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  1. I finally installed the remaining grips. Did my 3w logo down by accident, but I decided to leave it. The install was so much easier using real tape and solvent, as opposed to water activated tape. No need to blow them on. Check out what happens when 100psi doesnt quite break the seal! This is the first time I've had all matching grips since my starter set. I'm pretty excited
  2. Doug / New Jersey 88mph @ 1.21 gigawatts Pro V1x vs. Tour B X No experience with Snell. I recently read that the person behind Snell formerly designed Pro V1(x) series balls; that piqued some interest. Based on the MGS ball test, however, I decided the ProV1 X and Tour B x may be more consistent distance and spin for me. I'd still love to find out more though!
  3. My calluses are getting built up on my hands, though a split has occurred on my right ring finger. Hoping this heels up over the next few days. In the mean time, my back is sore, so I may skip a few days and play on Friday, then I have a lesson Sat. So, I have time to grip the remaining clubs!
  4. Doug / NJ 19hcp / 90mph Current ball: ProV1X, Tour B X, B330s (comparing all 3) I've never hit a Srixon Z Star.
  5. Tier 5: Harold Varner III Winning score: -16
  6. I put in a 40min range session, then played 9 holes, all gloveless. The weather was overcast with chances of rain, it did drizzle for anfew moments. My left hand felt fine. At the turn I added the left hand glove. I made it through 18 and shot an 89, which is low for me :). As my right hand builds up, the grips are getting more comfortable. I definitely prefer the +4 shape. I'm not looking forward to it, but I still have to try these in the rain. I've played in wet conditions and they were fine, but I still need to see how they handle rain and rain gloves.
  7. I have my Cobra 3-4 set to 16°, and was holding out to see who got picked here before I go try 5 woods.
  8. Doug / NJ Walter Hagen MS-2 mallet(Also a Dick's brand!) Right handed I like mallet putters, and it's nice to see TA breaking through. I'd love to see if it would help my game.
  9. I've been meaning to post about shoes. Since 2011, I just got my 5th and 6th pair: Puma Ignite Pwradapt, and Callaway Balboa. I have short wide hooves. Finding shoes that fit perfect is difficult. My older Adidas fit awesome but since their Boost shoes have gotten so good they also retooled and changed their molds, nothing fits me anymore! Anyway, I never thought I'd be so stoked on Callaway shoes, ever. But here we are. They're super light, comfy, and waterproof with tons of traction. They also look good The Pumas kick butt also. The Pwradapts are totally different. They are snug and neoprene like and wrap my foot like a compression sock The heel is not very squishy, the squish seems to be biased toward the ball of the foot, which is nice. Sealed/faux tongue is nice and hassle free, (some shoes have tongues with elastic sides that get bunched aside my foot, annoying). I can slip them on and they stay tight. There is, however, a pinch of roll. Time will tell how that goes.
  10. so, I tried a sleeve of Pro V1X yesterday. "I'm impressed!" a woman said as I left the pro shop counter. "at what?" The salesman asked. "that he only needs one sleeve of balls" ... In front of 9th green, I fish out what appeared to be my ball from the pond, the last of the 3. It wasn't. (the first of the 3 went into that very pond from the 2nd tee) Conclusion: they love to swim... straight to the bottom.
  11. I believe I will try some Pro V1X, and Some tour B X. The Snells, as far as they went, and as spinny as they spun, have a massive shot area compared to everything else. Am I reading that right?
  12. Sorry to hear that! Rest easy. I stepped on a drain cover once when backing off my stance, it broke, my leg went in up to my thigh. Tons of torque on my leg, scary as heck but I was uninjured, just super muddy
  13. Some out-takes and stuff that didn't make the cut for my stage 1: This bunker shot produced a near perfect ring around the ball. Forget the Moon, to get out of sand, swing for Saturn. My 56° wedge is used only for sand and flop shots. 16° bounce is very helpful. When I opened the box, it smelled like a tire shop Here's a comparison in diameter of the medium to a regular. And yes, the grip cap is flat. I am very tempted to try Arccos or some other grip tracker.
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