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  1. Not the most senior member by far, but I've been here a minute and I'm just going to echo something that the other folks have touched on -- I miss the old reviews. Yeah, the pick me pick me bros were a little annoying, but it was wayyyyyy more engaging for non-testers previously, and it flowed a little better from announcement, product received, initial thoughts, ..., final review. Admittedly, I barely participated in the CCC this year, and hardly followed any of the reviews because it just didn't feel as connected. Maybe I'm just a forum Boomer and hate change? Gimmie my old bbcode forums and get off mah lawn! Still the best golf community around, and I've made good friends both on and offline from MGS, stoked to see our membership growing with so many quality people
  2. Soooooo, who is getting the new LAB? https://labgolf.com/shop/all-products/mezz1-proto/?utm_source=B.2 Customers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Introducing MEZZ.1 PROTO From L.A.B. Golf (TtZ9Lt)&_kx=hyXh6mX8cQ9uKXUfvrlKcI9dmfSSJPflUdaqbS9gRX4%3D.WtQZpN Love my DF but this is just so much more eye pleasing haha. My son was born on Saturday I need someone to get one while I be financially responsible. Use him as an excuse to buy it!
  3. The wife and I just binged the first season, super good!!
  4. Anyone excited about these? Surprised to search for 221, 223, and 225 to not see many posts. Personally, I like that they're keeping the JDM badging, but I'm a sucker for the motherland and everything that comes from there.
  5. Stop trading with this dude when will you guys learn your lesson Congrats, champ you earned it bamboozling dudes all year
  6. Haven't been playing or posting much lately, but the few rounds I did get to sneak in weren't worth posting anyways. Today was much better tho and had a putt for 79 that I missed on 18. Driver was so so much better, only 1 penalty stroke today after 3-4 per round the last few times on the course. 30 putts helped a lot too!
  7. Try Brave. It's built off of chrome but with more privacy in mind. Any time I can avoid giving my data to Google, FB, etc. I try to do so. On topic, not sure if it's the forum software, or the added functionalities, but performance is pretty awful in comparison to when I joined. Maybe it's the amount of ads, and I just don't see them, lol
  8. As long as the kid doesn't starve and we end up homeless, YOLO?!
  9. 8 months ago I might've done it but I heard babies are expensive so I have to wait and see what the budget is like with my new mortgage and mini-me Dooooooooooooooooo it
  10. Did they put a MGS spy logo on these? I still need to send @dlow206 the Motore he let me borrow
  11. Still pondering MMTs in my irons/wedges. I saw a post by Mizuno on IG that I can't find anymore, where someone asked them if they had plans to offer MMTs and they didn't say "no" Would be cool if they offered it in their line because it would probably mean you could demo them, or the optimizer could potentially recommend them
  12. Glad you went with the mid mallet because I'm selfish and wanted to see some feedback on it
  13. I hover in the 105-108 mph range so I fall between the mid and high speed designations. The 3 balls that I've had the most success with were all in the recommendations for mid speed: Tour B X, TP5, and V1x. While I don't have any quantifiable data due to not having an LM, I found that the ball test results were consistent with what I saw on the course: these 3 balls are all really close in performance, and the TP5 and V1x spin more than the BX.
  14. Huge! Congrats testers looking forward to seeing your reviews, last year's test was one of the best IMO
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