth the gamble.
  3. I wasn't a fan of the bright opaque paint EVNRoll used, and I enjoy the Scotty Cameron aesthetic, so I decided a simple paint swap was in order. After stripping the original paint I just applied some Tamiya Clear Red and Clear Black. It's not a huge difference, but I'm pretty happy with the result.
  4. Thanks everyone! I'm hoping these boards are a little more positive than those at some of the other sites. I managed to find one Costco near my work that had them in, so I stocked up when I could. Now I'm regretting not getting more! I live in Newcastle. So far I've played Willows, Maplewood and Riverbend the most, with several others scattered in there. Thanks! Callaway Pre-owned has been a godsend.
  5. Hello all, I'm an avid golfer from the great NW. I've enjoyed hitting balls at the range for years, but never really had the confidence in my game to buy a set of clubs until a couple years ago. I've been bit by the bug pretty hard since then and try and make it out to the course as often as I can, not to mention my near weekly range visits. My current handicap is around 24 and has been dropping rather steadily since I started. It took awhile, especially since I'm a bit of a bargain hunter (I've managed to avoid paying full price for nearly every club in my bag), but I'm pretty happy with my current set of equipment. Here's my WITB: Driver: Cobra Fly-Z 9.5* Fairway Woods: Callaway XR 3w Irons: 2016 Mizuno JPX-EZ 4 - PW, Mizuno MP-H5 3 Wedges: 50*, 56* & 60* Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 CB Black Putter: EVNRoll ER5 Ball: Kirkland Signature
  6. I picked up an ER5 when PGA Superstore had them on sale during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I've had the most success with this putter by far, and I've cycled through my fair share of putters (Odyssey Metal X Milled, Works, Versa Works, and Black Series TD, as well as a Scotty). I've been working on my distance control for awhile now, but with this putter I no longer worry about coming up short due to a mishit. I'm now confident that if I leave it short, it's because I simply didn't swing hard enough, which allows me to better compensate for the next hole. I can see how some would complain about the feel of the series, as the ER5 in particular has a very metallic ping sound when it strikes the ball. I would liken this to the recent PING TR 1966 putters. I like this feel, so this doesn't bother me at all. My only complaint was the opaque red, white and yellow paint used on the club, as I thought it looked a bit garish. That issue was easily fixed with some paint thinner and transparent red and black paints.
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