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  1. Added a Titleist U500 to replace my 3 wood, installed Oban Kiyoshi Purple Tour Reserve shafts in them. Got in my SIM Driver a put an Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited in it.
  2. Have to make sure the bumpers are tall enough that the stamping will look good, this one is a little too thin to do too much with. The Bettinardi Anser styles are nice for bumper stamping.
  3. Replaced the Spider X with the SS28 from Bettinardi.
  4. I have three sets that I have used in the last year, I will be taking one set to our vacation house to leave there, it makes it easier than having to load my clubs in the car with the kids and all of their stuff. Also thinking of leaving the third set at my in laws' home to make it easy to sneak out with my father in law when we visit them.
  5. I have the Titleist U 500 in the 3 and 4 irons, I have used the Callaway Apex Utility as well.
  6. I take the original paint out, use some acetone and let it sit for a few minutes to loosen it up. Then use Sharpie paint pen to apply the new paint.
  7. These just arrived, going to swap out the 3 utility and the hybrid depending on the course.
  8. Yeah, I have three sets of stamped irons sitting around. Just need to find a blade player with the same initials and I could get rid of some.
  9. Made a few changes, went with Titleist 620 MB 5-9, and Vokey wedges with lofts adjusted to 47*, 51*, 55* and 59*. Oban CT 125 in the 5 iron to 47* wedge and Shimada Tour Wedge Black in the 51*, 55*, and 59* Also reshafted the driver, 3 Wood, and Hybrid with Oban Tour Limited, V430 Prototype, and Kiyoshi Purple Tour Reserve. Waiting on a 3 and 4 U500 as well, backordered until November. Put the Spider X navy and white in as well.
  10. I replaced my whole bag early this season and kept it fairly consistent, changed shafts in the woods back to the Oban shafts I played previously and switched out wedges. That being said, I have a new set of Titleist irons and utility irons on order.
  11. I am considering the Oban CT 125 shafts for my new set of Titleist 620 MB Irons, I ordered them with Project X LZ that I had in my Srixon set but testing the CT 115 piqued my interest in the 125's.
  12. Bold move on the contract, I would have tried to sneak the ability to replace wedges in there just due to wear and tear on the grooves.
  13. Mark, NJ 3.7 Used the Eyeline mirror for a few seasons
  14. Yes, there was a small piece of the composite on the bottom that extended over the weight track. It has been corrected, they simply made the composite flush to the weight track, not sure why they wouldn't do that from the beginning.
  15. I'm thinking of ordering some Accra shafts for the M5 driver and M6 fairway and hybrid that I am testing.
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