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  1. Soft spikes. One huge one under the heel, and a few towards the toe. Very comfortable walking on the tile in the house, excited to try them on the course tomorrow! That's the thing, I had a Pixel which is about as vanilla as you can get in terms of Android, AND IT WAS WORSE. My friend had an S10 and it worked better on TouchWiz or whatever Samsung calls their Android version/launcher.
  2. They're supposed to announce something in the next few days regarding the tourism industry, but from what I'm hearing, they're not going to start letting folks in until there's a way to pre-screen. Thankfully, cutting people off from coming in, and sheltering in place for all of April brought us down to very few cases, I'm just not sure they're ready to throw that all away yet.
  3. It's so blatantly obvious that the Android version was an afterthought, but it's kind of understandable. It's hard to create an app that runs on all the various flavors and OEM versions of Android. But it's also 2020 get you some better coders. Also, the "social" aspect is nothing worth talking about. Since being forced to switch to iOS for work, I can definitely say that the Apple version is far superior. The iPhone XS I'm using barely gets half of the battery eaten in a full 18, while texting and browsing IG between shots. I'm glad I let the Mrs talk me into getting this colorway along with the all white, these are like walking on pillows. Hopefully they don't feel weird to swing in. Ugly feet pic for @THEZIPR23 :
  4. I should've edited my post earlier, but that's the point I'm trying to make.
  5. This doesn't mean as much to most people I'm sure. But... MY BARBER CALLED ME AND HE'S CUTTING AGAIN AND I HAVE AN APPOINTMENT ON FRIDAY!
  6. Get DEADLY around the greens and your cap will drop for sure. One huge difference between us mid-cappers and the low ones is that they get up and down much more frequently. Missed greens are almost like a penalty stroke for us because we can't recover.
  7. Once we open back up, it'll probably be the best time to play since economists are projecting our tourism industry to be slow for the next 3 years at least. Prices might be higher though, especially for non-residents. Courses are already charging more on Oahu to make up for the reduced amount of tee times they can book in a day.
  8. yungkory


    Anyone smoke in a kamado? I'm thinking about getting one when we buy a new house *hopefully* next year. Leaning towards a Primo grill if I can get one shipped to the rock without taking out a 2nd mortgage.
  9. If those hibiscus were yellow you'd have the state flower on your kicks. Can't imagine playing in AF1s since they're sooooo heavy, but I respect the project!
  10. Broke down and ordered the "Brooks" colorway as well. I have a shoe problem, I know.
  11. I read that they firmed up the face. Would be interested to see how it feels now. The first iteration felt like pillows and it was very hard for me to get a feel for speed. I was glad to read the forum testers confirm the same thing -- thought it was just me being my usual picky self.
  12. I find orange whips to be more harsh on my shoulders/upper back than the Superspeed sticks, careful! Great for warm up but I wouldn't try anything more than a really smooth swing with it out of fear of ripping my spine out the top of my back.
  13. Hate the range, but bought that Mizuno CLK off eBay and wanted to get some swings in before putting it into play. Gotta say, it's the least left-biased hybrid I've ever tried, stupid easy to launch vs. the G410 Crossover, and seems to spin more keeping it in the air longer. Excited to get it in play.
  14. oh my fault, i didn't click on any of the colors and it shows all of the sizes in stock what size and colorway are you hunting for? i'll keep my eyes peeled and hit you up on twitter or something edit: GG still has most sizes in black or white, but the actual Brooks colorway is limited: https://www.golfgalaxy.com/p/nike-air-zoom-infinity-tour-golf-shoes-20nikmrzmnfntytrwgsh/20nikmrzmnfntytrwgsh
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