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  1. I found them to be a good ball. I had a driver SS around 100 mph and I found them shorter off the tee than the Snell MTB balls or Pro V1s I had been playing. I’d say it was roughly 5yds shorter. For that reason, I decided to go back to the Snell MTB Black. With that said, I loved the soft feel and spin of the Elixir around the greens. Also, the ball held it’s line in the wind extremely well. I just got a couple of the new Vero to test. Looking forward to seeing how they feel/perform against the MTB Black.
  2. John - Portland, OR iPhone 8 Plus or iPad Pro Gen 2 Will be using this only outdoors No nets
  3. John Portland, OR Taylormade SIM Max 12 degree, Diamana DF 60S +0.7 100 mph Would like to test the TSi3, but doubt it’ll be available in 11.5. So I’ll say TSi2.
  4. John Lake Oswego, OR 0.1 index Nike VRS Covert Forged 5-PW
  5. John / Oregon 3.3 I putt everyday on a rug in my living room with the Sklz Putt Pocket. Ultimately the Putt Pocket is a better tool to use with actual holes on a putting green as you can turn the pocket to face the hole entry point for the ball on breaking putts. Indoors on a flat carpet, it’s just a “hole” I can aim at. Plus, because it’s built like a big backstop, it doesn’t help you put proper pace on putts. I have also used string on a putting green to help with my starting line/aim.
  6. John New Jersey 1.4 Index Nike Covert Forged 4-PW - KBS Tour Shafts - Stiff i500
  7. Here's my Nike Method Matter I just had finished by BOS. Very happy with the results and the 3 week door to door turnaround. Had them strip the original black finish, buff out the blemishes, and put on a 2X Fools Gold finish.
  8. It's always nice finding something different that works. I do like the looks of the Vicino, but I was a bigger fan of the previous original generation Itsy Bitsy Spider line and especially the original ANSI insert. For me, the Vicino insert always felt dead. In fact, I just found and bought a mint Itsy Bitsy with the short slant neck that wasn't available in the U.S.. IMO it's way better than the new short slant neck tour Spiders that are the rage right now.
  9. I love the look and feel of the 2.0 Copper Dale Anser head. Loved the copper look so much, I sent off a Nike Method Matter putter for 2X Fools Gold refinish at BOS.
  10. Just wanted to show off the putter BOS recently refinished for me. Very happy with the results. Prior to sending the putter to them, I pulled the shaft and removed the insert and weights myself. I had them strip the original black finish, buff out the dings, and apply a 2X Fools Gold finish and paint fill. Definitely breathed some life back into this putter for me. Door to door was about 3 weeks.
  11. John - New Jersey Nike Covert Forged 4-AW - KBS Tour Stiff - 2 Degrees Upright ​Handicap - 1.0 C300 Forged
  12. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Ryan Moore Tier 5: Cameron Smith Winning Score: -17 Low AM: +6
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