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  1. Check out Booby Grace putters they put a great roll on the ball. At the beginning of the year I purchased a Night & Day, it does have a different look but puts a good roll on the ball and I've almost gotten rid of the 3 putts although every now and then one creeps in. It is one of the highest MOI putters out there and with his insert you can miss the sweet spot and still rolls the same distance. Check out some of his videos
  2. Congrats to everyone picked I'm going to bet you will like this driver. I'm loving my TW747
  3. tschott4


  4. Terry/Cape Girardeau, MO 460 90-95 swing speed
  5. Great deal, my local course just brought in some Scotty putters that are slightly used and selling for $124. Have only seen pictures but they look to be in good shape. Can't wait to get by there this weekend
  6. I ordered the G Pro 15" Max
  7. Has anyone used any of the Garsen putter grips. Just ordered one after reading about it and was curious if anyone on here has tried it. If so would love to hear your comments
  8. Just purchased a Honma TW747 driver a few weeks ago on Ebay for $170 and have loved the distance and accuracy with it so far.
  9. I just put a Flat Cat pistol grip on my putter and really like it. Have used a majority of different grips in the past and you just need to find one that feels right for you. Good luck
  10. Just bought these irons in a 6-PW on ebay for $220 with graphite shafts and was wondering if anyone else has played these. I was able to use them today and really like the way they feel was playing the 825's from Mizuno. Currently play to a 7.2 handicap and can't wait to get in some more rounds with these. Thanks for your comments
  11. I just switched to a Bobby Grace Night & Day. Has the fangs on the back that appear a lot wider than the Odyssey #7. The material he uses on the face puts an almost instant roll on the ball and I've had no 3 putts since I started using this one. It will be in the bag until it misbehaves and then may go back to an original Fat Lady Swings. Love the Grace putters
  12. Was able to get out and play with the Honma TW 747 this weekend. Vary solid driver and picked up about 10 yards on my old Taylormade M3 and didn't lose any accuracy. Played 9 holes on Sat and hit 5 of 7 fairways. Can't wait for the summer and the end of COVID 19 to play a lot of golf.
  13. No I didn't got a great price on ebay. Hit it for the first time today and really like the feel, distance and sound. Can't wait to get a few more rounds with it
  14. I bought some of the Vision golf balls I believe from the SMT website years ago. It was a good ball and had some of the playing characteristics of the name brand balls. Would like to get my had on some again
  15. I had a few of the SMT drivers and really liked them. Which one did you have?
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