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  1. That's why this is such a dumb ruling. The rule says it has to be intentional. Only the golfer making the stroke knows. If you ask it might sound like a politician in a Congressional hearing. "Senator, to the best of my recollection, and I was so focused on line and distance, that I don't recall. But if I did, I certainly didn't intend to." That said, I don't think Bernhard does, but if he did how would you know unless you made him take his shirt off when he putts? Oh wait. Forget I wrote that. The USGA and R&A apparently have too many folks with not enough to do but come up with stupid ru
  2. Thank you. I'll check it out.
  3. Going to be there for a softball tournament and will probably get to play one day. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. No birdies yesterday, but seven duckies.
  5. Ernie Els won the 2012 British Open, and a quarter of the field used long putters. He was the third golfer in 12 months to win a major with a long putter. Els was one of seven players who won on the Tour in 2012 using long putters. So the problem NOT that the long putter wasn't effective, but it was TOO effective. The "traditionalists" of the USGA and R&A thought it was ugly and demeaning to "their" game and eventually outvoted those with better sense.
  6. Love seeing animals on the course. Makes up sometimes for a bad round. Where in Maryland are you? I'm in Huntsville, Texas. Lots of forest around. Sent from my SM-G920V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. No doubt these days it's the belly and long putters. They're so underrated because they're misunderstood and controversial. They're not illegal, but an anchored stroke with them is. Paul Azinger and another announcer on the recent U. S. Open telecast wrongly referred to them as "outlawed." Hank Haney has questioned Bernhard Langer's highly successful and (Langer says) non-anchored stroke. "Lots of tour players are questioning this," Haney tweeted. Of course they are, because Bernhard beats them regularly. Some companies don't even make them any more. Cleveland's new Huntington Beach putters co
  8. Reading this thread, it seems one of the most popular sandwiches is the Reuben, and you can make 'em yourself. There are several versions, but here's one I like. Heat small sandwich-sized skillet, medium heat, on top burner. Two slices of Jewish Rye. Swiss cheese on one slice of bread. Two small slices or one deli-sized slice to cover the whole sandwich. Layer of sauerkraut on the Swiss. Thousand Island dressing on the sauerkraut. Several thin slices of pastrami, piled to your liking, on the sauerkraut. Put second slice of rye on top. Butter top side of the bread, have butter read
  9. This is not a joke, but I thought it was funny. The "Red" in the joke above is Red Adair, who became famous for putting out oil and gas well blowout fires. John Wayne played him in a movie. A part of the movie was being filmed in Baytown, Texas. I was working for the Baytown Sun at the time and went out to the film site. John Wayne was walking up to people and sticking his hand out and saying, "Hi, I'm John Wayne." As if there was anyone who didn't know who he was.
  10. I've only been on this forum for a few days but I've had the same experience about others. As someone said, once, "I'm not prone to argue."
  11. Great questions. -What was your first interaction with the game of golf? I spent two weeks with an uncle, aunt and older cousin in Beaumont, Texas. They gave me a play set with soft rubber balls that I knocked around their backyard. When I got a little older, about 12, that uncle and another in Corpus Christi, Texas gave me a 5-iron and a driver and a bucket of their old balls that I knocked around the cow pasture on our farm. -What was the moment that led to the "this is my kind of game"? One extremely hot summer day the Corpus Christi uncle and I walked a 9-hole course in Conroe 5
  12. Slightly off topic, but not much. I really don't have a favorite golfing president, but I did once get so upset at people who criticized vice president Dan Quayle because he played too much. I sent some comments to the Houston Chronicle and they published it under the heading--"Dan Quayle, A Golfer We Can Stand Behind." I also followed the elder President Bush when he played a pro-am round at the Houston Open, and was impressed by how quickly he played, and how well, even though his duties kept him from playing a lot.
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