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  1. Siamese Moose

    Corey Pavin

    I am the same height, weight, and age as Corey Pavin. At the time he won his Open I was hitting my clubs the same distance as he did (I've fallen behind since, but Corey hasn't had two back surgeries). He was my "cold slap in the face" that I didn't need to hit it farther to get better, I needed to hit it better to get better. While I'd still love to hit it farther, I know that's not what's going to lower my handicap.
  2. Siamese Moose

    Mc henry MD

    The title of this thread caught my attention for an off-the-wall reason: my primary care doctor is Marshall McHenry, M.D.
  3. Siamese Moose

    Allergy Thread!

    Allergy-wise I'm miserable year-round, but Spring is the worst (tree pollens), followed by Fall (leaf mold). You don't want to take the time to read through everything I've tried/been through. I currently take fluticasone spray (Flonase) and Zyrtec every day. Add azelastine spray (Asterpro) on bad days. On bad days with my eyes (which is basically every day working in the yard) I use Alaway drops (same as Zaditor, but much cheaper). Last September I had nasal surgery (septoplasty and turbinate reduction), and while I still have congestion, I breathe a lot easier overall. That worked more than all the medications combined.
  4. Siamese Moose

    Best course you've played/what did pay per round?

    I haven't played that many "great courses" (yet). The most expensive was the Ocean Course at Kiawah, which was something like $125 surcharge on our package (all the other courses were free), 20+ years ago. Most memorable: Jasper Park and Banff Springs, both in Alberta, though the fact that we were on our honeymoon might have had something to do with it. Here's a twist, what's your biggest disappointment? Mine would be the Cascades course at the Homestead, in Virginia. Not much variety, blind shots, and mediocre condition for such a famous place.
  5. Siamese Moose

    Vertigo.. have you had it before?

    I've had it after surgery due to Percocet. Went away right after changing meds. Probably obvious, but any change in your meds?
  6. Rob, Cincinnati OH I used to be a 6 HC. I'm returning from two back surgeries, so am not playing anywhere near that now, probably about 16. My current clubs are all too stiff for my new body, and driver loft is too low. I'm planning to get a fitting sometime soon anyway, but this would be a great opportunity. I expect I'll be in the highest lofted driver with a regular flex. Similar for fairway woods. The CBX irons and wedges look well suited to my current (lack of) skills. Graphite shafts throughout, please
  7. I am Rob in Cincinnati, OH. I walk between 40 and 50 rounds per season.
  8. Siamese Moose

    Mary Ann or Ginger? (Poll Attached!)

    Definitely Mary Ann, always has been since the show was in first runs. She got busted a couple years ago in Hollywood for Mary Jane. Her mug shot still looked good for mid-60's.
  9. Siamese Moose

    Statins... Are killing me

    I'm not a doctor, and I won't try to give you anything near as comprehensive as RP, just my story... I was first prescribed statins about 1990 (when I was 30). Brought my LDLs down nicely (I don't remember the exact numbers from back then). Over time the numbers crept back up, which my internist told me was not unusual as you get older. He increased my dose, and I started having muscle pain in my legs. We did a blood test also that had results that indicated a side effect problem. We tried several different statins and different doses without relief. Even going back to the original drug and dose I still had problems. Apparently I became sensitized. Now, the good part is I have no other indicators for heart issues. Now every few years I go in for a heart check-up. It was originally a calcium MRI heart scan, which looks at plaque in the heart arteries. I got a 0, which is a perfect score. Now they give me an arterial ultrasound, which gives you a "cardiovascular" age. When I had it at 52 my cardio age was 33. As long as these numbers remain good there is no need for me to take statins. The downside is these tests are not covered by insurance, but the med center gives a special price of only $100. That's cheaper than copays for statins for an equivalent period. If you don't have any other indicators for heart issues, you might ask about this option. Good Luck!
  10. Siamese Moose

    On the shelf. Shoulder surgery

    I had a SLAP tear of my left labrum fixed ten years ago. While it's "fixed", I am not pain free. The labrum gets so little blood flow that it is very difficult to get it to heal fully. I also lost yardage - at least a full club - due to my range of motion being intentionally restricted to prevent reinjury. I really hope your results are better than mine. Good Luck!
  11. Siamese Moose

    Perscription Golf Glasses

    I can't wear contacts, and I can't have laser, so it's glasses for me. I have serious issues dealing with strongly curved prescription lenses, so it's either regular frames or prescription inserts. On the course I greatly prefer regular frames. I have both a pair with Transitions lenses and a much darker conventional pair. On my bike I have a pair of Rudy Project glasses with an insert. The inserts available today are immensely better than a few years ago.
  12. Siamese Moose

    Pace of Play and the Laser: Bushnell Study

    I've always taken the position that a rangefinder is just a tool, like any other. Like most things, it's the Indian, not the arrow. A fast player with a rangefinder gets even faster. To a slow player it's another distracting toy, and they get slower. There is a guy in my league who is notoriously slow. We have forced him to be in the last group all the time. This year his brother (a teaching pro) gave him a laser. Oh my, for the first month it was brutal! Now, to his credit, his pace has improved. It could be having become familiar with the laser, but I think it's more that the rest of us stopped ragging gently, and started letting him have it quite a bit more forcefully.
  13. Wonderful promotion! I would love to be involved. I'm a 53 year old slim guy with left elbow issues. Accordingly, I can't go out and pound balls without my elbow blowing up, so I rarely venture to the range. However, I do practice my short game often, approximately weekly, and I credit that for my improvement in scoring over the last few years. I've played around with a lot of wedges, and I still keep a variety for different courses. I usually carry four, but may change that to three to add a hybrid for longer courses. I stopped keeping an official handicap this year, but I'm scoring a little better than last year, when I varied between 5 and 7. For whatever reason, this time of year is my prime, and I tend to shoot my lowest scores in September to November. After that it gets too cold here in Ohio to reliably get the time in. My ScorFit results are 44³ (122-126 yds), 48° (110-114), 52° (97-101), 56³ (86-90), and 60° (75-79). The length is -0.25", with standard lie and grip size. The shaft is a Genius 9 in Firm. My current wedges are Mizuno JPX800, although with different shafts (heavier graphite) than standard Mizuno. I was a little surprised that wedges that are a set with my irons have worked better for me than some of the more well known models have. But hey, it's about what works! Thanks for considering me.
  14. Siamese Moose

    So tell me, how BAD was your day?

    Well, that 48 includes 4 penalties The putting stats look great, but really it meant my chipping was on. I'll take what I can get.
  15. Siamese Moose

    So tell me, how BAD was your day?

    38, 48! I felt like I couldn't swing my way out of a wet paper bag on the back. It was like all the strength in my back and shoulders left me. And I only had 12 putts on the back to boot!