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  1. - Ben / Crookston - GPS - Apple IPhone running the 18 Birdies App (premium membership). Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Will do my friend! Currently their. Wing worn as house slippers while watching the US Open [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. My feet have definitely seen there fair share of abuse through a decade plus of work boots/steel toes so I can some what relate my man. My foot gets widest at the ballad of my feet but in a funny shape. This makes me excited with the adidas, due to the fact it was the best fitting shoe in standard (medium) sizing. If for any reason that they don’t break in and shape to my foot the way I’m anticipating they will, I will re-order another pair of 10.5’s but in a wide. The rest of the fit should stay the same from what I learned trying on what some would call “way too many shoes”. Appreciate your feedback! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. The pro’s were at another shoe I really wanted to try but the shop did not have them and I’m not the biggest fan of ordering a shoe blindly without getting to try it on first. Glad your feet stayed dry even when Mother Nature tried to say otherwise! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. The battle is over! Want to thank everyone of my spies that gave their insight, feedback, and helpful knowledge & opinions on this debate. Drum Roll please........ The winning cleat is The Adidas Tour 360 XT-SL! When you hold the two side by side, at first they big look premium and outstanding. But when you start taking a closer look, the build quality of the Adidas outshines the puma and made my choice an easy one once I had the proper amount of time to evaluate each thoroughly. -The spikes on the pumas felt like I could peel them off using just my fingers, and were incredibly flexible. One wrong step on the edge of a golf cart/on a cart path/etc I feel could disfigure the spikes shape permanently. The quality of leather on the Adidas just felt better, buttery soft. The kind of leather that will break in beautifully over time. The first day I tried the adidas on, the higher arches felt incredibly odd to me. The second day going back with more time on my hands, and taking more than just 10 steps I got used to them quickly, and they did not affect my swing nearly as much as I anticipated the first day. I actually grew to like that arch support after having them on for 15 minutes. Once I took them off and tried the puma back on, you felt like there was something missing. The soft leather wrapped around the inside of the heel in the adidas felt great on the ankle, and did NOT feel like it was going to chew through a pair of socks in 4-5 holes, then start rubbing into the backs of your ankles for one hell of a blister like the Pumas felt. The Pumas had a very stiff & hard heel which may work for some. But I also don’t wear tall socks when golfing. I’m a no show guy, low-cut quarter length at best. The MGS reviews of the puma stated this as well, and also stated they eventually break in with time. In the end even if you never tried the Adidas on, you can Visibly see how comfortable the back of your ankles would be with that strip of supple leather. Even though the adidas is lealther, it molded to your foot much better than the puma did. The puma felt much stiffer, like a synthetic leather feels. The adidas has a much more comfortable toe box being wider than the puma. This is speaking for myself and the shape of my foot, but I actually found a 10.5 Medium was a perfect fit for me. I did try a size 10 Medium on to test how a 10 wide would feel, without lacing up to determine if the length of a 10 would be long enough. Lacing a 10 medium, The tongue was bulging out of the shoe like a fat man in a little coat, and from my pinky toe to my middle tower were touching the end of the shoe, thus canceling the idea of a of a 10 wide. 10.5 if you crank the laces super tight was of corse too narrow, but you should also not being pulling your laces that tight. If you are, you have an improperly fit shoe. But when pulling the laces tight so my foot was snug in the size 10.5, they felt money on the foot. If they were to never break in what so every, I could see the shoe becoming SLIGHTLY uncomfortable after 18 holes but the premium leather will break in and mold to your foot after you start putting some miles on them. The traction on the spikeless version of the Adidas was UNREAL! You would hurt yourself trying to get those cleats to slip intentionally, and felt more secure than my current spikes by a long shot. I feel like you could conquer any part of the golf course with ease wearing them. All in all, of my opinion means anything to someone else out there, the Adidas Tour 360 XT-SL outperforms the Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Leather in every aspect. The adidas are a perfect blend of the classic traditional golf shoe, with a modern athletic shoe, and the comfort of your favorite casual daily drivers. If there was such thing as a perfect golf shoe, Adidas Tour 360 XT-SL is it. The price is on the higher end compared to other shoes in the field at $179.99 but I can assure anyone with doubt that your getting your money’s worth with them. The fact the Pumas were $150, after all my testing and research I would say is overly priced for the quality your getting. For an extra $30, your getting a substantial amount of added quality, performance, and comfort for that $30. With the pumas your investing $150 into style alone in my opinion. With $179 into the Adidas, your investing in your new favorite golf shoe that will outperform anything else in their path. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Appreciate he valuable feedback my friend! I can proudly say I found my winning ticket at the shop yesterday after hitting a few balls on the simulator and taking some putts to ensure I made the right choice and wouldn’t have regret down the road. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I’m thinking that’s the winner. After seeing a few too many reviews of the Ignite PWRADAPT clears falling off less than ten rounds into them. I’d hate to waste store credit on something that won’t survive an entire season Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. I second this question! