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  1. Gary / Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Driver swing speed ~88-90 mph Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver Tensei Blue 50 g, R-Flex Played N.S. Pro 105 shafts in a previous iron set and in some wedges
  2. Looking for #4 and #5 XXIO hybrids with their proprietary shafts in Stiff (S) flex. Models 9 & X only...
  3. Give your short game some pro-quality touch & spin with this classic Callaway lob wedge! Forged steel head with raw finish minimizes glare and adds a rough surface to enhance spin. Grooves are still deep & sharp for maximum bite on the ball! 60* loft with 8* bounce, standard L/L/L. KBS Tour steel shaft and SuperStroke grip are both in excellent condition. $40, shipped CONUS...
  4. Gary Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Titleist Pro V1 & AVX Played with some TF Gamers I had found & thought they were pretty good. However, they were "found" balls, and age not certain. Would love to try the latest version fresh & see how they compare--possibly dispelling the old TF "Rock flite"image...
  5. Gary Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Currently using Tour Edge Exotics EXS (& trying an an XXIO 9 this weekend) Handicap Index = 10 Swing speed about 90 mph Prefer to review TSi2
  6. Gary / Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida H.C. Index 10.5 Now use Callaway Jaws Raw Finish I like the lack of glare on setup with a duller finish. I also believe raw-faced wedges have more feel from lack of a hard-plated layer and more spin from surface roughness of rusted, raw surface.
  7. Selling couple of wedges that I do not use anymore: Callaway super lob wedge for sale. Natural raw finish and 64 degrees of loft give lots of spin & stopping power for those delicate shots around the green. Standard lie & length, 12 degrees of bounce & steel Callaway Wedge shaft. Grip is Golf Pride New Decade in very good condition (standard size). Asking $35 shipped CONUS. Titleist Vokey 60 degree Lob Wedge has low bounce (4 degrees). That makes it useful for tight lies and firm turf conditions. Shiny chrome finish, some sole wear, groov
  8. Gary/Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida/USA Adams Mallet Prefer the Fetch, as it is visually similar to my current putter, made for my straight stroke and has the pickup feature!
  9. Gary / Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida HC Index 9 Callaway Apex CF16 Forged
  10. Gary. Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. 10 handicap index Now use Bridgestone J40 Hybrids in 22* and 24*. Looking primarily for more consistent directional flight and secondarily distance.
  11. Gary Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 10 Bridgestone J38 with Project X 5.0 T-200s
  12. OK, off-season changes are underway! I have two very good condition drivers to offer (more pics of both available Tour Edge EX-9, minimum very good condition. Has 10 degree loft (adjustable between 9 & 11 degrees, plus Neutral or Upright lie angle). Shaft is Matrix Ozik White Tie, 55g & R-flex. Grip is good, can install/send new TEE NDMC grip. XXIO X, minimum very good condition. Loft is 10.5 degrees (not adjustable). Shaft is XXIO MP1000 in S-flex (plays like most others' R-Flex), 45 g, Flex Code 5333. Grip is GP Tour Wrap midsize in good condition. Pricing is $59
  13. Selling a pair of beautiful, light and stylish Adidas Adizero golf shoes. They are men size 11, medium width. They are in great shape, only blemish is small imperfection in one stripe on outside of left foot, which is not easy to notice, unless you are looking for it. Soft spikes are like new, since I have only a couple rounds on them. Pics available. (I need more width in this model). Price drop to $25, shipped CONUS.
  14. Rouge now $160, Epic $150. Pricing is shipped to CONUS addresses.
  15. I have two Callaway Drivers for sale. Pictures available upon request. Callaway Rogue 10.5 degrees loft, adjustable +2/-1 degrees, plus lie angle Aldila Synergy shaft (stiff flex, 60 g) Golf Pride NDMC grip, excellent condition Club is virtually new, only used a couple rounds, head and shaft in great condition. Includes matching headcover in excellent condition (no tool). Asking $170, shipped CONUS. Callaway GBB Epic 13.5 degrees loft, adjustable +2/-1 degrees, plus lie angle; also has sliding weight track on head for shot curvature
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