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  1. chemclub

    North Central: ND, SD, NE, IA, CO, KS, MO

    How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Probably since I was about 10. Went with my dad a few times and just got hooked. I took about 10 years off for school. Trying to play as much as possible but I have a young family which cuts into it. I'm lucky if I can play once a week (couple times a month in the summer is the norm) I'm a solid low 80's player but I can usually sneak a few 70's rounds into the mix. What do you love about golf? I like that it's a hard game with the constant pursuit of perfection. I love the feeling when you hit that one perfectly pure shot that hangs in the air all the way to the target. It's what drives me to hit 100 more shots just to get that one feeling back. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I've been around a while, though I'm not as active on here as some folks. Came originally to learn more about clubs and never left. I was definitely one of those "standard loft" guys when I first started. It's interesting how much you pick up reading around on here. Where are you from? What is your home course? Canadian, born and raised. Boston for grad school. Madison for bit. Now Ames. I play a variety of courses in the area. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? There are a bunch of great tracks in my area that I think punch above their weight in terms of quality golf. You can play courses with a lot of elevation changes and some that are pure links. Des Moines also has some great courses as well. What do you do for a living? How’d you pick your user name? I can kind of answer both of these. I panicked when trying to come up with a user name. I'm a chemist. We swing clubs. Alliteration is always fun = chemclub.
  2. I'm definitely giving the true originals a try this spring. I thought about holding off and maybe going for the new Majors, but after thinking it over the originals are probably a better bet for my first pair of trues.
  3. chemclub

    Miura The Perfect Club

    Those CB 57's are absolute stunners! I was close to getting them but I preferred the look of the PP9003SN at address - something about the high toe just spoke to me. Noticed you made nice bag choice too!
  4. chemclub

    Bridgestone Commercial

    I thought the food one with tiger wasn’t funny. Maybe I just didn’t get it. The other one was better.
  5. chemclub

    GAPR vs FliHi vs T-MB vs 790UDI

    I didn't hit a lot of DIs but I found the look of the TMB down by the ball to look a lot like a regular long iron which sealed the deal for me. I could believe that the more chunkier DI models are more forgiving but supposedly Titleist worked its magic with the tungsten plugs in the TMB and I find it forgiving enough.
  6. chemclub

    GAPR vs FliHi vs T-MB vs 790UDI

    I'm a swing too harder. Definitely not a sweeper. I always take a divot. Honestly, I only got the TMB at the end of last season so I haven't really spent enough time with it. I bought it mainly because one of the courses I love to play you can hit it off the tee at least 5 times and it is straight as an arrow so it is the perfect club for that purpose. If I was looking for a club to hit off the deck I would prefer a 5wood over a hybrid or DI any day. I just don't normally hit that distance into greens very much at the courses I play.
  7. chemclub

    GAPR vs FliHi vs T-MB vs 790UDI

    I have a 17* TMB which is fantastic off the tee with great off-center forgiveness. Off the deck is a different story for me which is likely just user error. The 130X KBS shaft might be a bit too beefy for me as well. All FWIW
  8. chemclub

    Sub70 golf

    how come you can't buy the hat off their website?
  9. chemclub

    Is there such a bag or is it a unicorn?

    This bag company met all of my must haves, specifically quiet bag tech without a flimsy mechanical club grab. They have carry bags too. Check my signature for a review. http://benningtongolf.com Edit - it looks like the carry bags don't really have the quiet tech. After years of stand bags I don't miss them however as I only trolley or ride.
  10. chemclub

    Draw vs Fade

    you can talk to fade but a hook won't listen
  11. chemclub

    Sub70 golf

    They are raw steel so they should get a nice dark rusty patina all over them - which I love the look and feel of. Some guys oil them but I prefer the tarnished look. @GolfSub70, What are the holes for on the back of the wedge? Just for looks or did you guys have a plan for them?
  12. chemclub

    Sub70 golf

    Definitely have to give these a look after my current wedges wear out. @Sluggo42 do you let those raw wedges just rust or do you oil them?
  13. 1. Brett / Iowa 2. Addidas 3. Definitely get some steady downpours in Iowa. could barely hold onto the club As a clothes horse with style I think I can offer some expert opinions about this apparel.
  14. Yeah, I actually found this video kind of boring. No shot trace or green view, basically like watching a guy hit balls into a net.
  15. chemclub

    Sub70 golf

    Pretty stunning looking wedges. Also like the look of your woods. Are you guys willing to sell just the heads?