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  1. Spent some time at the local range with the trackman bay. Focus was irons today and got some quality work in with some Army buds. Looking to upgrade my older set, so I was taking a peek at the numbers. What do you all think of these numbers, 7 iron?
  2. Played the last two days and really playing some good golf. 33 / 40: 73 Island Point 36 / 37 : 73 Gettysvue Still on the hunt for a sub 70 round. Only did it once before, and feel I am getting close. Data tracking and metrics have really helped identify areas for growth.
  3. Love this post. Some takeaways: - Good routines start the night before. Setting up the bag with the “walking essentials” the night before is a great way to start. (6balls, 2gloves, rangefinder, water bottle, 10-20 tees, market, ball market, divot tool, etc) - Good Routines are consistent. For me, tees left pocket, ball / ball marker right pocket, glove and yardage book(and scorecard) back right. Magnetic strip for rangefinder and towel on carry handle of bag. (Bought magnetic strip online) - Break into pieces: Think preshot and pressing routine. Preshot (yardage, wind, lie, target, club, etc)…Preswing (standing over the ball cues). - Dont forget post-shot routine. I personally use “TRAIN” for post shot.. (T)en seconds to (R)ecognize and responsibility (A)ccept (I)nvestigate and (N)eural cue. *this is in my yardage book* Ten Seconds: Self Explanatory Recognize and responsibility: Recognize emotions and take responsibility for shot. Gaining awareness of this will help our mental game. Accept: Accept outcome, knowing that you have the skills to recover or continue momentum of good shots Investigate: determine if it was a mental error or technical error. If mental, ensure you are going through your full routine. Neutral: bring yourself back to the present moment by feeling the ground underneath your feet, the breeze on your face, etc. Hope this help. In the end you have to practice the routine. For competition, and for my players, we get deeper into routines such as snacks, water, filling out the scorecard, etc.
  4. I use the arccos and Apple Ultra Watch tandem. BLUF: Great tool if you do the backend work (change pins, shot review, etc) I have used the majority of the products you described and I still use Arccos. With that said I am pretty diligent on making the adjustments on the fly to get good numbers and data tracking (proximity to hole and review of data on the back end). I am a believer all can work, just need some extra time to ensure data is good for analysis.
  5. Recently made the switch from a Titleist 505 driving iron to a Stealth 2, 3 hybrid. Matched them side by side on the trackman and on the course. Blinded a few friends to all the data, and every single one of them chose the Hybrid. In the end it came down to the numbers. Take them both for a spin and see what you like and don’t like. I agree with personal preference, as long as the numbers sing the same song.
  6. Same here. I also like to see data that demonstrates actual improvement. Not just subjective (feel better), but actual data that translates to measurable change on the course.
  7. I tried the elevate and DG.. didn’t fit well. Will give the KBS tour a try.. Was also thinking give the old school n.s. Pro a go! Maybe don’t mess with what works!
  8. MGS, looking to get a new set of clubs, and I was impressed with the Nippon NS Pro 950GH Neo. Long story short, I ordered in August and Titleist is reporting a delay until at least April. Looking for feedback on a comparable shaft out in the market? Any thoughts? Roughly a 4 HC, need some help flighting the ball up hence the Neo. Would like to put in Combo Apex/Pro or Titliest T100s/T200.
  9. I have been playing golf for 15 years, and my handicap is a 6. I love golf because it the perfect combination of tranquility, stress and integrity. It’s you and the course, which are often beautiful, battling each and every stroke.  Product reviews and new and up and coming release. I am new and do not know any spies. Originally Ohio, home course was Moss Creek. Currently Washington, and home course is Chambers Bay. Best, the beauty, worst the price. I am in the Army! My username is a go to!
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