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  1. Well, I live here so the appeal of some courses is lost on me. The most well-kept course is probably Koolina so I like playing there. It's a resort so if you've played golf at other resorts then you probably won't be very impressed. If you want something that you're not going to find everywhere else, Royal Hawaiian. The "Jurassic Park" course that everyone posts and talks about. If you can get on base, play Klipper at Kaneohe MCB. Maintained decently, but you won't get those views on the 13th at any other course on Oahu.
  2. I guess Callaway isn't have supply chain issues on Rogue ST, ordered this on Monday and it arrived yesterday! Back on team #matteblack -- love the look at address it's very similar to TSi3. So much that it almost seems like a waste of money (it probably is).
  3. Mediocre caulk game how'd you ever have kids
  4. Forgot to mention the lower cost of maintenance for EVs as well! Very good point. I know someone with one of the first Model S in Hawaii, going on like 8 years now I think, only time he's had to take his car in were the two times it got hit by other drivers. Both times in parking garages because people here don't know how to drive.
  5. Absolutely insane, my car is worth $5k less after 5 years!
  6. That's 0-full charging time though. Most of the newer EV's are charging 20-80% in less than half of that time. Battery science, it takes more energy to get from 80-100% than it does lower than that. If a car's range at 80% capacity fits your daily driving needs, then you would likely never notice the difference coming from a gas car, just plug in when you get home, and (in most models) you can tell your car to stop at 80%. My opinions are obviously skewed because I live in a place that is sunny 99% of the year, and never gets much below 65F year round, but I believe gas cars are on their way out in Hawaii. Just doesn't make sense to not make use of all this sun we get! We got solar in January and I'm producing on average 37 kWh a day, with a high of 53. A Tesla Model 3 Standard has a 50 kWh battery and a 263mi range, so I could basically drive ~194mi a day on the sun's dime if that's real-world range. If you live anywhere where it is cheap to charge (I'm sure you folks aren't paying $.34-.44 per kWh to your electric company like I am), and convenient, EV is a no-brainer. I've wanted a Model Y since they were first introduced, and I'm forever sad that I didn't buy a standard range when they first came out and were selling for $40k. Didn't have the means to charge conveniently at the time, but now that they're almost 50% more expensive, I'm kicking myself for not just figuring out a way to make it work. Put a deposit down on an Audi Q4 e-tron but they have yet to deliver one in the US, you might've seen them in EU? I think they're really nice -- I have an issue with some of these EV styles looking too futuristic or just doing random aesthetic changes just to differentiate that the car is an EV (I'm looking at you, Toyota bz4x https://www.toyota.com/bz4x/2023/ with your random front fenders being black). Also, that's a stupid name. The Q4 we put deposit on likely won't come for another 12 months, unless supply chains magically fix themselves. The stealership told us that we're 83rd in line. That's just in Hawaii, not nationally or anything. So in the interim, I'm just putting deposits (refundable) down on all EVs that I don't absolutely hate (short list). I really didn't like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 when I first saw it, but in person it looks a little better. All of the reviewers rave about it so I'm excited to test drive one. Might luck into one here shortly. If anything, I can probably sell it for a profit when the Q4 finally comes in a year, since the used market is so bonkers right now. That's half of the reason I'm trying to get an EV as soon as possible outside of the obvious gas price insanity, my car is worth nearly what I bought it for 5 years ago. So at worst I get an EV that I don't really care for until the Q4 arrives, then sell this likely for a profit or barely any loss, get the $7500 tax credit while it's still being offered, and save a buttload of money on gas. If I end up liking the Ioniq maybe I'll keep it for myself and wifey can have the Audi.
  7. Played in some pretty gusty conditions today, but when you can only get out once a month cuz you got a baby, you trait what you can get. Outside of 5 doubles for various mistakes, I did okay. Can't hit a fairway to save my life, good thing I have a new driver on the way ha! Shot 85, made some nice putts, lipped out a birdie chip, 3-putt from 7' on 18.
  8. Just FYI, this thread is super old and that post is outdated, lol. Koolau is closed permanently. If you have any questions, feel free to ask
  9. I caved, ordered a Rogue ST MAX LS in the same specs that I last got fit for (Epic Flash forum test). I'm barely playing any golf since my son was born, but the 50% bonus trade in was too good to pass up. Happy early first father's day to me!
  10. Smoked some beef ribs and tossed the meat inside some Mac and cheese. So good!
  11. yungkory

    Driver shaft

    Some people aren't as sensitive to shaft feels, but for me the white felt like rebar when I was fit for my tsi3
  12. One of my clients invited me to play in a scramble fundraiser on Wednesday and the way I carried the team I was feeling myself going into my round on Sunday. Then Sunday came and it was like I'd never played golf before. Hate love this game!
  13. Soooooooooooo you wanna let me borrow that Autoflex or wuh? Sick write up and it's nice to see your work paying off in SPEED GAINZ
  14. I would like both of these in my bag haha. The stock shaft options are weird, or I'm just not seeing the AV Blue 65 Stiff offered in the Max LS. Was contemplating a possible mistake of buying it blind since there's a 150% trade in promo going on. Was fit for the Epic Flash in that shaft, I'm sure it would do ok in the newer head right? Right!??!
  15. Nah the newest one. Wherever Bryson found extra sauce around the greens with the latest model, I'd like to know, because they don't spin for me, and neither did the old BX
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