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  1. That's the weirdest thing. On Friday, I'm getting fitted for either a Ping 3-Hybrid or a Ping 425 Max 7-wood at Ping Canada.
  2. I did, but I guess that I missed that part. From your reply, I'm guessing that Adam justified the fee. Frankly, I believe if you are asking someone to spend an hour of their time/expertise with you then you should expect a fee to be charged. This assumes that they are worth your the as well. Thanks.
  3. November 12 2021 I have an unusual observation that results from Adam (at MyGolfSpy)'s interview of TXG's fitter on No Putts Given. The premise of Adam's argument was that there would be greater revenue and repeat customers if retail stores, golf fitters, etc. didn't charge for fitting a potential customer. Some would argue that you get what you pay for when you do this. Yes loss leaders work to bring traffic into your store. It's the retailer's job to encourage them to do more than window shop and instead spend some $$! My question to MyGolfSpy is, if this is your belief then why charge for the TrueFit?
  4. November 12 2021 Wow! They look like mine. Got mine in March 2020 directly from Mizuno after a fitting from one of their local fitters. Here's a picture of my 7-Iron to compare with what you have.
  5. Thanks MyGolfSpy. Given that we’re (mostly) all isolated at home, I too was interested to increase my swing speed. I’m 67 and reside in the Toronto area and have a 94 mph driver speed and wouldn’t argue in increasing it a bit without hurting my back or other body parts. I will review Peter's YouTube suggestions as well. I wouldn’t turn down a testing opportunity for the SpeedSticks if MyGolfSpy would ship them North of the 49th. Be well and be safe to all.
  6. The recent review of the Galway Bay jacket and pants are awesome and equally at a reasonable price point. Since I'm travelling to Galway Bay in June and expecting to wear rain gear (at some point) in Ireland, it would be great to test out the wearability, comfort and waterproofness of the gear. 1. Max/Ontario Canada 2. Misty Mountain 3. May 2018 Toronto at Redcrest Golf Club
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