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  1. Hey, My Taylormade Daytona 12 tour is having paint problem. The white is peeling off and I a bigg fan of all black stealth mode. Which is the best technique to paint a putter and I need special paint or two step paint?? Quarantine have me the chance to have my bag home and dont playing.
  2. Just because are the runners up in most wnted FW 2018 and have a good price to buy.
  3. I am a 14 handicap player. What is the dofference between Fairway wood Callaway Rouge and Rouge Sub zero? I am searching for one fairway wood to buy
  4. If I make a shot aiming to the left with a draw effect. Is a pull or a draw? The problems is that i am aiming to the left. Give your opinion!
  5. Sorry I am lost. Lost like a ball in the beach of Pebbles. They are in week 2 or 3?
  6. I start being a @Bucky CC fan but @Nunfa0 won this one. Bucky next week i know you will come back stronger dont worry
  7. The prices are fantastic. Dont have the retail plus price that made club every year expensive. To talk about quality i need to try them before but all review made a good point in quality
  8. BEN HOGAN I love what BenHogan made to battle big names in golf industry. But in a consumer perspective wich benhogan line up would you buy? Iron? Wood? Wedge? Putter? Or Stand bag only? I would love to buy wedges and irons. Putter is a maybe for me
  9. I love to play in Draft that you can win something without a big bracket!!!!!
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