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  1. Brad/ Georgia, USA 18 Cobra Fly Z (5-PW) 160yds Go Dawgs! Sic ‘em!
  2. Brad, Georgia 18 Callaway MD3 Favorite wedge shots are the ones that are the full swingers that stop near the pin.
  3. FYI, I see where you can buy a dozen ZStar balls and Z Star XV for $19.99 on Amazon Prime and Srixon site is BOGO for $39.99. Not bad for anyone interested in stocking up on a good ball.
  4. Absolutely with you on this. Fitting more time in on the course after work is possible again. I love DST and hope it may be changed to year round thing.
  5. Daylight Savings Time is better for the sport of golf.  Ling live DST!!!

  6. Great forum, great community, and I am sure one of the knowledgeable members has come across this question before (or, can point me in the right direction). I have used the search bar some to pin point this topic to some effect, but haven't come across the answer that satisfies my curiosity. I already know and understand a dynamic fitting and static fitting work best for shaft fitting and it's hard to beat a good (and patient) fitter. My question pertains to online iron shaft fitting/recommendations from most of the shaft manufacturers and/or online fitting services: How relevant is a question regarding iron distance (say, 6i carry) when your current 6i loft and the set you are interested in purchasing is different? I could ,theoretically, hit my 6i 170 yards using a 26* loft but only hit my buddies 6i 155 yards using 29*...these are just relative numbers to express a questionable point... with all other variables being the same (relatively speaking) but loft. My interpretation of the line of questions for iron shaft recommendation is that it is generating results based on flight and dispersion preferences along with swing speed/power/carry distance. However, if my current 6i is 26* and is allowing me to move the ball 170yds down the fairway, how good is the online fitting tool going to be if the new set I am interested in has a more traditional loft to it? Am I totally off base in this line of thinking? Are the manufacturers shaft recommendations useless? Again, I apologize if this has already been discussed ad nauseam. Happy golfing!
  7. Tier 1 : Rickie Fowler (Let's go, Rickie!) Tier 2 : Tony Finau Tier 3 : Jason Dufner Tier 4 : Kiradech Aphibarnrat Tier 5 : Sharma Shubhankar Winning Score : -15
  8. I also would agree that callawaypreowned.com is a good source. You won't find Rogue products there though. My guess is that they won't release discounted Rogue products from their Rogue line until they release a new line. I may be mistaken, and please correct me if I am wrong cause I don't mean to create misinformation, but I believe the pre-owned gear is what is taken off the store shelves and turned in from fitters when a new lineup is introduced. This explains how I was able to buy an awesome Epic driver for less than half the price of a new one. And, the best I could tell it was in flawless condition.
  9. Tier 1 : Justin Thomas Tier 2 : Alex Noren Tier 3 : Brandt Snedeker Tier 4 : Kiradech Aphibarnrat Tier 5 : Kevin Na Tie Breaker #1 : -9
  10. FWIW, for anyone seeking to try these Vice Pure gloves, they are currently sold out in Medium/Large, Large, and Medium. I'll have to try their site out later though as they have been reviewed positively.
  11. Dodging rain clouds but playing better

  12. I will be interested to read the reviews on these sets of clubs, but I will also toss my name in the bag for the opportunity to review as well. I would be interested to see how much easier the Launcher CBX irons are on my scorecard compared to my game improvement irons I currently have in my bag. 1. Brad, Georgia 2. Cobra Fly Z irons, FST Steel R flex (stock length and lie shafts) 3. 20 4. Launcher CBX
  13. For what feels like an eternity now, I have been suffering from a golfing headache caused by a very large hot, wet, tropical mass of rain intent on slowing down my game. I know other golfers in the SE region of the United States have been inconvenienced by it also. To get to my question: Does any one have recommendations for the best rain gear to use for golf? Specifically, in my hot, humid region of the country where afternoon showers are prevalent? I have a general purpose-type rain set from Cabela's I have used but it is too bulky for a golf bag and is geared more towards sitting in a hunt stand or fishing; not moving around a golf course generating heat. I would love to hear from some people who have actually purchased and used rain gear and might share some pros/cons. I apologize if this topic has been covered already. Perhaps someone knows if there is a thread I haven't come across yet (I have searched a little bit) that already answers my question. Thanks for your time and everybody have a nice weekend.
  14. Tier1 : Justin Thomas Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Rafa Cabrera Bello Tier 4: Patton Kizzire Tier 5: Ted Potter Jr. Tie Breaker #1: -10 Tie Breaker #2: +4
  15. Out of curiosity and a follow up to the previous comments, how do you all assess Tiger now? He has played a couple tournaments now and is gearing up for the Masters. Has he exceeded everyone's expectations? I think he is doing great, and from a injury rehab perspective on his back he looks like he is going about this comeback the right way by easing himself back into it. I hope he wins the Masters.
  16. I would consider myself a beginner golfer as I've only been playing for a little over a year. The owners of the company I work for play fairly regularly and when they were asked to participate in a local charity tournament for the city firefighters, well, they thought it would be best to conduct a makeshift "tryout" for 4 spots in their stead to "gracefully" represent the company name. So, in true Michael Scott Paper Company fashion the bosses set up a driving range with a wiffle ball and a persimmon wood, an old Spalding Billy Casper 7 iron from when metal was first forged, and what appeared at the time to be a "putter" of some sort. I sliced the drive, made a spark with the iron, and actually did okay with the "putter" and WON my spot on the company golf team; they thought it would be best to place the worst golfers in the company to go out and represent our franchise and have some fun for the day--we did! I played terribly that day, but from that day forward I have been addicted to golf. Shortly after that scramble, I took advantage of Black Friday Sales and bought myself my first set of clubs- Cobra Fly Z (5-PW) irons and I love them. I have been playing 2 times a week, weather permitting, and using the driving range to practice as well. I think I scored a 128 at that first outing and I am now down to a 92 average. My goal is to make it down to an 85 by the end of Summer and I feel that is a realistic goal. Fortunately, the weather in Georgia is nice and we can play a lot of golf all year long. I have acquired a few more clubs for my bag over the last year or so taking advantage of sales so I would say my bag is a Frankenstein of sorts as it contains different companies. I have to admit that I have relied on the expertise of MyGolfSpy reviews and "Most Wanted" lists to shape my purchases. Thank you all for the time in reading my story, enjoy the outdoors, and happy golfing to all.
  17. 1. Brad, Georgia 2. Callaway Epic 10.5* driver Callaway Epic 15* 3Wood Titleist 716 CB 3 iron Cobra Fly Z 5-9 iron set 46* Callaway MD3 PW 52* Callaway Mack Daddy Forged 56* Callaway MD3 SW 60* Callaway MD3 LW Cleveland Elevado putter Srixon Q Star balls (at the moment) Ping Hoofer 14 carry/stand bag 3. 20 handicap 4. Goals for the season is to continue to improve, consistently beat my coworkers when we play, get my wife interested in the game of golf because I believe she would enjoy playing.
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