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  1. My course lost power and is on damage control removing branches and such. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery. (It's not far from Trump National, so if they're also affected by power, you know powerful people will get upset )
  2. Doug / Morristown NJ 16hcp Mizuno JPX 825 Pro
  3. Doug / Morristown, NJ 50 deg Mizuno JPX 825 Pro (set gap wedge), or 50/08 Cleveland RTX CB raw finish 50/08 degree, It's my go-to for nearly everything inside 100 yards except sand. ((yes, yes, I'm testing now. Still gotta throw my hat in the ring ))
  4. Same as @TCUFrog. There are a couple holes, one par 5 in particular, where it is crucial to lay up just shy of 2 fairway bunkers. I may take on more risk knowing a more "exact" distance to the bunkers. I never trust the laser when I zap bunkers so I usually subtract a club. As far as testing, first I'll go through aesthetics, ergonomics, ease of use, see if any buttons get hit when playing, etc. Then I'll take all my gadgets onto the course on a slow day for a "shootout". On the holes where I can get yardages to hazards, like a ditch on hole 11 or the bunkers on 15, I'll gage whether my scores drop on those holes due to having a tactical advantage. I do already have that with Arccos, but it requires logging into the phone and fiddling with it, and nobody wants to sit around while someone does that. I'll try the whole Skygolf360 (already had an account) app or whatever their data collection site is and see how I like that. I have Arccos doing all the tracking for me. I do have to edit my rounds as it never picks up all the shots, but if you carry a scorecard and you have a half decent memory, that's not so hard. Arccos gives data on each shot and all kinds of historical stuff which is good.
  5. I use Arccos for tracking, I use a Bushnell Tour V3 for my yardages. For my rounds I'll use Arccos's yardages just for accuracy comparisons if time allows (having to open up and log into phone every time to get yardage). I also have a Garmin Approach S2. So, I'll try wearing both watches, if it's not too restrictive, don't want to be this guy: I have no plans to use it as an every day watch. Though, I'm not against it!
  6. OK, late to the party...about me: My name is Doug. I'm 45, I started golfing in 2011. This is my third MGS product review . I reviewed Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4 grips, and Lynx Black Cat Irons. I golf in the spring, summer, fall. I snowboard in the winter. My wife golfs and skis. It works out really well Last summer I was probably a 20-21 hcp. A tweak to my swing at the range got me hitting the ball straight and far again. I'm currently a 16.5 and hopefully dropping. My strength is probably putting. My current weakness is sand. I had a sand shot that pretty much guaranteed I'd be on the green but it has gotten away from me. Many bladed shots recently. I'll answer some of the questions we were provided, and then get to some of yours. Do you play mostly one course or a lot of different courses? Lately I play our course, Basking Ridge CC in Basking Ridge, NJ. It is longer than average by the numbers. I have been playing the senior tees since my swing fell apart a few years ago, and have since stuck with that until I shoot a 79. We also have a White/Gold combo on the scorecard that is more in line with white tees at public courses. I play those or white in league events. The county courses by me are really good though; and, farther north is Crystal Springs resort, which has 6 great courses in its surrounding vicinity. Ballyowen and Wild Turkey are standouts there. I used to live across the highway from Black Bear in Franklin, NJ, so I've also played that one a ton. Conservative or aggressive play? Aim at pins or the center of the green? That depends on the situation. I will lay up if I need to. I'll usually go for anything inside 175 yds, but, I know that from 75-80 yds my chances to hit the green are high. I've been aiming more at center of green and let it work towards the pin, I miss more right. What distance methods are your currently using? And what criteria is important to you in evaluating this watch? I currently use mostly my Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder. I also have Arccos, but it's usually in my pocket unless I need a front or back reading, or it's dusk and I can't actually see the pin. I also have a Garmin S2 watch which works great. I got the watch before the scope. The S2 just gives green distances front, middle, back but it's quite accurate. It will also calculate layup distances, and measure shots. It has zero graphics, just numbers. Courses are found by GPS somehow which is cool, no software updates. It is simple and effective. I just prefer the scope. The watch battery will occasionally drain before the round ends. It has a weird proprietary charging attachment. I have a Samsung Frontier S3 smart watch. That thing is neat and I often wondered about installing golf apps on it. Arccos seems to want me to connect to it for something but I have no idea what Arccos does with it, I suppose a tracking alternative to my phone. The watch is awesome, but the second I connect it to my phone it just wants more and more updates, all, the time. I keep it disconnected and just use it as a fancy pedometer. So, for this new SC watch. I would obviously like for it to be accurate, and simple. I'm hoping to not have to toggle through prompts to get a distance to a bunker or front of a green. It needs to be easy to charge. The current Samsung micro usb interface would be awesome for charging if it has that. I have drawers full of different charger wires, I love stuff with standardized charging interfaces. It needs to last more than 18 holes, otherwise I'm not wearing it besides on the course. If somehow the watch actually knows where the pin is on the green, that would rule. I'm not expecting that, but hey! We do have one green that is over 100 yards long It also needs to be stable, not prone to crashing, and not prone to wanting or requiring constant updates. The only thing holding my Bushnell scope back is its battery, so as long as I have spares I'm good. Ok, I'll go back and read your questions Once again, thanks so much for the opportunity.
  7. Thank you so much to the MGS forums staff! I can't wait to get started on this Having a good golf season so far. Got some sand yips for a bit. Maybe the watch can keep me out of more bunkers
  8. Wearing 2 watches, a scope, and Arccos all at once is going to be an epic battle ❤❤
  9. I have a Garmin S2 and a Bushnell Tour V3. I used both for a bit but prefer the scope. The S2 is nice though, even though it only gives front, back, middle and layup numbers, it works well. It will also measure shots I'm certain the SC is a huge upgrade. Lets see if it dethrones the rangefinder.
  10. Thanks @GolfSpy MPR! Can't wait! This one had a HUGE response. Stoked
  11. 1. 16, New Jersey USA 2. Mizuno JPX 825 Pro forged, and/or Lynx Black Cat, 145 carry 8i for both sets. 3. Not much, but from the web site they appear to have a good business model. The online fitting went as expected. The demo program looks neat. Once I picked good shafts and grips, the prices jumped considerably, but that's to be expected with customizable ordering. The 699 pros are a type of club I'd love to try more of. I do love the feel of the poly filled hollow heads on my Black Cats and would love to compare the two.
  12. top line fools the eye into it looking thinner, much like my Wilson C300's, which have the urethane filled slots. Those have a much cooler look to them though with that silver carbon or whatever weave that is.
  13. I have the same issue. It's less drastic on my CP2 grips which have a harder plastic "Control Core" grip end. But my hands have since found their way off the end of that and onto the sensor.
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