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  1. I was a Lampkin Crossline devotee back in the early aughts. The price to quality ratio was fantastic. Recently switched to the GP aligns and for some reason they really don't feel right so I want to go back to a round grip. Potentially back to some kind of Lampkin but... There was some controversy a while back that Lamkin changed the crossline so it didn't feel the same. Does anyone know anything about this? Can anyone recommend a Lamkin they like? I wanted to get assorted colors in the R.E.L. ACE but it looks like they cut back on the colors available. Justin Rose plays the Sonars I think and he and I pretty much have the same game.
  2. As an organic chemist, carbon putters just speak to me Love the look of the kid model!
  3. Love the screen name. I played The Highlands once when I was in St Louis. Was a fun little course actually.
  4. Just a question about giveaways. So I watched the main site vid for the driver recap and at the end it said comment below for a chance to win one. So of course I do because I'm all for it. It occurs to me... Should I be commenting on the main site or commenting on the actual youtube channel page? If this post sounds like me trying to identify the best strategy to win free stuff, well, you're damn right it is!
  5. Resurrecting a old thread with a new question... How do I chat? No seriously, I guess I never noticed the chat feature is gone since the new forum redesign. I guess I just send mails?
  6. Another vote for mggolf.com Value and quality can't be beat. You think you don't want a fancy laser with slope but for $100 you might consider it. Hat tip to @fozcycle for telling me about them.
  7. Your figure skater analogy is a good one and seems to make intuitive sense at least. Shouldn't this issue be addressed in a fitting though?
  8. I'm not sure I necessarily agree. Just looking for clarification. I would think that the squaring of the face is dominated by the toe hang as opposed to the MOI design of the head. The higher MOI reduces face twisting due to an impact (a la Newton) that twists the head about its center of mass. The MOI design itself doesn't maintain the direction of motion of the head through space. I could see MOI affecting face squaring because MOI often implies a heavier putter head, so for the same toe hang, it would take more muscles to close it. But that effect would be the same for a high vs low MOI head design of the same mass.
  9. Found this article from the MGS main site really interesting. https://mygolfspy.com/putter-moi-2019-odyssey-exo/ Firstly, it does contradict my own attempts at quantifying the MOI of the Indy back in post #69 based on Cure's numbers. Interesting to see that the 7 ranks higher in terms of MOI than the Indy and the EXOs rank higher than the TM Spider (at least according to Odyssey's numbers). Of course, I don't know how much a difference of a few hundred g*cm^2 translates to feel and performance, but as someone who has really come around to the benefits of higher MOI, this is definitely a number I expect to see on any putter I will buy in the future. We are starting to thaw out in the Midwest so I expect to post some more thoughts on this putter soon.
  10. The Toulon has an aluminum face as opposed to steel, might be responsible for the sound difference to traditional putters. When you say some golf balls, do you mean urethane versus serlyn cover?
  11. Thanks! Definitely looking forward to testing it out. I am a little worried it might be a little too small/narrow. Was a little concerned about the 140cc being too big and too heavy. Testers anxiety.
  12. Nice to see you rolling the Indy! Have to say I love the contrast between the face and the back portion. Makes it look like you have a blade putter at the same time as a mallet. I'll be giving that same grip a whirl too so we shall see how she rolls.
  13. If you are looking to experiment a little, the Wishon 919THI is by far the most forgiving driver I have ever hit. There is a small but faithful following that swears by this head, and you can likely find a used model online for cheap. Don't let the small name of Wishon clubs fool you. My fitter gave me a 919THI to try and I was skeptical. Ok buddy, I will give it a shot. Well, last year it slowly became my go to club. So reliable and solid all over the face. FWIW
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