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    Golf is my main hobby but I have others such as motorcycle riding and boating. I love working with clubs and have been repairing clubs, re-shafting, lengthening, adjusting swing weights, and re-gripping for at least 20 years. I don't have a loft and lie machine but my local shop checks those measurements for me. I have also built sets of irons,drivers and putters from component parts from scratch. Riding my Harley or cruising in my boat are tied for second place. There's a lot of nice weather here in Florida for all three of my hobbies.
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  1. Here's something that has served me well over the years. It's ok to have a swing thought or two, however have them while you're standing behind the ball zoning in on your target and the type of shot you want to play. Once you address the ball don't replay what you just thought about standing behind the ball. Take a slow deep breath, waggle a couple of times, then make a swing. Once you make this a habit you'll be amazed how it will free you up. Don't get paralysis by analysis over the ball. Good luck.
  2. I picked up my CaddyTek cart off of Craig's List and I absolutely love the features it has. It is some of the best money I ever spent on golf equipment. It opens up with a quick lift of the handle and collapses with the push of one button. I have a Honda Accord and the CaddyTek folds up small enough that I can get it and my bag in the trunk with room to spare. The bag attachment points are in sections and hinged so they'll fit any size bag and the elastic straps have multiple attachment points with a quick release latch. It has a lined cooler compartment and a dry compartment that will hold an extra shirt or rain gear or incidentals you may want to carry. It came with an umbrella holder, drink holder and has a cell phone holder and storage compartment built into the handle. It has a stretch cord laced through parts of the handle that you can put your scorecard under or you can put it in the storage compartment. Also in between the rails of the handle is a good sized net for holding extra balls or your range finder, glasses, or anything else you need quick access to. I used double face tape to attach a metal roofing disc to each side of the storage compartment to hold my magnetic Bushnell Phantom and my magnetic cigar holder. This cart pushes very easily and the handle adjusts for different heights so you can find the most comfortable position for you. It also has an adjustment screw on the front wheel so that you can get the front wheel tracking true so it's not pulling one way or the other. I push it with one hand most of the time and I don't have to constantly correct it's path. I let it go on downhill sections and it rolls straight and true. This is way way better than carrying. They even make a seat that you can attach that is spring loaded and goes down when you sit on it. I don't have it on mine but sometimes when waiting on slow players I wish I could take a seat. I'm 67 and in good shape but my feet still get tired. I love my walking rounds and highly recommend the CaddyTek cart. The newer ones have changed the handle a little but if you can find one like mine you'll love it. Good luck and happy walking.
  3. Thanks for the link to the Titleist contest...you never know.
  4. I've had good luck using glass beads in situations like this. You add them to the epoxy to make it thicker which will take up the extra space between the hosel and shaft. Once the epoxy has dried the glass beads won't move because they form a matrix within the epoxy. Without the glass beads the epoxy will crack and fail if it's too thick as you found out. You can buy the glass beads at any shop that sells shafting supplies. I think I got mine at GolfWorks. Boat supply places that sell fiberglass supplies also sell glass beads. They may be a different size bead so maybe look into that part. When installing fasteners and such on a fiberglass boat those glass beads are a game changer. It could possibly save you a lot of trouble with some of the other options mentioned. I'd say it's worth a try.
  5. I've read other reviews about the indifference Club Champion shows towards their customers and potential customers. I experienced this first hand. I tried to book an appointment for a putter fitting but couldn't because they would never answer the phone. After leaving at least five messages requesting a call back over a period of two weeks, I finally gave up. I guess my mistake was telling them in the message that all I wanted was a putter fitting. That must not have been a big enough ticket item to make it worth their while to call me back. I bet if I would have said I wanted a full bag of clubs they would have called me back. Maybe not, who knows. I'll never try to use them again for anything. I booked an appointment with PXG and because of some health issues I've had to reschedule a couple of times. They've always called me back right away and worked with me to find one of their fitters in my area and an appointment that works for me. If you want customer service find a local pro who reps the clubs you're interested in, not a storefront. That way you'll get service after the sale. Getting fit for new clubs shouldn't be like buying a new car. Would you like the sound dampening coating Mr. Smith. Do you mean undercoating? Hello...I live in Florida so NO. That's my 2 cents worth...and my attempt at humor. Keep it light...hit'em tight.
  6. Joe Tampa, Florida I walk at least one round a week depending on the weather. I usually play twice a week, so that's quite a few walking rounds. I'm currently pushing a Caddytek push cart. I love walking when playing golf because it gives me time to think and really enjoy the golf course. I'm sixty seven years old with a bionic hip so testing a motorized push cart would be a dream come true. Plus I'd be able to play some hillier courses that I avoid now. Good luck to everyone and thanks for the opportunity.
  7. Blue Steel, Tampa, Fl Driver speed - 85-90 mph Current ball - the MG Tour C4 Urethane Maxfli Tour X CG
  8. Joe W, Tampa, Fl Driver: Cobra Amp Cell (white & silver), R flex 3W: Ping G3 3 hybrid: Adams Speed Slot Mizuno JPX EZ irons- 4 thru Gap wedge. Wedges: Upswing Golf - 52 & 56 degree. Odyssey White Hot Putter - Blade Ball: Wilson Duo - Vivid Green or Callaway Hex Black (hard to find these days). Handicap: 13 -14 Goals: Obviously every one wants to get better and I'm no exception. The technology in this Cobra Connect System would go a long way in helping do just that. Pitching, chipping and putting are my main focus. When I do practice the full swing I always have a specific goal or thought that I work on so I don't just mindlessly slash a bucket of balls. With this approach I've been able to shave quite a few strokes off of my game and save strokes which otherwise might have been blowups in the past. In 2018 I plan to continue my fitness and practice routine and see how many times I can break 80. I'm 64 years old and play at least once a week and sometimes two. I'd play more than that but I still have a 9-5er. This year I'm going to Ireland for the first time so I'm stoked about that. I think it would be so cool to have the opportunity to test these clubs and share my experiences with everyone. I'll just say congrats to whomever gets the opportunity and I'll look forward to reading the results. Blue Steel
  9. I was aware of the one length concept from being a Tom Wishon fan. Then when Cobra came out with their set of one length clubs it really peaked my interest. It would be awesome and an honor to be picked to test a set of the Cobra's one length irons. I play upwards of 52 rounds a year and practice one to two times a week so they'd get plenty of play. Thanks for your consideration. Joe Tampa, Fl 15 Index Ping G-10 irons, 4-gap Cobra Amp cell driver Bobby Grace putter
  10. Welcome to the forums Blue Steel :)


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