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  1. Personally, I use my gap wedge for full shots nearly all the time so I have a set matching gap wedge and then have a 54 & 60 specialty wedges with grinds that allow me to open the face, etc. If you like to manipulate the face with your GW, then I'd suggest getting a specialty wedge but if you're like me then the set GW might make more sense.
  2. This is extremely cool, I wish I had these kind of toys at my disposal. I vote for milling pattern #4 on the face. I'd try to taking your original mallet design here in aluminum and then adding on some wings like a spyder out of something much much heavier to create a really high MOI putter. Kind of like a PXG blackjack
  3. Heading down to Florida on Saturday so next week so I should be able to get some rounds in with the hybrid where it isn't 40 degrees and super windy. Looking forward to seeing how it performs in a more "normal" golf scenario opposed to the November/December Chicago rounds I put it through for my official review.
  4. Most exhilarating car I've ever driven. Definitely more than just about being fast. Also, for the record, it wasn't mine. A good friend was very successful and in a good financial place when everything hit the fan back in 2009 and got a sweetheart deal. Unfortunately, after 5 years of ownership and $30k+ in maintenance and repairs he decided to sell it for something more reliable. That's actually a lot of miles for an exotic.
  5. Signed up to see what they say. Should be interesting.
  6. I can't imagine it would be economically feasible to do it. Unless you're picking up a circle T for a few hundred dollars I'm sure you'd be better off finding one that doesn't have to be refinished.
  7. Not super familiar with the TM adapter, but can you not just put the 3W shaft in the driver and give that a try just to see what happens?
  8. I would imagine that there will be some new shoes released at the show, but probably nothing ground breaking so if you like the CodeChaos and they fit well, just go ahead and buy them. Worst case is you keep them in the box and return them if something gets announced that you decide you absolutely have to have. Most places allow at least 30 days for returns which should get you through the PGA show announcements.
  9. Very interested to see these in person. I'm definitely looking to hit that ER7v back to back with the non-V model and see if there is any difference in feel due to the interchangeable hosel. Also wondering if these are going to be stocked at retail stores or if they will be a custom order thing only. I don't see too many retailers wanting to keep that much inventory and I doubt they will let you mix and match head/shafts from what they have in stock.
  10. Congrats on the new purchase. I bought the same setup in May except with the 6.0 flex shaft and I've been pretty happy with it. Very forgiving
  11. Any idea what causes this to happen? I see this in various spots across the forum from time to time and was wondering why. When you click on any of the threads none of them ever work.
  12. I usually list on both FB & the forums at the same time with a price on each that reflects the actual take home cash I will get. Paypal fees + shipping costs can really cut into your take home so price accordingly and I've found that while I get some lowball offers I usually end up with one that is reasonable. A lot also depends on why your selling, if your looking to buy something else with the money and need a quick sale then the large market of WRX can be nice as things move quickly over there if priced right. One thing for certain though is that right now is
  13. Just an FYI, you can order a brand new G400 SW from Ping for ~ $70 with whatever specs you want. teegolfclub.com or discountdans.com can place the order for you and Ping will ship directly to you. Probably dozens of other places you can order from as well, but I've had good experiences with both places I mentioned
  14. Enjoy! I'm definitely envious as I shovel my driveway here with golf being officially over for the season....
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