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  1. Kor.A.Door

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    They are predicting the Lions to pickthe tight end out of Iowa. While that would help and minor need in the offense.(we need a tight end that can catch the ball). I think we have a greater need on the line, either line, or linebacker. With the talent of linemen that are in the top of this draft, it would be a shame to waste and 8 pick on a TE. We can get a TE in the 4th round if that’s a need to fill.
  2. Kor.A.Door

    Paint Fill

    looks good. The colors a nice.
  3. Kor.A.Door

    Will Lucy Li Lose Amateur Status?

    Just because you didn’t know the rule, doesn’t exempt you from the rule. At least that’s how I grew up. I didn’t know doesn’t make it right. The USGA got this wrong. (My opinion). I do see there are valid points on the other side. The rule is bad and needs to be fixed. The precedent is set now, the excuse of i didn’t know has to apply for everyone in the future when it comes to the “rules”.
  4. Kor.A.Door

    I know golf is on....

    I completely forgot the race was even on. Watching the pro’s 3 putt all afternoon made my round Saturday look good
  5. Kor.A.Door

    Slow Play Survey

    Our expected “time” is 4:15. Which can easily be done playing ready golf and just keeping up with the group in front of you. Our course has lots of room between greens and tees so there are some holes where it takes a minute or 2 to drive from one to the next. We do however run into some guys who take an early tee time and just bog down the entire course. Not often, but sometimes. It only takes one group out early to slow the entire course down for hours. It also helps that we have a golf pro the really cares for the game and the course.
  6. I do like the explanation the snell shows on the new “x” ball. After listening to feedback they made a change. I think the biggest issue that most had with the Red was the amount of distance lost from he black to the red. It was a lot for most folks. I also find that the Red absolutely spins off the planet for me as well. I am interested in the trying the X. So much so, a couple of us already preordered it to try.
  7. To each their own. Nothin wrong any ball as long as it works for you. I also struggle seeing the white golf balls. So I am glad to see more and more companies making a “tour” yellow ball. Remember when the choices were white or bright orange. That takes me back a bit.
  8. Most likely it will be.......Snell MTB Black— optic yellow. I am going to try the new MTB-X to see how that plays, but I will most likely be in the Snell camp. As much as I like the Truvis black and yellow, I am tired of 45 per dozen. So a buddy and I are going to go halves on the 6 dozen pack through Snell.
  9. Kor.A.Door

    Will Lucy Li Lose Amateur Status?

    This is a pretty pathetic move on the part of the USGA. She should have been penalized according to the rule she broke., regardless of whether or not it makes sense. This just sets the precedent for future issues. Every infractions of a similar infraction should be given the same warning. This was in my opinion, a bad decision.
  10. Kor.A.Door

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    I have kind of the same felling here. He can’t make amends because it’s all public now. I guess the issue I have is that there was an agreement, both parties have said that, Matt paid the agreed upon sum, plus an extra grand. No one has disputed that. I think the issue is that folks like us feel like Matt should have paid more, and maybe he should have, but it’s not my money he’s spending. It’s his. The damage has been done, and as you said, even if he pays more now, it’s too late, he looks bad.
  11. Kor.A.Door

    Ford Mustang, Anyone?

    6’4” 260. Not really the best vehicle for my size. I tried getting into one once. That was fun
  12. Kor.A.Door

    POLL: When's Your Next Round?

    Every Saturday at least. When it’s nice on Friday’s I will try to get a few of those as well.
  13. Kor.A.Door

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    The real issue is that this story was even brought up to the public in the first place. I don’t go around my office talking about my finances with everyone and I bet none of you do either. The monies that exchnged hands should have been between Matt and the caddie, they should have been allowed to try to work out different compensation, but there is no chance of that now. This story never should have been brought to the public.
  14. Kor.A.Door

    Lefty Thread

    Kind of like marriage
  15. Kor.A.Door


    I think the anchoring thing is what it is. The tour doesn’t seem to care. He seems to be really good person, and is playing phenomenal golf