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  1. This putter continues to deliver. I can count on one hand how many 3 putts I've had since submitting my review. Personal best 39 today. Missed an 8 footer for 38. Not upset in the least
  2. does it work with MacBOOKs? I don't own any iOS stuff but have a really nice MacBook pro
  3. Dear GOD... what have we done to this place? Haha j/k I'm sure I'll figure out and adapt to the new layout. How many times have we all gone berserk when The Facebook pushed a new update? At least admins are being transparent here. I have to say, though, the increase in ads on the site has really bogged stuff down for me. That's really the only part that frustrates me. Necessary evils
  4. Oh, whoa! Just found it. Yikes. Gonna take some adjustment on my end. So now theres a sign up thread, a button to sign up, a thousand posts of people saying yes id like to enter, then a lot of commentary and congrats responses, then another post in the "testers wanted" thread, and "official" tests (specifically CC5) where testers are showing off their hauls but unbeknownst to them, theres the testing opportunity thread where all the magic happens? Hopefully when the smoke clears, the new setup will be killer
  5. Oh wait, hey dudes! Honestly everything looks as it has for a few months. The "testers wanted" thread is now just redundant though and can be deleted or renamed to "testers chosen" or something. But Im not seeing this magical test thread dashboard in any of the active or former tests. They look the same to me Maybe I just adapted and didnt see it?
  6. Doug, NJ USA Handicap 17 Swing speed 90-95 Would love to test out the new subscription!
  7. got it. Haven't heard anything about them in some time now.
  8. Glad I decided to "play it." Putter was key in keeping my 9 holes decent today. 4 pars in a row may be a PR for me, not sure. 3 doubles sucks, but even then I had good lag putts or a nice 18-20 footer to keep away a triple. No 3 putts. From here on out, if I don't 3 putt, I'm considering it a "bogey free round"
  9. Paint is definitely scuffed and scratched. But nothing major. To be expected. I did just order a headcover Just shot my best round for this course. Birdie right out of the gate, and was able to hold level par into the 8th hole then fell apart momentarily. Then later on had a 4 par streak, when the wheels fell off. Lol. Putting was really good too. Lots of putts off green or fringe, so the 3 putts were kept at bay mostly. Another + SG (compared to 14 hcp, which was my low about this time last yr). Currently 16.6
  10. I'm pretty sure our challengers will be faced with an irons-only game or two for a week. I've played irons only 2 times. It really helped force me to get more familiar with the long irons. it's good to learn a few green side shots too, if you go without the wedges.
  11. Thanks! I literally just realized, seconds before you hit submit, that I can change it to say, a 14 or other handicap besides 0 or pro.
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