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  1. nice scoop! I wish my family/friends kept an eye out for me to buy shoes. I guess they're trying to avoid being part of the problem, haha.
  2. I have the same issue, thought it was my password manager (I don't save anything into browsers themselves) but now I'm convinced it's the forum software. Out of curiosity, do you have any browser extensions installed?
  3. $700 for a putter that is fit for you and might last a decade is well worth it IMO. That averages out to $70 a year Also when the rest of your bag was "externally financed" then shoot for the mf'in MOON! You'll still be in black figures financially haha.
  4. "Who can play the most golf while wearing shorts and short sleeves in December and January" let's go!
  5. Mods are asleep in this thread, LIGHT EVERYONE UP!
  6. Yes, not practicing at all will magically make me a better golfer! Time to get on Patreon and start a subscription service selling my secret for $8.99/mo
  7. I'll be interested to see where your arccos handicaps go from here, now that you can play "normal" golf and not have to play challenge rounds. I think it's hard to really guage the performance based on rounds with some pretty strict rules, from an overall handicap perspective at least. I'm sad I didn't get to participate in any of the challenges, hopefully next year we can go back to some 9-hole events for those who #play9 often? My city closing back down for covid didn't help, but maybe covid21 will be nicer to us next year. Good job this year everyone, except that Boston guy I'm 99% sure he cheated #cuethesuckboat (I'm a sore loser)
  8. Haven't played in over a month because of lockdown 2.0 but, probably!
  9. yungkory


    Chicken "shawarma" tonight for some donër salads. Don't have a rotisserie so I had to improvise with some skewers and a roasting pan. Marinated the thighs overnight, it was super juicy but I need to learn how to make better yogurt sauce, mine didn't taste like the lunch spot I frequent.
  10. I knew it was coming. We always find a way to either not play for the first 3 quarters and force ourselves to need to come back in the 4th, then fall short. Or, choke like we did today. I've never been a fan of Stafford and his gross side arm trashcan form, can't wait till we get rid of him. I have no ties to the state of Michigan, I just fell in love watching Barry Sanders run the ball as a kid, and picked them to be my team. I wasn't smart back then, and I'm still not apparently LOL.
  11. Sickkkk! I like the look of the new ones 100% agree with your last statement, and it's the reason why I ditched Arccos. I loved the data, but pulling my phone out to mark pins not only felt like a chore, it was also not very accurate. Waiting to see some long-term reviews on Link and maybe I'll jump back in. Shotscope has been decent but Arccos' dashboard is far superior, IMO.
  12. if you delete "#comment-465638" it won't slam everyone to the comment section when they click your link
  13. Yeah, after going 4hy I'm never going back to an iron. It's just so much easier to hit, almost feels like cheating.
  14. yungkory

    PING G425

    I guess it might be coming out sooner than I thought now that folks have them in hand? I thought this was going to be a spring 2021 thing?
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