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  1. One other thing not mentioned is that this is an issue for multiple teams according to reports, but they are singling out Houston because of the teams success. Since this is an issue attributed to multiple teams, they need to also name the other teams as well. I am not sure either way on the banging in the video, that can be doctored in a video before sending it in. Since there are a multitude of cameras at the games, and there are some pointed at the dugouts, and someone is banging a wall loud enough for the batter hear it is there video showing a guy banging the wall. That would be difficult to miss in the dugout.
  2. This supposedly happen a full year ago. Listening to the bang, bang it is possible. However, can it be proven where the “bang was coming from? also there are players and coaches that watch film and study pitchers and figure out particular pitching sequencing for certain batter. I’ve watched games where guys like Kirk Gibson will call a pitch based on situation, and he wasn't ever wrong. It is possible that someone in the dugout was tracking and watching Pitches, and figured out the tell on The catcher or pitcher. Because of the speed at which the “bang” happened after the sign it is likely video was used, but there are other ways as well. I guess that’s what they need to figure out.
  3. Haig pointe, and Bentley Hall are private, but If you can get on them, you will not be disappointed at all. Haig is the most difficult driving golf course I’ve ever been on, and the views on many of the holes are fantastic.
  4. Hilton Head. Tons of courses. The best place in the world. If you can get on Haig Pointe. That place is incredible. Bentley Hall is excellent. Old South. Port Royal. RTJ courses. So many great golf courses. Plus the beach For the family. Also Harbour Town. My favorite place to visit
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