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  1. Thanks! It was the big six-0.
  2. My experience with LSRs is that they make fast players faster, and slow players get even slower. There's a guy in my league, while a pretty good player, is deliberate to a fault. (His brother is a PGA pro, and encourages him to "follow the process " - geez!) The rangefinder has made him even slower. Get to the ball, put the bag down, look at the shot, judge the wind, pull the rangefinder out of the bag, deliberately take it out of the case, shoot the pin, try to shoot the front and all bunkers, look at the green, probably shoot something else, put the rangefinder back in it's case, put it back in the bag, look at the green again, pull a club, toss some grass into the wind, change clubs, and maybe hit the shot after three to four minutes. And none of this starts until it's his turn to play. There's another guy (me) who gets to his ball, shoots the yardage, takes a look at the wind, pulls a club and plays, whether I'm away or not. The other guy thinks I'm disrespectful.
  3. I broke my elbow 30 years ago, and it is now susceptible to tennis elbow. When it flares up I go back to a therapy program using a flexbar, as explained here. I also use a strap, as someone else has already mentioned, but it took me a few tries to get the one that was right for me. For quick relief it's ibuprofen and ice, sometimes supplemented by Aspercreme.
  4. When I got fitted last year I ended up with the TM MG, and I am still extremely happy with them. At the time I also hit the Hi Toe version, and the fitter mentioned that the Hi Toe was much preferred by Tour players (incl. Tiger Woods). I understand that the Hi Toe allows them to hit shots that you otherwise can't, but not for me (spoiler alert: I'm no pro!). I hated the Hi Toe, much worse than anything else I hit. I found it extremely interesting, and personally validating, that the regular MG and Hi Toe are so far apart in the lists.
  5. It's extremely funny that this response comes tonight. I played 9 earlier tonight, for the first time since my injury (8 weeks). My doctor cleared me to play as much as I want, as long as I don't have acute pain (soreness is fine). I am religious about my PT, and my therapist is making sure I don't try too much too soon. The toughest part tonight was judging distance. I generally allowed two extra clubs, but making that smooth controlled swing meant a few times impact was quite pure, and even with a limited swing my distance was often greater that I planned. Take away two triples caused by one shot each that went spectacularly bad, and I played even. Not bad for a 10.
  6. I hear ya! Last I played was July 12th, and it looks like a few more weeks for me. I am cleared to chip and putt, but have not had the opportunity. Plus, the doctor says no driver this year. So much for fun!
  7. I separated my shoulder (grade 3 sprain) on July 13th. I'm feeling like I might be close to being allowed to play (see the doc again Tuesday). Can anyone with a similar experience tell me how long before you started playing? There's only three weeks left in my league, and I'd really like to play the last week (it would be 7 weeks at that point) because of a special format. There's also a charity tournament on September 15th for which I need to make a firm commitment soon. Playing well is (relatively) unimportant, but I'd like to be there.
  8. Siamese Moose

    Indian Ridge Golf Course

  9. Siamese Moose

    Siamese Moose

  10. I've played with at least 30 guys from a couple of sites, and met at least as many more at outings over the last 25 years. Out of all that I'd say there was only one guy less than super as a playing companion, and he was still better than the average of the random people I've been paired with over the years. I regret having lost touch with some of them.
  11. I crashed in a race Saturday (I know, old men (59) shouldn't be still racing). The guys right in front of me went down (I don't know why), and I went over the top at 36 mph. I have minimal road rash, but a separated shoulder and some heavy bruising. Probably no more golf for 8 weeks.
  12. Today, in Pearls Before Swine: Strip I can't figure out how to get the graphic to appear directly. If someone could fix that I'd appreciate it!
  13. Some years ago (2000?) I had to attend a conference in Park City. Back then air fares would often be significantly cheaper if you stayed over a Saturday night, so my company often made me travel on Saturday to save money. This would always tick me off, as I lost a weekend day for them to save money. This time I'd finally had it, and informed my boss that the company was picking up the tab for me to play golf on Sunday. My hotel was only a few blocks from the Park City Golf Course, so I walked over hoping to get on. I got added to a local threesome, and had a great time. One of the holes has a long line of expensive condos along the right. These guys were telling me about the famous people who owned them. The last one was quite a bit larger, and they told me the name of the woman who owned it. I didn't recognize the name (and don't remember it), and they were incredulous, "How could you not know who she is?!" Sorry guys, I don't know. "She's the biggest porn star on the planet!" OK, you assumed I would know the name of a porn actress? I asked them how many of her movies they had seen, and they all said none. And they expected me to know who she was. "But everybody in Park City knows who she is. I thought the whole country knew her." As an aside, at that elevation I was a long hitter worthy of posting on the internet. Flew a 9 iron over a 190 yard par 3.
  14. I've hit a number of the new drivers, and have found a good fit with the 410 and F9. Neither is a big advantage over my now "near vintage" Wishon, at least on good strikes, but both offer some greater forgiveness. For either one I want a 44.5" length (I'm short!). I recently found out Cobra offers the F9 in a "Tour Length", namely 1" short, or, you guessed it, 44.5"! It comes with heavier weights, 18 and 6 grams, vs, 14 and 2, than standard. If I knew for sure what shaft, I would have already ordered, but my fitter does not have a test head with these weights. He's sent his Cobra rep a message, but now two weeks on has not heard back.
  15. I just want to add my 2 cents to this. I'm 59, and have been in and out of shape. Today I am still an avid cyclist, and still competitive in my age group in races. I prefer to walk, but it is clear that I score better when I ride. I tend to walk my 9 hole rounds, and ride 18. 18 hole rounds tend to be more social anyway. I think being flexible is more important than strength for golf, but I aim for both. The couple guys I know who are seriously competitive in their age groups, plus 2ish handicappers, are seriously fit. They can out lift me, and bend in ways I have never dreamed of.
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