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  1. For those curious about Korn Ferry, I actually worked with them a few times back when I was a member of the working world. I'd say they're most well known for high-level (C-Suite) executive recruiting. They've expanded into a more general Human Resources/Org. Development consulting firm. They're very high end and do good work, but I never would have expected to see them sponsoring a professional golf tour.
  2. Chris Vermont/Florida (retired) Great Big Bertha (2016 model); Kuro Kage 50g 95-97 mph I read the SuperSpeed article a couple of weeks ago and was very intrigued. I was interested in the Tom House connection. He has worked with Tom Brady and other NFL quarterbacks on their throwing motions and arm strength. Of course, his background is in baseball and he also works with pitchers. Here's a bit of Tom House trivia - he caught Hank Aaron's 715th home run (in the bullpen).
  3. ID: Chris, Vermont (summer)/Florida (winter) Current driver/shaft: Callaway Great Big Bertha, Kuro Kage SOG Stiff Driver swing speed/GHIN: 97 +/-; 7.8 Preferred ST 180 Loft/Shaft: 9.5 degrees/MCA Tensei Blue or Kuro Kage Silver Tini Dual Core Stiff 66g (preferred if custom option available); righthanded Currently play JPX 900 Hot Metal irons an would love to test the driver. Thanks for the invitation.
  4. I tried eBay once a few years ago. I was looking for the then-current top of the line Nike driver with a specific shaft. Only one eBay vendor offered that particular shaft, so I order from him. When the driver arrived it had the basic stock shaft. I was pretty disappointed in my eBay experience.
  5. We know that Kirkland Signature golf balls generate a lot of talk among our friends, but how about the wines? I've become a big fan of Kirkland wines for "everyday" drinking and have found a few wonderful bargains. The Cotes du Rhone Villages for $6.49/bottle is my current favor value wine - don't scoff until you've tried it. :-) There's also a nice cab/merlot blend from the Columbia Valley for under $10. As with the golf balls, the inventory is usually limited. For the weekend, bring on the Amarone!
  6. I've had good luck with TGW.com and 2ndswing.com. I'd also mention that I've some good luck purchasing "like new" equipment from the Callaway pre-owned site - just bought a GBB Epic Sub Zero 3 wood with Project X 65 in "like new" condition for about $160 on Thursday. When they say "like new," they mean it too.
  7. I've used the Winn AVS grip for the past three seasons. It's an oversize grip with a taper. I also switched to a cross-handed grip at the same time that I began using the Winn AVS. I always had trouble using a cross-handed grip with a traditional putter grip, but the cross-handed grip seemed much more normal/controllable with the tapered oversize grip. Although I don't have data to support it, I can say that my putting has definitely improved since the switch.
  8. Thanks for that feedback. I'm thinking that for $75, it's worth a try. Sadly, I'm in Vermont through early January, so I won't get to try it on the course for a while.
  9. Interesting video, but I wish Adam had spoken more about the actual technology that goes into a "tech putter." (I play with a Ping Ketsch that I purchased after reading an MGS review a few years ago,)
  10. The MLA Pro putters didn't seem to show up in the 2017 Most Wanted ratings. Anynoe have any comments or exerience with the MLA Pro line? Thanks.
  11. Thanks guys. Good feedback. One of my regular golf partners is a Nutrition Sciences college professor and I know he is skeptical of most supplements.
  12. The Florida Golf Association is currently offering a discount on SwingOil, the dietary supplement/sports beverage that's supposed to support improved flexibility and focus on the golf course. Jason Day is their most well-known advocate. Has anyone tried SwingOil? If so, any comments?
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