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  1. Boy, JT really crapped the bed.. Internationals handed that one.
  2. Ended up, after a fitting at 2nd swing golf in Delaware, with exactly what I nearly ordered online without a fitting. The I210 in r flex recoil smac wraps, black dot. Hit a bunch of clubs, some were definitely further distance wise on the trackman, but significantly lower spin. Already being a lower flight player,the fitter and I thought I couldn't lose spin. I really didn't really hit the other clubs that much higher to make up the spin loss in descent angle. My back just won't let me get to that full finish for a high launch. I can do it when I absolutely need to, but it doesn't feel too pleasant lol. One thing I notice, for me, is that I do not hit the ball inside on matts nearly as far as I do on the course - and I am comparing my current 7 iron - I lasered 3 shots in Saturday's round where the flag was level to slightly uphill, and twice my 7 carried past the flag - and they were clean crisp strikes. When I went for my fitting, and was getting a baseline on my current 7, trackman said I was only carrying 139. I have had this result before, which is why getting fit I never really thought was going to do much for me. Guess I'll find out if this decision was the right one!
  3. Not well.. Had league playoffs starting tonight, and was knocked out. Hit the ball fairly well, but my driver was off, and every miss seemed to be in the worst spot i could be in ( short sided, above the hole, etc ) That's golf!
  4. I was all set to go buy the I210's, but then I saw the 919 tour release. Going to have to hit these first before I buy anything...
  5. I play Adams CB3's, and no irons have shown to be much, if any, better for me. I am getting new irons, leaning to Ping I210's, but that's more because I am missing a coup!e irons out of my set, and to be honest, I just want something shiny and new. I don't expect to all of a sudden drop 3 strokes off my HC. So I think buying a set from 1 or 2 years ago will be fine, as long as they work for your swing. Rob is correct though, you probably aren't going to get a great deal on a new set of irons that has been out for a year.
  6. Some good stretches here, but be careful with them if you have lower back issues. Pushing range of motion too far is as bad as not stretching at all. Seeing a good chiropractor or pt first is a good idea.
  7. I have done this before, but can't really say I saw any difference. Doesn't mean it won't work for others though!
  8. Gin and juice... J/k! I usually get to the course 45 min or so before tee time. I will do some joint mobility exercises, then a few minutes of dynamic stretching. I usually only got 25 balls or so. 5 wedges, 5 five irons or hybrids, 5 seven irons, and 5 drivers. I will sometimes hit some putts, but I find often the practice and course greens are 2 separate animals. I seldom go into a pre round range session working on anything, mostly trying to see what I am working with that day.
  9. I totally agree.. I haven't wore spikes in probably 6+ years. And my sketchers are awesome. I can count on one hand the amount of times my traction was compromised.
  10. Congrats guys - looking forward to your thoughts! going to probably buy the I210's this weekend.. or 500's... or...?!
  11. Interesting this comes up... Played in league last night, and had 2 putts of no more than 10' and missed them both. Seems lately I have had a lot more birdie putts of 10' or less ( a good thing ! ) but i have missed just about all of them. Most of the time my line is good, but I leave them short. I know this year nearly all the courses I play have had slow to very slow greens, and that plays into this for sure.
  12. Play there fairly often - great course! I'd be up for a get together there!
  13. Will do! Actually playing the Bridges this weekend.
  14. Interesting... I have both the Canvas water resistant casual shoes, and the leather waterproof shoes ( both spikeless ) No issues, other than the canvas ones did develop a hole in the toe area at about 9 months. They are without a doubt, for me, the most comfortable shoe out there now ( other than the TRUE's, which after I tore my plantar are no bueno for me.
  15. Hello all! My name is Don, and the screen name is BIGBALL ( although it should now probably be smallball! ) I hail from Bel Air, Md, but grew up on the outskirts of Baltimore, though I play the large majority of my golf in southern Pa ( nicer courses, much cheaper, and less crowded ) Started golfing in my 30's, and hover at a 15 hc. Lurked on here for a while, posted a few times, but a couple members here ( who shall rename nameless! ) encouraged me to be a more active member of the site. I don't get involved in a lot of drama, and this website seems like a good fit for that. Looking forward to some lively discussions!
  16. As a baseball player for years ( even into my 30's ) I had some of the same issues. This drill was a big help. i later developed a bit of a sway off the ball, and one tip my instructor gave me was just to imagine there was a dumbbell on my left thigh. For whatever reason, that resonated with me, and sometimes when my swing goes south, I'll realize I'm swaying and get back to that feeling.
  17. Yep. # 6 at Pilgrims Oak is one of the few reachable par 5's that i can still get to sometimes, and that is why I have a 4 wood. ( We do play there quite a bit )
  18. DON Hall Bel Air, Nd 14 Adams CB3 Ping I210 What a tremendous opportunity. I have lurked on here - time to take a more active roll! Thanks!
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