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  1. Yeah dude, get off that stuff!!!!
  2. I've been taking it for 2 years for lower back, shoulder, and neck pain. Specifically, I eat a 10mg gummy before bed. I get lower back pain from golf, surfing, and skateboarding my whole life. It doesn't do much for my lower back, but for my neck and shoulder it's wonderful. It's a natural anti inflammatory and helps me for anything related to inflammation. I don't like to take Advil because it upsets my stomach. My FIL just had an endoscopy and has an ulcer and gastritis -- he's a long time Advil/ibuprofen user fwiw. Wish this stuff worked for headaches so I could be completely done with pain killers. Edit: like @ole gray mentioned, this stuff puts me out and I sleep great -- another benefit!
  3. If any of you guys trying the sensors out end up liking Arccos, I'm selling my sensors (they don't require the yearly subscription to my knowledge) in the classifieds. Great system and I LOVE the stats, but the battery anxiety just doesn't quite work for me, and the Link is too far delayed.
  4. Selling my Arccos sensors. 14 in total, 13 regular sensors and 1 for your putter. The putter sensor is trimmed to fit if you have a counter-weight installed in your grip. It has no effect on the performance/fit as it has plenty of threads left to get in there nice and snug. I'm selling it because it just kills my Pixel 3 battery too fast, and Arccos is taking too long to bring the Link to market. If you have any phone Android phone than a Pixel 3, I don't suspect you will have any issue, and there are many members here that can confirm. If you have an iPhone, even better! I just can't comfortably enjoy the stats during my round without fear of my battery dying! Get a perfectly-functioning Arccos and never have to pay for the Caddie subscription, at a big discount! They're all unpaired and ready to go for you, just create a new account and start pairing! Asking $150 shipped from Hawaii OBO. Not accepting trades unless you have a G410 22* Hybrid (head only) or a G410 Crossover 4 (head only).
  5. Played a couple weeks ago and got caught in a random Hawaiian downpour. The kind where it's sunny, but dumping buckets on you for about 5 minutes. I had a light "rain" jacket that I keep in my golf bag for times like this, but I've never worn it in anything more than a light mist. I got soaked -- completely through to my polo underneath the jacket. Picked up a Galway Bay half-sleeve jacket last week. It was too big, so I reached out to GB support and much to my surprise, the owner Terry responded to me in about 30 minutes. More impressive, it was like 6pm on the east coast already, but he still took the time to answer my e-mail. He asked for my address, and an exchange was sent to me a few days later. It's not one of the exciting pickups like a new club, but I felt like writing a short post to comment on how great Terry and Galway Bay treated me. Money well spent, and they've definitely gained a new customer. Before anyone asks, I didn't mention that I frequent MGS, or anything that might've led them to treat me better than the next person -- they're just that good! Nice to see when an OEM/Brand cares about their patrons.
  6. Also a 41 2/7 fir 4/9 gir 17 putts Two costly doubles. Ironically, made the longest out of the 4 birdie putts I saw today and missed the other three.
  7. Yeah, with Accra being acquired under True Sports I'm wondering if they're going to have a bazillion product launches in the next few years.
  8. 40 6/7 fir 4/9 gir 15 putts Started really lame. I could get off of the tee but anything else was garbage. Turned it around on 7 and finished birdie par birdie
  9. Do you, or anyone else, have the sizing chart you mentioned in your review? Ordered my TTS in the half sleeve jacket but it's a little long, wondering what the measurements are. I found a pants sizing chart, but nothing for their jackets other than that they fit true to size. Thanks!
  10. I'm thoroughly impressed with these after my second round with them. Not sure if it's the modus shafts feeling a lot less heavy and stiff than the s200's in my old wedges, or the wedge design, new grooves, or a combination of all of them. I have so much more confidence in this 58 than I ever had in my old 60, and it's been great. Once I have the distances dialed in a bit further I'm expecting nothing but great things! I'm getting a lot more greenside spin which is going to take a little getting used to. I threw a couple closer to the hole than intended, and I'm so surprised how fast they stop!
  11. I really liked Adventures, and his new channel is top notch! Random golf club is fun to watch as well. Just some regular dudes playing golf, and in a non-typical golf vlog style!
  12. I was playing 52/56/60 for a little over 2 years with a 46* PW. I struggled with a 6* difference for a full swing gap, and it left me in awkward situations at least once a round. From 80y and in I was using 56* almost exclusively, unless I needed to go up and stop fast -- then I'd pull the 60* Just switched wedges and lofts and went to 50/54/58 so I have 4* gaps all around now. Didn't have any of those previously-awkward distances to test the new 50* in my practice round yesterday, but I'm glad I'm able to control distance with the 54* which is very important for my game. I don't think there's a right or wrong way to do it, as others mentioned in the thread. You just need to analyze your game and go with whatever composition will allow you to play how you want to play, and how you're able to play with success. Make the equipment fit your game, not the other way around
  13. +2 38 3/7 FiR 5/9 GiR 18 Putts Took the new irons and wedges out for the first time today to try and get some baselines with them. Turns out, you still have to put a decent swing on new golf clubs! Who woulda thought? First shot with the 919's was a 6i from 180 from a slightly fluffy lie that I caught out of the toe and it still made it the whole way there. +1 for forgiveness I guess! I wasn't striking it well so the preliminary results are that they're slightly longer in the mid/long irons and the same everywhere else. Makes sense since they're 2* stronger in the 5-7. That was where my 900 Tour distances tended to bunch up, so I'm liking what I'm seeing in these way-too-early stages. The RTX 4's are legit, and these Modus 115's feel much nicer for my swing than the S200's in my old wedges
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