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  1. I have multiple boa shoes. The strings look bad, but they do not stretch. They may eventually break, but it's very easy to fit a replacement kit direct from boa. $25 -$50 depending on the specific dial used. I've only had to replace one on a mountain bike shoe in over two decades of use.
  2. Closest I've been in a long time today, about 7" above the hole on a 182 yard 5 iron. At least I got the birdie. Sigh!
  3. Dr. Jekyll, meet Mr. Hyde! 46/35. "Nuff said!
  4. I got in the first time I tried, in 2012, and got rained out for half of the day. Only rejections since, including today.
  5. About half of the ranges near me have that. It's not neccesarily boldly marked, but the areas get used routinely.
  6. It's been almost 20 years since my experience, but at the time I obsessively tracked all of my stats, so I have data. It took a month to adjust, but after that I went from 32ish putts per round to just under 28. For just under $100 I dropped my handicap by 4 strokes! Best golf money I ever spent. I still use the same putter. I started a lesson series last fall, and my instructor took a look at my putting, and after just a few minutes told me, "Don't ever let anybody change a damn thing."
  7. The heads are already on their way to Sparky.
  8. I tend to defer to the pro's opinions on things like this. In this case, I really don't feel I know enough to lock in an opinion. Does anyone have a link to an instruction page or video that shows what's in these books (most or all are copyrighted, and can't legally be pictured), and how they are used? I've seen pictures of a few pages, but I don't really understand how to use one.
  9. I've stopped messing around with components any more. It's just not what it used to be. I have the heads listed below. All are used, some more than others. None are pristine! All are free to a good home, but you pay shipping. I will be using Priority Mail flat rate, since I have the boxes, so it's $15.50 medium box, $21.90 large box. If there's no driver head I estimate 3 would fit in a medium box, 2 with a driver. In a large box I might be able to fit everything. Wishon 919 9° driver(first generation), hand picked 10° and square Wishon 919 11° driver (third generation, black) Wishon 929 fairways: 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 Wishon 949 fairway: 7 Wishon 525 Fairway Driver, 13° SMT Solitaire fairway: 2.5 (i.e. strong 3), 14°
  10. Is the putter shorter? I use a short putter and a long grip, so I always have a gap at the end. I have built it up with tape, with an increasing number of layers as you get to the bottom to account for the increasing taper, maxing at 4 layers.
  11. There is a course I play that has four different color tee markers (and ratings), but on most holes has six or even seven tee boxes. The two forward sets rarely get moved, but the blue and black tees get moved around quite a bit. Most of them are just different yardages, but on a few holes the angles change. Of course, on weekends the markers are almost always forward.
  12. In recent years due to age and injury my swing had become a mess of band aids and compromises. I've been working with an instructor to build domething sustainable for the long haul, and what I'm now doing is shockingly different. That means I have trouble erasing years of muscle memory, and my scores have been poor due to a few disasters per round. I haven't broken 80 yet this year. Today I only had one really poor hole, and I managed to save double with a great pitch. Throw in 3 birdies and 3 bogies for a 74, and it's the best score I have ever had!
  13. So that's about 1 in 6600 shots for a 10 handicap. I'm overdue!
  14. I got picked the first time I applied (2006), but not since. If picked you'll get an email. Good luck!
  15. I've gotten fitted for the test! If you're interested, you can look at my Trackman report. I suspect I'm by far the lowest swingspeed guy in the test group. I'm fotunate to have been working with the same guy (Eric Hensler, Miles of Golf Cincinnati) for several years now, and he knows my swing pretty well. Last fall he fit me into a Ping G410 with an Aldila NV 2KXV Orange shaft, which is the club marked as "own" in the Trackman report. Over the various sessions I've had with him, we've always seen my best results with counter balanced shafts. Accordingly, neither of us felt any need to test a bunch of others. (Anecdotally, as a former component tinkerer, I have liked counterbalanced shafts since I tried the HTD stuff nearly 30 years ago.) I fit well into the HZRDUS Smoke iM10 shaft that Callaway uses as it's standard shaft, so that's the choice. Because he had that shaft available to test at 47", we tried it for fun, but we both knew it was a long shot (no pun intended). After drop kicking two out of three I didn't even try to hit another. My final specs are: Callaway Epic speed, HZRDUS Smoke IM10 green 5.5R, -1", 10.5 loft, D/S hosel setting, 44.5", C7 swingweight. Now I wait for a box!
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