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  1. Edited myself out. I feel bad even taking space here, but, there is no golf in NJ for the unforseeable future. As much as I'd love to be part of this test; unless we all get simulators, I feel we should all stay home and wait until the smoke clears to go for these rad as hell test opportunities ❤❤❤❤❤
  2. I'd have loved to see the past winners added to the mix to see how they compare to ALL new drivers. Cool either way though
  3. Doug / New Jersey Handicap: 16 and dropping a little Current irons in Play: 2018 Lynx Black Cat: a similar hollow body GI/Distance iron. The carry distance of your 7 iron: ~155-160 Tour Velvets are just dandy, and I already have Arccos. * My course is open, and appears to show no intention of closing yet. Good luck to the 4 selectees. These look awesome!
  4. ^ that matte black looks sick! At least until you use it for a few days ;) I've been considering replacing my Cleveland Rotex CB 50* with a CBX or CBX 2 50* Also considering the Ping Glide 3.0 Aside from that, I think just regripping my driver and irons with some Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 or MCC Plus 4.
  5. got a local Blacksmith that can forge the heads for you? Might as well go all-in!!
  6. I have some 2012-13ish Cobra AMP Cell Pros that were a vanity purchase, but I gamed them for 2 years even though my swing went kaput. I busted them out recently for a comparison during an iron review for the Lynx Black Cats. They don't go as far, they spin more on similar height trajectory (they'll stop), they hook or pull more often. But, hit one near dead center. It is a great feeling. They're not pure "blades", but I would call them 95-98% blades. The cavities in the longer irons are minimal, at best. There are a few Rickie versions floating around that are all full MB. I may regrip and give them another shot since I have a manageable swing again
  7. I bet they do make it to production in some form. The tungsten plugs have been a part of Rickie's "Rickie MB/Blades" set since the Fly-Z version. I have AMP Cell Pros (which had a full MB across the set Rickie version available only direct from Cobra), the Fly-Z+ irons were the same thing with tungsten plugs added. Rickie had Titleist blades before signing with Cobra. I believe they at first were trying to emulate the 6XX MB with a little flair; later, improving on the design with each iteration. If Rickie ever left for TM or another company he would lose a bit of creative control, I believe. I think he is in a good position with Cobra for the time being.
  8. Rapsodo claims to be the manufacturer of SkyTrac. Makes sense, as you can combo the R motion to get more shot data with your SkyTrac. However, I now know they will never make any LM or Sim that falls between what they now offer and SkyTrac Being able to combo the small monitor with R motion would kick butt though, stay tuned I hope?
  9. Congrats to all the winners!! And a big thanks goes to all involved in the testing, acquiring, and unloading of the equipment!! I won last year, it pretty much made my holiday and the entire year
  10. Oh believe me I get it. And I realize the insane efforts you all put in. I'm just brainstorming really. Nothing but ❤❤❤. Can't wait to see what you're working on.
  11. As a reader I've gained insight on equipment as it pertains to people like me (handicap, distances, age etc). These reviews in conjunction with MGS staff tests and reviews directly affected my choice for a new driver and new balls. As I consider other equipment, I always check the member reviews if they're out. As a reviewer, I learned a bit about the effort and commitment to yay or nay a product. By the close of the reviews I had pretty much forgotten any branding influence or opinion and was focused solely on data and results. Reviewers also get some insight into the scope of the efforts MGS goes to to bring these reviews to fruition. It is truly an incredibly huge mountain to climb. I would wish to see these reviews expedited somehow. The consumer needs these results months prior, if they're considering new product, the member reviews often follow six months past when products hit shelves. How do we do it sooner? I think the review teams can be matched to hypothetical products, perhaps before the product is even available. We all know Ping will come out with a G420, G500, or H driver or something. Taylormade probably has M10 prototypes already. We can pick reviewers for such things so that they can have product in hand for review weeks, rather than months, after release. I understand a lot of that relies on if/when a company donates, sells, or makes available x sets of product to MGS. Just my $.02
  12. I know I said I'd like 60's more; but I'm still working on that "Broke 80" badge. Maybe a HIO would get me closer to both A hole in one, a few lucky putts, a ton of lucky misses, and I'd maybe get that 79
  13. i was expecting it to be grosser. Just looked like a bean. Here's the wound since ya had to ask
  14. Yes just a lipoma (glob of fat). I got to see it. Pretty quick and painless but I can't use my left arm strenuously for a few weeks. No lipoma pics attached
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