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  1. Another day at the range. Most of my shots are still toe side of ctr or off the toe, even when I tried to shank it! I fiddled around with technique and was able to find center more often after about 200 balls. Pics show the marks on my 8i after a dozen shots or so. Center struck shots go high, far(farther than normal), and a small draw. I had to open the face a little and force myself to purposefully hit to the right, which shallowed the path and got me more towards a desirable plane. If I wanted a fade, I just set up with the ball more forward and let my natural OTT move do the work I have my Mizuno 6i in the bag and try to make some comparison shots and I feel like I can't even hit it in comparison. The Wilsons definitely allow more room for error and I've grown accustomed to the gigantic club heads.
  2. Doug, NJ USA, ~40 rounds/yr Facebook, Instagram Handicap 19, swing speed 85-90 Current: Cobra Fly Z+ Dr, Bio Cell 3w, AMP 3h, Bio Cell 4/5h, Wilson C300 5-P, Cleveland RTX CB 50deg, TM ZTP 56, Cleveland CG15 60, Walter Hagen putter. Desired: F9 10.5 dr, 3w, 5w, 5h, F9 One length 5-G. Wedges 52, 56(with maximum bounce), 60.
  3. Awesome! Let me know when you're in the neighborhood, lets tee it up!
  4. I got to play my home course yesterday: Basking Ridge CC in New Jersey. I warmed up at the range and then played the front 9. My 50 deg Cleveland wedge got so rusty from my last trip, It was easily showing me where I hit each ball on the face. I had the same tendency with these irons. I noticed my shots all seem to be about 1cm towards the toe, and low to mid face. I would concentrate on trying to get a center strike, and on the occasion I did, I could really feel the trampoline effect, and just that feeling that I knocked it out of the park. I have a lot of pulls left and straight to right fades, due to my over the top swing. Shots 5mm-10mm toward the heel felt better and had better ball flight than 10mm to the toe. I would say the sweet spot on these irons has a heel bias. This could also be fitting issues: ie. too upright lie for me and a toe biased strike is low on face, heel biased strike becoming more mid face height. ***If I win the GP MCC+4 Align grips, I will go to a fitter and get these cut, bent, and regripped (including my wedge). It is part of the plan anyway*** My round was not so great, but I had many solid iron shots. A lot of pulls that were manageable, some would fade back a little. My distance is down quite a bit in general, not in comparison to other clubs, I just need to work out some and ease into this season.
  5. Doug, New Jersey Current: Lamkin rubber(woods) Lamkin Cord (irons), Golf Pride New Decade MC (wedges), Golf Pride Niion (wedges), Odyssey (putter) Choice: MCC Plus 4 Align, in gray.
  6. One thing I noticed is the sole of the D7 is massive, even in comparison to the C300. You notice it sticking out of the back for sure. I dont know if this was visual trickery but it also felt like a heavier swing weight. Anyway, I imagine that gets the CG much lower and behind the face for forgiveness and launch.
  7. Doug Smith, 19 Hcp 3/16 PGA Tour Superstore, Paramus, NJ I brought my Wilson C300 7i, and my Mizuno JPX 825 pro 6i. (The 6i is shorter than the Wilson 7). Bill, the Wilson Northeast Territory manager, was very friendly. I brought a friend and Bill let him hit after me, after the event ended for the day. The bay was tracking with a Foresight GC-Quad. I did not bring my A game. I have had swing troubles going back 3 years now. I only got off one good shot of the 3 he logged with my C300. The display was showing every one of my shots starting very straight and leaking right a lot. I grew more frustrated with each shot. I cannot even remember which shots were counted, nor my distances. At the end, I had the highest ball speed, carry, and total with the D7. My best shot was 4 yards farther. My most solid feeling shot, to me, came afterwards when I tried all the comparison irons he had out, which I struck with a Ping G410. It produced a higher shot with only minimal fade, though fell into my average of about 140 carry. IMHO to really know which iron produced more distance, accuracy, etc, would require hours and multiple range visits. Dave hit much farther than me, he has pretty good form in comparison. He had more mishits but his good shots were averaging high 160s carry, one shot went 195 total. In all he gained 5yds in comparison to an M5 iron. That is all they had in lefty. I have to say I have yet to have a good experience hitting anything at all indoors. But I still enjoyed it! I would really love to have a shot at these on some nicely manicured fairways at my home course. I would especially love to put them toe to toe with my C300s.
  8. Doug / New Jersey Walter Hagen MS2 from my starter set. Bettinardi sure is a fancy name, and their quality and craftmanship are on a high level; but, can they lower Doug's scores? Let's find out!!
  9. These were the 3 most used irons. Got a nice chip in the PW. NOTE I was playing in desert where the rough and native areas were dirt/rocky. There were many instances of giving myself relief, no reason to hit through all rocks, but I must have hit a couple. The bunkers had some stones as well. My home course opens soon. We also have a county course that will be ooen the second all the snow is gone
  10. Signed up for Saturday @ PGA Tour Superstore. Stoked! I'll bring my C300 7i, my JPX 825 6i (it's shorter length than the c300 7i!), maybe a Cobra MB 6i for fun
  11. 1. Doug, New Jersey 2. Handicap: 19, Swing Speed 90mph 3. Current Cobra Fly Z+, Stiff 4. I would like to test the Epic Flash.
  12. I think the hardest part is picking out all the equipment and supplies. I dig the GP Niion grips, and have a stack of them to go on other clubs. I like the Aldila VX shaft on the 3w, it's a medium stiffness, almost S flex. It was also like $19.99. Hahaha. I think each club was under $50 after everything.
  13. Response #1001!?!?! This got huge fast! Sick! (Hah, #1001 happened while I was typing!)
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