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  1. Has a similar look to a Bobby Grace F18 putter which has been out for a while
  2. Received the putter yesterday and it has a good feel to it. Only able to carpet putt in the house due to the weather but it does seem to put a good roll on the ball. I've always liked a little heavier putter and this one feels good at 365 grams and 34 inches long. Can't wait for the weather to get better and hopefully get to a practice green to try. For $25 probably can't go wrong
  3. I never had the Tracy but used a Dianna a few years ago. it was a nice feeling putter and I kind of wish I had it back. The Yes putters do put a nice roll on the ball. Hope you get a chance to try one
  4. I just bought one of these on Ebay for $5 and was wondering if anyone has heard of them.
  5. I haven't felt what you have stated yet. I'm not sure if the milling helps with that or not because I know it's not me making the perfect stroke. It has improved my putting since buying this putter and I think that it is because of the alignment. Good luck on the course
  6. I just picked up a See Moore FGP putter that has tour precision milled on the bottom. The face has a honey combed look to it and was wondering if anyone has used one of these and if so what are your thoughts. I've been able to play 4-5 rounds with it so far and have been putting well with it.
  7. Terry Schott handicap 6 Missouri Z565 irons-5-pw, z355 hybrids, fairway woods and driver, huntington beach 1 putter with winn pro x grip and Z Star XV yellow golf balls
  8. Hey everyone I'm Terry from Missouri, currently carry a 6 handicap, can't wait to communicate with all of you
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