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  1. yungkory

    P2 Grips

    Yeah, I was surprised to find them on Amazon as well. Who's building your putter?
  2. yungkory

    P2 Grips

    I got mine on Amazon. Now that they finally got their sh*t together with Prime for us, life has been great!
  3. I saw that you can order these as short as 32" Does anyone know if they add heavier weights into the ports to keep the swingweights consistent? I can't seem to find anything online.
  4. 4. Go apply for the GP forum test if you haven't maybe you can test out the Contour Pro for us and let us know how you get along with it Do you happen to know the swingweight of your putter now? Just curious!
  5. I took about a decade off where I probably had 2 range sessions and 1 18-hole round in that span, and also work in IT. Did we just become best friends? Jokes aside, welcome to the forums. If you're looking for fellow equipment junkies, you've come to the right place.
  6. This should be flagged NSFW holy moly those are gawjus
  7. yungkory

    Ping G410

    Ah, the old "double ottoman" tactic. Timeless!
  8. yungkory

    Ping G410

    The bar has been raised, I see you! Guess I gotta go out and buy a new camera, and something that I can use to suspend myself from the ceiling so I can get some dope shots too. Sent from my Pixel 3 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. Yeah, then when my round goes to sh*t I can put it on and be invisible and cry without anyone seeing
  10. I've just been missing EVERYTHING left lately. Even short putts. It's mildly infuriating -- if it's possible to be mildly angry and pissed off at the same time?) Just feels like I need a change in feel every once in a while? I want to go down half an inch, or maybe even a full inch to 32" as well. Been toying around with choking down on my putter and it feels pretty nice in terms of posture and feeling of alignment and stuff, but absolutely horrible in terms of putter balance. I had to do some work at a course who's a client of ours and was taking some phantom strokes with a Stroke Lab #1 and it felt really nice, but they only had 35" models. Hopefully the shop has some 33" versions of the One, Three, and Double-wide flow I wanna roll um!
  11. A new flat stick. Gonna go roll some on Saturday at the shop and see how I get along with them. Maybe something with a little more toe hang. Really intrigued by the stroke labs
  12. I don't keep anything in my left pocket for this exact reason. For me my front right pocket will have (2) tees for driver, 1 shorter tee for irons/fairway woods, @Liberty Ball Markers divot tool and ball marker.
  13. I actually just cracked open my last MG glove from my last order and needed to re-up, so I ordered these. I'll post a small review comparing the two once I get my Kirklands and play a round with one.
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