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  1. 46, 50 (Ping i210 for both) 54ss and 60ts Ping Glides 2.0. The 46 and 50 are full swing only. I am old enough to remember when a PW was closer to 50*. For me if it’s only going to be full swing club I want it to match my irons. 54* is 80-100 yards in full swings and low pitches or bump and run shots. 58* is under 80 yards and higher pitches, chips and bunkers shots.
  2. I have one shaft on its way to try in the “real world”. I loved it during the fitting, so much so that it only took a couple swings and i told the fitter how much i liked it and numbers confirmed it. I have also learned my lesson on how things can be great during a fitting but not so great when you get it on the course. So I will reshaft one iron befor I commit
  3. Anyone have a review of the Steelfiber 110?
  4. So a rainy day here in northern Michigan led to a road trip and I stopped by Club Champion and went through a full fitting. I will keep this short. 1- I hit a lot of different heads but my ping i210 was the best. Mizuno was close but I am staying with my pings. 2- my lie angle should be another degree flatter. It didn’t cure the lefts, it’s more Indian than arrow, but it helped. 3- and most interesting to me. I was able to hit a bunch of shafts in the Ping i210. We actually started with shafts and then worked on finding a head, which like I said above ended up being my pings. Steelfiber 110 was the easy winner. From the first swings ball speed went up, smash factor went up and of course I hit it further with tighter dispersion. I did keep going back and trying my irons and I could get those numbers to match the steelfiber but it wasn’t nearly as consistent. With the steelfiber it was just easier to maintain speed and hit it straighter. I am definitely going to try the steelfiber but going to start with my 5 iron and see how it performs on the course before I reshaft the whole set.
  5. I wouldn’t say doubts but more nit picking about them. Just wondering if there is something else I could have done to be better.
  6. I am wondering if it is worth it to go get and iron fitting? Specifically for a new shaft. I know everyone asks that but here is the back story. I am a former club pro and was in staff with Ping for years. When I first was on staff with Ping, 2006, I went through a full fitting with the rep at Miles of Golf. I have used those specs for every set of Pings (i5, S56, ie1) i have had since then. Orange dot, standard length, Dynamic Gold S300. At the beginning of the year I got a new set of irons, Ping i210 with Power Spec lofts. I ordered them to the specs like I always have This year I have been playing very well. My handicap has dropped to the lowest it’s ever been, +1.6 but my irons are the weak part of my game. I hit it high and normally hit a slight draw, I have no problem controlling trajectory. Where I do struggle is cutting the ball and my miss is left. It seems the ball is turning left and starting left more than it has in the past. A couple other things have me wondering if I should have gotten fit this year. 1- I was struggling with my wedges, especially control trajectory. I switched the shafts out to an 8 iron DG x100 (8iron spinner trick). It worked GREAT! So now I am wondering if there is a better shaft for my irons. Not for distance but for better control / dispersion. 2- I noticed that my wear marks are from center to slightly heel side of center (especially on the short irons). In the past it’s always been center to slightly toe side of center. I realize this normally a length issue but they are the same length as my previous set of irons. 3- There are a lot more shaft options than there was when I first got fit in 2006. So with that all being said. Is it worth it to go through a fitting to try and get a tighter dispersion? Would a new shaft help tighten up the dispersion? It did in my wedges but not sure if irons would be different.
  7. Eric / Mi Handicap: +1.2 Current irons in Play: Ping i210 The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 163
  8. Eric - Michigan +.5 / 102mph Bridgestone tour B X i have never played a Srixon ball
  9. Eric - Alpena, Mi - 102mph / +.5 - 16* Callaway XR16 Pro 3 wood, 18* apex hybrid, ping i500 4 iron
  10. Eric- Alpena, Mi +.5 index / 105mph swing speed Ping G30 LST 10.5* w/ Tour 65 stiff Epic Flash Sub Zero 10.5*
  11. Eric Alpena, Michigan - But heading to Florida for the last 2 weeks of March Handicap - +.5 Swing Speed 102-105 10.5 Ping G30 LST with Ping Tour 65 stiff shaft. Haven’t found a club that can beat it yet, but I have tried!! I would like to test a Ping G410 plus driver with low spin shaft if possible
  12. Michigan Footjoy raingear playing Arcadia Bluffs wind blowing 15-20 rained hard all 18 holes and was actual temp of 45*. That’s what we have to do to play in northern Michigan
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