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  1. I play golf with a guy that is equal to or better than a lot of Pro golfers. The guy is just that good with the putter.
  2. Picked these up. Not sure if I will ever use them, but they are a beautiful back up set. Wilson FG62.
  3. I’ve switched to the Pure grips air gun and haven’t had any issues with it. I have had the mouth of the grip get stuck on a few grips where it rolls under on the shaft. I really just dip the tip of my finger in some mineral spirits and just wet the opening of the grip. It really helps the grips slide right on with very little air. Just a couple bursts and then one last burst to seat the butt end. I just found an easy for myself. I had issues with the air gun shown a few posts earlier where I would push just a little too much and it would slide all the in and then split the end of the grip.
  4. Yep, just enough to help slide but not enough to make loose.
  5. Yep. I used that for a short time, but when you get that stubborn grip and split the butt end and ruin a new grip, it sucks.
  6. Yep. That’s what I use. Burns really hot really fast.
  7. Remember if you use a standard grip and adding 4 wraps of tape under the bottom hand it will feel smaller because the material will be stretched thinner to fit over the tape. If you use a midsize grip instead it may feel closer to the +4. In reality if you use a standard grip and want +4 it may take 6 or 7 wraps to get the feel you want.
  8. I did Try Align grips On my irons but had issues. the butt section will move, so those I needed to double side tape down. I didn’t Like them on my irons so I don’t use them. Outside of the align grips I haven’t had any issues with just using blue Painters tape. I’ve used it now for about 3 seasons with Lamkin UTx, Lamkin crossline, And now superstroke S-Tech grips. I prefer this method just for the stand point of mess, and cleanup. I have very little cleanup, and I can take the clubs straight out and use them, I don’t have to wait at all.
  9. The PCC i believe is an Accumulation of all scores posted for that course on that day, and adjusts based on those scores depending how everyone scores within their HCP range. We played Pine Needles in southern pines earlier in the year, it was cold, windy, rainy, and then it snowed from hole 12 until 18. Everyone’s scores were up, I shot an 81, which was the 3rd lowest in our group of 12 that includes 6 guys that have Hcp less than 2. It was a crappy day for golf. This is what it looks like when PCC is applied. you can see on that day the PCC is +1.
  10. For future reference for anyone removing heads buy some Mapp Gas. It’s the yellow bottle for your torch. It burns really hot, really fast. And works really well for steel shafts 8-10 seconds of heat to remove the head. Stubborn heads takes 20-30 seconds of heat. For graphite you 99% need a shaft puller.
  11. You tube. That’s really the easiest place to find info. That is where I learned most of the golf repair/replace things that I do.
  12. With air, there is little to no mess. If you have trouble with using air. Do you have the correct tools? Are you doing it correctly. The idea is not to use 2 sided tape if you are using 2 sided tape it will be a pain to put on with air. I Use blue painters tape and build up the tape the way I want. The I dip a finger into some mineral spirits and put some in the opening of the grip and then wipe some on the blue tape. Just enough to get the grip started on the shaft without it sticking. Put my air gun in and it pushes right on takes about 1 minute From start to finish depending on how many layers of tape I use, and there is no mess. I can take the club straight to the course and use it.
  13. So far the courses here are still open. We have made changes, some more than others. We are keeping distance from one another, don’t touch other people’s equipment, don’t touch or shake hands, no high fives or anything. We just try to keep our distance. The weather here has been pretty good, it’s an outdoor activity and as long as we all take our own precautions we should be able to continue. I do expect that if the number of cases increases greatly that the courses will be shutdown. For now, we are allowed to golf.
  14. So, I live in SC, but I work In NC. I have a note from HR in the car in case I pulled over that says I am required at work as an essential business. Mecklenburg county has a stay in place order, that is where my work is located. Anyway. In the listings of approved Outdoor activity for NC it says that Golf is acceptable provided all social distancing requirements are adhered to. That’s good news right now. We walk mostly now, some folks ride, but just keep away from one another. I have heard that the suns UV rays kill the virus so spending time outside is essential for everyone. It’s just nice that we can still swing a golf club. At least for the time being. Enjoy the time with family and stay safe. If you are allowed to golf. Stay safe and enjoy being outside.
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