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  1. I’m sure it may be possible for a hack to work, but I’ll still laugh at the people who post that they need help because they bricked their brand new $3000 launch monitor.
  2. That looks like a more affordable option than the Superspeed system. Good luck. I’d be interested in hearing about your progress and what you think of the product.
  3. That’s an old driver. My vote is for you to just go get fitted for a brand new driver. You don’t just need it, you deserve it! Good luck!
  4. When I got fitted in the spring, I started my iron set at a 6 iron. My 5 is a hybrid now. For wedges, I have the set PW. I have Cleveland CBX2 52 and 58 degree wedges for my GW and SW. I’ve wondered about adding a forth wedge between my PW and the 52 as the set PW is 43 degrees, but in the end, I carry my PW 115 yards and my 52 103 yards. Personally, I think the iron numbers should be replaced with lofts only, but it will never happen because too many people have egos.
  5. What kind of package did you get and what was the cost?
  6. Birthday party balloons must drive you crazy!
  7. First off, welcome to the world of golf. This is a really good thread with lots of helpful answers, but asking about iron covers in a golf forum is like asking my wife if the pepperoni should be above or below the cheese on a pizza. It’s gonna start a rumble…
  8. If iron covers are good enough for Bubba Watson, they are good enough for me…
  9. For the last week or so, I’ve tried to not have any swing thoughts during an actual round and it seems to have helped. I’ll picture my shot from behind the ball to line it up, take a practice swing or two to get the bottom point of my swing, and then take the shot with my brain on auto-pilot. I’m restricting swing thoughts to practice only for the remainder of the season.
  10. Just my two cents, but it sounds too fishy. Save your money.
  11. I won a Callaway B21 3 wood at a charity golf outing two weeks ago. I traded it today for a Ping G425 3 wood and love it!
  12. Phil did nothing wrong. I think that reporter was opportunistic. Was it really actual news that mattered or was it just to sell newspapers and create “buzz?” As it turns out, the real story isn’t about a bookie not paying out on bets, but Phil getting upset because some reporter is trying to make a name for himself at the expense of embarrassing a great player.
  13. I carry the Cobra F-max 3 wood and love it. It has a 16 degree loft, which I’m sure some of you would consider more of a 4 wood, but hey, years ago my pitching wedge would have been called a 9 iron. It’s easy to hit and get up in the air. I wonder if some that have posted here would like their 3 wood better if they had a more lofted model that is easier to hit. I often use it for my second shots on par 5’s if I have a good lie. I generally don’t use it off the tee. Good golf, all!
  14. I’ve tried the 18birdies AI coach for the past few days. It seems to really hit the nail on the head and identify specific swing faults. The drills seems to be appropriate and helpful. Has anyone else tried this?
  15. I used to have a terrible cupped wrist. During a lesson, the instructor described the feeling I needed to have as twisting a screwdriver. It felt a lot like I had a bowed wrist, but in reality it really was flat, which was the result I was looking for.
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