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  1. @TimoTe I have done the 3/8” increments with a 1/2 swingweight point between each club. You essentially are doing a poor mans MOI matched set. It should offer even more forgiveness and consistency throughout your entire set. Generally you take your favorite iron spec it out (Swingweight, total weight, length, grip etc...) then you build off of that club. For you with a 5 iron, each iron would be 3/8” shorter and a half SW point heavier. Since you want to experiment with a club at different specs from your current irons, I would see if I could find one on eBay. Ideally the same 5 iron you already have but the new specs or close to it. Use that club to experiment with shafts and length adjustments even lie adjustments. This way you can test against the club you like best.
  2. @TimoTe There is no problem with wanting to tinker and I am no professional at club building but have built a few sets for myself and friends. Here are my 2 cents. Going 1" long is a big change but its fun to tinker maybe start with one club as a test and see how you like it. First I would be more concerned about total weight rather than Swingweight, you know its going to be a little heavier but you can add lead tape 3-4" down the shaft from the end of your grip, to test total weigh. Its probably a good idea to know how much more weight, if any you can still swing well. Instead of using the grip to "trick" the Swingweight scale try using a counterbalanced iron shaft to keep the Swingweight where you want it and use the grip you like. Steelfiber 110CW is counterbalanced and will drop the SW scale around 3 points, and its plenty stiff enough where you won't have to go up in flex, if you are really concerned you could hard step it.
  3. I am new to the Push Cart world, I bought a ClicGear3.5 earlier this year because my shoulders can't handle carrying a golf bag anymore. I love it, pushes easy and plenty of storage, the only thing I would say is get the bigger cup holder if you like to bring your own water bottle
  4. What @TimoTe said about contacting Clicgear. It could be a simple fix and cost a lot less if anything. Also I would look at Sun Mountain if you do need to get a new one. We used to use them as rental carts and had very few problems and parts are easy to get when we needed them>
  5. The good thing about Ping irons is they last a long time, you can also send them back to ping to have them bent to your specs for about $30 a set. It all depends on your handicap, the i(5, 10, 15, 20, e1, 200, 210) are all very good and easy to hit. If you want more blade like I highly recommend the S56 or S55. If you want a driver as well, my favorites have been the original Rapture with ProLaunch Red, G20, G30LST and I am still playing the G400LST. The Ping Tour shaft is also really solid stock option.
  6. I still love to walk, its easier to have conversations with your entire foursome if you are all walking. I stopped walking for a couple years because my shoulders, it hurt to carry but have since bought a push cart and I am back walking.
  7. OK guys I haven't commented on here in a while, but I did get my leather grips and here is what I found so far. I am torn still. I like the round aspect of the wrap but after a range session I could feel the wrap being folded back under the thumb. I really like the Best grips but not crazy about the stitching. I have always used round grips so the stitching is a different feeling to me! Still doing some testing, would love a round grip with no stitching but don't think that exists. I do like the Best Grip better than the Grip Master wrap, but I also haven't tried a Grip Master with the stitching.
  8. Admittedly I didn't read this entire thread, but I don't have a problem with loft jacking if you can control the distance. The problem I have with stronger lofts is the spin drops too much to control the ball going into the green. The distance is great but if I can't stop it on the green its useless. I think its personal for each person, if you have the spin to control it, the stronger lofts are great, if not look for something else. Thats why there are so many different irons from each manufacturer.
  9. So far I have done a bunch of testing and research, here is what I have done and planning on doing going forward: I tested with lead tape, upping the swing weight by adding it to the head and upping the total weight by adding lead tape to the shaft slightly below the grip. I definitely like a club with a higher static weight. That means new shaft so I have ordered a few Project X LZ to try and see how that works I definitely need more spin for my approach shots, I have been keeping a close on where the ball lands on the green and where my ball ends up and the roll our is definitely more than I am used to. Probably need to have the irons bent weaker from the Power Spec lofts they are now but also hoping the new shafts add some as well. I don't have time to send them back to Ping right now, golf season is too short in Northern Michigan. This will also get done when I have time or can find someone up here to bend them. I have been working on my path by doing some drills and it seems to be working but as always its a work in progress. Still get to inside out on shots, especially when I try to hit it hard, but its getting better. I am also hoping the heavier shaft will give me a better feel of where the club is and help with the path. Thanks for all your help guys!
