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  1. Wow. That is some impressive GAINZ! What a fairway finder u’ve got now!
  2. Agree agree agree. I wish I could turn off my psychopathic equipment feel sometimes.
  3. with you on this one! Have you ever had ribbed or reminder grips installed? Those too can put me in a real tizzy if not perfect. Seems like a new trend in this category is “align” grips. Still can’t deal with them because being a little off makes me quiver!
  4. Y’all are way more innovative than me! I guess I need to tinker more. Haven’t had the balls to DIY much of my equipment, but I also don’t have a garage with the appropriate equipment. I do have a pretty good relationship with my club builder though! He’s always shocked when I can feel the difference of a few CPMs, Or one less wrap on the grip when he messes up. But I’m kinda a freak. Anyone else able to feel these little things?
  5. 1. 0.2, San Francisco CA 2. IG: @radschmitt Twitter: @Radschmitt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rad.schmitt 3. 10-16 4. Titleist, Taylormade, Aldila, KBS, Adams 5. Driver: Speedzone custom driver 9*, matte black/ white, Ventus Black 7X, XStiff, -1/2inch, +2 Wrapps 3wood: Speedzone tour custom fairway, matte black/ white, Ventus Black 8x, X stiff, -1/2inch, + 2 wrapps speedzone custom hybrid: 3H, KBS Proto 95x, -1/4 inch irons: King forged tech custom, KBS C-Taper, X stiff, 1* up, +1/4 “ Wedges: king black custom, versatile, +1/4”
  6. Thank you! Yea SW does seem like a very fickle thing let alone overall weight! That guy in the video is obviously way outside of the range of normal as he was flying it 300 and barely missing the center of the face. It was interesting however how the shorter driver needed to be significantly heavier (in overall weight) to retain a similar swing weight. And that was only cutting off 1.5 inches. Gotta admit it’s really making me wonder if I’d benefit from a shorter driver! I’ve always liked heavier overall weight for control.
  7. Has anyone tried any of the custom shoes out there? Definitely like the idea of having some Of my favorite sneakers turned into golf shoes, just unsure how well it goes. any thoughts, or suggested vendors?
  8. Thanks for posting this! Interesting how they said 9 SW light was “unplayable”.What I don’t know is what the ideal/correct SW is for most players, and if it truly differs that much . It seems like ~D3 is what most manufacturers shoot for, but to consil’s point, what if that is not correct for a certain player? Do some players benefit from a C 5 SW? I’ve never heard of that, but by no means have I seen enough players (Too small of sample size) to feel good about saying it is very rare. any thoughts? Also, If I may: How do you post videos from outside sources? I actually tried to
  9. Understood, I’ll qualify them more. and very valid about the trimming instructions.
  10. I’d love to get the model of these. I too have a narrow (and flat!) foot and need a summer shoe.
  11. Sorry for not qualifying. Alot of this Is just my opinion, but I thought that was implied considering we’re in an online forum lol. What “absolute” did you feel like was off? If I may, swing weight is absolute. It’s a measurement, and it will go down when you reduce a clubs length (keeping all else the same including the scale you are using to measure it). It’s also absolute that you will change the dynamics (kick point) of the shaft if you only butt cut. This effect will increase the more you cut off. It’s also an absolute that the flex of the club will change o
  12. Yea, you must keep the swing weight (SW) in tact. It’s probably very “head light now”. the shop that did It “should” have mixed in some tungsten with the epoxy or added the tape for you. How long was it before? If you cut it .5” it will be off by 3 SW, but if you cut it a full inch, it will be off by 6SW Part of the danger with cutting and adding the weight because it messes up the flex of the shaft too. Good club makers can adjust the grip weight too, but gotta get a good OEM shaft and trim it from both sides. You can’t just cut the butt and home it works.
  13. Very true. I think this would happen very often for the mid handicapper. I don’t think the gains would be as big for a total hack just because consistency is such a big issue already Also makes me wonder if more people shouldn’t go the 1 length route. Thoughts?
  14. agree. The only way to do it is to get fit and see the empirical results! I was more posting as a response go the thread which had already mentioned it’s VERY hard to get access to a fitting bay with many lengths. I had the guy that’s on the couch reading this or who is thinking of ordering a driver, or cutting one off in their garage in mind . had online had luck with trying out shafts in variable lengths? I’ve been to some very good facilities and really only have a few in 44.5
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