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  1. Never forget that we bullied you into your screen name when you thought you could drop CG2. Thanks for your time CG2
  2. Yeah, 6700 is pretty much my limit. It's normally not the par 4s and 5s that get me, but long par 3s where I have to hit hybrids or 5w, I'm toast. Golf is hard man. Stick to it and something will click! Then after it does and you think you have everything figured out, you'll play like dog water. Vicious cycle! Nice round on a new course! Good luck again! I think the system has its benefits, but playing with someone who is writing down the results of every shot, when they're struggling, sucks. Wanted to kick @mr.hicksta in the nuts when he was doing it, but I didn
  3. Nice little patio setup there! I like the landscaping too.
  4. Dang, really? I guess the old "they don't make em like they used to" adage applies here? My mom's cousin has an old-school binocular one that still works.
  5. Yeah I reached out to them to see how much it would cost me. If it's going to be like $50 or so I might do it. I bought it on Father's day 2017 so it almost lasted exactly 4 years, not too bad. Play well! They won't ship to Hawaii and I have only seen the older NX7 locally. I'll honestly scoop up another Bushnell, hopefully there will be a Father's day sale like when I bought this one 4 years back! Thanks for the rec though!
  6. I just ate dinner and now I'm hungry again
  7. Tee game was awful, but managed to scrape around an 8-over 78. First tee I legit toe shanked my driver like 150 yards into the middle of the adjacent fairway. Hit a 7-iron just wherever I could manage to get it back on the correct hole, and stiffed an 8-iron to a foot for an unlikely par. Reached the par 5 3rd in 2 shots so I thought my day was about to turn around, and then 3-jacked for par. The rest of the day was one really nice birdie on a 228y par 3, and a bunch of scrambling. First time I've shot consecutive rounds in the 70s, albeit this was a par-70 so idk if that still counts. In
  8. Yeah, hit the showers. Don't need you hitting it 331 when you move back here.
  9. My post adds absolutely nothing of value to the thread but I'm so glad you posted these because I still laugh so hard seeing our boy @GB13 #neverforget I also love that it shows up in the posted images because of this:
  10. You should start including the golden ticket in your trade offers for JT instead of the rubbish that you tried to give me for him
  11. One of the best putting rounds of my life was with my ER5b w/ Stabilty shaft + Gravity grip combo that I was bagging before the DF2.1 -- it's solid
  12. Congrats testers, sad none of you were interested in the 8v I think it looks so dope!
  13. Seems more like a drill to help you learn how to use the bounce of your wedge? This has to be crazy hard even for good golfers, using anything more than a wedge.
  14. Like people who don't tip because the kitchen messed up, and the server gave perfect service
  15. Pickup JT Poston dude has problems going low, so he'd be a great defender
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