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  1. Good evening, I'm looking for a set of Project X Catalyst 100cw shafts in 6.0 (stiff) flex. I am specifically looking for 5-LW but am interested in any sets. Thanks!
  2. Virginia, just turned 40 102mph current swing speed Slightly above average swing speed I have a swing speed meter already and this is an area I want to improve. I would be happy to put in the work to raise my swing speed
  3. San Francisco 49ers - cart bag would be my choice but I understand if I'm disqualified for how terrible my team is playing these days..lol!
  4. Someone is going to get an amazing trip and setup.. Thank you Cleveland Golf and My Golf Spy for the opportunity!! Here's my information and dream setup: 1. Shaun- Midlothian, Virginia 2. handicap: 22 3. Typically stiff flex in all my clubs but I would trust the professional fitting Driver: Launcher HB FW: Launcher HB 3W, Launcher HB 5W Hybrid: Launcher HB 19* Irons: Launcher CBX 5-PW Wedges: CBX 50/54/58 degrees Putter: TFI 2135 Elevado counterbalanced OS grip Ball: I would trust the fitting data on this but I currently like the z-star
  5. Shadow, I do believe it is Japanese script as a fellow golfer who took group lessons with me is Japanese and when he saw them he was intrigued. I believe he said that the symbols meant something like excellence & precision.
  6. Hey kardboard, I can honestly say that I'm not a salesman and not connected in any way with Orka. I'm actually in IT for a small non-profit in the United States. I am a fan of their stuff and if I'm being honest I do like having unique gear that others aren't familiar with. For me, I found these and really like the way they look and perform for me but I wouldn't be foolish enough to tell anyone that they should play them. Find what works for you and play it! (After reading my first post I realized that I was shooting for informative and in my excitement may have come off as a salesman. That de
  7. All the major manufacturers seem to be coming out with good looking blades..
  8. I also had never heard of them before stumbling upon them and I have to admit that Alex Comben at Orka is one of the main reasons I decided to try them out. Apparently he's a phenomenal fitter who will first readjust your existing clubs back into spec (if they are out) and then have you hit shots. If the Orka line doesn't outperform your existing clubs he doesn't charge you for the time. Unfortunately he's across the pond but I'm trying to meet up with him on his next trip over to the States. I'm anxious to try out the woods and hybrids as the Orka golfers in the UK swear they are amazing as w
  9. Good morning, I was searching through and didn't see any topics on the Orka range (www.orkagolf.com). I randomly found out about them and have been playing their irons and wedges. Their business model is based around custom building the clubs for the individual and they feel they make the best product out. (Which manufacturer doesn't.. Lol). I'm not sure if these belong in here but they use triple forged and quadruple forged Japanese steel in their irons depending on which model you use. I'm currently playing the triple forged RS3 muscle back irons and a quadruple forged RS10 wedge. What drew
  10. I hope the above posters are correct and that this is a myth as they make some nice irons!
  11. I actually drop my 3 wood for some courses and put a Bertha mini 1.5 (essentially a 2 wood) in my bag. I use it off the tee for when I need more accurate drives and play my 2 hybrid off the deck. 3 Wood off the deck is always an adventure for me!
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