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  1. Doug Morristown, NJ Ping G400 Max 14 95 TSi3
  2. Man I really want to apply. But, I'm having a minor surgery in November and probably wouldn't be able to test. Good luck everyone!
  3. So I got almost all of it off. I rubbed in liquid hand soap onto the damp lens, for a good minute, then put another glob on there and rubbed that in a little, let it sit about 20 minutes, and rubbed more, eventually using my fingernail to scrape the specs off while the soap was still applied. Now I get why they had the warning. I didn't initially directly spray it with sunscreen, but from now on I'll make sure to remove the watch before applying. PITA.
  4. Was that the link you intended to attach? It just goes to a page that has options for returning a product. I was able to get more off, but it's slow going. I did try spraying more sunscreen on, lol, waited about 15 seconds then tried wiping off with soapy water, didn't do much. So far, just liquid hand soap on a damp screen seems to be sort of working, but it's taking a ton of time and elbow grease. Liquid hand soap/dish soap is the only thing that cleans my transitions glasses well.
  5. Hah! Thanks! I'll try it. I recall that's how you get Sharpie ink off of things.
  6. After a handfulnof sunny rounds, the spray sunblock and other junk accumulated on the face. I recall reading a warning about not getting sunscreen on the face. I've tried a few things to remove what's left of the residue. Does anyone know of a good cleaner? Soapy water nor windex wont do the job. I dont have any screen or lens cleaner and a bit scared to try alcohol. What's left is gritty, and I thought maybe the face was pitted, but I can scrape it away with a fingernail.
  7. Congrats to @B.Boston, @daviddvm, @Headhammer, @GB13, @edingc and @xOldBenKenobiX !!! Thanks to @GolfSpy STUDque and all the @GolfSpy folks! Thanks to Cobra / Puma. PS the prices of the Speedzones just dropped
  8. I played club championships this past weekend. Some of the worst golf of my life, and some of the best. But not enough of the best and a lot of the worst. haha. One guy was frustrated with pace of play, a few times when the other partner or myself pulled out a scope or looked at our watch, he grumbled. Sorry sir, I don't use my 7i for every shot. Anyway, I found under those circumstances, I could just pull my bushnell and get pins or bunkers, and I didn't have to think about what I was looking at. Perhaps over time as I'm more accustomed to the watch, I'll be more
  9. I have noticed that while playing a round, the battery drains significantly faster than while not. But a 4+ hour round for me got me down to 45-55%. Were you using the greens feature and looking at the watch a lot? I'd imagine the screen lighting up and turning on would have a battery drain. Also, are you synced with wifi or bluetooth or something perhaps in the background? sorry about the battery woes.
  10. These irons look so frickin good, if these colors were available for men I'd buy them just for the looks ❤❤
  11. Kudos to Cobra's customer service who flagged my order to further customize it with optìons not available on the website. Here's a womens Speedzone 6i with the Fujikura Atmos shaft that came with the F9 Speedbacks. My wife has F9 7-SW with this shaft and grip. This is now a close enough match. They ran out of F9 6i's. My wife is stoked.
  12. Arccos has great GPS functionality. However, may I suggest getting a watch or a scope, and leaving the phone in the pocket? I find all the display that Arccos has to offer during the course of a round to just be overwhelming. I use it as a shot tracker solely, and rely on my watch or scope for yardages. For my watch, I mainly keep it in the default front/middle/back numbers display, and if I'm torn over where a pin is in relation to those 3, I'll pull up the green display. I keep score of putts and strokes on a scorecard, and match it up to Arccos later. When goin
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