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  1. @franks62591 were you willing to split them up or no? Interested in the head
  2. This comment gets at a potential flaw in the business. Just how often is someone going to want a mixer pack? i'm just asking. Serious golfers buy new balls. Once a serious golfer finds a ball they like, is the market really big enough for the few who want to keep experimenting? @edingc is not even willing to drop $25-30 on a dozen Z-Star XV to try them out. This isn't a knock against edingc. It's more a comment on how small the market might be for sampler packs.
  3. Does this mean the Indy is working out?
  4. chemclub


  5. Killing me with these. You know I have weakness for 3 woods
  6. If these are still available, would you take $150?


    1. chemclub


      Sold them over the weekend and forgot to change it. Sorry 

  7. Ah, an oversight on my part. +1" over standard can be easily shortened. What length are you looking for?
  8. Titleist AP2 712 4 - AW (8 irons total) KBS Tour by FST Stiff shafts. Golf Pride Tour Wraps Midsize $200 shipped conus (OBO)
  9. Has no one made you an offer on this beauty? I swear I look at this thing daily (while my wife is out of the room).
  10. Stage 2 is up. Seriously considering either putting some additionally warps under the front part of my current grips or just buying a +4. Nice work all.
  11. What shaft? Are you willing to just sell the head?
  12. So my selection of which grip model to go with changes by the tides. I am seriously considering just going with the old faithful crosslines. Assuming those things haven't changed since the early '00s I think I would be happy with them. I went to a golf shot and played around with some lamkins, just swinging, no hits. I liked the UTx and Sonar. Sonar has a nice grip texture to it. On a related question, my current grips are standard with 3 wraps. That is pretty close to mid size. Should I just go with a midsize and no wraps?
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