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  1. Sorry I am lost. Lost like a ball in the beach of Pebbles. They are in week 2 or 3?
  2. I start being a @Bucky CC fan but @Nunfa0 won this one. Bucky next week i know you will come back stronger dont worry
  3. The prices are fantastic. Dont have the retail plus price that made club every year expensive. To talk about quality i need to try them before but all review made a good point in quality
  4. BEN HOGAN I love what BenHogan made to battle big names in golf industry. But in a consumer perspective wich benhogan line up would you buy? Iron? Wood? Wedge? Putter? Or Stand bag only? I would love to buy wedges and irons. Putter is a maybe for me
  5. I love to play in Draft that you can win something without a big bracket!!!!!
  6. Why you sell this head are good one or dont fit your game?
  7. I am in the limit between stiff with x stif. Are so hard or have a more soft feel? I am asking so much because my budget is limited and want to make a good decision
  8. Can you describe what feel they have in impact and why you sell it? And this shaft is a steel shaft or graphite? Sorry with my english but I dont speak very offten
  9. We are the part of guys that can ot enter in any tester wanted and giveaways. Hello for all
  10. Nobody: *Anyways I dont like this Amazing ultra fast ultra long F9 Speedback driver and I would buy a cheap best buy driver* (Ace the golfer) Mygolfspy members: Congratulations for all how apply for this amazing opportunities. (Ps: For the flat earth's that dont understand a joke this is one)
  11. I love to have the chance to play such course. If one day I can play. I would play with my dad becasue he can see what a HEAVEN look like
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