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  1. I realize this is a zombie thread, but I'd love to know how this black finish from Tiger Nick is holding up.
  2. First Name/State or Country of residence: Landon/Indiana Handicap: 13.8 Current irons in Play: Mizuno MP-H5 (5-7), Mizuno MP-5 (8-PW) The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 170
  3. I'm working on my fitness, don't really have time to go to a gym but I've taken up cycling and it's helping me to shed some weight. So, I have a decent winter fitness plan in place. Where I'm a bit lost, as someone who's never had formal golf instruction (aside from a 6 lesson stint 8 years ago), is what exactly to do during the winter golf-wise. So, I have access to an indoor putting/chipping facility and heated hitting bays. Further, there is a new TopGolf going in nearby. My thought is that I would try to get to one of these facilities 3 times a week throughout the winter. Howe
  4. FWCC is very nice. Had a couple corporate outings there. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  5. Snell MTB's here too. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  6. I'm the same way. Just bought a tiny little hairspray bottle (roughly 3" tall) and keep it in the bag for cleaning after every shot. Takes hardly any time and clubs are always clean.
  7. Sorry if this thread already exists somewhere, but I couldn't find anything in the search. I get ±60 minutes for lunch at work each day. There is a golf academy ~10 min from my office that includes a full driving range, both indoor and outdoor, putting/chipping greens, bunkers, and a par 3 exec course. So, I could practice any aspect of my game that I wish. I figure I could probably get to this academy 2-3 days per week during my lunch hour and so I would love some suggestions on how best to practice during this time. I'm a decent ball striker but my handicap sucks because I'm terr
  8. Appreciate all the insight. It's been most helpful.
  9. (Full disclosure, I posted this on GolfWRX as well.) For those who use SkyCaddie Mobile Premium, I've recently bought the GT2 w/ SCM Premium and went out and played a round today. When I hit "Play Golf", I only got the option to score my game, no visuals whatsoever. The course I was on is listed as having "Intelligreen" and "QuickVue". I'm simply trying to determine if I did something wrong or if courses with QuickVue don't show any mapping during the round. To build on that, I'm assuming then that none of my tagged shots with GameTracker were stored too? Thanks, Chappy P.S
  10. Here's another thought in the same discussion... Is it bad form to go and get "fit" at a place like GolfTec or Golf Galaxy and then find a club online cheaper? For instance, I'm not opposed to replacing my driver if the head technology is hindering me (2009), but I simply can't spend $500 on a club right now. But, if I could find a 2015 club for $200, that's in my wheelhouse and is still a 6 year upgrade over my current stick. Thinking out loud, I suppose. - Chappy P.S. I realize that my sucky swing is more of a hindrance than my 8 year old club technology.
  11. So, I've never been fit for clubs in my life. The clubs I have now I bought roughly 7 years ago and I pieced the set together based almost wholly on looks, company reputation, my OCD tendencies (hence the same brand throughout) and if I'm being honest, something less popular. (I can be weirdly contrarian like that). That said, I like my clubs well enough, but I'm not certain if they're truly appropriate for me. So, when I say "fitting" what I really mean is current club evaluation and length/lie & shaft recommendations and adjustments to my current clubs. I'm not opposed to, for ins
  12. Ah, that would make sense. I bought mine the day I posted this at $389.97 + tax. Haven't seen it below $428 since then. Lucky me, I suppose.
  13. My Snell MTB's arrived today. Can't wait to try them out! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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