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  1. I can't stand polyester. It itches, I seem to sweat more and it just feels wrong. Hard to find big name golfwear in anything but poly, so I go with Polo or Lacoste polo shirts. Yes, it's hot and humid here in Texas, but I can't stand the gross feel of poly.
  2. Same story here. Getting ready for a tournament. Two days later, excruciating pain, numbness in leg, MRI. Bulging L-4, 5. Just turned 62. Luckily, painkillers, muscle relaxers, rest. Doing better, but I'm afraid it is something I will have to deal with from now on. Will still play, just taking precautions. I hope everything goes well and sorry you have to go through this.
  3. In the Texas summer, I can sweat through and ruin a hat after one round. Back in the 80s-90s, Ping made a great hat with a Terry cloth sweatband built in. They were great. Does anyone know of a nice looking cap with a similar feature?
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