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  1. Reading the comments here by so many that almost never have an eagle chance is making me wonder if I'm an outlier, or maybe my courses are. Most of the courses I play have at least one par 5 that I can reasonably expect to hit the green on occasion, Certainly not always (or even most of the time), but often enough that I expect at least one eagle putt every few rounds. For you guys who want a good shot, may I recommend Circling Hills GC, in Harrison, OH (Cincinnati)? The front has three par 5's, two of which I expect to reach at least one out of three times. (I've never hit the other, though I
  2. I have a ClicGear bag that was made for my cart, but I don't think it sold well, as it's not offered any more. Sun Mountain does have the Sync, which is made for their carts.
  3. Just a heads up that your swing speed without a ball is likely to be less than with a ball. I don't know why. This was a topic on a different site back when the Swing Speed Radar first came out years ago, and many, myself included, found that our speed without a ball was several miles per hour, to, IIRC, as much as 10 mph below that with a ball. A work around was to use a foam ball (I used a cat toy), or even just a wad of paper. Apparently having something, anything, to hit makes a big difference.
  4. My father died when I was only 17, but I had been working a number of part time jobs before then. From the very beginning, he made me put 10% of every pay check into long term savings. When I started full time I managed to beat that most of the time. I didn't meet my wife for another decade, but she was doing the same thing. That's the biggest reason I was able to retire in my 40's and my wife at 53. Even now, forget the rule of 4%. We're living on less than 1% of our investments.
  5. I've always felt that a rangefinder helps a fast player play faster, but it slows down a slow player. Yet another distraction. I will be interested to see how throwing a caddie into that mix affects the outcome.
  6. There was a story a few weeks ago about a guy who made a condor on a par 6 in the SF Bay area. IIRC, it plays downhill, and the cart path crosses twice, and his drive got both. The green is then uphill, and he didn't see it go in, but another group did.
  7. The only way to know is to experiment. I don't know if most are too light or too heavy, but in my case I play a 32" putter, which made it way too light. Working with my fitter we added lead shot down the shaft until it felt right, and after plenty of testing he rammed a cork in there to make it permanent. (I like a heavy feel, so we ended up with almost 30 grams added.) You could also test it with some lead tape wrapped around the shaft.
  8. Does anybody else pull out a new ball for par 3's? If I'm going to put it into a plaque I want it to look good. Sent from my SM-T580 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. I don't know how you could account for this, but I'll add something similar. I have two courses I consider "home". One is shorter and the rating and slope are quite low, the other one, despite being 600 yards longer, just suits my game. A few years back I was curious, so I calculated my handicap for each course using only the scores from that course. I was 6 strokes lower on the longer course (the difference in rating is just under 3). There's definitely a "courses for horses" effect.
  10. It would probably be a jinx, but you could use a Sharpie to put 6" marks on your putter shaft in lieu of a tape measure. I have two close calls: the first was in my league, about 160 yards, ball came up one revolution short. The second one I didn't see, but it had to be close. Uphill, so the surface of the green was not visible, 180ish. Got there and my ball mark was a few inches in front of the pin, the ball was a few inches behind, and a straight line between them went through the center of the cup. I have to admit, I've probably used up my luck. I have three albatrosses, but I w
  11. I have an Aldila NV 2KXV Orange in stiff, listed at 65 grams.
  12. I haven't tried it, but I've also been thinking about it. I'll be waiting to hear how it works for you! I also have a G410. I can see the shaft model in your sig line, but what length are you playing to get it to D5.5? My driver, at 45", only comes to D1 (with the stock 14g weight).
  13. I worked a retirement job at a tiny private club for a few years. I started putting a selection of candy bars in the freezer, and let members know that was an option. At the end of the month the manager came down to the shop and wanted to know what happened to all of the candy inventory. I told her I sold it. She had looked in the stockroom, but not at the sales log. Candy sales went up about 250%, and she was miffed with me, because now she had to adjust her standing order with Sysco. The next time I saw her she apologized, and asked if I had any other ideas to increase sales. I liked working
  14. I was forced to retire at 42, but I was very lucky. I lost my job when the company had an accounting scandal, and figure this, a high tech company laid off all of the R&D, and hired more accountants. (They've since been sold multiple times, and have gone from dominant world leader to bit player.) My skills were highly valued, but also highly specialized. My only practical opportunities involved a major relocation. My wife's job paid better than mine, she loved it, and it covered my medical, so relocation was not happening. I looked for some local, lesser jobs in my field, but despite inter
  15. Way back in time, the different colors were used to indicate different compression versions of the same ball. I believe red was softer and black was firmer. The original Titleist DT ("Durable Titleist", to differentiate from the easily cut balata balls) was one of those. I believe red was supposed to be 90 and black 100, but MGS wasn't around to verify the accuracy of those numbers.
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