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  1. Went in for my fitting and ended up purchasing the XF with a stiff smoke yellow shaft. Kind of bummed that it will take 5 weeks, but I guess that is the state of things with the sale creating a huge back log. Interesting that not everything matches up on the website vs. in the store. I was able to get the CP2 Pro grip at no upcharge where as it was not even available on the website in standard size. Also a ton more shaft options available. They also apparently offer free shipping to the store which I took advantage of because the woman told me shipping was $60!! The website only charges $30. The store is a solid 35 min drive for me, but there was no way I was paying an extra 20% of the driver cost to have it shipped to my door.
  2. Have a fitting booked for Saturday to hit the xf. Assuming everything goes well I plan to order one, but I do have to say that $30 shipping is kind of disappointing. Still going to be a good deal but every other golf company offers free shipping so $30/item is steep, especially since UPS is like $8 at their volume.
  3. Honestly, I would never do that. The type of person who is going to be buying a driver with an expensive exotic shaft is never going to step foot into a play-it-again sports to find it. In the meantime, the club is going to get beat to hell in their store.
  4. Find a stock shaft on eBay and trade it with that if you don't want to sell the head separately. Keep the exotic shaft or sell it separately. Either way you're going to lose a ton of money compared to what you paid.
  5. yeah it is slim pickings. I was looking for a friend and found a few options on craigslist. maybe try there?
  6. Can guarantee the response on this forum will be to wait and get fitted. Don't spend $1300 on irons without getting a proper fitting. Fight the quarantine urge and wait until things open back up.
  7. ChitownM2

    G710 or T400

    I have the 919 Hot metal and G710 on my shortlist and was hoping to hit the T400 before things went on lockdown. One thing to keep in mind, although it may not be an issue, is that the T400 irons are really expensive. Like $220/iron compared to the G710 which is also very expensive at $163. Most other irons are ~$125 per and with the Mizuno price drop last week, the 919s are down to $100.
  8. https://mygolfspy.com/best-drivers-2020/ You can see how it held up to the others in the 2020 driver test...
  9. Did they say that they would be testing mid range balls? In the past, they have mentioned that they don't test mid-range balls for the ball test because no one should be playing a mid range ball. Basically, if you only want to spend $35/ dozen, then you're better off using one of the tour level balls that sells at that price rather than a non-urethane cover mid range titleist or TM ball. Personally, I'm not certain that is true. In my mind I could see a scenario where a $35 DTC tour ball doesn't perform any better than some mid range ball from someone else, especially when you add in the quality issues discovered this year.
  10. Just signed up for this, been a half dozen years since I had an official handicap..
  11. Mizuno just dropped the price of 919 irons 20% so maybe this will become a thing. These clubs are at the top two of my short list so I can't wait for things to open up again so I can go get a fitting.
  12. Love to try out this new bag 1. Bloomingdale, IL 2. Sun mountain C130 3. I like full length dividers for each club along with several well laid or pockets of varying sizes. It's important that I can get a folded rain jacket in one of them, a separate medium sized pocket with enough room for 7 or 8 balls min, a place to put my phone and wallet, and a dedicated and easily accessible pocket for my rangefinder. It's also important to me that the bag isn't ridiculously huge, I hate when you load your bag onto a cart and your partner also has an enormous bag and then neither one of you can get anything out of the bag because they are squished together.
  13. Definitely will be watching this to see what kind of results everyone gets. Considered getting this a couple times but can't get past the price and used ones disappear in a heartbeat
  14. I imagine it is something like this...
  15. Better analogy would probably be to test drive a car without tires. Anyway, I think OP said in the first post why he wanted to do it. He's considering cutting down the shafts but wants to see what the swing weights will be before he does it. Therefore he needs to know what the swing weight is with the grip, but obviously he doesn't want to install the grip only to then remove it and cut the shaft down.
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