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  1. Anything abrasive should get the job done. I would start with the least abrasive option and then work your way up as needed. Simichrome paste works well on very light oxidation and other small blemishes in the finish
  2. From my experience, second guessing what the SW scale was telling me was the driving factor in me upgrading from an old golfsmith SW scale. I would say you should get the best scale your budget allows or you might end up in a similar boat where you don't trust the numbers you are seeing
  3. I think there is far too much correlation between results and driver skill comparisons in here. You can really only compare drivers within the same team for a given race / season since the performance levels of the car are just wildly different. Merc has had a terrible car for all of the ground effects "era" so it's probably a reach to say that Hamilton is washed up. I think it is safe to say that Russell is better at driving trash cars than Hamilton is, whatever that is worth I don't know. He certainly extracted the most of anyone recently out of what Williams had to offer and rolled right into Merc which turned out to be more of the same, albeit at a higher level. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Hamilton compares to LeClerc next season and also how Russel fares against Lewis' replacement, whomever that may be. Ideally though it would be nice to see two top teams produce cars that are similar performance so we can have a real competition. As of right now, Red Bull's car is so dominant the only real questions are A) will Max have a reliability issue and give someone else a chance or B) will Max lap cars that are in the points.
  4. It's possible that they were both built correctly since each manufacturer measures length differently. I believe Srixon measures their clubs using the raw shaft so that the built length of the club is not affected by the butt thickness of whatever grip you choose. I believe Ping builds their clubs such that the length is measured to the line on the butt cap if you go with their standard grip, regardless of what grip you actually choose.
  5. I think it definitely matters. For Alonso / AM in '23, AM developed the car in the wrong direction. They started out well and when they brought upgrades they made the car worse and they didn't understand why. Spent the entire rest of the season trying to figure it out. McLaren did the opposite, every upgrade they brought basically made the car better and better, by large chunks in some cases. As for LeClerc in '22, my opinion is that he just isn't that great of a driver. He's good, but he just can't perform under the most intense pressure moments, he seems to always find a way to screw it up by spinning, crashing or just making poor decisions on when to try and overtake. It will be very interesting next year when he is alongside Hamilton in the same car
  6. Responded. Will be curious to see what others think
  7. great to see more people getting the opportunity to test and review....too bad the season is over here in Chicago. Played yesterday and it was way too cold and sloppy so I'm officially done for 2023, only simulator golf now until the temps start creeping towards 50 now
  8. Not a fan of the rollback. I don't care how much it will affect me personally, losing distance even if it's just a few yards is dumb for 99% of golfers. I also could care less about the pro game and whatever perceived distance problem they have as it pertains to sustainability. The entire idea of golf being sustainable is completely ridiculous. Golf courses are inherently not sustainable and the idea that lengthening a few dozen private or outrageously priced public courses 700 yards is going to have any negative impact is laughable. If golf wants to be sustainable then it should ban irrigation and watering of courses. I'm curious as to how far the manufacturer's and pros really want to take this. I don't think it's totally out of the question that the major brands get together and just say, "we're not going to make conforming balls". Pros don't want them and neither do amateurs. the PGA tour and/or the PGA can just create their own identical rules sans the ball roll back and that can be adopted by all amateur/junior/etc tours and organizations. The only real net effect would be the US open and "The Open" would have to figure out what they wanted to do, either find someone to make balls for use in their tournament or relent
  9. Reporting back, overall things went fairly well. After 2 sessions my dad is going with a mixed set of Cleveland Launchers a new Callaway CB sand wedge and staying with his current hybrids, fairways and his Rogue driver as nothing else really beat them out. They did not have all the shafts for all the brands but we did find something that did work and he was able to place an order for clubs that they will build for the same price as retail. Should take a few weeks to get everything and then can verify gapping and make any adjustments necessary.
  10. Club length varies from brand to brand as the way they all measure differs so that is likely the discrepancy. I think Mizuno and srixon measure length to the end of the actual shaft before putting a grip on. Ping measures to the line at the end of the butt cap on their standard grip which results in a different shaft cut length and means that the measured length in a shop would vary based on the grip you choose. Callaway, Titleist, TM all have their way of measure as well....
  11. I've got a couple other options my father can go to if need be but the fitting is more expensive and they're ~ 1 hr away instead of 5 min so that was the real driver in him choosing CC, plus his unfamiliarity with all of the above pitfalls. Honestly though there aren't as many options as your would think even in a major city. True spec and cool clubs have a similar business model to CC and then after that you're looking at PGATSS where you risk getting a guy who watched a 1 hr video being your fitter. Most of the courses that have pros who offer fittings only have affiliations with one or two brands so you can't get a full brand agnostic fitting. And even then I haven't gotten great responses as to who the good ones are when I've inquired before. At this point I'm hoping this goes well today. I spent a lot of time this weekend going through each mfr site and making a list of the shaft options that each offers in the budget of what my father is willing to spend. I don't expect the fitter to have memorized the list of stock options for each mfr so that's why I am going so I can help with that info if necessary. He's playing a senior flex now and even in his prime only ever played regular so that helped narrow the lists substantially.
  12. That's very possible, it's not my decision to go there. On the surface it shouldn't be unreasonable to go to a quality fitter and ask to be fitted into the clubs that will provide the best balance of performance vs cost for them but that is not the way CC operates apparently. I'm a firm believer that there are almost no scenarios where a player shooting in the upper 80s or 90s would see substantially better results from exotic upgrades vs a properly fit set of "stock" offerings. I'm hoping it doesn't go south and there is no reason it has to but it should become apparent right away if this location prioritizes bilking every last dollar out of their customer or if they would rather earn a nice fitting fee and a healthy margin on selling some clubs. I'm hoping for the latter.
  13. That is what I told my father. Tell them at the beginning he is looking for only OEM offerings in the $15-20 range that the OEM charges and that he plans to have the OEM build the clubs. No $60 steelfibers or Fuji Axioms, etc. If they say they don't have them then the plan is to walk as it's pointless to be fitted into anything else because he isn't going to pay an extra $100/club for th eexotic options and extra build fees. We'll see how it goes, I plan to go with just to ask questions and take notes so he doesn't get talked into something different but I'll probably be arriving about the time he finishes warming up as I'm supposed to be working
  14. This was our plan all along, but my concern is that they won't have the OEM graphite shaft offerings to actually hit. When you're buying steel it isn't that big of an issue because most of the major manufacturers offer the most popular steel aftermarket shafts (Modus 105, 120, KBS Tour, tour lite, etc), but when it comes to OEM graphite shaft offerings at the "no upcharge or $12-15 upcharge" the options are much more limited and in some cases are shafts that aren't available at retail which makes me think they won't have such niche offerings, especially in senior flex. FWIW, I called CC but got directed to the national call center and they said they have all the offerings from the major OEMs but as Jnoble said above, that wasn't the case for him and I'm guessing all the stores have different options depending on who the fitters are and what they tend to recommend most.
  15. I don't think there is anything formal out there but there are some general rules of thumb. You can shift the weight to compensate for your typical miss in order to help minimize the distance loss. Heavy weight on the toe for a toe miss, etc. Can also place the weights similar to what you do with driver, placing it out on the toe will promote a fade, on the heel will help the face close a little bit faster
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