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  1. I've been told by them that they have full length dividers. Them being 3/4 I'd be a little pissy but not massively. Let's see when the 6 way comes (been waiting for it nearly a month now...)
  2. I've had the unpleasantness of meeting Shiels. He was an absolute *******. Got paid ~$5k for a corporate golf day (clinic, 3 holes with each of the groups we've had and produce a video from the event). Clinic was ok. Then during the round he didn't want to play - just wanted to hit drivers as he was 'going through swing changes' in his short game and it was 'off brand' for him to play badly. Never released the video to his audience as it wasn't good enough. Him and his agent ghosted the company after that. What a disgrace. Crossfield is fun/funny to watch. I have a funny story about him too Well, one of his students. I used to be friends with a guy that went onto his 'journey' and puttling lessons with Lockey. 6 months of lessons and all. From a Mizuno fanboy he went on full titleist as 'Mark said theyre the most consistent for me'. He claimed in those 6 months he went from 9 to 4hpc. Last round I played with him he 'didnt feel like a 4' on the day and asked for 8 shots After laughing at him for a bit that that's now how handicap system works I gave him 6 shots (being the generous guy that I am :)). Then he complained that we're playing from the back tees (as he said now he can hit as hard as he wants and not reach the bunkers so he doesn't need precision). Landed in 4/5 bunkers on the fairway and TOOK HIS BALL OUT and placed it before the bunker without saying anything to anyone when asked for a score until my playing partner called him out on it Also when he missed a putt he would pick up straight away if it passed the hole, even tho it would end up further than it started and called it a 2 putt He lost the match on the 11th hole and walked off without saying goodbye and we're not friends anymore So I think maybe a coach that would teach rules and etiquette on the course would be also very popular on YT ;-D Oh how fun life is.
  3. Yeah I like those bags... Pretty sure it's what a Mackenzie bag feels like too.
  4. If you're ever in the UK let me know and I'll take that bet any time
  5. The 14 way Player stand bag has full lenght dividers.
  6. Check out Vessel bags. They're pretty good!
  7. https://vesselbags.com/collections/golf-stand-bags/products/sunday-bag?variant=7967674925116 Thats my pick
  8. I have a Vessel Lite (actually a gfore killer carry but its just branded Vessel) and the quality is top notch. The 4 way not-full lenght divider is a bit of a bummer so I ordered the player 2.0 that I’ll have as my ‘full set bag’ and the killer carry as a sunday bag. I was quite surprised that Vessel didnt make it into mygolfspy list to be fair. Pockets are bigger than they seem. I also have a titleist StayDry 5 players and due to poor pocket placement I can’t fit there full waterproof set with leg thermals and gloves. On the vessel lite bag ( https://vesselbags.com/collections/golf-stand-bags/products/lite-stand?variant=9326212743228 ) the right full lenght pocket is huge. I assume the player 2.0 will be too. Only thing I struggled with was 14 or 6 dividers, but went for 6 in the end. And after customisation it only takes a week longer to deliver. EDIT: One problem i found is feet on the legs are falling off if not glued Very annoying!
  9. Lol a bag with no dividers sounds like a plan... I mean, not a single bag technically It’s 3 sets that are just completed and will be living at different places. 1 is a ‘at home set’, Driver, 17.5 degree hybrid, 3-PW, 50, 55, 60 and Bloodline putter. Second is the one I keep at my home club - Dr, 3 wood, 19 degree, 4-pw, 50, 55, 60. Third now lives at my second house (hate travelling with anything more than hand luggage) and it’s the same apart from wood there is a 1iron and 22 degree hybrid
  10. I go by two ancient proverbs when it comes to my golf equipement - “More expensive more better” and “New is always better”. Think the first one is Plato and the latter Socrates ;-D Lol, what happened?
  11. Well, the smartest purchase of 2018 for me was a 1iron. Now I carry 15 clubs as the 1i is just a joke club we do some ‘longest drive’ things for a beer
  12. I dont always hit my driver. But when I do it’s 2 villages over on the right ;-D
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