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  1. Not done yet! I just dropped the clubs off at Golf Galaxy to have the lofts and lies checked out. We spent some time with the 9, 7, 6i and lie tape. The 7 and 9 have a touch of heel bias, the 6 was right on. I then compared the 7i to a Taylormade P790 with the only reg flex shaft they had available. I forget what shaft it was, unfortunately. The P790 was a couple yards longer and had comparable spin and roll rates. The feel of a center strike with the Black Cat was noticeably better. Here's some comparo photos The techs are going to play with them for the weekend and report on loft and lie and let me know. But they don't seem too far off the mark.
  2. Yesterday I was driving it a little straighter, and already had hit one "bomb" of 248 yards, . So on the 9th hole, i closed the face 1 more degree, took the club back and really let it rip. My back foot slipped out during contact, as my front foot was coming off the ground. "oh s***!" I went down. I fell onto my side and actually hurt my arm and leg for a second. So, aside from being embarassed, I was in a little pain. "Hey I don't know if you saw where that went, it's dead center" It wasn't the longest shot at about 230 but everything worked itself out
  3. Www.lynxgolfusa.com does not.have black as an option to purchase online. I think it's just characteristic of PVD, not their fault, PVD is just susceptible to wear
  4. Stage 2 is up!!! Thanks MGS Staff, Lynx, and fellow board members
  5. So it still feels like I have a lot of room for improvement, but this past week I definitely shot below my handicap. Following Wednesday's 40, on Friday I played 18 with my wife. I shot 83 Yesterday I played the back 9 at Pinch Brook, a shorter county course, par 65. There are 5 par 3 and 1 par 5 on the back 9. I shot 39 there, which I suppose is 1-2 shots better than my handicap :). My USGA handicap at Basking ridge is now 18.0 The irons are great. When struck "well", the feel is amazing. The ball stops dead. The flight lately has been straight or a fade of a couple feet, with an occasional knuckleball flight out of the rough. Even those stop quickly because they're flying high and landing on a steep descent.
  6. Last Friday I couldn't get anything going and shoot 52. Today, I settled in and shot my record low 40 for this front 9 The driver was working awesome, the putter was working, the sand wedge was ok but my chipping sucked. The irons mishit mostly into good spots. I thinned a PW going for a 118 pin, it hit the back edge of the green and stopped on the fringe 2' away. I made the birdie putt. I'm stoked how the ball just stops Hole 9 was trouble the whole way to a bogey 5, blowing my "39 watch" haha. But Im super stoked. The game came together. I'm hoping the trend continues. The black cats are doing just fine. I had a few rounds that were a bit yippy but I'm finding the face again. I'm gonna clean these things up and start thinking about stage 2
  7. Oh and if you can swing it, make sure to get the virtual cockpit or whatever it is called. Since most of my time is NOT performance driving, it's awesome to have top notch infotainment
  8. @MDGolfHacker it's the 2018 S4. I absolutely love it. No more stick shift, and the auto is a normal auto, not dual clutch. However, the transmission is programmed as good as it can be, "manual shifting" responds almost instantly, and cruising around in D in sport mode is fun too, it shifts at the right times, and even downshifts when you brake. I don't miss stick, not in this car anyway As for the driver, the face is definitely hotter than my Fly Z. The ball just rockets away. Ive been mishitting into the heel with everything lately and the club seems to be managing it. Its super loud. My ears ring, lol
  9. I'm feeling that the biggest standout, without getting more launch numbers, is the loft and the spin. The ball. Just. Stops. Dead. Unless I catch one thin, I have confidence in going for greens and often just shoot for exact flag yardage. Lately though Ive been having a bit too much heel bias, moreso with woods and hybrids. I need a range session or 2.
  10. Oh man. I have written down that I picked HV3, but I have Bryan Harman instead, which is probably right I just have a really bad memory. HV3, who I've usually picked for other stuff, would have gotten me 4th. Alas, 59th is good, no? I made the cut!
  11. I used Golfworks to aid in figuring out what driver shafts may work for me. Then the right combo hit at 2ndswing so I pulled the trigger: On several occasions I've had Maltby iron sets ready to go in the cart but backpedaled
  12. I got some new toys. I was picked to test Lynx Black Cat irons, so I've got 10+ rounds on those by now. I also got Arccos which I figured would help me figure out distances and what not. One thing it's leading to, which I also could just tell, is my driver distances are pretty low, despite a swing change which has boosted my club speed considerably. Basically, I'm missing the sweet spot and getting punished for it. I figure it's time to try something new-ish This was up on 2ndswing with a Project X Evenflow Blue 65 S shaft Here's the rest of the bag: Cobra BioCell 3/4 fwy, Cobra AMP 19° 3h, Bio Cell 4/5h @ 22.5° Lynx Black Cat 5-PW, KBS Tour 90 R Cleveland 588 Rotex CB 50/10° Taylormade ZTP 56/16° Walter Hagen MS2 putter from my starter set, freshly regripped, never been better!
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