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  1. I dunno man I have in my head that graphite is weaker than steel and splinters where steel wont. And it feels weird seeing it in an iron don’t get me wrong i love it but anytime i take a deep divot my heart drops a little.
  2. So taking divots and such with a graphite 2 iron shaft is a normal thing. I don’t know anyone else with one so im in the dark here.
  3. I use my 2iron on and off the tee, i currently have a kuro kage hybrid shaft in it but its starting to splinter. I don’t want a steel shaft is their a graphite shaft that is strong and meant for this?
  4. Dan Delaware Taylormade tp juno armlock right hand always liked the putter everytime I have seen it it has intrigued me, and id love to see if a cheap putter really is the best putter.
  5. Dan Wilmington, De 115mph 12 HC 14* 3w, 17*2i, 4i right handed
  6. Dan Pennsylvania USA Nike Vapor Pro Combo DGX100s 7 iron distance 170 yds
  7. Philadelphia PA Nike OZ Need more consistent distance control
  8. Dan Philadelphia 20 Nike rzn pro combos Hit them high and straight Wish they were more of a line drive
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