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  1. Sounds good! I've only hit my wife's graphite irons, I can't use that for comparison. My comparison irons are Miz JPX 825 Pros. 1deg flat, 1/2" short. I got them from 2ndSwing.com and had the adjustments and regripping added for cheap! After wrongly falling for the AMP Pro Rickie Fowler clubs, the JPX are a nice compact shape that's more toward the GI side of Player's Cavity. I had the cast JPX 825 in the past, these are the forgiveness of those plus the Mizuno feel :). The Mizunos are already strong lofts, the Wilsons are stronger. I will have a big gap between Wilson's 44deg PW and my 50deg GW. I'm already expecting them to be longer just based on loft and shaft length. We'll see if I can control them.
  2. Last pic is my 5,6,7i with the Wilson 7i. You can see I had my irons shortened a bit, a bit over-shortened actually. But the C300s are long for standard length. The 5i is 38.5" and most irons 5i standard is 38-38.25. Swinging them as is, there will definitely be more distance due to length but Ill probably be pulling shots. Also, the club heads are huge, but the top at address doesnt appear annoyingly thick or super offset like other GI irons out there. The black power slots may trick the eye a bit into thinking they're thinner.
  3. I won this set from the MGS donor raffle! I figure I should do a review, I didnt see any review of these with graphite shafts. I play steel shafts, so this should be interesting. This will take some time, it's super cold here in NJ. I'll get to a range soon enough. For now, pics
  4. knightsofnii

    What's NOT in my bag?!?!

    I always thought Nikes looked neat but never got any. I do have Nike rain gloves! Glad someone agrees with me on AMP Cell Pros. They're also very nice to look at. I may get them refit/regripped. I just won some C300s, I've heard good things about Wilson irons
  5. I just got the email today. I had no idea. Oh my god! I haven't won anything in forever! Incredible! C300 Iron set?!?! Oh, and its "Knights of Nii" ("knee"), if you're a Monty Python fan, then ya get it :). Thanks guys! Now I'm playing on house money. Excellent incentive to donate more
  6. knightsofnii

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Number one on my list is getting my swing in order. After a ton of research etc I know what I want to work on when I get the chance. As for equipment, here's my wish list: 1) Ping G400 Max, OR, whatever new driver turns out to work best for me. 2) Launch Monitor/simulator/home swing station. I cannot hit the range/course nearly as much as I'd like to, it would be nice to have a spot to swing when time permits. Plus having some digital feedback would rule :).
  7. Wish I had something techy to add, here's a doodle. Cant wait to hit all the new stuff.
  8. I love my Bushnell Tour V2 (does not have slope). It only tells me straight line distance, so if I'm going up or down hill, I just consider what club would get me there if it were flat, then add or subtract based on what my eyes tell my brain. It has the jolt that vibrates when you're locked on. It will pick up pins and anything reflective really. If the flag is down, I'll just shoot at the people on the green I trust it more than my Garmin watch, but that does a decent job of giving me front/middle/back yardages to the green. I use both. Still a 19/20hcp, go figure
  9. knightsofnii

    How’s your game?

    I use a Bushnell Tour V2 LRF and a Garmin S2 watch. The watch gives me quick and dirty distances. The LRF is nearly exact. If time permits, I keep those 2 and a field notes book in my pocket. I will LRF my distances, hit my shot, I can then use my watch to tell me the distance I hit the ball by selecting "measure distance," then going to my ball, then I record the distance (although this includes roll). Do this for a couple rounds, then you have a good guide for which club to select The watch is also really good for back/middle/front green distances. For the pin I use the LRF of course. I think over summer I was able to drop my handicap about 2 points. These tools helped with a strategy I incorporated that included decision point rules of thumb about when and when not to split long shots up or lay up. It got me using short irons way more. Though my fw and hybrid ball striking has probably suffered.
  10. knightsofnii

    Attention all golfers

    You can also (if not seeing favorable results with your set) visit a reputable fitter, and have your existing clubs optimized. Ie: if you like your clubs, shots feel right but are not seeing your preferred ball flight, and have not discovered any known swing tendency changes.
  11. I'm not finding this anywhere on the mygolfspy page nor the forums. Does anyone have the Rapsodo R Motion swing analyzer/simulator? It is a clipon style sensor. https://www.amazon.com/Rapsodo-R-Motion-Simulator-Swing-Analyzer/dp/B075VD2W9M/ref=pd_ybh_a_21?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=0N2ZXE27TFMPSBTGWXVG It has favorable reviews (albeit only about 30) and appears like it MAY be a good alternative to ponying up to something like Skytrac or a pricier option. I'm unsure whether it is something that may perform better or react better than optishot. Just curious if anyone has any first hand experience, as it's time for me to get some xmas gifts for myself
  12. knightsofnii

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    I hope they have more colors.
  13. knightsofnii

    Sponsor logos?

    You need to be sponsored by an embroidery company just to get the sponsors on there!!
  14. knightsofnii

    Island of misfits short bag

    Ugly Sweater bag, my 80s Spaldings.
  15. knightsofnii

    What's NOT in my bag?!?!

    Oooooo. Pics anywhere?