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  1. I mentioned this in the TSi review thread (not an official reviewer) but the TSi 2 and 3 was really forgiving for me especially low in the head where I was striking it. The tee the fitter had was a little short which I didn't think was necessarily helping things, but it's not like I'm a robot so I can't place 100% of the blame on the tee. TSi3 will likely be my first and last equipment purchase this year while I get a grasp on my finances with the new mortgage and stuff. BIG SADFACE This is the CG2 we know and love. 2 sets of irons at a time LETS GOOOOO
  2. Put in an offer on a house yesterday which was accepted today. Barring any discoveries during inspection I'm going to be a homeowner for the 2nd time, however with a much, much larger mortgage this time around. Nervous, scared, excited, anxious -- so many questions and things to consider. One thing for sure, I am going to have to stop club-hoing and be more budget conscious which scares me more than anything.
  3. I thought 2021 was supposed to be a better year than 2020, and now this happens. Prayers up for you,
  4. yungkory


    I can relate to Rev since we live in similar climates and have access to golf year round, but for me golf is a break from everything else going on so I've never really found myself wanting to reset. Maybe I need new/more hobbies? Maybe I should get back in the water, might help me gain some MPH's -- but will likely just further mess my back up haha.
  5. I didn't bother looking at the numbers towards the end of the fit because she said I should come back and try the AV blue in 65g once she gets it in, but I was slightly down from my normal AoA of ~2 up likely due to not having a tee tall enough in the mat. I could tell it was too low because all of my misses were out of the bottom of the face. Gonna bring a longer tee in 2 weeks and then I'll pay more attention to TM numbers.
  6. 2 was the first head we tried since it's closest to Max. I'm not a high spin player so normally I need the spin, but the TSi 2 was spinning in the 2600 range and kinda floating. The 3 wasn't ultra low but did knock it down by 200 RPM on average. I've always gotten along with the Tensei Blue, I played the first AV in my Epic Flash and hit it well. That was at 45.5 and the extra half an inch seems to make me swing more right. Doesn't seem like enough to matter, but apparently it does which is why fitting is such a valuable experience. The Tensei definitely "kicks" more for me, which makes m
  7. Yeah I'm excited to try it in the 65 @ 45" I feel like shorter shaft is easier for me to have a more neutral swing path vs swinging way in to out. Averaging 280 total would also be really nice lol, but I'm most impressed with the dispersion. Played the 10 degree head lofted up a little, slightly flatter, and was just hitting missiles up the right-middle Yes, yes you do.
  8. Likely going to end up with a TSi3 after today's fitting. Better on misses with the TSi over the SIM Max, getting my misses out there 250 total is something that I could definitely benefit from. Gonna go again in a couple weeks because she wanted me to try the stock Tensei 65 at 45" but didn't have it in her fitting bag. Surprised to end up in the 3 because I would've fit myself in a 2, however it was spinning too much. We completely eliminated the left side of the range which is another bonus. Told me to turn it over as much as I could and it resulted in a nice 10y draw from center! As u
  9. Max might've just lost. That would be a good par IMO from against that tree
  10. I need Tony to put this away so I can head to my Titleist Thursday!!!
  11. Oh. My. Goodness. I might've given him the W early on purpose because I'm a Tony fan, but you'll never know!
  12. Well at least Tony didn't choke. Max just stepped up and won it with that shot on 18
  13. Really? Maybe I should try and see. Every time I make a ribeye or filet it's just soft and melty inside with a nice crust from the sear. Having an instant read thermometer definitely changed the game for me because I knew how hot my pan was, and I could let it get back up to heat when I needed to flip
  14. Sous vide is just too easy to get correct. I get that there's a sense of pride in grilling a steak perfectly, but you would have to be pretty much braindead to mess a steak up using sous vide and a skillet or grill to finish. Unless time is an issue, I'll sous vide every time and finish in a cast iron
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