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  1. Ryan - Bloomingdale, IL USA Odyssey Stroke Lab Marxman Tomcat 14 - I like high MOI mallets with long sight lines
  2. Wish I could afford this. Best bet is probably to list the serial # and then let the potential buyers verify whatever they need to with Trackman directly that way there is no confusion or miscommunication since OP did not purchase it originally and may not be the most knowledgeable about the product.
  3. Now my interest is piqued as well. I'd like to see a ball with 2 covers.... Maybe I can just peel off the top one after I bounce it across the cart path and it will be as good as new ??
  4. I think it refers to cores not covers. A 1 core ball is a 2 piece, 2 core is a 3 piece, etc. Every ball only has 1 cover and it can be urethane, ionomer or other material.
  5. OP did say he is playing "standard" irons and unless he bought them on here or WRX, they are almost guaranteed to be regular or stiff flex shafts. Assuming he is "average" in height and arm length, it's extremely unlikely that he is "totally misfit". He's also been taking lessons for 5 years so if his clubs were completely wrong, I would have expected even the most incompetent instructor to have at least mentioned that at one point or another.
  6. Sure, but it almost always ends up somewhere in the vicinity (85-90%) of the original asking price. Very rarely will someone list something for $300 and then accept $150 for it without intermediate price drops being posted. Based on the initial asking price and the elapsed time between the time it is posted and the time it sells, you can make reasonable inferences about where the price ends up. If someone lists a set of irons for $500 and it sells within an hour you can be pretty sure they got the asking price or very very close to it. Likewise if it sits for 2 weeks and then drops to $450 and then sits another 2 weeks before selling you can bet that the price was definitely lower than $450.
  7. It is, but it drives me nuts that everyone deletes the sale price of their items over there. I like this forum better, but I'm on their BST a lot more often as they probably have as many items posted in 2 hours as this forum gets in a week.... I honestly thought this forum might get a little bump in BST activity when that site went down for a week, but it didn't materialize.
  8. Thanks for the tip. How or where do I find that map of members?
  9. But that is just one giant thread of people introducing themself to the forum. I'm talking about a separate sub-heading where you can post your own topic and have a discussion about it without being intermixed with 10 people a day listing how long they have played golf and what they do for a living. If I want to post a thread to get recommendations for a club fitter in the Chicago area, that single post is going to get lost in that sea of introductions, not to mention that nobody will be looking there to answer that type of question. To be perfectly honest, I haven't gone in my regional thread since the first week I joined the forum because there really isn't a lot of discussion in there. Likewise, if I post it in the clubfitting sub-heading, the majority of the people who see that post probably don't live by me and can't answer the question, but if I posted it in a "Midwest Section" then local people who might not be looking at the clubfitting section would see it and provide feedback on who they had used.
  10. I was looking for a place to post a question about finding a local shop to bend some irons and realized that we don't have a good place for regional talk. The "introduce yourself" sub-forum is the only place I can find with regions and that isn't exactly the best place to be asking and also it isn't viewed nearly as often as I feel a lot of people aren't interested in saying hi to every person that joins the forum. I do think it would be useful to use those same regions though and create sub-forums for each to post new topics. This would be a good place to discuss local fitters, local retailers, etc. It could also incorporate the "arrange a game" sub-forum as it is much easier to coordinate real life meet ups with people who are local compared to one sub-forum for the entire world.
  11. This would be a huge improvement, and make things much easier to find. Also, I would suggest rather than clearing old sale posts they could be moved into a 4th "folder" called Archive. The Archive section would coincide with my suggestion that all prices and price drops MUST be maintained with the listing and not deleted and replaced with $Sold as I see almost everyone does. I'm a member on other forums with classifieds sections like this and they require that the prices be maintained and it is a really useful tool in determining market value of everything. A lot of sellers are sometimes unsure where to price things at and having an archive with sale prices still showing is incredibly helpful in establishing what price you should be listing your item at.
  12. I'm pretty sure it is "classic" dynamic gold. Not the 105 or 120 just regular old dynamic golf. That said, I'm wondering how Ping puts together this chart. Everywhere I've read the nippon modus 105 is a "mid" launch shaft but here it is shown as the highest launching shaft offered. This despite being classified by Ping as mid-high opposed to the XP95 which is high launching according to Ping. Also, the modus 105 shaft is heavier than the AWT according to Ping's chart (for 7 iron) for every flex but X. Seeing as the modus is a CW shaft and the AWT gets heavier on the shorter irons, the crossover point must be somewhere near the 7 or 8 iron but I would still think something is off as I would assume this chart is based on the 7 iron just like the other data they provide for length, weight, etc.
  13. Probably should add WTB to your title. Most people who see just the club name will assume you are selling one and won't look in here to read that you want one.
  14. you will probably have to go to the store and see which feels best for you. My guess would be tour traxion 2.0 would be closest. I know that slim 3.0 is definitely larger as I'm holding both the odyssey oversize and slim 3.0 in my hand right now.
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