  10. Handicap and Location: +.7 index; Alpena MI Social Media Accounts: @ericgranata on Instagram and Twitter; Granata.eric on Facebook Expected rounds in an 8-week span: 24-30 rounds Current OEMs in your bag: Ping and Callaway Cobra dream bag: Speedzone yellow 10.5* with Tensei CK pro White 60 stiff Speedzone Tour 3 wood AD-DI 7 stiff Speedzone Tour 5 wood AD-DI 7 stiff King Utility Black one length 4-5 AD-DI 85 Forged Tec One Length Irons 5-GW Project X LZ 6.0; 2* flat King Black one length Wedge 54* and 58* Project X LZ 6.0: 2* flat Grips: Golf pride 360 connect Love / Haight Tour Stand bag - Orange
  11. I unfortunately sold them. I have been using Ping irons for a long time and didn't think it would be that different!
  12. I am always working on that, its one of my swing flaws. I am just trying to figure out why the ball seems to turn so much more than my old irons
  13. Hey guys I got fit for a set of irons last year, and I think I might have gotten to caught up with trying to get longer. I am a solid scratch golfer, I drive it straight and have a good short game and putt well. Irons have always been the issue. When I am on I can go low, but more times than not if I am going to play bad its going to be because of the irons. It might not be a horrible round but I just don't hit it close or miss greens I shouldn't I went to a fitting at Club Champion last summer looking to get a new set of irons and gain a little bit of distance. I hit a lot of different irons and shafts, it came down to Mizuno MP20 HMB and Ping i210. For shafts the 2 best were Steelfiber 110Cw and Project X LZ 6.5. I ended up going from a set of Ping Ie1s standard length and loft, orange dot with Dynamic Gold s300 to a set of Ping i210s standard length, Power Spec loft, brown dot with Steelfiber 110CW stiff shaft Here is the problem, the ball is moving a lot more than it ever has with my irons. I will think I hit it well and look up to see the ball turning left a lot more than I thought it should be. Even the slight mishits move more than I expect them to. I find myself aiming more to the right than I feel like I should have to. I went back and looked at my trackman numbers for the set I ended up getting and they are very similar to the numbers I am getting off my Skytrak. Here are the trackman #s from my fitting: Ball Speed: 122mph Launch angle: 18.7* Spin Rate: 4568 (obviously this is off a mat, I know that lowers spin but is this still too low?) Carry: 180 Attack Angle: -1.3 Club Path: 6.2 Face Angle: 1.35 Please let me know what you think, did I get too caught up in the distance gain? I gained about a half club throughout my irons Is the lack of backspin the cause for lack of accuracy / control? Holding greens isn't a big issue because my descent angle is fairly steep (45* off skytrak). I am just struggling with the lack of control on my irons. When I received the irons the SW was around C8-9, I attributed this to the high balance point of the Steelfiber. I added about 5-6 grams of weight to the irons to increase the SW a couple points to D1. It has helped but the ball is still moving a lot more than I am used to!
  14. Both XR Pro and XR16 pro were straight from Callaway brand new! I did not try to re-shaft them myself, I just tried to re set the ferrule as Jaskanski has said. At the time I had just left the golf business and I did not have a good shaft puller so I did not try and re-shaft myself. I used to do quite a bit of club repair when I was a club pro so I just tried to re-set the ferrule but no luck.
  15. Thickness of the sole shouldn't make you pull the ball. I would start with lie angles and go from there. Like @Tap In said, what shafts are in each club? That can also have a factor in how you hit the ball.
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