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  1. I'm sure it is supply chain related in some way or another. Also possible that the factory that makes them decided to drop MG as a customer for a more lucrative one. I still don't think we've seen what is going to happen with all of the different balls made at the Nassau factory now that TM has bought the factory. I believe Snell balls are made there along with a lot of other DTC brand balls so if TM decided to keep all the factory capacity for themself then we could see a lot of the DTC balls disappear for awhile and/or be slightly different when they return.
  2. I haven't seen anything and we probably won't see much until just before they are released. Since they are a SGI club it's not likely we are going to see them being tested in a tour player's bag like we do with some of the other things coming. Which also means they won't be put up on the conforming list early either so we won't get the typical spy photos like we sometimes do. I didn't follow super closely, but I don't recall seeing much of anything for the i59 clubs either and those are in a category of clubs with a lot more hype and interest than the SGI sector.....
  3. First, you definitely don't have to send them back to Mizuno to be rebuilt. Any local shop can rebuild them for you as will KBS if you want to send them out. I also wouldn't just take one person's word that the shafts are all mis-matched. It seems highly unlikely that would have happened and then someone went back and deliberately placed S300 labels on all of them. Someone more knowledgeable should chime in on this as I'm no club building expert, but I thought the whole purpose of CPM measurements were to match them to the specific preferences for each person PRIOR to building the clubs. Doesn't the process involve putting a constant weight on the tip end of the shaft and then taking measurements? This can't be done with an assembled club as the head weight of each club is different.
  4. My apologies for not posting in a while, been crazy busy with work & life the last few weeks. I did have a chance to get out for 2 rounds and a chipping/putting session during that time. First up, I’ll discuss my impressions on the green. My typical ball for the last season or so has been the 2019 Srixon Z-Star XV, which I believe is one of the firmest balls out there, and I think it was slightly noticeable with the puter. The Tour X definitely had a similar feel and if I had done the test blind I probably would have had a hard time telling the difference between the two consistently. The Tour was slightly softer but not to the extent that it would ever be a problem or something that I couldn’t adjust to within the first round. After putting, I started working on some chips from the rough to simulate a forced carry over a bunker and then a tight pin placement. I set up about a 25 yard carry with another 8 yards to the flag. Both Maxfli balls and my Z-Stars performed similarly with plenty of spin to stop the ball. After a couple dozen chips with each ball, the only discernible performance differences seemed to be due to the quality of my ball strike. Any of these balls would be perfectly acceptable for me out on the course. I've got what might be the last round of golf scheduled for tomorrow so I'll try to post again on Sunday with my impressions from my first 2 rounds plus tomorrow's...
  5. So by your definition, Tesla would also not be a DTC brand because they have retail stores where I can go in and buy cars at?
  6. If that is the criteria you're measuring by then none of the DTC brands are actually DTC. There isn't a single one of the "mainstream" DTC companies that manufactures their own balls. Even Taylormade doesn't yet manufacture their own balls completely as they just bought the factory that makes them for them....
  7. I think there is a lot of hair splitting going on. What I'm hearing is that if there was a Maxfli website that you could purchase balls from then it would qualify as DTC but since that site redirects to Dick's sporting goods website, which is a major retailer, they don't qualify? I guess maybe my definition of DTC is different. I interpret DTC to mean that the manufacturer sells their product directly to the consumer with out any middle man or 3rd party being involved. It doesn't matter to me whether that sale happens primarily over the internet or in a store or if the manufacturer of the product happens to also be a retailer. Similarly, I still consider PXG to be a DTC brand even though they have retail locations.
  8. I would say it is a DTC ball. It's made by Dick's and they sell it directly to consumers. Just because Dick's is a huge company compared to say Vice or something doesn't mean they aren't DTC. What's the main reason you think they don't qualify? Edit: @cnosil makes a good point. Since Vice is available at retail stores, they actually aren't being sold by the manufacturer "directly to the consumer". They are being sold by a middle man just like the big brands. Maxfli, as far as I know, is only available at Dick's and Golf Galaxy which are one and the same...
  9. Just be aware that cutting 1-2" off the tip end of the shaft is going to have a dramatic effect on how that shaft plays for your friend. If these are parallel tip shafts and you're going to use the cut down shafts in the short irons then you're probably ok, but you definitely don't want to put a shaft that has been tipped 2" into a 5 iron....
  10. Not sure which way you are going with this. IMO, if you're buying clubs from an actual end user your odds of getting genuine clubs go up. Most counterfeit clubs are going to be sold as new with the stock shaft so they can be passed off to unwitting consumers. Getting a set of lightly played irons with a no-charge optional shaft (offered by Mizuno) indicates to me that these are probably the real deal. It's not worth the time for an individual to get a set of counterfeit clubs and then go play them several rounds to get them into used shape and then turn around and sell them....
  11. While certainly not a conclusive criteria, Mizuno, Srixon, and the other "smaller" brands are not counterfeited to the same extent as the big brands. Fake Scotty Cameron, Ping, Callaway, TM, etc are far more prevalent. Probably just boils down to market share as the number of people shopping for those brands just doesn't make it worthwhile to counterfeit them.
  12. ChitownM2


    Answered same question over in the Arccos thread... As for the caddie, I find it much more convenient than using the phone. The app will stick up your shots though if you use the phone and lock it, but I still recommend you check it after every hole. This is regardless of what you use for shot detection...
  13. A little late now, but I would recommend anyone with a link remove the clip and drill a small hole in it and then pick up a small lanyard off Amazon. They're about $6 for a 5 pack and this has saved my link twice so far since January...
  14. The TXG video from today addressing free fittings was very well done. I wish the original NPG episode would have gotten more in depth to touch on the items TXG brought up instead of Adam just saying that he'd done it before and free fittings "pay for themselves". As I mentioned before, I think Adam may have a point for certain business models, but I'd like to have seen him address the specific points TXG makes instead of just shouting Ryan down saying "it works".
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