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  1. Eric Alpena, Mi. USA Ping Nome TR slight arc. yes it’s old Ketsch slight arc - it’s similar to what I have been using for the last 7 years but hopefully improved.
  2. Practice will definitely help, it sounds like you don't trust yourself to make a good swing at it. I would hit the club you think will get there with a good swing, if that starts coming up short, with a good swing, then go longer. Most of the time you are better missing short than long
  3. Eric Alpena, Mi Currently play Ping Glide 54* SS and 58* TS I would choose a 58* low bounce (1st choice) or 54* Mid bounce
  4. Have you tried the Apex Pro AW as your gap wedge. If you are only using the 50* wedge for 3/4 to full shots it might be better to match it to your irons.
  5. Eric Alpena, Mi would like to test the 440 swing speed 105mph
  6. The great thing about the Ping TS is the actual measured bounce is high and forward but the sole is thin making the effective bounce low. I am looking to see if there is anything similar to that. I am not a big fan of C grinds / vokey M grinds, I don’t think they are as versatile as the Ping TS grind
  7. hey guys Bag testing is wrapping up and have a few things to sell. Prices include shipping in US, and feel free to make offers Ping G410 hybrid 19* with Ping tour stiff shaft. I really like this club and the flat settings are great if you hook the ball but don't hit it high enough so the 5 wood stays for me. Its in excellent shape and only been used for a couple rounds. Crown is perfect and just 2 ball marks on the face, comes with head cover but no wrench. $185 OBO shipping included
  8. Hey guys I have been playing the Ping TS grind for a long time, since the Tour- S wedges before the glides. It’s worked very well for me even though I have moved and the courses I play now are softer I am still happy with the wedge. I just have an itch to try something else, not drastically different, maybe a little more bounce but similar in grind. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, the Ping TS is actually high forward bounce but the thin sole makes the effective bounce low. what else out there that is similar?
  9. First Name / State of Residence: Eric / Michigan Handicap +.6 Current Hybrid in Play: Callaway Apex 23* (The original Apex from 2016...I think) What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid: Control - I want a hybrid that has neutral ball flight and a hybrid that can be hit high and low
  10. My “old” putter I can’t get rid of, isn’t really that old, 7 years to be exact. I have tried to find something better but can’t. It’s a Ping Nome TR, from 2013, the black one that was the precursor to the Ketsch. I tried another putter earlier this year, A Scotty Cameron x5. I had practiced with it a bunch and felt comfortable with it. On the 8th hole I had a 4’ left to right sliding putt for par. I went through my routine get over the ball and look down and the only thought in my head was, “where is my Ping”. I won’t be trying another putter for a while, and of course I missed the putt.
  11. @TimoTe I have done the 3/8” increments with a 1/2 swingweight point between each club. You essentially are doing a poor mans MOI matched set. It should offer even more forgiveness and consistency throughout your entire set. Generally you take your favorite iron spec it out (Swingweight, total weight, length, grip etc...) then you build off of that club. For you with a 5 iron, each iron would be 3/8” shorter and a half SW point heavier. Since you want to experiment with a club at different specs from your current irons, I would see if I could find one on eBay. Ideally the same 5 iron you already have but the new specs or close to it. Use that club to experiment with shafts and length adjustments even lie adjustments. This way you can test against the club you like best.
  12. @TimoTe There is no problem with wanting to tinker and I am no professional at club building but have built a few sets for myself and friends. Here are my 2 cents. Going 1" long is a big change but its fun to tinker maybe start with one club as a test and see how you like it. First I would be more concerned about total weight rather than Swingweight, you know its going to be a little heavier but you can add lead tape 3-4" down the shaft from the end of your grip, to test total weigh. Its probably a good idea to know how much more weight, if any you can still swing well. Instead of using the grip to "trick" the Swingweight scale try using a counterbalanced iron shaft to keep the Swingweight where you want it and use the grip you like. Steelfiber 110CW is counterbalanced and will drop the SW scale around 3 points, and its plenty stiff enough where you won't have to go up in flex, if you are really concerned you could hard step it.
  13. I am new to the Push Cart world, I bought a ClicGear3.5 earlier this year because my shoulders can't handle carrying a golf bag anymore. I love it, pushes easy and plenty of storage, the only thing I would say is get the bigger cup holder if you like to bring your own water bottle
  14. What @TimoTe said about contacting Clicgear. It could be a simple fix and cost a lot less if anything. Also I would look at Sun Mountain if you do need to get a new one. We used to use them as rental carts and had very few problems and parts are easy to get when we needed them>
  15. The good thing about Ping irons is they last a long time, you can also send them back to ping to have them bent to your specs for about $30 a set. It all depends on your handicap, the i(5, 10, 15, 20, e1, 200, 210) are all very good and easy to hit. If you want more blade like I highly recommend the S56 or S55. If you want a driver as well, my favorites have been the original Rapture with ProLaunch Red, G20, G30LST and I am still playing the G400LST. The Ping Tour shaft is also really solid stock option.
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