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  1. Mark, NJ 3.7 Used the Eyeline mirror for a few seasons
  2. Yes, there was a small piece of the composite on the bottom that extended over the weight track. It has been corrected, they simply made the composite flush to the weight track, not sure why they wouldn't do that from the beginning.
  3. I'm thinking of ordering some Accra shafts for the M5 driver and M6 fairway and hybrid that I am testing.
  4. Got back to the range to work on my full swing after my wrist surgery, been about six weeks since the procedure and I am finally able to take full swings without much discomfort. Hoping to take the wife out for a chip and putt round tomorrow.
  5. I've been fortunate enough to play several great golf courses. 1. Pine Valley 2. Aronimink 3. Royal County Down 4. Merion 5. St. Andrews 6. TPC Jasna Polana 7. Pinehurst #2 8. Bethpage Black 9. Torrey Pines South 10. Kilmarlic
  6. lmh3

    WITB lmh3

    Just when I thought the top of the bag was settled, going to have a good testing session when my wrist heals.
  7. lmh3

    Srixon Drivers?

    The Z785 made my top 3 for the season, the Ping just beat it out, but I would probably have been just as pleased with the Srixon.
  8. I've always had a gloss finish on woods up until this season with the G410 woods. I have quickly converted to being a fan of the low glare finish. I've noticed that the lack of reflection let's me focus more on the ball (I just now realize how bad my ADD is that the reflections of light and trees caught my attention before).
  9. Two weeks removed from arthroscopic surgery on my wrist to fix the TFCC, follow up tomorrow hopefully gives me the all clear to start some chipping. Going to put off the four trigger finger releases until winter.
  10. lmh3

    WITB lmh3

    Finally got the last few pieces. G410 LST 3 Wood and G410 Hybrid plus a new bag.
  11. For the first time in almost 10 years, I do not have an all Callaway bag, still waiting on the G410 LST 3 wood, G410 hybrid and a MD4 50* wedge, also the bag is temporary until I get my Ping bag.
  12. I'm going to play the Srixon Z Star XV, I have a few sleeves of the Z Star that I have been using while it is cold out, but I door Trackman numbers show the XV to be the better performer in warmer temperatures.l
  13. I am really happy with the Super Speed System, been using it for two weeks and have noticed a three mile an hour increase in club head speed. Indirect result has been knocking some of the rust off from the winter and getting my shoulder turn back to where it should be.
  14. Close to ordering a Srixon combo set Z785 3 and 4 iron, Z Forged 5-PW with Project X LZ shafts.
  15. We have to try and get out at least once this season.
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