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  1. I had always played whatever was on sale at DSG, typically TopFlite, I felt I wasn't good enough for it to matter. As I began to get more serious about my game I started trying out different balls to see if I found a difference. I liked Pro V1x and the pattern on the TP5 pix really suited my eye. I'm a data nut and gear head so when the ball test came out, I was all in. The results of the test would have led me to play Pro V1x but, loosing balls is a bit of a problem for me and $48/dz hurts. So I picked up 2 dz Snell MTB-X in yellow. I'm never looking back. I'm a total convert to color and the performance and consistency has given me more confidence in my game. I tried using a sharpie to put a pattern on the ball but it just ended up on my clubs!!!
  2. Started walking so I'm selling my cart bag. Only used for about two months and still in like new condition. $145 shipped to the continental US
  3. I'm not active on this forum much but I have extensive published experience evaluating product and writing reviews for forums, blogs, and magazines. I also have a serious need for clubs in this area. - Seth - Haddonfield, NJ - Driver - 103mph, 3w - 96mph - Handicap 20 - 3w 16.5*, 4i 23* - Right
  4. Seth - NJ 15 hcp 103mph swing speed Callaway Epic Flash Sub-Zero 9*, HZRDUS Smoke 70g Stiff shaft cut to 44" G410 Plus
  5. Seth NJ 10 Cobra king s9 irons i500 especially since I'm in the market for new irons!
  6. Welcome to the forums Stealth147 :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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