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  1. Hi all - my biggest win yet!!! I won 1st prize in the Golfers Authority Endless Summer giveaway. Just some of the items: MNML Golf Bag Honma Driver, 3 Wood and Hybrid 12 dozen TP5/TP5x 2 Putters Rapsodo MLM and much more!!!
  2. Awesome for all of you - looking forward to your opinions
  3. Gaming the P790s right now and I think the T200 would be a good competitor, I'd love to try them out.
  4. Congrats everyone looking forward to your experience.
  5. @WaffleHouseTour Yes the whole yard is now turf or river rock, no maintenance and shouldn't be a swamp during the rainy season. I haven't chosen the net yet but will likely place on the turf facing the green space in case there are any errant shots
  6. I got my new yard and putting green instated this week.
  7. You can add me as well @sglj3
  8. Exciting to know that at least one of us has gotten theirs.
  9. Yes it was!! BTW the website has been down for a few days do you think we are going to get it?
  10. I heard about this from a different source but I was able to get in within the two hours.
  11. Who couldn't use more golf balls!
  12. What a great testing opportunity - good luck everyone
  13. Congrats everyone selected - looking forward to your reviews... @xOldBenKenobiX @knightsofnii @PeterHenric @golfingbrock @DrMJG @rbsiedsc
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