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  1. Excited to see how you all get on with these! Gonna be cool to read how it performs in @dlow206 SIM Max as I just put one in the bag as well.
  2. Distance gapping as in issues with the gap? If so, no I don't have any issues with the gap between it's about 10-15 yards on full shots. S300 always felt heavy to me, and boardy on full swings. The modus feel lighter although they're only a few grams I believe, but more importantly give me the familiar smoothness that I feel in my irons.
  3. If you ever feel like tinkering, try the 115 wedge shafts. I really, really like them as a fellow 105 gamer
  4. Don't forget to post your thoughts in this thread! I really wanted to like the B X but I don't think I have the MPH's for it. It's a whole different beast when you put it in the hands of someone who is like 115mph +
  5. 86 with 3 doubles 8/14 FiR 8/18 GiR 36 putts with 3 3-jacks Aside from almost jarring one from 110 on the 5th hole, I played pretty poorly. Mostly just inconsistent -- need to straighten out my swing with driver. Struggled with pace on the greens as well. Wish I could blame the 20mph wind and crappy greens but it was mostly me. On to the next one!
  6. I guess I'll just post my first impressions in this thread instead of making another thread with the same subject matter. My driver swing is still kinda in the dumps, but I will say that SIM Max is very good on all parts of the face. Call it forgiveness, or whatever you want to call it, but I'm not hitting the middle and it's still keeping my average distance better than Flash was. High off the face is launching high with lower spin, but still moving forward enough to where you can still be successful. The middle of the club is no different from any other drivers I've played in the last 4 or so years dating back to the OG Epic. More work definitely needed, but I like the way it frames the ball. Initially I felt like it looked like it sat closed, but after playing it today it looks square. The sound and feel off the face is great though, definitely more carbon-sounding than Flash, but not completely dead. Excited to run it through the paces!
  7. I also play a light shaft in my irons and used to play s300 in my wedges which always felt like garbage to me. Changed to modus 115 wedge a couple months back and they feel and perform much better for me on full shots. They still have enough weight for me around the greens which I wasn't ever really worried about, but full swing is where I notice them most. You can always go with the same shaft in your gap wedge as your irons and then step up to a heavier, softer shaft in your sand and lob if you carry them. I hear that's popular among fitters.
  8. Try it off of a milled putter if you have one. It's a lot easier to feel when you don't have an insert, like in @jlukes video using the ER2
  9. You're all enablers!!! Thanks me too! I'll definitely post my thoughts somewhere on the boards. Off of the range balls it felt great, can't wait to get it on the course tomorrow. I SHOULD'VE MENTIONED THIS AND GOT MORE MONEY. Thanks for forgetting to remind me. Some e-friend you are!
  10. 10.5 SIM Max Roger Dunn gave me $328 for the flash, it was hard to say no. With the credit I had, I paid $130 out of pocket. Tracking down a "real" Ventus to put in it and test, but if I can't get one the stock non velocore Ventus actually felt really nice!
  11. I'm going to see if I can track one down used and maybe save a little bit and experiment with it. I wanted to try shorter length but all of the rep's shafts were playing at TM stock 45.75 which IMO is way too long. Trying to hit these fairways man!!
  12. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to try the actual ventus after hitting this one today. The "made for" version honestly feels really good.
  13. Yeah, I had my opinions about that "stock" ventus when it first came out, but as some other forum members pointed out, only folks like us who frequent sites like these would even know or care. I thought it was just TM trying to pull a fast one on people, but looking deeper they're not really pushing the ventus as anything more than their other offerings. I still don't like it, but I'm less butthurt I guess. The numbers with my gamer were laughable, as I said my swing was pretty horrible to begin the fitting. Everything was just diving out of the sky, and it was a struggle. Swing path was back to 8* right -- getting stuck and flippy is my biggest flaw. I met the TM rep previously through a friend so he was helping me out and got my path on a more acceptable level and everything improved numbers wise. I should've hit the Flash again once I was warmed up a little more and swinging better, but I'd rather have equipment that performs better when I'm off, than when I'm firing on all cylinders. I'm just looking for something different behind the ball at this point, lost all confidence in Flash sadly.
  14. Demo'd a SIM today, outdoor range on GCquad. Unfortunately hitting range balls but at least there was something to show me numbers. Swing was trash, but my bad shots weren't as bad with a SIM Max. Also, it's kinda gross that they are calling that stock "ventus" a ventus, but the shaft itself feels pretty good to me, and performed well. I'm kinda meh on OEM fittings but we don't have much options on our little rock in the ocean. Hopefully this is my last club-ho adventure before I go to Truespec in October.
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