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  1. I agree. It would be interesting to see MGS do some type of on course testing to see if the Ballnamic recommendations actually result in better scores.
  2. I tried Ballnamic and it also fit me into the Bridgestone Tour BX at 94.5%. Chromesoft X was at 93.2%. It was surprising to me because my driver swing speed is 93-95mph. Ball speed in the 130’s. Well under the 105 mph type of player that the marketing says that ball is for. It’s still winter in Michigan, but I was able to play a round in Alabama a couple weeks ago and really liked the BX. I plan to put it in the bag this season.
  3. My prediction would put Nelly Korda at #1 and Lydia Ko at #2. I would agree with most of the remaining top 10.
  4. That’s great news. I’ve been on the fence on an Awesome golf software purchase. I did the trial and really liked it, but if I were to later upgrade to a different launch monitor, it’s good to know I could take the software with me.
  5. If you were to switch from the R10 to the MLM2, can you transfer your Awesome Golf subscription, or is that bound forever to your R10?
  6. So I had the screw holding the weight on my G425 Max break this past summer in the middle of a round. I couldn’t hit that driver without the weight attached to save my life.
  7. I’m curious, now that you’ve had the SPG-8 for a few months now, is it durable and holding up well? Was it worth the high price? I’m looking to pull the trigger on a new net soon and it’s my front runner.
  8. Nope and nope for me, but I’m not the fashion police, so if someone else does, who am I to judge?
  9. Does anyone know if Arccos ever implemented the ball analytics? I’ve been putting in which ball I’ve been playing before each round religiously all season.
  10. This year I decided to take the plunge and use ProV1’s exclusively on my Thursday league. On Tuesday’s, I’m in a scramble league with my wife, and I’ve been using the Maxfli Straightfli balls. Yes, it’s one end of the spectrum to the other. My experiment was to discover how much the ball really matters for a high handicap player like myself. My observations from throughout the season are that on many shots, there is not a noticeable difference, but on some, there is a big difference. The Straightfli’s are great for the price, but the ProV1 stops within a step or two of the pitch mark. The Straightfli will often be ten paces or more past my ball marks. Next year, I want to try the Maxfli Tour balls. There seems to be a lot of love for them here!
  11. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to have two different profiles with Arccos? Specifically, my normal data on one, and a separate one that would represent my scramble team with my wife.
  12. Well it looks good on her!
  13. I use my Apple Watch 6 for shot detection and leave my phone in my bag. Works great and I’ve never had battery issues. I can add putts or mark them as chips, mark the pin location, and see gps distances all from my watch. No way I would trade that for a Link.
  14. Those are some nice looking iron covers. Now that you 56 is off double secret probation, maybe it can earn one too!
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