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  1. I promise my Stage 2 is coming. The last few weeks have put a hindrance on its completion. First, you may have heard of little storm named Dorian that was heading our way in Charleston, SC about a month ago. It shut everything down so Connor and I couldn't get enough time in with the clubs to finish the review. Almost immediately after the storm, I was told by my job that I would have to travel out of the country for 3 weeks, but I still had hopes that we could get this done close to on time, if we spent the weekend after I got back at the course. Then this happened a couple of days before I g
  2. I struggle with CB shafts in my driver. I really like to feel the club head and always shoot for higher swingweights (D8, D9), but I know some people have a lot of success. As always, it's best to go to a fitter and try them out.
  3. Yep, most of these junior sets seem to lean towards graphite shafts so there a little more lightweight, but I'm guessing that by time they reach Connor's age and size, they don't need the weight savings. What I found the most interesting was that they used a steel shaft for the hybrid. You don't see a lot of hybrids with steel shaft, even in adult sets.
  4. Wilson Profile SGI Teen Set Review Old and Tom Morris, Davis and Dru Love, Jay and Bill Haas, Chad and Connor. What do all these duos have in common…okay what do three out of four of these duos have in common? I’d love to say my son, Connor, and I are as amazing a father and son golfing combo and the other three but sadly I, at least, never achieved my full potential (still holding out hope for the PGA Champions tour in a few years though). There’s still plenty of hope for Connor though. Which brings me into part one of the review for the Wilson Profile SGI Teen Complete Set. L
  5. He's definitely playing solidly with them in the bag so far. I would love to see him stay in contention all weekend.
  6. I think I'm going to hold off until Lamborghini comes out with their $25,000 set. The Bentley's are just a little too cheap for my taste.
  7. Don't give up on your dreams of looking like Rory! haha. I've been taking lessons at GolfTec for a few weeks now and seeing my swing in slow motion video has been eye opening. I think it's one of the critical elements to fixing your swing. Good luck with the changes!
  8. I mostly prefer spikeless as many of the designs seem to allow you feel the ground better. I like being closer to the ground in my swing. My go to shoes have been the True Linkswear True Majors since February and I love them.
  9. So, while I was initially impressed, I have noticed that these gloves don't last as long in high humidity. They also seem to stretch out after time. I may need to look at some other options.
  10. Yeah, I'm dealing with that situation right now. I've been taking golf lessons and the instructor has improved my angle of attack with my driver, so now I'm bumping the loft down, to avoid launching it too high. I'm getting good results so far, but may get the adapter adjusted if I stick with this setting.
  11. I tried their S-Tech series a while back and wasn't impressed. They felt slippery to me. The Traxion look a lot like the Winn Dri-Tec so they might be a good option if you like that style of grip. I used the Winn's for a while and liked the feel of them but hated how quickly they wear out. If the Super Stroke options wear better, I may be willing to give them a try.
  12. I don't even think I own any cotton polo's anymore. It's dri-fit performance polos/pants for me every day, even at the office. You never know when an opportunity to get a quick 9 after work will pop up after all. I'll also run to the driving range, during lunch, a few days a week. In South Carolina Summer heat and humidity, I would be miserable in 100% cotton.
  13. Like cnosil said, it will depend on how the milling is done and what kind of insert we are talking about. It sound like yours may be giving you a softer feel than you like. I currently play a Bettinardi Queen B milling that gives the putter a harder feel and seems to make it easier for me to get the ball to the hole. For some reason I seem to struggle with leaving everything short with soft inserts. Bettinardi makes other millings that feel softer though. It all depends on the model.
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