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  1. Ditched the IONIQ5 and got myself a Tesla. Wife was having too much fun.
  2. Yes, it's the same. 80-100 just requires more energy to charge, regardless of speed. It's obviously going to be faster when you're doing L3 charging because the rate is quicker, but it will still take longer relative to 20-80 Treat it like your cell phone battery, but don't be a slave to it. Today's batteries are pretty good. If 80% is enough for a week, just charge to 80%, if you need 90% then go for it. After 10 years your degradation will probably be less than 20% and by then we'll probably be able to recycle batteries and get new ones installed without breaking the bank. Or you just live with the 50 miles of lost range. Also, enjoy and get used to maintenance visits being only tire rotations and multi-point inspections ;). One of the underrated things about EVs -- no oil changes and fewer moving/serviceable parts.
  3. I'm switching once I get through the last of the Z-star diamonds. Normally, would've gone back to V1x but after playing both for the past couple of months, shots into the wind with the regular V1 perform a little bit better than the X for me. I haven't played the regular V1 prior to the test, but I did find it a better ball in the wind than the X that I'm used to. Left to right, not so much, but into a head wind, it's almost incapable of spinning up and ending a mile short of target. Don't know if that's how it has always been, or what Sheffeler was alluding to in the MGS article about the tour seeding of this year's models. Not complaining though, we're always fighting the wind here.
  4. Don't know who might be in the market for an EV right now, but Tesla just dropped pants on the Model 3 and Y. $13k price drop on the Y, and now it qualifies for the $7500 fed tax credit. They had what my wife wanted in stock locally so I made a midnight order. Definitely not my most sound financial decision ever, lol. Happy wife happy life? @chisag tagging you because I know you have been looking into an EV. Not sure if Tesla is "your thing" but I figure it doesn't hurt to reach out
  5. First thing on my "list of driver heads to try during fitting"
  6. Won my fantasy football league so I'm contemplating a driver fitting (again) at Truespec
  7. Search "golf in honolulu" we've discussed it a couple of times edit: found it for you buddy https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/23880-golf-in-honolulu/#comment-417140
  8. Thanks y'all! Hope you had great Christmases and time with your loved ones
  9. yungkory


    Any of you know where you can order turkey breast online? I smoked some turkey breast for Thanksgiving as a trial and.... my mother in law is no longer interested in cooking turkey next year. I bought butterball turkey breast because it was all i could find locally, but i was disappointed to find out that it isn't just a single, large turkey breast, it was a semi-large one with some filets to make up the weight to 4lbs. Looking for something like this: I tried to Google but I could only find pre-cooked birds that will ship to you. Looking for a Snake River Farms type of service, but one that offers turkey breast. Also, if anyone is interested, this is the video that I got the idea from/copied:
  10. Played today and it was nice that the tradewinds were down for the first 8 holes. Took the opportunity to play the 348 on the front and it does everything that I'd expect a ProV1x to do -- at least what I'm familiar with having played them for the last 2 years. Switched to the 388 on the back, and the winds picked up a little bit. Nothing really crazy, a 1-club wind at most. I really struggle to notice a huge difference between the two outside of: The feel. The 348 is firmer (no shock) on all shots and feels "lighter" like I've mentioned before. Again, I struggle to explain it since feel is subjective, but the 388 feels softer, and heavier at the same time. Launch and peak height windows with driver thru 5i are higher with the 348. Shot an 80 with a double on the front and a triple on the back where I hit 4 total bunker shots out of 3 different bunkers (LOL). So I got to go to the beach and play golf today, wee!
  11. Last 2 iterations of the X compared to the 348 -- I don't see much difference on full shots. I might have to go and get a dozen of the current V1 to test since I don't really play it that often, but on full swings the ball is noticeably flatter of a flight, especially with lower-lofted clubs.
  12. I know they say you should start from the green and work your way back when choosing a ball, but I honestly don't really notice a difference performance wise around the greens. The only difference between the two in the short game is the feel. I've been a V1x user for a few years as I mentioned previously, because I needed the height and spin. Admittedly, I never seriously tried the regular V1 because of the marketing saying it's the lower flying ball. After I found out that my previous irons weren't spinning enough for me, which resulted in the lack of height, I've found that I don't really need the extra spin after finally getting a proper fit. Played today in 20mph tradewinds with slightly stronger gusts, basically a two club wind for the most part. Since I know pretty much how the V1x/348 will perform, I chose to play the 388 since I have very little experience playing the "regular" V1. In short, I'm probably going to switch to regular V1 after this. Off the tee the V1x/348 is noticably higher and launching through a higher window. The V1/388 is flatter, but seems to move forward more, rather than arching like the 348 if that makes sense. They both go the same total distance, and I'm not gaining distance over last year's V1x. The V1 just gets there differently, and in a round like today where it was blustery, it was very welcome.
  13. Hurt my elbow . Probably going to have to take the weekend off, but I'll be back to testing next week
  14. Absolutely cursed round today. Couldn't for the life of me string good shots together. Either a poor tee shot and decent second, or absolutely smash one and yank my approach left. Also had a couple of drives that ended up way worse than they should've -- smoke one down the middle and end up with a downhill, ball below feet lie kind of day. Making excuses, as that's what happens sometimes, but today just felt extra rude. Like dunking one from 80y, only for it to rocket to the left into the greenside bunker. You can see where the ball entered the cup: On the bright side, I got to test the new ProVs, and I kinda prefer the regular V1 where I normally play the X. Excited to test them more.
  15. Played like absolute dog water on the front so since I wasn't going to make any semblance of a typical score, I put the 388/ProV1 in play on the back 9. I still played like doodoo, but there were some differences that I felt. Feel is so subjective, but: Ball seems to want to move forward more than the 348, and last generation V1x that I'm familiar with. Don't know if that's due to less spin and the ball not "floating" as much, but just an observation since I don't have LM data. Still went plenty high for me, so I liked that a lot. The 388 feels "heavy" compared to the 348. But off the face feels really soft. 348 not clicky by any means, but it feels hollow and less marshmallowy. I kinda prefer the 388 feel wise. Spin around the greens was a little hard to judge when I was practicing because it was wet and I was getting rained on while chipping. Then the sun came out and it was immediately a sauna. Couldn't really tell the difference other than feel in this instance, but I'll have a couple more sessions before I put out my actual review. Cover is kinda sus. I hit a rock once, so I was expecting one rash. Somehow the ball had two after 9 holes.
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