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  1. I am focusing on the positives. Not one player has come out and blamed the refs for the loss. PaTricia said that we have to we’re as players, and coaching. Remember some coaching decisions cost them some points from the defensive side, and we have to do better inside the 10 yard line. Yes we got screwed by some bad calls, but it never should have been a problem if we would have taken care of business earlier in the game. I really think this team is headed on an upward trend, but we aren’t quite there yet. We are way better than we were last season and previous seasons. I see a lot of improvement already, and would like to continue to see improvement. Go Lions!!!!
  2. I think these were made specifically for the pros originally. Since they are on staff with Callaway, they are probably not allowed to use the TM or Scotty depending on their contract. Like Phil. He wants to try the style, but can’t because of his contract. So he basically forces Callaway to give him something. Just my guesses as to why they would do it.
  3. I get what you’re saying. It’s just frustrating. As I said in the original post. It’s questions, along with some ranting.
  4. Not using it as an investment, and not trying to make any money at all off of it. I’m talking about seeing the same putter for sale at the store for 199 used. Knowing full well they gave the guy 100 bucks for the trade, and someone will buy it. I am talking about saving the next guy anywhere from 30-50 bucks by selling the same one for 150, it gives the seller some value, and still saves the next guy from the markup of he box store. I always search for used stuff before I buy anything. I would rather give a guy 170 for an item rather than pay GG 200 for the same thing. Do people really not like better pricing.
  5. I haven’t made here yet to post. Absolutely the best time. It was great, we actually played pretty well, but could not make very many putts. Steddy and JonSmalls are some pretty nice gentlemen to play golf with. I had a great time, and look forward to doin it again sometime.
  6. I’ve checked Ebay, and pretty much anywhere I can find, and I have found 2 of these in LH, and for the price I have it at, you cannot beat it. I was thinking the same thing about the Scotty’s. I have seen scotty’s That like like they care out of the garbage dump and absolutely trashed be u for sale for 350. You have to put another 250 in it just so it can be usable. It’s crazy
  7. It crazy sometimes. Very frustrating.
  8. Why do Ping putters hold zero value? I have a pretty new Vault 2.0 Anser Dale. All of the box stores are selling them for $299 new. I have one that is practically new, only used a couple times. It is for sale for $170 and I can’t even get a sniff of a sale at that price. It is ridiculous that these putters and others like cannot hold any value at all. Would someone rather spend 299 at GG instead of 170 or less. I don’t get it. It is a question. With a bit of a rant mixed in.
  9. That’s some crazy info there. I can see missing Mahomes since he was relatively unknown, but trubisky over Watson is ridiculous
  10. Nothing beats the pitcher that the Tigers developed, or were developing before trading him away. He may have been a hall of famer. John Smoltz.
  11. I like the designs, but had to go with the sock as that is the only one of the 6 chosen that I would actually consider using.
  12. We have the same issue. Big mix of handicaps. What we have done is make the skins game optional. We have an online signup for both. If you want in the skins pot, put your name on the list before the round. I haven’t played the skins game for a while now, mostly because I don’t make birdies, but it also helps keep my weekly cost down. Today I should have. I eagles the par 5 third hole, and then birdied the difficult par 3 fourth hole. Both would have paid out, But I still won second in the big game so I didn’t leave with nothing.
  13. not really. Normally in a red stake or any other penalty area, if you find your ball you have options. In this case there is 1 option. You must take a penalty drop and proceed from there.
  14. We have stakes marked red with green tops to identify the environmentally sensitive areas. In our case, it is an automatic 1 stroke penalty using the drop rule for a red stake. You cannot enter those areas. At least that’s how our course is marked
  15. ND should be in there somewhere shouldn’t they.
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