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  1. Did you say Ginger and MaryAnne? yes
  2. Annual Red, White, and Blue. We have some fun with it and play some really good golf as well. It was really really hot today though.
  3. Working on some 3-2-1 ribs on the charcoal smoking right now. They look like they are going to be so good. I used some Apple, and Pecan wood for smoke. They have a coating of some sweet baby rays. I will add some more in about 15 minutes then let them finish in about 45 min to and hour. It smells so good.
  4. There are guys that seem to always play well here. Rose, Phil, Tiger. There Are young guys that should win this at some point: Rickie, Rory, JT, Xander, Bryson. Probably many others I didn’t mention. Ancer, Webb, Hatton, all playing well. Bombers don’t always do well here. It’s usually the guys who get the greens right as the weekend progresses. I think Xander May prevail this year, but really it could be anyone at this point.
  5. I’m not a huge fan of Faldo except that he was a really good player and knows the game, but he was spot on with those comments. Brooks said what he said, and Faldo said okay. It was actually really funny when you think about the comments brooks made and then the “Fascinating stuff” was hilarious.
  6. Vijay is a jerk. Was a good player at one time, but a complete jerk.
  7. I use the ones from SA fishing company. They have many to choose from and have pack deals
  8. Last night in our Wednesday night game playing hole number 6, it played about 500 yards. (About 510 on the card) the app shows it just about 500. I made a 2, Double Eagle (Albatross). It was crazy. I didn’t know it went in at first, I saw it land on the front of the green and bounce up, it looked like it landed just behind the flag and was blocked from our view so we couldn’t see it, my buddy said, I think that went in, I moved off to the left to see if could locate it behind the flag, and I didnt see it so it had to have gone in, as we got closer it was very apparent that the ball was in the cup.
  9. It was a really fun course. With so many blind shots to make you really had to trust the yardage book along with the gps app that is available. I really struck the ball extremely well, I hit 10/14 fairways and 11/18 greens, I was putting better than I ever have. I had the speed and lines pretty good after the first 4-5 holes. I had 1 birdie and 2 bogeys on the front. 4 birdies and 1 bogey on the back. You really do have to trust the yardage though since you can’t see half the shots you are making.
  10. Here’s a photo from across the sound when I played at Haig Pointe last fall
  11. They are playing at my favorite place. There’s just something about That area that is just so good. Here’s a photo from when I played there in 2018.
  12. I don’t really clean my golf ball much at all. If I see dirt on it I will clean it on a towel, but I don’t specifically have a routine to wash it.
  13. Shot 69 at Tobacco Road on Saturday. I played better than I really ever have. Putter really good, especially on the back 9.
  14. Fellas. I got to go play at Tobacco Road this past weekend June 13. I’m not sure if any of you have played there or no. We played the Disk tees. The wind was blowing really hard and we weren’t sure about tipping it out so we moved up one. I played the best golf that I have played in a very, very long time. Par 71, 71.3/143 from the disk tees. I shot 69. -2 and it was so much fun. As a 5.0 handicap player I don’t shoot par or under par pretty much ever. I shot 36 on the front +1 and then 33 On the back -3. I had 5 birdies on the day. It felt so good to play that well finally. To have this round on a golf course such as Tobacco Road is so amazing. I hesitated to say anything but it was so much fun I thought I would share with my fellow lefties here. Here are a couple pics of the course. Waste areas everywhere and multiple blind shots all over the course
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