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  1. Looks underrated! Two for one if I win. 16 year old son and me would put it through testing. God bless
  2. Definitely would like to try them and review the performance. My 16 year old son would give a review too. God Bless #nolimiTS
  3. I have not seen an Edel putter in NWA. Would love to test and show it around the courses. Bonus, my junior golfer would give a review as well. I am currently using his back up putter.
  4. Mike Bentonville, AR/ USA! Current= Mizuno M-Craft Type 2 Ping= Tyne 3 (34 inch)
  5. Handicap=13 in Bentonville,Ar irons are Adams A7--- 8 iron is 145 yes to following Sub70 golf. Always reading reviews and wanting to try them. Are they better than Hogans? Would like to find out for me and my son who hits Mizuno 919 forged
  6. Mike-- Northwest Arkansas Yes to using line Any color, thicker line Bridgestone Tour B XS Teal Blue line, #nolimiTS
  7. Mike Arkansas Wilson Staff Lincoln Park(34 inch) Elevado Slant Neck (34 inch)
  8. Mike/ Arkansas Handicap= 13 Current= Tour Edge XCG Carry=160 yards
  9. Final score= -19 Thanks Bridgestone and MyGolf Spy! God bless to all
  10. Tier 5: Paul Waring Winning Score: -14
  11. Mike/ Arkansas H= 12 Hogan TK 54* and 59* Favorite= Lower trajectory, quick check up
  12. Luke Donald and -14. God Bless to All
  13. 1. Mike Young, Bentonville, Arkansas, 80 rounds per year 2. Twitter: @sunnens1103d 3. Handicap= 13; swing speed= 95-100 4. Current set= mixed bag: WS Triton driver, WS M3 3 wood, Hogan hybrid, Tour Edge Exotics XCG irons, WS PMP 52* and Hogan 59* wedges 5. Desired set= Cobra F9 driver, 3 wood, hybrid, 5-SW conventional irons, 54* 58* King Black wedges, Stand Bag
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