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  1. I'd jump on this if it were 10.5* @dlow206 did something similar a few years back and let me try the Motore he was selected to test. The one with the sick MGS logo on it! It didn't work out so I sent it back to him when I had him re-shaft my wedges. Stuff like this is what makes this community such a solid place to participate. One of the few places on the Internet that I don't hate visiting, lol.
  2. Can't wait to see the IG blooper of the first ball ricocheting off the pool noodle into... your noodle
  3. I'm not real big on Sci-fi stuff but I got a free 3-mo subscription to Apple TV+ and the first 2 episodes I've watched of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters were good:
  4. yungkory


    idk if you still have any left, but it goes SUPER CRAZY on pizza. i put some on a crappy $4 frozen white pizza and it was wildly good
  5. yungkory


    I put my thermometer between the point and flat. Once the temp gets near 200F I start probing the flat. When the probe goes in and out like butter, it's done. Then I put it in a cooler to rest for 2 hours. It looks okay to me? Cutting board is obviously wet and the smoke ring looks great.
  6. yungkory


    I just scored prime brisket from Costco today for $3.99/lb!! Gonna make it for a friendsmas thing my wife is dragging me to
  7. yungkory


    I wanted to do breast but couldn't find locally for a reasonable price. Whole foods was $10.99/lb and I needed to feed 9 people. Wasn't trying to pay $200 so I just bought a whole bird for $22. Smoked with some strawberry guava wood chunks I picked up locally, was a really nice mild semi sweet flavor. It's absolutely KILLER with cranberry sauce to help cut thru the smoke.
  8. yungkory


    First time trying to smoke a whole bird. Spatchcock was easier than I anticipated. Thing came out crazy good and cost me $15
  9. Graphite shafts don't have a higher apex than steel. Here's one of the faster swinging guys around. Switching to the graphite shafts he's playing was the only way he could get his ball lower, due to his ridiculous club head speed. When I first started playing again, I used my old Ping Eye 2 from college. My gaps were a mess because they no longer fit me and my ball was going comically high. I got fit, and everything changed. Last year I think it was, a buddy came to visit and we played 3 days in a row. My wrists have always been kinda crap because I used to skateboard a lot when I was younger, golfed growing up, and now I sit in front of my computer typing all day. After 3 days of golf I thought I was going to need amputating, it was really painful. Got fit for graphite and I'm never going back. I thought Mizuno irons were buttery soft before, now they're just absurd everything feels like a practice swing when I'm hitting the middle. My ball flight is pretty mid, but in Hawaii it's beneficial. Tl;Dr get fit. Graphite shafts offered now days are really good there's gotta be something that fits you, and helps prolong your golf career
  10. A lot firmer off the face, which I've found is my preference. Greens in Hawaii tend to be pretty slow unless you're playing Kapalua maybe? Never played there so I can't comment, but I assume greenskeepers keep the greens a little longer/more plush due to: 1. The sun is brutal year round. Feels like it would be easier to maintain/prevent from being burned if it were longer? 2. it's often windy. You guys who watch the ToC or Sony Open know that the pros are always trying to hit it lower when they come here because the trade winds are typically in the 15-20 mph range, sometimes higher. Can't imagine if the winds were up and greens were rolling quick, balls might never stop? With that said, I struggle hitting putts hard enough and I think a firmer face helps me control distance a little better? My DF also has the stability shaft in it and the Link feels a lot more "solid" overall, and heavier. Not sure how much the Accra shaft has an influence on both of those. Hope that helps? I know everything feel wise is very subjective, but I'm willing to be that you would agree that at the very least, it feels firmer off the face than the DF.
  11. Not a fan of the Garsen x LAB grip, it's a different material than their standard Quad Tour but otherwise, really solid. Face feels much more firm than my DF 2.1, and I think I prefer that. Rolled it a little on the practice greens today but it was rainy and the "regular" practice area was reserved for a junior golf thing. Starts the ball on my line as expected, but the firmer face might help me from leaving putts short all the time. Always struggled with the DF which was my only complaint about it after 2 years in the bag.
  12. Link.1 in the same specs as my DF 2.1 I got a few years ago. Needed something new to look at down by the ball, but I'm a believer in the tech -- even if it's just placebo, tricking my brain is a good thing.
  13. Shipping day!!! You get your email too @ole gray puttr bruthr from anothr mothr?
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