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  1. 100% correct. I'm not advocating buying from CC but I have no issues getting a fitting there. Most PGATSS don't even have the 15-30 shafts offered by each manufacturer and then have them in each flex, etc. That would end up being like 50-100 shafts per manufacturer and like 500 shafts overall. In my experience they usually have the stock option and then another ~15-20 total (including the same shaft in multiple flexes) opposed to club champion most likely will have them all.
  2. Club Champion will have a lot more options for shafts than the local PGA store. The PGA store usually only carries a small portion of the shafts available from each manufacturer opposed to CC will have pretty much anything that is available on the market.
  3. Adding wraps is essentially the same thing as using a heavier grip and will reduce swing weight.
  4. The availability of left dot balls is completely unrelated to anything with supply chain or factory capacity etc. Left dots are special limited quantity item from Titleist and were available only at that one release back in September if I recall correctly. Titleist doesn't offer them as a regularly stocked product and they aren't available at regular retail stores because they don't think the ball is a good fit for most golfers. Whether or not that opinion will change after seeing them sell out instantly and then prices on the secondary market hitting $150/dozen is another question. They are a similar concept to left dash except even more niche and hence why they are not part of the regular line-up. We'll have to see if that changes in 2022 or not, My guess is not because Titleist probably doesn't care if a bunch of people that shouldn't be playing that ball can't get it and they also aren't concerned that some people are willing to pay crazy prices to get them.
  5. Have to agree that this new format does not work. The show just doesn't have enough to make me want to stick with it for the duration. For as much as they want to have that free flowing open format, it really doesn't work as a weekly podcast. I don't know the full workings behind how the previous shows came together, but I got the impression that Miranda was the one planning the topics and organizing the show format, etc. Her role as host was also indispensable which may not have been clear at the time, but is certainly noticeable now that the show is without one. I can see a show with Tony, Chris & Harry just shooting the s*** being entertaining, but it would probably need to be a one-off that only happens a few times a year where they can gather enough content to deliver a solid 45+ minutes of entertainment. As it is now, it just feels awkward and forced as they try to keep it unstructured but also try to work in the MGS testing results. IMO, we get the worst of both. Not to mention that they are discussing results that are month or more old. I've already dissected that test, discussed it to my heart's content on the forum and moved onto something else. Getting Tony's impressions/thoughts on it 3 weeks after I am able to go and hit all of the clubs in the store for myself doesn't matter to me. A huge part of the value in watching is hearing about the equipment in that "hype" time between when it is announced and when I can actually get the clubs in my own hands. With all that said, it's already been a month now since the last show....have they already decided to pull the plug on this format and relaunch it again for the 100th episode? Personally, I hope so as I don't want to see the show disappear completely. Ideally they could get it going again soon with Adam playing the role of host until they can find a permanent replacement for Miranda. With the exception of the "free fittings" episode, I always like what Adam brought to the show even going back to the beginning when it was just him, harry & Sam Robinson.
  6. I'll be shocked if they make the switch to a titanium face for their clubs. The cost would go up significantly and I'm not sure there would be much benefit in doing so. By the time they add back in everything they would need to get acceptable feel and sound from them I bet the weight savings would be negligible. Also, Ping isn't the type of company who usually goes out on a limb with new or different tech. They tend to be very conservative with their re-designs and only venture into new designs after other manufacturers have had success with them and almost forced their hand to be competitive.
  7. measure the length of both as well. Some club mfrs make the PW and gap wedge the same length so the loft difference creates a yardage gap, but if you have an older set PW and then a newer specialized gap wedge, it's possible that the gap wedge could be longer than your PW which might explain why they go the same length despite the loft difference.
  8. ChitownM2


  9. Overall the racing this year seems to be better than in previous years. For one, it seems like the new regs actually work and the cars are able to follow each other and much more closely for longer periods of time. Also, the top 3 are still the top 3 but the other 7 teams all seem to be very very close. Each week a different team seems to be very competitive and I don't really see anyone who is an automatic last place like you had with Williams and Haas over the last 3 seasons. I'm excited to see how the rest of the season plays out....I'm hoping Mercedes can figure out their porpoising issues and start competing for poles and victories so that we have a true 3 way battle at the front. Definitely impressed with what I've seen from Russel so far this season, he's matching or besting Lewis' pace which is an accomplishment of its own.
  10. As mentioned above, have your buddy stand nearby and take a photo of the screen when the data pops up. Much easier than trying to write down the info and you can get all of it at once.
  11. Can't make a comment like that and not post a pic of said ugly headcover .
  12. Not sure if they still offer this or not, but at one point you could order from the local PXG store and have the clubs shipped there for pick-up instead of paying the $50 or whatever ridiculous shipping charge they have. Worth looking into if you have a store nearby.
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