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  1. I keep going back-and-forth on these two models. Any feedback would be great. Does anybody feel there is any advantage over the other in regards to short game performance? The main reason I narrowed it down to these two balls is due to the least dispersion on my driver which is good with both.
  2. I love all the research that’s taken place over the last year by everybody and ranking the balls by performance, but if the theory of a softer ball lends to a little less performance, I have a question about two balls specifically. 2020 Bridgestone B RXS 2020 Srixon Q Star Tour Even though the balls in the testing from last April were 2019 models, these balls both ranked very high in performance for swing speeds at or near 100 mph. How do they buck the theory with so much softness and lower compression? As I try to narrow my selection for one ball to use, I am fighting the feeling (which I like) of both of these balls verse trying to play a harder ball which is recommended for better performance. Just looking for a little more support for the right ball choice.
  3. Looking for a new ball this season and am looking for some commentary to the above listed models. Primary metrics I'm looking at are driver distance (w/least side spin) and green side "drop-n-stop". My driver swing speed varies between 97-100mph. The only one I have been able to sample thus far is the 2020 RXS. I really fell in love with it, but before I commit, I want to know more about the other two models I listed to be sure I'm not sacrificing or missing out on a better product. Let me know your thoughts and thanks in advance.
  4. Sako

    Srixon Z-Stars

    Curious - how can the Golf Ball Testing that was performed in April show results different for the Z Star and the Z Star (yellow)? I would expect the same results, but not the case.
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