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  1. I bought a Honma TW 747 driver last year and have really liked it. I didn't get fitted but it seems to fit my swing and I've picked up a few yards with this driver
  2. Very Cool looking wish I had something like that
  3. Check out the Tour Edge bags. I recently purchased a new one, 7 way top divider on Ebay with shipping for $70. I feel like I stole this one
  4. I promised pictures not need some warm weather. Feels good on the carpet
  5. Have you had a chance to test the Vero yet? Just wondering how you like it
  6. As soon as I receive it I will post pictures
  7. I pulled the trigger on the MLA Tour Mallet $77 with shipping and hoping it will help improve my putting alignment
  8. Rod hoping I can help. Go to the OnCore website place your order and use the word SCHOTT for 15% off. Not sure if it works with the deals they have going but it's worth a try
  9. It is the Tour Series mallet so I guess I may have to pull the trigger. Currently using SeeMore SB 20 and really like it but you know how it is with putters you can't have just one
  10. Has anyone tried any of the MLA putters that did well in the MGS putter test? I have a chance to purchase one in mint condition for $60 plus shipping and was hoping someone has tried one of their models.
  11. Just purchased a used Tour Edge CBX 119 3 wood on ebay. Can't wait for it to warm up so that I can give it a try
  12. Just picked up a Tour Edge CBX 119 3 wood on Ebay. Always like the Tour Edge fairway woods
  13. I've just installed a Superstroke 5>0 counterweighted grip on my SeeMore SB20. Feels great putting indoors and really feel like I'm able to keep putter face square. Can't wait for warmer weather but may have to wait a while
  14. I haven't had a chance to try it yet waiting for the yellow version. Currently playing the Elixir and really like it. I'll try to keep in touch may be able to get you a dozen for a decent price to try.
  15. The ball hasn't been tested by MGS but you may want to try the OnCore Vero 1, I've heard good things
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