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  1. Shocked that Ping was dethroned, by itself! I had guessed it would be Ping, Cobra, Callaway, Taylormade/Titleist. So they've done the past winners' battle. Is there room for some "are they really better?" tests? Imagine even the G400 LST beat out the new Pings?!?!
  2. 2x Tourtrek 360 push carts. I enjoyed the fixed wheel Tourtrek cart I have. My wife wanted a pushcart for Valentines day, then decided we each needed one How can I disagree?
  3. I haven't golfed in a couple months, I've worn the watch here and there. Since it's been sitting for some time now, now is the time to charge it back up and see what it's got since its hibernation
  4. I donate but didn't know about the yearly raffle. I thought it was just a bunch of marketing hoopla until I got notification I had won a full iron set. !??!?!! Now you know I tune in.
  5. I had an Adams 5wood. I gave it to a friend a few yrs ago, I can't remember what model it was. Pretty sure it was from the 2010s decade. I still have an Adams Tom Watson 54deg wedge. It's more a decorative thing but I have gamed it. The grooves on it are super narrow.
  6. Doug, Parts Unknown Samsung S-Darnit!!! You iPhone folks always get the goodies!!! Good luck everyone!!! Back to tweaking my Optishot
  7. Are they as easy to remove as they are to install? I just did my first air grip install (without solvent) and it was awesome. In the past I've used air as a means to slip the grip over solvent and tape easier. Removal with air can be tough, I've popped a couple so loud.
  8. Did I just witness Adams become an infomercial brand? Tight Lies fairway wood commercial just felt way too much like the GX7 or XQL73WHO wedge or whatever it is. Are they still a subsidiary of Taylormade? I wonder if they make it to shops or strictly tv/internet direct sales?
  9. Doug Morristown, NJ Ping G400 Max 14 95 TSi3
  10. Man I really want to apply. But, I'm having a minor surgery in November and probably wouldn't be able to test. Good luck everyone!
  11. So I got almost all of it off. I rubbed in liquid hand soap onto the damp lens, for a good minute, then put another glob on there and rubbed that in a little, let it sit about 20 minutes, and rubbed more, eventually using my fingernail to scrape the specs off while the soap was still applied. Now I get why they had the warning. I didn't initially directly spray it with sunscreen, but from now on I'll make sure to remove the watch before applying. PITA.
  12. Was that the link you intended to attach? It just goes to a page that has options for returning a product. I was able to get more off, but it's slow going. I did try spraying more sunscreen on, lol, waited about 15 seconds then tried wiping off with soapy water, didn't do much. So far, just liquid hand soap on a damp screen seems to be sort of working, but it's taking a ton of time and elbow grease. Liquid hand soap/dish soap is the only thing that cleans my transitions glasses well.
  13. Hah! Thanks! I'll try it. I recall that's how you get Sharpie ink off of things.
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