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  1. Curious as to what the realistic timeline is for the grass to come in? In my mind I'm picturing this as something that will take the whole season for the grass to come in / spread and fully choke out the old stuff and get you to a putting surface that you can actually use. Although I bet the old stuff will die off pretty quickly once you mow the new stuff the first time. Not familiar with the grass you have in your yard, but most types won't tolerate being cut down to 1/4".
  2. I hope this turns out well. This would be amazing to do in my yard but I have a feeling that leveling out even a small area would be more work than I'm willing to put in...
  3. The tip weights showed up today so hopefully I can get the clubs re-built in the next week or so and then I can get them off to a shop to have the lie adjusted. After messing around it looks like D2 is about as heavy as I can get them because I have some Lamkin midsize Sonar grips on them and they add like 8 grams to the butt end meaning they take the swingweight down by almost 2 points all on their own vs the stock tour velvet grips which only weigh 50 grams. Curious how others are able to get some of these heavier swingweights I've seen mentioned before. If you play a mid-size grip or larger then you're already down 2 or 3 swingweight points from stock so even getting them back to normal can be challenging. 10g is the largest swingweight I could find and that would barelybe enough to offset some of the heavier grips out there. Are people adding tip weights and then lead powder on top of that?
  4. For anybody interested it looks like PP is offering a limited edition cover for the upcoming Masters.... https://precisionprogolf.com/products/nx10-custom-skins?variant=44741287379217&utm_source=Precision+Pro+Master+List&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Master's+Design+Launch+Email+%232+(01GW7VPKM4E9FRN5Q32AV2W31X)&_kx=TnOE5VF8GnwljnQf5uYZNwTSAgUVMbgk_vHmzLeITtc%3D.PKR4qw
  5. Where did you buy this from used? Was it PXG's ebay store or just some random user? Just because the serial # matches up to the specs doesn't mean it isn't counterfeit. When they create counterfeit clubs they use a real one to base it off of with a real serial #. The difference being there may just be 2000 clubs with that same serial # which you have no way of knowing and PXG doesn't keep track of.
  6. I bought my current gamer irons second hand and have gotten along with them pretty well. They were originally 2° up from Srixon standard and also + 1/2" (from prev owner). When I got them I pulled the grips and cut them to std length and have been playing them ever since. After going for a fitting recently, we determined that I'm not going to gain much from a new set of irons but based on the session, it does appear that getting back a couple of swing weight points would be beneficial to my dispersion and also since I'm not coming over the top as much as I was when I first got them, I need to go back to the std lie angle to help reduce some of my left misses. So the plan is to pull the heads and tip weights and then rebuild the same pieces with heavier weights to get me back to D2 instead of the C9.5-D0 they are currently at. I have all the tools required to do that, but can't do the lie adjustment as I don't have the machine and wouldn't try it on my gamers even if I did. My question is: Should I go have the lie angles adjusted and then pull the shafts and re-build or re-build them and then take them to have the lie angle changed? In theory adjusting the lie angle would have a small effect on swing weight so I should do that first, but it's also possible that even with centering beads that I wouldn't get the shaft perfectly centered in the head so maybe it makes sense to adjust lie afterward? Also possible that the differences are going to be so minimal that it doesn't make a difference either way.....
  7. Reading this I don't understand how this is true. I get that they are going to reduce the number of tires to 11, but I don't see how dictating which compound they use directly reduces the number of tires needed for the weekend. It just changes which tires they are going to use during practice based on their strategy for to use in qualifying and the race. Seems like a "were doing A and we're also going to do B" where A doesn't require B and B doesn't require A but they are being implemented together. I suppose the thought is that instead of running 2 sets in each qualifying session they will just use 1 set instead? I don't see that being realistic, maybe you could get 2 quali laps on a set of hards, but they already can't get 2 quali laps on mediums so not sure why that would change in the future.
  8. It's a lot better than it was. It's goign to take a while for the money advantage the big 3 teams have to wear off. They were so far ahead because of having essentially unlimited budgets that the mid-tier couldn't compete. Hence the rules re-write and cost cap introduction. The advantages that the big teams had are still present but over time they should evaporate and everyone will be on a level field. I'm guessing by the time we get new powertrains in 2026 everything will be much closer from top to bottom.
  9. I'm not surprised....I think the entire concept of F1 going green is ridiculous. I don't care if they are buying offsetting carbon credits or whatever, it is inherently a contradiction to be "green" when you are jet-setting huge amounts of equipment all across the world purely for entertainment. And when they aren't flying, they are using diesel trucks to transport mansions all across Europe. I'm not sure how much a supersoft would help at this point. It seems like on a lot of tracks they have a hard time getting the soft compound to last the entire lap. They are always talking about taking too much out of it during warm-up lap and or early in the lap. Also, unrelated but I didn't like the dummying down of the tires to be hard, medium & soft every week. They should have just kept the compounds separate and said you're getting C1, C2 & C3 this weekend.
  10. Seems like a step too far imo. I already didn't like the change they made a couple years ago where the teams no longer get to select the number of each tire type they want. They should be able to get whatever they want and what they believe will be the best for their team. If they want 12 soft tires for the weekend then give it to them. I don't see why the FIA should be telling the teams how many of each tire they can have when different compounds perform differently on every car. I also liked the rule they had about the Q2 tire being the tire you start the race on. I feel like it required more strategy from the teams and made things interesting. I wish they had kept it and maybe modified it to be you have to start the race on that same compound, not necessarily the exact tires. Now they are going to dictate to teams when they have to use the compounds? That seems like a huge over reach to me. Why should the FIA be deciding which compounds HAVE to be used and when to use them. In most qualifying sessions only 2 compounds ever end up getting used. I don't recall ever seeing the hards during quali but now you're going to force every team to run them? Seems dumb.
  11. At this stage, the F1 team makes money so it's not like they are throwing all kinds of cash at it. I would think that is true of most of the current F1 field. Between the prize money, all the sponsorship and then other deals I'm betting they break even at worst and the big teams are likely profitable. As for the smaller stuff that Redbull does, I'm sure some of that is also a break even or close to it venture. There is undoubtedly some marketing value in having your name plastered all over these events they organize / compete in and outside of F1, everything else they are doing is likely a lot less expensive.
  12. Anyone else getting a message that says you have drivers at ineligible positions and your team won't score any points? Set my lineup Monday and just checking it now and seeing this message
  13. Obviously there is no way to ever know what would have happened, but my guess is that something happened and even if it had been a steel shaft you'd have ended up with a nice kink in it and an unusable shaft regardless. I can't see a graphite putter shaft just snapping from regular use, the swing speed is just too slow. Either that or it was defective in which case I'm thinking you would have felt something off from the get go.
  14. I'd be interested in joining this year
  15. the broken shaft mentioned above was a strokelab not an LA golf shaft. Also, I would say something funky has to be going on with your buddies golf swing or something. Either that or whoever is installing the shaft doesn't know what they are doing. Breaking 2 shafts in 3 weeks is highly unusual.
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