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  1. Kor.A.Door

    College Football

    Mich St had more total yards in the pregame walk of the field than they did the entire game.
  2. Kor.A.Door

    Hilton Head Island

  3. Kor.A.Door

    Hilton Head Island

    Round 4. Old South. Everyone was exhausted and sore. We all agreed, no more 36 hole days. 1 round per day going forward. This course is a must play if you go to HHI. For the Money it was hands down the best value, and a very nice golf course as well, some quirky holes, but all in all a great track. This round was pretty much a blur, it was like we were just hitting golf balls because we paid our money and didn’t want to leave, but it was Golf at very nice place, we finally saw some gators as well. I got pretty close to a couple of them, maybe too close, but for some reason, I didn’t seem scared. Anyway, more photos
  4. Kor.A.Door

    Hilton Head Island

    More Harbour Town photos. I forgot to add in the other post. One of my buddies on this trip shot a 70 here at Harbour Town. I was very cool to have a good friend do that. What a great score for him at a place like this.
  5. Kor.A.Door

    Hilton Head Island

    Sea Pines resort Harbour Town after 2 rounds on Friday, it was good to have the morning off before This round. We arrived 2 hours early for shopping, a bite to eat, and just to be able to soak it all in for the experience. Then we hit balls on the range, and then putting green. Forecaddies are required for play here, so we were assigned and older gentleman named Grif, what a great guy. Awesome to interact with, very knowledgable, he played golf at Alabama back in the day. So off we went on the course, and what a beautiful course this is. Watching on TV you think you know the layout, and scenery, but it is so different in person. I really enjoyed this golf course. I struck the ball well again, but didn’t score well again, but it didn’t matter, we got to play an awesome course with great friends. Our tee time of 2 pm put us smack dab on 17 and 18 right at sunset, you couldn’t ask for a more stoic scene, absolutely gorgeous coming down 18, the photos I have show ok, but the stillness of the evening, and the beauty of what it is. Priceless.
  6. Kor.A.Door

    Hilton Head Island

    PALMETTO DUNES RTJ round 2 on Friday, we got there early and had lunch between rounds, very nice restaurant here, the staff very accommodating. Checking into for our round, the staff was very helpful in pointing us to where we needed to go, and helping with bags and carts and such. I didn’t play the tips here, I easily could have but the guys I was playing with were playing up a set, so since it’s more of a fun buddy trip, I joined them up one tee box. It played 6570, par 72. The wind was down, and the temps were perfect 75 and sunny, again I struck the ball well but just didn’t score very good. This course was really good, the layout is nice especially the back 9, very nice scenery here as well. Challenging course yet fair, there are some holes where local knowledge will be helpful, but all in all a great golf course, I would recommend this one to play. Excellent place. I’m the last picture here there is a little deer that came out to join us.
  7. Kor.A.Door

    Hilton Head Island

    Alright, finally have time to sit down and write about the golf trip. We started early Friday morning at Palmetto Dunes, Fazio course, the staff was really nice and helped us get started without any problems. It was actually the coldest morning we’ve played golf since late March, so the temps were pretty good, low 60’s, the issue was the 20 mph wind. We played the tips, 6873 yards, par 70 at sea level, so it played pretty long. There were 8 par 4’s over 400 yards. Many of them into the wind, I hit the ball okay, but struggled on the greens. The greens were zoysia, and apparently this time of year is no good for that type of grass, it was very bumpy and slow, you could not roll the ball at all. The were some awesome holes out there, but the 17th hole par 3 was visually a nightmare, you had to hit across a 30 foot wide river at a diagonal, it was playing 215 from the tips with a cross wind, it is a large green, but you could only see part of it as there were trees to left of the green, it was a really cool hole. The course was laid out pretty good, but the cool air, and wind made this a bit more challenging, but still a fun course except the greens where terrible. I guess I didn’t get any good photos from the Fazio course. Next post Palmetto Dunes Robert Trent Jones course
  8. Kor.A.Door

    Weed & sons

    I will not give an opinion either way, because this post isn’t about my opinion on drugs or the use of them, I just want to let Har know that we appreciate his openess and wish him the best in the situation with his son. These are difficult things to deal with, and I hope that everything works out for the best.
  9. Kor.A.Door

    Have you ever been hit by a golf ball?

    I was walking from the 7th tee box down the fairway, hole 8 comes down the right side of 7, there was a guy between the 2 holes, so we stopped and waited for him to hit, we watched him swing, I saw the ball headed straight toward me, I was about 180 yards away, and I couldn’t move, I had barely enough time to put my hands over my face and try to duck, but it was so fast, the ball hit me about where an appendix scar would be, so it was very close to really bad news. The spot it hit just below the belt and to the right turned instantly black and blue. It hurt really bad for a minute, then we continued the round. I felt pretty fortunate that it didn’t really do any damage.
  10. Kor.A.Door

    Practice swings

    I take very few practice swings. I’m not use why I don’t take them. I donplay golf with a guy who takes a full out full practice swing before every shot. I mean it is a full out swing.
  11. In our regular Saturday group we have a guy, Ken Barun, some may recognize the name. He is the most interesting story of faith conversion that I’ve ever heard. He worked for none other than Billy Graham for many many years. He is probably in the top 3 closest people to Billy graham during his ministry. Anyway he plays on our group every week. If you get a chance I’d encourage you to look up his story on you tube, it is very fascinating.
  12. I played in a captains choice outing with a guy that had 1 arm, he rarely hit a bad shot, didstance control was tough for him, but he hit the ball pretty straight.
  13. I like a mix of different setups. There are courses that are tougher and need to be set up to be tough. Then there are easier courses that are just easier, so don’t try to make them tougher, let the scores be low. Opens should be tough. I don’t want to see the same thing every week. These guys are extremely good, there’s no reason to leave a course setup the same as the weekend golfer. They don’t play “easy” courses anyway, so when I say “easy” it’s still a difficult track for the everyday guy. Give me variety in scoring, that keeps it interesting from week to week.
  14. Kor.A.Door

    Hilton Head Island

  15. Kor.A.Door

    Hilton Head Island

    Of the courses we played, the best for the money was Old South. Nice layout, solid course. If money doesn’t matter, go to Harbour Town, get a tee time that lets you finish near sunset, beautiful time of day to finish that course. Not sure on the full rack rate since we did a 36 hole day and did a same day play so we didn’t pay full cost, but the Robert Trent Jones course at Plametto dunes was very good. Hope this helps. I am hoping to get a full write up of all the courses we played, and post some photos of them tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Since coming home I have been on the honey-do list so I haven’t had much time to sit down and write something up