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  1. Kor.A.Door

    Traditions of past Christmas’s

    So many memeroies a ls a child, and adult. Christmas is the best time of year. I miss going to my grandparents house in Allegan Mich. some of you know that area. My Grandparents were the best, grandpa always had time for everyone, and grandma did tons of baking and preparation for everyone, over 50 people, and that is just immediate family, she made bread and gave 2 loaves and 1 bag of biscuits to every family, and that was her gift to everyone, it was special. So special that my mom and here brothers and sisters have carried on that tradition, everyone that comes to the Christmas party receives the bread, a way to honor my Grnadmother. She always made 7-up with lime sherbert, it’s the best, and I still make that today. Christmas is always about family, and I, like many of you, sure do miss the times when we all got together, but everyone is all over and it’s tough to be able to get all of us together, but when we do, it’s a blast. Merry Christmas to all of you, and hope you have a great time this season with family and friends.
  2. Kor.A.Door

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Well, it isn’t the football we grew up watching that’s for sure. I watch the RedZone channel every week, except for when the Lions are on nationallly for me, (which isn’t often), it is a pretty fun way to watch, you get to see all of the redzone activity all day. The end of that Dolphins game was crazy. So was the tip drill to end the Cowboys game. Sometimes the ball bounces in your favor, sometimes it don’t.
  3. Kor.A.Door

    Tried the Wilson Cortex - Initial Thoughts & Pics

    I didn’t like this one at all through the show, I felt like the Rozwell was better. I should have clarified why. I watch every elisode, and for me, as I watched, the better numbers all came from the Rozwell, I was looking forward to hitting that one, so I have no desire to hit a 400 dollar driver that I have no interest in.
  4. Kor.A.Door

    Tried the Wilson Cortex - Initial Thoughts & Pics

    Still no interest in this, and the review I just read, doesn’t help. I wish I could like this one after watching the show, but I just can’t, and 499 with questionable screws and Adapter fittings sounds like Wilson missed again.
  5. Kor.A.Door

    Quitting golf cold turkey

    I think if you play golf for the golf, you can easily get burned out. Which can make you up and quit the game. I don’t play golf for the golf, I play golf for the fellowship with my friends, Golf just happens to be the Avenue in which I get to have fun.
  6. Kor.A.Door

    Whats your best joke?

    Also, no arms no legs in a pile of leaves, Russell. Also, a woman with one leg shorter than the other, Ilene.
  7. Kor.A.Door

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    I think one of the issues is how someone is hit. These guys are not tackling, they are out there to break someone. I would like to see the equipment rolled back some, specifically the shoulder pads. They are made so the player inflicting the blow doesn’t feel anything. If you make those pads smaller, you have less tendency to inflict a crushing blow to an opponent for fear of giving yourself a bad injury. I would keep the helmets as safe as possible. I’ve always felt that you don’t need to knock someone into next week sometime to get them on the ground. There will hard hits, there will be injuries, but no matter how safe you do things they will always happen. I say less padding on the body will likely reduce the amount of injuries
  8. Kor.A.Door

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Make it so you cannot rush the kicker, the ball is then punted, whereever the ball is caught, that’s where the ball is placed. If it goes out of bounds on the fly the ball is placed at the 30, if the ball rolls into the end zone it is placed at the 5, meaning if the ball lands at the 10 and bounces into the end zone it is placed at the 5, it’s better for you to catch the ball bs letting it hit the ground. if you catch the ball inside the 10 it’s placed at the 10, all other catches are placed where the ball is caught.
  9. Kor.A.Door

    College Football

    OU can’t stop anyone, but how often can Alabama stop them. 79 could be a pretty low number. Alamaba may put up 60 themselves. Realistically though it could be 50-40 or something like that. Should be a fun game to watch. The other game could be good as well, ND will be the toughest defense that Clemson has faced, and as long as Book is playing ND has a decent offense, I think it will be much more traditional scoring, like 27-24 or something like that. Both games should be good ones to watch.
  10. Kor.A.Door

    Random Thread

    I try to do that as well, but when you are keeping score, at some point with 5-6 holes to go, I think it’s important to make sure everyone knows where the match stands. It just sucks when there’s 5-6 holes left and you are up 4 and you have to bring up the scores.
  11. Kor.A.Door

    The Greatest Showman!

    Having a teenage daughter, I had to buy this one before I even saw it. The good thing is that I can say that I know the songs because we’ve watched it a lot, but it’s a good movie.
  12. Kor.A.Door

    College Football

    Michigan/Florida is a stupid game. They seem to put them together every other year. I hat that. I do not agree with guys sitting out. It’s allowed so there’s nothing fans can do.
  13. Kor.A.Door

    College Football

    I think a lot of people would like to see that game.
  14. Kor.A.Door

    College Football

    Looking forward to see who scores more points in the Alabama vs OU game. That game could be interesting.
  15. Kor.A.Door

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Well, the Lions played well against the Rams, not a game that I wouldnever think they would win, but with 8 minutes to go, the game was still close. The best team won, but I do like what I see on the field from the Lions, are they a good team right now, not really, but they are showing signs of playing better, which is good.