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  1. For me it's purely Tempo when I get out of sorts. I try to hit smooth 3/4 swings that have a nice steady acceleration at the bottom. No thought about distance just feel. Right now my miss is a mid round shank with a wedge that will occur a few holes in a row. Its baffling to me because everywhere else is great. I really try to not let it get me down.
  2. I've been playing a set of Hogan Ptx Pros this last week and I'm loving the scores ice been posting. Home course I put up back to back -2. Then played two serious away courses Jack Frost National and Lederach. Shot 76, 77 with some holes that my wedges turned into shank machines both days. ( both mid round, three holes in a row.) This shot is from a 5 iron from 195. It stopped in less than a foot. Launch, spin and flight are near perfect. I just need to sink more putts.
  3. I am building three sets of Maverick Irons right now in the 75, 85 ,95, 100(spin wedge) set up. Just waiting on some appropriate ferrules to finish them off. I'll post up when I get them built.
  4. Sorry I missed this post. On the shorter irons I was only using 2 g tip weights with the 95 g shafts and some were not weighted at all. I have found these shafts for me love a D2 in the short irons. That is very easy to maintain with the 95g and the short irons and I will let it get up to D3 if it wants to. I'm also careful to not buy heavy weight grips. Going with the three weights I will allow the Swing weight of the long irons to stay D0 and let them slowly grow down the the short irons. It's a poor man's MOI build. Going lighter to heavier in the swingweight promotes an easy swing with the long irons. It seems to cure one of the biggest faults with a long iron and that's swinging too hard. The biggest thing with these shafts is finding your sweet spot with flex. When you do so its just pure bliss. It's hard to explain till you feel it.
  5. Well then let him deal with his stuff. We don't need to have the comparison done. Like I said, have him either give the heads to another or throw them in the used club bin. Appreciate his efforts. It's just Golf. It was supposed to be fun, not an obligation.
  6. Irs fun if a few guys go super low.. but damn. This is kind of silly. And this is a weak field !!
  7. Since I'm already using a lightweight graphite shaft I cut it as I would for a SW. If I'm using a heavyweight shaft I will trim as an 8 iron So i have some feel. The heavyweight shaft in a wedge head should help you be a bit mechanical getting through the grass and prevent a chunky swing that gets stuck in the grass or is balky. What i find is totally opposite. I find the lightweight shaft gets through the grass better with a little give. Where the heavyweight would get hung up. So I have a ton of feel in my hands that allows me to be creative. It really works for me. I fear no short chip whatsoever. I send out a lot of the Xcaliber shafts for demos and a recent customer asked if I could send one of my wedge setups with the lighter shaft. He ordered one for himself almost immediately upon trying the club.
  8. My go to shaft in a wedge has actually been completely against the flow of a heavy weighted shaft. Most wedge shafts are heavier than the iron shafts in a given set, yet I've found the 85g Xcaliber ProX to be the perfect wedge shaft for me. Its beaten out any wedge specific shaft I've used. Back this up 5 years ago and I built an entire set with what was the Xcaliber Tour X shafts. A metal woven mesh embedded into graphite. Plays like steel yet dampens like graphite. The entire set including wedges were the 85g shaft because at the time its all I had at the house. I normally went to the 105g version of that shaft for the wedges. What I found is I now had touch around the green. Delicate shots were far easier. The lighter weight had more give to it getting through the grass.. Yet I had no draw backs with full shots and even seemed to pick up spin. So all of my wedges since have been a version of the Tour X 85g shaft. They have evolved to the Avalon i8 and continue to be my wedge shaft, regardless of what I'm playing in my irons. As a reference my 9i and PW are a 95g shaft. The Avalon i8 shafts are on the far left. It doesn't hurt that they are flat out sexy either.
  9. I will echo your points about the Supersoft. Though I don't play the ball regularly it's a ball that has exceptional feel. Yes.. its super straight from the tee box and has the softest feel off the putter of any ball I've played. I seem to always reach for the higher priced balls. But honestly there is no reason to not play this ball.
  10. As I transition away from 6i PTM demos heads I have more popping up. I might have one next week become homeless.
  11. I'm not sure in this day and age they will stay with traditional lofts. I know they won't be distance Iron lofts but they will not be the TE lofts. I would also expect a progressive offset but minimal.
  12. The first real rendition of these was the M-05 Logic Tradition started back in 2003. They went through small tweaks for years but have always been one of the best sellers. The final version is the TE and honestly if they keep selling they will keep making them. Time may have finally caught up with the design.. though it has been timeless. The new TS3 is a very promising progressive cavity back that will be a true forged club. I have very high hoped for this head and it probably won't be till late winter spring. He still has not released pictures yet. TS-1 is all the latest bells and whistles in tech so it's tough for the TE to keep up. Sounds like the TS3 will be right between the two.
  13. The TE is known as a Legacy head. It's been produced in a form for what has to be nearly 15 years probably closer to 20. A true timeless design. I'm pretty sure they have enough for one more model year. The MMB was another head that live a very long life. The TS-1 and TS-2 have approached all time sales records if not already there. . So that's what killed the PTM. The TS-1 also killed the MMB-17. Britt has been working on the new forging for quite a while and hoped it would have already been here. The KE4 Tour replacement is just around the corner as well. Another legacy head that's been tweaked forever.
  14. Yes the feel and sound does change a bit. TE feel is as good as any forged head. DBM just is not as soft. Maybe a clicker sound.
  15. There are two things that will keep the DBM irons grooves fresher. 1, the DBM finish is not a coating but a chemical process that goes into the metal... not on. So there is nothing to wear off the grooves. 2, the metal is quite a bit harder now and wears far slower. So other than graying in color I have never seen the grooves of a set of DBM irons degrade much more than a rock nick here and there.
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