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  1. I think if you bought the full retail version, you don't have to pay for the yearly subscription? I'm not entirely sure how that works.
  2. If you end up hating it, and want to try Arccos, you know who to PM for a good deal on some barely used sensors w/ caddie subscription
  3. Looks pretty blatant to me. Yikes. https://streamable.com/vvwas
  4. Someone got in his head when they questioned why a string bean of a human can keep up with him off the tee Suggested maybe trying a different ball, something that would flight down easier than a V1x. Solution? New driver. I COULD SELL AN IGLOO TO A PENGUIN!
  5. Same 9 I shot 2 over on last week, I shot a 5 over with 2 3-putts. 42 (par 37) 6/7 FiR 3/9 GiR 16 putts Last week, I would've missed the ocean if I was teeing off from the beach. This week I hit all but one fairway (tried to cut the corner with a 5W but didn't quite carry it, so driver was flawless) but nothing else was working. What a crazy, dumb game!
  6. This is what I'm most-interested in as well. We only have one season in Hawaii, but we hardly have any days where the wind is not present. You hear the pros talk about trying to keep a flatter ball flight when they come to play Kapalua in the ToC, or at the Sony, so I'm curious to see if/how windy days affect things. That makes sense about the algorithm. Maybe it just looks at all of the scores posted for the day, and if it notices they're higher due to weather conditions, it factors that in? Pretty cool!
  7. As always, super thankful for the opportunity. Even cooler that I get to test them with a fellow spy/playing partner @mr.hicksta
  8. Sorry to hear about your MIL, we're currently dealing with a stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis in our family right now and it's ROUGH.
  9. Not a tester, but I have had an ER2 for 2 years now and I can say that you notice insert vs. no insert more than you do grooves vs flat. With that said, and not having any way to accurately measure it, I feel like my distance control is better with ER2 than other putters which I would credit to the groove tech.
  10. I still have a set for sale if anyone wants. You shouldn't have to pay for the annual subscription with them.
  11. Should have stayed our asses home! 90 (ESC 88) 6/14 FiR 3/18 GiR 33 Putts The 20+ MPH gusts didn't help us, but I don't think I would've hit any more fairways or greens if they were 0 MPH. Not sure what happened to Flash, but I'm about to change the "F" to a "TR" on the sole of the driver to better-represent my tee game at the moment.
  12. Wow who is this David Blough kid? #tradestafford @PMookie
  13. +2 (39) 3/7 FiR 4/9 GiR 15 Putts Happier with my putting today, no 3 jacks and my misses were very very close. Holed a good one to save par as well. Driver is trending way, way down still. My 2 bogeys were on long Par 4s, and I played "boring" golf for the rest of the round, which is actually exciting for us plebs.
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