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. I wear a 10.5-11 in Most Nike’s, 11 In Jordan’s. 10.5 in puma was good on length, but slightly snug for width (not sure how much break in would compensate for this) 11 in the Puma was a good width, but felt a little long. Width was just right out of the box though. As for the adidas I was only able to try on a pair of 10.5’s in the XT-SL with regular width. And I feel like a wide would have fit better, but there were none in store to try on. I’ll be heading back today to try on more pairs and take some notes on the fits. Hope this helps for now though! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Ben / Minnesota Unofficial = 15-20 range. I have indeed used a putting aid before, and it was puttout! (Shoutout to Mark Crossfield for putting me on to it.) It worked wonders on my short game, until I borrowed it to my neighbor to make him a believer as well and his dog shredded it too pieces last Fall. Still with only using it for a little over a month, indoors on fairly thick carpet, it made a huge difference in my ability to control pace when putting on the course. I visualize it on the green still on my putts 6’ or less. Aim small, miss small. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Challenge Accepted! Might take me some time to accumulate 9 rounds with a newborn and busy schedule. But I promise I will keep the next 9 score cards and post pictures once I hit that point. Hopefully by round 10, the theory will have payed off. With only a handful of rounds under my belt for the season. I feel like my golf game is stronger than ever, yet my scores at the end do not reflect as so. This could just be me setting unrealistic expectations of shooting 40 or better every round. But there’s one thing I’ve noticed in each round. There is a “tipping point” where I realize shooting anything close to Par is a pipe dream and say “screw it.... can’t get much worse than this. What’s the worst that could happen, you can’t “hurt” a round that I’ve already “murdered” and a majority of the time I start hitting my best shots on the back stretch of holes. Obviously warming up, learning from earlier mistakes, and recognizing how your swinging the club that day play a roll in this. But if I can’t count how many times I think in my head “well damn... here’s my 100 yard chip-in for par that isn’t going to happen.” Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Snug was something I noticed as well on the pumas. Trying on a 10.5 and an 11 felt almost identical in width on my foot, with the biggest difference being the 11 added about 1/4-1/2” of space between the ends of my toes and the ends of my feet. My toes didn’t touch the end of the shoe in the 10.5 to begin with, but just felt a little TOO snug in width. Not sure how well they break in width wise, or if the contributing factor is the sock liner inside them. Either way, I appreciate your feedback my man! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Thanks for the insight my friend! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. This is great feedback! I have indeed read a few great write ups discussing the affect of a shoe on your swing. This makes sense in my head on the stability as well, because when I looked at the bottoms of all the shoes, the minimal amount of spikes / most of the spikes positioned towards the center of the shoe rather than outer sole on the pumas had me slightly afraid to put them into play in case I ever got after the ball a little hard. I wish I could say my swing was one or the other. Some days I feel like I’m swinging out of my shoes and going after the ball, but this is only when I’m in a shoe that won’t cause you to look like Michael Jackson dancing after swinging with some ooomph. Some days when I’m not hitting the ball well, I slow things down and go for the “be like water” approach that’s much smoother. Going after it also can rush my tempo causing a horrid slice (my main miss) So that puts me in a tough place between the two. This is the first season I have been able to draw the ball, and have been working on grooving that muscle memory till it’s second nature. I have a few tricks I use that are a must to turn the ball over. With only 4 rounds in so far this year it’s still a very new feeling indeed. It’s slowly but surely getting easier to do consistency, but can definitely get better also, So having a shoe that makes turning the ball over more difficult is a little scary for me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Honestly this makes me rethink my approach a little bit. I was straying from the spike-less route at first due to fear of slipping feet and leaving traction on the table. I feel more likely to slip during the swing more than when walking to my ball, around course, etc. being a rider 75% of the time too my shoes get less packed with dirt and grass than people who walk the course would. The shoes I wore the day I went in to the store were a pair of puma casual runners with Ignite bottoms, and are some of the most comfortable shoes i own making them daily drivers. I was comparing comfort levels of all shoes I tested too these for reference. Understanding they were a flexible/stretchy knit with Ignite bottoms, it would be tough for a golf shoe to compete with them. But still was a nice reset/recalibrate to put back on after trying on each golf shoe. I also didn’t have much time, and the store was swamped so I didn’t wonder too far “out of the box” of the models I had my eyes on. I’ll be retiring to the store today too try on more, and will definitely give the spikeless Version of the pumas a test drive. I’ve heard multiple reviews where people swear by them. Steep inclines happen a handful of times on the courses I play. There’s a steep hill on half the holes of Or local course. I try to avoid ever leaving my ball to hit off that hill in most cases (uphill or downhill, the holes basically work back and forth going up it, then down it the next hole, Vice-Versa) but golf is an unpredictable series of humbling moments. I’m bound to wind up on that slope at some point at least once during a round. Your insight definitely helps, and is greatly appreciated! If it wasn’t for this support of this forum, my head would be littered with unanswered questions. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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