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    Hey I’m MIke I live and work in Vancouver Washington. I started to to take up golf seriously about March of 2017. I’ve been addicted ever since. Currently improving my game consistently. Starting to realize I would love to have a profession in some aspect of golf. I volunteer on the range at the WinCo Foods portland open, it’s a web.com event I find it awesome to be able to watch and sometimes interact with the players. I play and practice at least once a week and joined the Three Rivers men’s club in Kelso, Washington

    Irons: 3, 5-PW, P790 standard length, Loft, -2 lie, Project X 6.0 Rifle. I bought these because they are on the back end of game improvement irons to player irons I’ve been playing consistently for about a year in a half now and have made major steps towards shooting lower scores, plugged time at the range weekly. I wanted to get a iron I couldn’t grow out of for a long while.

    Driver: Callaway Rogue 10.5 HZRDUS SMOKE 6.0
    Hybrid: G400 3H 19
    Wedges: 50 TM Milled Grind High Toe
    54 vokey sm6
    58 vokey sm6

    Putter: 34 Taylormade spider tour
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  1. Mike McDonald, Vancouver, Wa, 40-50 Insta: uncle.mike.it & municlubworkx 14, 114 MPH (Driver) 95-100(Irons) TM P790’s 5-PW, 4H Adams, 3H G400, Driver TM M5, SM6 54, 58, 50 HT milled grind. One Length F9 irons 2 deg flat +, King Wedges, Avalanche woods/Driver.
  2. I played at Eastern Washington, wasn't the most notable player, Cooper Kupp was in the same grad class.
  3. @pulledabill Camas can be a difficult course best I've done there was 83 from the blues. Lewis River traditionally was good I played it twice this year about a month apart from each outing, I wasn't real impressed with the course conditions for what they charge, Either they hosted to many tournaments or they ran out of greens keepers, tee boxes where un level on the majority. no one likes to repair divots or rake bunkers. Other then that its okay. The place to play especially now in the winter is three rivers in longview, its built on volcanic ash, which allows the draining, you can drive cart
  4. 1. First name/home state or province: Mike, Vancouver, Wa 2. Current rain gear: Nike Storm-fit Top and bottom 3. Worst rain you've ever played in: Imagine your hovering over your ball while the rain is falling so hard its comparable to launching through the space time continuum, or a night drive in heavy snow fall, but you've locked in your confidence, woooooffff your umbrella gets ripped off your click gear and is trying to qualify for the Olympics flipping 3 ways to Sunday. You retrieve it, setup and spray the ball right. and your buddy suggests getting a beer and a rain check.
  5. Selling some items in hopes to get a new driver and hybrid setup. Trade interests: - Taylormade M5/ M6 - Taylormade M4/M3 with GD ADIZ 6/7s, or G400 max with same - other driver shafts of high caliber in stiff flex with m4/m5/g400 - vessel golf bag. 1.F9 10.5 head used for one range mesh, and one round, unfortunately during the round I broke the shaft clean at the tip end, it was a regular flex and I didn't have time to swap shafts before my AZ trip. still have whats left of the Helium shaft with arrcos
  6. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been playing golf for just over 2.5 years now, realised that my body was better off away from football and softball. I finally established a handicap of 14.6 this last year (2018). scores range from 85-92, depends how bad I suck that day. What do you love about golf? I love the mental challenge and stimulation. I would be lying if I said it hasn't consumed my life in one way or another. When I'm not at work, or with the fam bam I'm on the course or on the range working out the kinks. I've recently bec
  7. MIke Mcdonald vancouver, Washington Driver: Callaway big Bertha Alpha 816 double black diamond 110G stuff 3 hybrid: ping g400 Alta stiff shaft 70g 3 Iron: P790 KBS C-Taper lite (110G) Stiff standard length loft lie. Irons: 5-PW P790 KBS C-Taper Lite (110G) Stiff. Standard length, standard loft, lie -2. Wedges: 50-08 vokey Sm5 F grind 54-11 vokey SM4 56-12 Taylormade milled grind 58-08 vokey SM4 Handicap: 17.6 Goals: -Break 85. Break 90 consistently - avg 60% fairways - consistent green side chipping
  8. Welcome to the forums Mikeyrock31 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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