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  1. "1. On not picking up the shots - not sure if it's a communication error between the Link and the phone (fully charged and connected to usb charger) or a sensor issue. Anyway to check?" I keep my phone in my front (left) pocket. I have my bluetooth on but not connected to anything. Wifi off. I have very few missed shots with full shots. Most often the misses are putts, which it seems to be pretty bad at. I keep score on paper, and making the corrections at the end only takes a few minutes. "2. Sensor issue? If so can you replace the batteries?" I've never had issues where I thought I needed to troubleshoot, replace, or disassemble a sensor. I believe the batteries do eventually die and then you're supposed to replace the sensor. If its faulty I think Arccos may replace it. "3. Do you find you have to check the info after each shot/hole, etc? She doesn't normally look at her phone until we're done and she's in the car." I don't touch it during my round. I have a watch and scope for yardages. Ill occasionally check how far I hit a shot or ask the caddie for options, but mostly ot stays in my pocket. It can use up phone battery quickly just doing its tracking stuff
  2. Starting to go the way of Cobra, Ping, Taylormade with the low/back mass section.
  3. Would love to do this with my wife. However, my swing speed is moderate, I believe. Been gaming stiff shaft drivers for a while, cut down, so may be stiff+.
  4. SWEET setup! Have you tried all the Mizuno players & players distance irons? As a fellow 15 hcp, the MP20 MB's especially, and the JPX 921 Tours seem quite aggressive for me except on my good days; and I have been itching to try MP20 HMB and MP20 MMC, and was considering a split set of those. Lately, though, I've been gaming full on GI irons. Obviously you swing and strike differently than I do
  5. Wow, I totally missed this one!! Bummer. Awesome response! I work in aerospace/defense product design, and sporting goods product design. Would love to pick Mike's brain some more someday.
  6. I have 45, 50, 56. I do also have a 60 but havent hit a shot on course with it in a couple years. The 56 has been my greenside club for most shots, I've been blading the 50 on chips and short pitches for some reason
  7. Another 39. Another front 9 with no 3 putts, a couple clutch 6-8 footers to save par or make par when i blew the birdie putt by. Got some miles on this thing and its excellent
  8. Ps, your putts from fringe are technically off the green also, I believe
  9. Re: your 3 putts. Change the off green putter shots from putt to chip. It then doesn't punish you for using your 4° wedge and your 3putts go away
  10. Yes. It's not without its quirks, but I love it. It does definitely help with distances! And helps you find weaknesses and strengths in your game.
  11. No. The sensors tell the app every time x club strikes a ball. I'm mainly just correcting putts or the occasional misread after a round. But while playing, I don't even look at the app. I use my watch for my distances. Arccos just runs on my phone in the background.
  12. Loving my Arccos! Check it out! Strokes gained short game vs. Tour level hc!!!
  13. Thanks Everyone!!! So stoked to be picked!!!! a boy can dream... right?
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