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  1. Bob in Bee Cave, TX. I currently use a rangefinder, Bushnell Tour V4. I use the rangefinder several times on every hole and for almost every shot including tee shots (to determine distance to traps, water, trees, etc.). I even use them from as close as 10 yards from the pin as I judge how hard to hit my chips/wedges depending on the distance. I play 3 times a week year around and even use my rangefinder at the range to gauge distances...practice twice a week. I'll give your rangefinder a great workout...will probably run through a couple of batteries!
  2. Bob Yang 95 mph swing speed 9 hdcp play 3 times a week always willing to try new things, just bought new Callaway Epic driver play Vice and Prov1x balls now read article where Snell longest ball and eager to try them
  3. In Germany, you can't play golf until you have learned and passed a test on golf etiquette. We need that here. I see so many foursomes who have no clue on how to play. All four go to each ball and 3 guys stand there and watch the other guy hit instead of each going to their ball while their fourth is hitting. And people don't know how to use a cart. You drop the shortest ball hitter off and go to your ball. He walks to the cart after hitting and while you are hitting. How difficult is that?
  4. My name is Bob and I live in Texas, play 3 times a week all year long, so can give it a real good testing Handicap is 9 and Swing speed is 95 mph Current driver is Callaway RAZR Hawk Want to test Epic Flash driver
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