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  1. Berg do I make my waiver picks in the app or do I have to send them to you directly? Apparently because I didn't rank any kickers I never got one...
  2. I woke up to 14x14 emails for each and every pick last night. Definitely turn that off in your settings if you haven’t drafted already....
  3. I want a ride on the roller coaster, I went 7th, 7th, and then jumped all the way up to 6th! Are we allowed (read: is it possible to) trade draft picks during the draft? I like moving around the board from round to round when I draft in person with my buddies, not sure if that's doable here.
  4. 8.6, Boston MA Wilson Staff C300, 8i 160 I know that they are a direct to consumer company. I've been interested in trying their clubs before, but am always nervous to buy them without trying them.
  5. Billy / Massachusetts Odyssey O-Works Versa #1 Tank 13.3
  6. Collins923


  7. - Billy, Massachusetts - FJ Rain gloves, Patagonia rain jacket, lots and lots of pant layers - Playing in my after work playoffs, we had been rained out the week before and were getting late in the year so the 4 remaining teams decided we'd play no matter what. On the Par-4 2nd the skies opened up and you could only see about 125-150 yards ahead. On the 8th hole my gloves had become so wet I decided to take them off. I had a 125 PW in and we were up 1 with 2 to play. I hit a beautiful wedge to within 8 feet of the pin. Unfortunately that was my club - the ball rolled off the back into a bunker.
  8. - Billy - Massachusetts, USA - Wilson Staff C300, KBS Tour V stiff - 165
  9. First name: Billy Home State/Province/Country: Massachusetts ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? No, GPS on the phone though Which ones? I use a GPS app on the phone (the Grint) which has some stat tracking, and I use my own pencil & paper to track strokes gained
  10. I was just fit for these irons and am seriously considering them. Would love to win this one. Billy from Massachusetts Cleveland 588 MTs - Traction 85 Stiff shafts Handicap 13.5 C300s Please and thanks for the opportunity.
  11. Billy from Massachusetts Titleist 915 D2 head with a Mitsubishi Diamana B Series 60x shaft 110 MPH / 260 yards 13.5 handicap
  12. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Tony Finau Tier 4: Bryson DeChambeau Tier 5: Fred Couples Winning Score: -8 Low AM: +6
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