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  1. It is possible that it is costing you strokes. If you are used to the way ball stops around the greens and then you switch to a different ball, and it reacts differently, ie. It checks to quickly, or rolls out too much, then you will find yourself in an area you weren’t expecting, so instead of having 3 feet for par it’s 10 feet short, or maybe 20 feet long. That costs you strokes. From and tee and irons I think most golf balls are similar, it’s around the green that makes a difference in scoring. I think it has more to do with the consistency of what you expect to happen than it is the ball itself. Changing the ball all the time changes the consistency of what you expect the ball to do when it lands on the green. It doesn’t matter what ball you use if you can play the same consistent shot with it and have the expected results of that shot. When we don’t know what the ball is going to do is where we lose strokes.
  2. Kor.A.Door

    New Chromesoft

    I did the same thing. I know that I hit some poor shots, no matter what ball I use. The CS performs for me, so I switched back, and haven’t had any problems. If I hit a ball 50 yards to the left, is it the ball or is it me. Or did I only really hit it 35 yards left, the ball was the other 15, either way, the ball is in he woods pretty deep. From what I am reading here it is only the CSX that is the issue, the New CS has passed the New QC process and is good to go.
  3. That’s pretty much what Dean Snell has been saying for a long time. We as golfers just need to find the one that we prefer and use it.
  4. Kor.A.Door

    New Chromesoft

    I can tell you are just putting information out there. Others though, can’t bash Callaway enough.
  5. I wish there was a way to test golf balls without knowing who made them. I think people would be shocked to find out what ball works best for them.
  6. Kor.A.Door

    New Chromesoft

    I love the Chrome Soft, it is my ball of choice. I switched to Bridgestone BXS for a bit last season, but it just didn’t work. I switched back to Black and Yellow and won’t change again. I am lookin forward to trying the new CSX but the ball I am comfortable with is the CS. Quality should override deadlines.
  7. I carry Chrome soft Truvis. The only other balls in my bag are the crap ProV and Bridgestone I find in the woods while looking for my playing partners lost golf ball in the woods.
  8. Kor.A.Door

    New Chromesoft

    No, huge failure is putting a ball to market that is not good quality.
  9. It’s Callaway of course you don’t like it.
  10. Kor.A.Door

    New Chromesoft

    I don’t think this is really an issue. They opened a plant from scratch to take total control of the process and are having issues. I don’t care what type of business you have, anytime you start from scratch to make anything there will be problems. That is the case here. QC is utmost for them, especially after last years ball test by MGS. I think waiting until the quality is up to par is the right thing to do. I don’t think the outcome is disastrous. it would be disastrous if they produced a ball that had the same or worse QC than the previous ball. Having to wait a few months to get it right should prove they are taking the quality of their golf balls very serious.
  11. I’ve got an Epic Flash SZ 9° *head only* up for sale. It is in excellent shape as the photos show. Asking $230 Or best reasonable offer. It also comes with the original Flash headcover.
  12. Alright. I got the club today. So I am going to sell Epic Flash SZ 9° *HEAD ONLY* comes with original flash headcover. Since this is Just a post, I want to offer this here with no price. Hoping we can make a deal. I will be posting this officially in the classifieds here, as well as other sites. If you want it let me know. We can make a good deal.
  13. Yes. The shaft I wanted was $130. So I was trying to go a less expensive route. I got the entire club pretty inexpensive considering. So I’m going to make someone a good deal on the head compared to the going rate
  14. Fellow Lefties: I am going to have an Epic Flash SZ 9° head only available next week. I want to offer it here first in case anyone is looking. Posting in the classifieds once it arrives. Basically I needed a shaft, the guy wouldn’t sell me just the shaft so I bought the whole club, and figured I would just sell the head as I have no need for it. If anyone of my fellow spy lefties are lookin for an Epic Flash SZ 9° Head I am willing to make a good deal for you. Let me know.
  15. If you look around in there, you’ll find just another anything
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