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  1. Hey guys, just one item up for sale, Ping 7 wood (20.5*) with Ventus Blue 8s. This looks brand new and has only been used a couple times but didn’t fit my gaps. Comes with headcover but no wrench, I can adjust if you need me to. $475 shipped to you and you don’t have to wait!!
  2. Ping Hoofer!! It’s the most versatile bag out there. @Kansas Kingcovered everything about it but I have tried other bags and nothing is as good. It’s durable lots of space and great stand mechanism
  3. Just judging from the pictures but these look the best of the full face groove wedges. I just wish they would have offered a lower bounce option. For a club that is designed for flop shots a low bounce would have been great!
  4. @Sethro274as @cnosilsaid you added 16 grams of weight to but end of club. 16grams in the grip end = approximately 3 swingweight points which is very noticeable. By adding weight to the grip end you made the head feel lighter by 3 SW points. To get it back to the original swingweight you need to add about 6 grams to the head. (6 grams to the head = approximately 3 swingweight points). 3 options for you if you think swingweight is the problem. 1 get some lead tape and experiment with how much weight you need to put back on the head to get the feeling right with your current grip. The weight on the head is removable with the torque wrench. Take it off and see what weight it is, it should be marked with a number. Add the number of grams you added with lead tape and buy the appropriate weight here .https://www.golfworks.com/ping-g400-head-weights/p/pgc004/ 2 just add 6 grams of weight to the head with lead tape or a new Ping weight. 3 go back to the original grip
  5. @Nateyeight, @RickyBobby_PRhas some good info. What I would add is they don’t have to be the same model or even brand. I personally have a TaylorMade Sim max 19* hybrid and a Ping crossover 23* because I hit different shots with both. I want a little more forgiveness out of the 19* and ability to hit high and low out of the 23*. Some brands have a couple different models with different purposes. It might be best you focus on filling one of those spots now and then work on the next hybrid.
  6. @mr.paintmaker That is some very good information and one of the reasons I am looking to do it is the 4-5-6 section of irons. I feel like I am really good from 7 iron through wedges. I really like fit the gap not the club #s. @Rik all of us of a certain age loved those Cleveland clubs. I had a set of TA3s for a short time and they were great!! Lots of good info in this thread so far I hope people keep sharing
  7. @cnosil and @jlukes that’s really good information, thank you!! The mixed set I am thinking about is a little different. I am thinking about going Callaway UT 21* and 24* (bent to 25*) X Forged CB 6 iron (stock is 29*) and MB 7-PW all bent 1* strong to match CB lofts and MB 50*
  8. I also bought the DUB and have been really happy with it. It has helped me to turn through the ball better. I have a tendency to stop turning and early extend and the board has helped me out. I will say this if you are doing it yourself and your might consider just making it a rectangle and not worrying about flaring out your foot. In a lot of Bradley Hughes videos he recommends starting square to learn the feeling and then go from there
  9. @jlukesvery true and as lofts get stronger I am sure it will continue to become more common. My concern is adjust lofts or is it really necessary, I understand lofts don’t have to be prefect but curious how its worked for others.
  10. So I replace mine every year to year and a half, granted I live in northern Michigan and can’t play quite as much as others. Personally I like to practice my short game so my 54* and 58* do get a lot of use. That being said I do not just buy because there is something new, I have used a Ping 54* Standard grind (SS) and 58TS since the Tour S came out. It’s been a while but I am so comfortable with them I don’t want to switch.
  11. Ok guys I am looking at a new set of irons and I am strongly considering doing a mixed set. Tell me your success stories and your horror stories, I want to hear them all. I want to hear what you would have done different and what you are glad you did! Thanks for your help!!
  12. While I like the idea of the Gravity Grip and did play a couple of rounds with it. It’s too heavy, I am not a big fan of a lot of weight in the grip, I like to feel the head. It was also to thick for me, if they made one around 90 grams and a little thinner I would be all over it. For those of you putting it on another putter you may want to add some lead tape.
  13. It’s not a blade but I have a Ping Ketsch that is slight arc if interested
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