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    So I just got my Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Newport 2 and after my first round with it yesterday I decided to wipe it down and unfortunately I accidentally used the wrong side of the sponge and well scratched the insert a little bit. I know that this isn’t really going to affect performance and heck Tigers Newport 2 is in a lot worse shape but any ideas as to how I could get this out? It’s only visible in certain light and the milling across the teryllium insert seems to be fine. But yeah, any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. So...let me just start off by saying I'm not one of those people who has disposable income just lying around. I have a bank account that I put some money in here and there that I will only use on a big golf purchase. Also I have saved up my cash back on my credit card for years that I've told myself I'll use for something big. Generally, the only club in my bag that changes frequently is my putter. However, this year I've really only used one putter which is an old Tour Stock Bettinardi which resembles a BB1. However, last year I was in my local golf shop and was putting with a used Limited Run T22 Newport 2 and absolutely loved the feel of the teryllium insert but couldn't justify the $750 price tag. The guys who work there know me well and offered to knock it down to $650 but I passed on it......kind of wished I didn't now but oh well. Then two weeks ago the guys at the store gave me a call and said they would reserve one of the new Champions Choice putters for me if I wanted. The store manager is a good guy and remembered how long I spent putting with the T22 and put me down on their first to call list. I ended up saying yes and now I have a Champions Choice Newport 2. I'm not planning on buying it to resell it, I want to use it. However, I have this weird feeling that I shouldn't. I don't know, I cant quite explain it but yeah. Lol so long story short, I guess my question is why should I use it? Thanks everyone, appreciate the help!
  3. @lmh3I don’t have the same initials as you but heck I’d take a set off of your hands currently gaming 2008 Tommy Armour Silver Scot MB’s.
  4. Hey Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has a Evnroll Gravity Grip their gaming and how it’s working out? I’m thinking of getting one after trying them on some Evnroll ER2 putters at the PGA Tour Superstore but not quite sure how it will work out on my heavy mallet putter. Anyone with experiences is greatly appreciated!
  5. Corey from Massachusetts, My swing speed is 110 mph with a driver. I currently play a Titleist 915 D2 with a Pro Launch Axis Blue 65g stiff shaft. My HDC is 3 and I regularly use a GC2 HMT that I have access to. I've never played a Tour Edge driver before or have even hit one. Thanks!
  6. @cnosil Yeah nothing is going to be perfect. I could go back and do better with the Spider than the Stroke Lab. I did go back yesterday and putt with the Stroke Lab and the Ping Sigma 2 Fetch and both putters performed well. Everything plays a part in making putts, especially if you think you have a putter that will make more putts than every other putter out there. It might not be true but golf is a mental game lol
  7. Haha I was putting on an indoor green that was pretty straight so all I really needed to do was get the line and speed. Also I lined up every putt and went through my pre shot routine so I could give myself the best chance to make it or keep it inside 3 feet. My last 10 putts with the stroke lab I holed the first two and my 5 and 7th putts which I probably couldn't do again if I hit another 100 putts. Last season I was was just over 3% from 25+ feet when the putt was uphill. Around 2% if I had a downhill 25+ foot putt. That's really the only putting stat I keep when I'm playing is how many putts I have from 20-25+ feet.
