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  1. Oh i agree, I myself will not be buying these balls, wanted to see what the community thought about this. I think they'll still get sales from this as uninformed people (everyone that's not part of MGS!! haha) who will see them there and think "hey that looks like a good price for 2 dozen.."
  2. So it looks like the big return is happening... sorta.. not really.. Costco is putting out there own ball yes.. but it's not the same as the one previously launched. This is a 3pcs with an M,M rating (low spin across the board) and from what the blog post says is on par with a lot of garbage balls out there.. with they exception of the Wilson Duo of course. What are your thoughts? will you buy it and play it for the 2 doz for $30?? even though it's not the tour ball that everyone was hoping for?? If you haven't read the blog post it's here.. https://mygolfspy.com/2018-costco-signature-golf-ball/
  3. as the article says these are GI wedges, and the though is to give for forgiveness into the wedges but by doing this and moving away from the blades you loose that shot shaping ability of the blades. The mindset behind it is i would guess is that players that need the GI wedges are not skilled enough to make those different type of shots with consistency or accuracy and thus would not have the need for that ability to be in their wedge. I myself believe more in the combo set approach. That's more stated in the new Mizuno article where you get your GI in your long iron and progressively move into the blades for your wedges. if you haven't read the article written by Tony Covey see below, it's a good one. https://mygolfspy.com/2018-mizuno-mp-18-irons/
  4. My current gamer is the Taylormade project A, absolutely love this ball. I'm currently testing the Vice Pro golf ball for the forum. Check out our forum review at the link below. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/20588-official-forum-member-review-vice-propro-plus-golf-balls/ my opinion of them so far is if you like the ProV1 you'll like this ball.
  5. Great start everyone, Shankster love the little shout out to my hometown Kitchener! We talked before about your horseshoe win and my ignorance to the world horseshoe community.. No idea there was one! Haha. Look forward to reading all of the stage 2 reviews!
  6. This seems to be what Costco is doing, buying over runs of end of life products for cheap and reselling them. I'm sure once they have run out of these they will do the same with a different ball.
  7. That's awesome! love the help from everyone. still in the planning stages, I have to remove a few trees that my wife will not be happy about....
  8. still have never seen these yet in Canada, or even on their web sight that we can order up here. it's a shame would like to try them out
  9. you're the one that's had the bummed knee recently. I'm all for walking as much as possible. Will make the the wife happy i'm getting more exercise as well too.
  10. Nice report so far, look forward to reading more on the features and usage. keep the info coming!
  11. i'm trying to walk more, i still take a cart on long hilly course. there is pluses and cons to both. Hard to carry your Beer when walking and less social too. Hate paying the extra $$ thou for the carts.
  12. I used to work at a private golf course here in my area so the work is not a concern of mine it's just the winter that i'm worried about here in Canada.
  13. i can if i'm doing it out of real grass, not sure if that's the way to go or artificial.
  14. I would love to put a small putting green in my back yard. I have a hill and a flat area at the top that's just wasted space. No idea of cost or what's involved in a project like this? also what for the winter would you need to tarp it? Any suggestions or advice would be amazing.
  15. These are the best and most comfortable underwear I have ever owned. Highly recommended. Is there anywhere else to get these other than Golftown in Ontario? They're charging nearly $30/pair.
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