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  1. The M Series + is certainly the way to go. You do have some choices on how much help you actually need. The longer the sole the more forgiving they will be. Even the Tour model sole is longer than the TSW. If you have room in the bag i do recommend keeping both a 52 and a 56 to give you more options on the course. The other chain of thought is to keep it simple and only have a 56. https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-m-series-wedges/p/ma0257/ Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  2. Those TS-1 irons are just stunning. Love the new button medallion they use now. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  3. Great looking bag. That Xcaliber Avalon 6S is such a smooth feeling shaft. I have built 4 of them for people and they are just smitten with how they feel and play. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  4. Don't do anything out of the ordinary. The pocket is really small so there really is nothing to fill. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  5. Here is current bag. Ke4 TC- Xcaliber T6 ☆ S TM SIM 3w Ti- Xcaliber Rapid Taper Fw FDI 2 HY- Xcal Rapid Taper 75 g PTM BLACKS 4-Gw- Xcal Pro X 85g TSW 52-56- Xcal Spin Wedge 100g shaft Ball is the amazing Bridgestone Tour B X. Easily the best bag I've had in such a long time. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  6. Nice bag. How is that shaft working out for you? Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  7. So I took the late plunge on these because I had a set of Xcaliber Spin Wedge shafts on the way. After all these years I have never tinkered with them. I ordered the 52 and the 56. First off they are flat out sexy. Such a classy looking wedge. Simple graphics and understated looks. Its a surprisingly compact head as well. First go round at a ramge with gnarly grass left me with a,,, oh wow. These are horrible.. feeling. Couldn't find the face. Struggled through the cabbage and just had no feel. Even a buddy didn't like them. So today I just got home from sea and took a chance and brought these out. Right from the first green I hit a tight chip to save a bogey. Things were looking up. Starting on the back nine they got a workout. They were so instinctive and easy to play. The sole has a definite rocker to them that I would set the wedge down right upon that rocker. It felt right. Gave me confidence that I wouldn't hit it fat. The wedge would glide through the turf. Taking a tiny divot but each time catching the ball very cleanly With the spin wedge shafts the spin was a plenty. I was stopping the ball alot more quickly than my M+ gamers. They also go a good 5 yards further same loft. On full shots they really dance upon the green. They dont rip back but they certainly dance. They were certainly fun to play. These shafts are 100g S flex and they are fairly stout. I might even want to try the R flex as I like a little more give to my wedge. With that said these performed really well. I honestly can't complain about them feeling firm as I wound up with 5 birdies on the back. Finished at -2 as on the front side i caught up with the league and the final 4 holes took a month to finish. For the first time out I was very surprised at how these played like I've been gaming them for ever. Huge fan of the sole and how it sits on the ground. For a wedge I thought I was gonna hate this one is a standout. The last picture is why I made 5 birdies in 7 holes. I may put a Spin Wedge in my PTM GW. To gain a little more gap as its only about 5-6 yards with the 52 TSW now... Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  8. Like anything, once you get some time with lighter shafts you quickly get used to how they feel. Now when i swing a 125 or a 130g shaft it feels like a cinder block. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  9. I was always on the heavier side till I did a 3 weight shaft study. 85, 95 and 105g shafts. I had 8 better players including me. Every one of them swore they couldn't hit the 85 at all. Yet every one of them. Hit it farther. Hit it straighter. Hit it more consistently. They still said they preferred their heavier weighted shafts but couldn't explain the better performance away. Many golfers are convinced they must play heavier shafts. Right now the Xcaliber 75g Rapid Tapers are being produced and I'm doing a lot of player testing. I simply hand them the club and won't tell them what it weighs. They marvel at the feel, launch and the near perfect spin numbers without ballooning. They will tell me it does feel lite, they can feel the club head, it is responsive and controlled. When they hear how much it weighs they make a funny face and say its too light. Then they hit another 10 shots down range straight as an arrow. The less weight obviously doesn't do well for better player when you get to wedges. But slower swings do exceptionally well. Players are slowly realizing that shafts built today don't have to be 130g to perform. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  10. Earlier this season I was doing a driver head comparison between Taylormade SIM head and a Maltby KE4 TC. They had identical shafts in length and CPM. Superlite55 Xcaliber shafts. On three separate days I collected data. The KE4 spun on average 2-300 rpms less. But nearly all other data was identical and only separated by a mph here or a yard there. The KE4 technically beat out the SIM but it was splitting hairs. As the testing went on i found the SIM to be much more consistent once I got it outside. But from what i saw the variations of spin from shot to shot creates marginal changes. I believe a 500 rpm change would be needed to really impact Joe Average player. Then when you become more comfortable with any said club you find out what works and what doesn't. So then if you went back and collected data again the numbers would change quite a bit. The SIM has been my testing head for the past three months. As I became more familiar with it I was able to improve all aspects of data. And we all know how our swing can change from week to week if not day to day. 500+/- would be needed for a true impact I believe. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  11. Then go crazy with it and see what you learn. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  12. Tipping an inch will make a noticeable difference but not in a huge way. It will stiffen the shaft but it wont make much of a change in flight characteristics. I understand you are hoping to change flight shape but tipping will only do so much. I do recommend experimenting though. Tip it an inch and see what you get. You may be able to get away with the shorter playing length. Or if you have enough parallel tip section tip it 1.5" and add some to the butt. Going all the way to 2" can be a bit extreme. The shaft doesnt work for you so tinkering with it wont hurt it. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  13. Take a good look at the Xcaliber Pro X iron shafts. They are the ideal transition shaft for the player that has to switch to graphite because of age and a beat up body. They are a graphite shaft with a metal woven mesh blended into the shaft. Acts like steel, dampens like graphite and distance of graphite. Its a shaft i have been playing with for years. 85g and 95g versions. The Avalon i8 and i9 are the Pro X to another level. Both versions are very stable and consistent. Zoom in on the picture and you can see the woven meah. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  14. If you are struggling with a shaft choice simply grab the stock club pak. The TT Score LT will get the job done quite nicely for not much money. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
  15. Great explanation of what a wedge is to you. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
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