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  1. You can add me as well @sglj3
  2. Exciting to know that at least one of us has gotten theirs.
  3. Yes it was!! BTW the website has been down for a few days do you think we are going to get it?
  4. I heard about this from a different source but I was able to get in within the two hours.
  5. Who couldn't use more golf balls!
  6. What a great testing opportunity - good luck everyone
  7. Congrats everyone selected - looking forward to your reviews... @xOldBenKenobiX @knightsofnii @PeterHenric @golfingbrock @DrMJG @rbsiedsc
  8. I’d love to test a whole new bag. The gear, the competition a reason to golf even more oh my what a dream
  9. Titleist is running a new contest. https://www.titleist.com/team-titleist-pro-v1-sweepstakes
  10. A hitting net is already in the plan to use with my Rapsodo MLM And yes the way my yard is situated I will be able to do some pitching as well!
  11. It will be filled so I was thinking flat, I appreciate your opinion on the break as it does make complete sense that you would just learn it quickly. I live in a suburban area with decent size lot, the turf is going to be about 1600SqFt but not an area I can hit to. I will be able to do some chipping to it but we do have a deck above our patio so posts are in the way of some chipping.
  12. Good morning everyone, So we are going to replace our horrible backyard with turf - just finalized the bid and accepted. My question is for a 300SqFt (15x20) putting green portion of this project how many holes would you put in? Would you ask for any undulations for break to be added? Any other thoughts on this?
  13. My son who is in college playing golf was using P790s (now my gamers), he then switched to MP20 combo set and then at Christmas time switched to the 921s. He is in love with the 921s and having great success with them. I like the P790 but oh my word the new Black version looks so sweet I might need to get a new set of clubs!
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