  8. Hey everyone, just posting to let you know of an expierment I recently conducted with stroke lab. I really wanted to see if Stroke Lab could help me become a more consistant putter. So I set out to try and see if there was a way to determine that without Sam Putt Lab or robots. What I decided I would do is go to an indoor practice facility with one Stroke Lab and one non Stroke Lab. Luckily I was able to get my hands of demos of both. The Stroke Lab I went with was the face balanced version of the #7, which I seemed to putt the best with out of the Stroke Lab range that was available to me. The non Stroke Lab I went with, to keep it as fair as possible was theface balanced Taylormade Spider Tour. Two similar putters that I had rolled pretty well with very high MOI and forgiveness. Now to the test.... I decided, for me the best way to see if the Stroke Lab gave me any considerable advantage was to putt from two distances. The first distance being 7ft. a distance that for me can always make or break a round, and 25ft. At each distance I would hit 30 putts for a total of 60 putts. With the seven footers I was looking to simply see how many I holed. I did keep track of how far my misses strayed from the hole, but overall I was looking to see how many I could drop. {Yes, I did keep the stick in } Anyways, I warmed up a bit with the Stroke Lab and then procceded with the 7 footers. I broke the 7 footers up into sets of 10. Out of my first 10 I holed 7 but struggled a little bit with my tempo. 70%, I'll take it. wrote it down in the notebook with how far past the hole the 3 misses went. Then hit 10 again, and with this set I gained a more consistant stroke and holed 8/10. Wrote it down, however I did try and bury one and hit it about 4ish feet by, made the come backer though. Finally the last 10, in which hole once again holed 7 out of 10. Not bad, not great though. Stroke Lab #7 makes 22/30 for 73% made. Overall I was happy with the results. Espcially because this test was taking place in a pretty controled environment, indoors with no wind and no extreme weather. Now on to the 25 footers. With the 25 footers in order to make sure I could keep track of how far away from the hole my misses were I hit the putts in sets of two. Not ideal, but it helped make sure balls were not hitting eachother during the test. Again broke it up into sets of 10. The first two sets I made 2 out of 10 which was fine by me. However, I noticed the putts I did not make did not usually stray more than 2 feet past or short of the cup. (Usually past the cup) Finally on the last set of 10 I was feeling it. I made 4 of 10 and scared the hole on at least 2 other attempts. Wow. This brought me to a final score of 8 for 30. A percentage of just over 26.5 %! In the attached PDF is a futher break down of the numbers of test. Now on to the Taylormade. To keep it fair I switched it up and did the 25 footers first since I had just hit from that distance. I warmed up with a few putts and then strarted with my first 30. The putter feld good, however they just were not dropping. 10 out of my first 17 had a chance to go in but did not. I rounded up the 25 footers with the spider and holed 5 of 30 for a percentage of just over 16.5 made. 3 short of the 8 I made with the Stroke Lab and a 10% dropoff. This could be due to a lot of things. I do think something that may be lost in the marketing hype of the shaft is just how good the microhinge white hot insert feets. Much improved over last years micro hindge insert. Mis hits still have a chance to stay online and drop. I think that has more to do with the insert and MOI of the head rather than the shaft. When I went on to the 30 7 footers with the Spider I once again holed 22/30 just like the Stroke Lab. However, I had to hole 9 out of my last 10 to get there. The spider has a good unique feel of its own and I don't know if the Spider Tour X would have changed the results of the 25 footers. I know the Spider mini has the same insert of the X and I have been contemplating getting that one every since Taylormade released it earlier this past summer. I did however hit 10 more with from 7 ft. with the Stroke Lab and holed 8 out of 10. Just for good measure. Overall I think stroke lab is worth a try and at least for me when, everything was as equal as it could be in a human experiment, it gave me a considerable advantage from 25ft. Now does that mean I'm going to always go 8 for 30 from 25ft. all the time? No, but I'd like to think stroke lab gives me a chance to reach that number more often than not. The big factor for me with stroke lab is it will hopefully get rid of the 3 jacks. They come up every so often and keep me from being an average putter. Like Henrik I just want to be average! Hope this helps you all get out there and try your own experiments!
  9. I saw that, yeah I think it would be interesting to see if there is any advantage in performance for the average golfer, or if its just for the pros.
  10. Have always played in Nikes, mostly because I like the comfort and they feel like the Nike sneakers I generally wear. Has anyone felt that a specific brand shoe gives you a better chance to score your best? Thanks !
  11. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Kiradech Aphibarnrat Tier 4: Haotong Li Tier 5: Bernd Wiesberger Low Score: (-11) 277 Low Am: (-1) 287
  12. Corey, Massachusetts Driver: XR Pro 3 Wood: Cobra King F7 Hybrid: Adams Red Irons: 4-PW Adams Idea CB1 Gap Wedge: MacGregor MT Tourney Sand Wedge: Ping Glide Putter: Taylormade Daytona 12 Handicap 7 Goals for 2018: Consistently break 75! Good luck everyone!
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