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  1. Apparently, red neck murders are very difficult to solve. There's no dental records, and all of the DNA is the same.
  2. Ongoing testing: I am getting along quite well with the Quad Tour! While the tackiness is great (and the thing most commented on by others), the shape is what's rocking my world. However, I'm still recovering from an ill advised super long putt drill (the Harmon "fringe to fringe" drill) that messed up my feel for distance. After doing it I was first blowing everything on the course well past, then I got tentative and started leaving everything well short. I'm really surprised and bummed at how long it's taking me to get over this. I hope to get out this afternoon, and if I can't get on the course I'll at least spend some time on the practice green.
  3. Your regulars match mine. If that trend continues, I recommend you try New Riff, both the bourbon and the rye.
  4. Date 05/23/2023 Course Name Boone Links Gross Score 84 Course Handicap 7 Gross Strokes over/under par 12 Net Score to Par 5 Net Score 77 Net Birdies or better 1 Longest Drive 253 Played my league yesterday, and then we played some additional holes after, and today I was dragging myself around the course. I'm a little concerned about how tired I'm getting on the course lately. Back 9 was awful.
  5. #14 at Indian Ridge (Oxford, OH) is a downhill, dogleg left par 5. I can't carry the bunkers off the tee that guard the corner, but hit a perfect drive that skirted them and was still able to catch the downhill bounce for another 20 yards. Now I had 200 to the front edge, but off a downhill lie with 180 to carry a creek. Over the hazard but short of the green is not a good option, and the pin was way back, so just reaching the green was not a good play either. I know that back position is in a place where the green doesn't hold shots well, so I punched a 9 to the far right edge of the fairway to improve the angle so the green might hold. Hit an easy gap wedge that only released about 15', to 5' below the hole. Easy putt for birdie. My partner actually commented, "That was four perfect shots!" (It was easy for him to say that, as he also birdied.)
  6. I've played in an evening league, currently play in an afternoon league, and often play on a different day in the morning with guys from both leagues. They have commented on how much better I am outside the leagues, but I think it's the morning time rather than in or out of the leagues.
  7. Date 05/17/2023 Course Name Indian Ridge Gross Score 80 Course Handicap 4 Gross Strokes over/under par 8 Net Score to Par 4 Net Score 76 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 244 My long drive was 244, but I almost feel like I should instead list the pure 5W I hit downwind that rolled off the back at 262! My chipping game has not been even average for me. That cost me a few strokes that would have made my score more indicative of how I played. It was my best ball striking of the year.
  8. Last night was league play, so I asked for opinions on the Quad Tour grip from the guys there. The comments include: Nice feel, I like it better than my SuperStroke (to be fair, his SuperStroke was ancient, and overdue for replacement!) Great shape I love the tackiness, but it's too small I love the tackiness, but it's too big Lots of people wanted to know if it came in different sizes, great disappointment to hear it didn't "You want me to grab your putter?" My review is focued on the Quad Tour, but when they learned I have all three there were multiple requests to see the other grips. Next week... I went early to spend some extra time on the practice green. I was focused on distance control on long and very long putts. I would be very hard pressed to say I noticed any difference from my prior Lamkin. I think the most likely difference will be accuracy on makeable putts, which will be my focus going forward. Hitting so many very long putts before my round meant that on the course I was blowing too many putts long. Note to self: Before a round of real play just focus on my normal warm up, and leave the focused testing to pure test sessions.
  9. I've been chosen four times, and I have neither Twitter no IG
  10. I previously mentioned I hit 50° and 54° wedges bent strong, but I realized I left something out. My set-matching PW is cavity back, the wedges are not. With my swing, cavity backs go farther and higher, but with less spin. I had a spell with the CBX wedges, and was not happy. (The fact that so many are very happy with them says you need to test.) For those of you thinking about trying other makes, nobody has mentioned the TM milled grind series. Don't sleep on these! More than half the staff at my range uses them. (But avoid the MG2. There's a reason TM replaced it very quickly.)
  11. I started with a 45° PW, and 50°, 54°, and 58°. I had a nearly 20 yard gap between the PW and 50°. I had the 50° and 54° bent stronger to narrow that gap to about 12 yards. (I worked with my instructor and a Trackman to get the yardage right.) I left the 58° untouched as I don't often use it for full shots, and when I do it goes farther than expected for it's loft anyway.
  12. You can buy adaptors that fit a Garmin port onto a standard USB-C cord. I keep one in my bag. They're cheap!
  13. The first time I experienced this was on a regularly used position on the front of the green, but the front had died, so it probably stimped over 20. This was in my league, and the commish made a rule for the day of two putts for everyone. The other time was cut on a slope dividing the front and back of 18. The pro (who knew me) watched me 5 putt, then asked what happened. I told him the position was unputtable. He got very red in the face, and said "G.. D......, I told him to cut all of the holes in the middle!", and stormed off. The other guy there was stifling a laugh. Turns out they were having an outing in a few hours notorious for bad golfers, and he wanted the pins all in easy spots. The newbie cutting holes took "...in the middle of every green..." very literally.
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