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  1. Currently game a set of the XK irons. Set prior to that was the XD (still have them in the basement with the matching XD 3 & 5 wood) The individual who built them for me sold cars, and built clubs as a side hustle. He was very smart, and the clubs still fit me fairly well after this many years. When I first started I had no idea what he was talking about. fast forward to today and my knowledge of clubs, and it all makes sense. They are *1” and 1degree up from standard specs. At 6’2” I’ve had no reason to replace them, and they still hit greens and get the job done. From what I’ve learned, the XK were the high trajectory model. They perform outstanding on mishits. I’ve skilled/toed/shanked plenty of ugly shots that still wound up very playable without much punishment. I am excited for the day I get fit for a modern set of irons, but until my money tree grows a little taller these will work just fine.
  2. Another person who is familiar with Acer irons! This place is heaven.
  3. It’s a rare-breed of day when I bump into someone familiar with Acer irons. I am still currently gaming my Acer set that my dads friend built for me almost. 15 years ago.
  4. Hands down, the best diamond in the rough around where I live. Anyone familiar? Care to play? I would be utterly amazed if I get a single bite here.
  5. Precisely why I always shoot for the last tee time of the day my Friend. One less thing to think about.
  6. This has me laughing harder than you can even imagine. Probably the most comically relatable train of thought I’ve ever read. Also helps its that midnight hour and garage time. either way…. Thank you.
  7. “Paralysis by Analysis” is currently my new favorite thing to say now.
  8. I also apologize for the delay of posting in this thread. I’ve had a very sick two year old at Home to take care of. He’s finally feeling better, and right back to working on his swing. Here is a prime example of “Laser-Butt”.
  9. I completely understand that what works for one person, might have adverse or no effect for someone else. With that being said.. Thanks for all of the insight into all of your thoughts! All of it will help me hone my own collection of thoughts, feels, and visuals used on the course/during practice sessions. Prior to this post, some of my successful thoughts and feels were: - Pointing my lead shoulder down at the ball on back swing, the. Transitioning to pointing trail shoulder down at the ball through impact. Same motions/ideas as the drill holding an alignment stick across your shoulders with your arms crossed. Point the leading end down at the ball on your during down swing, then trailing end of stick at the ball through impact. This helped ensure a good turn during the swing, and helps keep me from getting to “sloppy/shifty” . - Keeping the driver head low/far away during the takeaway/backswing. Picture a ball behind your driver head, and someone standing behind you on the tee box. When you start to take the club back, feel like your trying to slowly push/roll the ball sitting behind the club straight back to the person behind you. this feel helps keep me from picking the club up/ getting to steep in the back swing. - “Laser Butt” I have to give credit for this one to the boys at MeandMyGolf. Picturing a laser coming straight out of the “butt-end” of your grip. (The small hole at the end) (if the golf club was a gun, the grip would be the end of the barrel) Now If I haven’t confused you yet, keep following. at the end/finish of your swing, finish the follow through pointing that laser at your target, and hold it there. This helps me make a full turn through the ball, when I’m getting “stuck” or not hitting my desired line with the ball flight. Also helps with releasing the club. This works well for every club in the bag except wedges. I’ve noticed it helps me more on iron shots personally.
  10. Tempo is everything. Michael Jackson wouldn’t look nearly as cool if he has terrible timing.
  11. All of these replies are awesome, thanks everyone! It’s interesting to see a mix of things I’ve tried or used I. The course before, and a few outlooks that are new to me as well.
  12. This is the purest form of the truth. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve over-thought a drive on the tee box and sent my ball into the woods. Only to follow it up with the “f&$@ this….. time to grip it and rip it I’m over this hole…” only to lookup after hitting the ball and watch it ride a rope all the way to the fairway.
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