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  1. I like to hit a variety of shots with my 60* but I was taught learn one wedge and learn it well, learn what you can do and what you can’t. Only on the shots you can’t hit do you switch to another wedge. For me I can hit a lot of different shots with my 60 but there are a couple of low shots I like the 54 better for. Even out to 50-60 yards
  2. Personally I am a fan of low bounce in the lob wedge and mid to higher bounce in the sand wedge. for me that is a vokey 54*s grind (10*) and a 60* L grind (4*). I use the 60 for most shots around the green but if they get longer or I want a little more roll I use my 54*. I have been doing this for years and it works really well for me
  3. Contact Ping!! They are really easy to work with and will either fix it right or get you a new one https://ping.com/en-us/customer-service
  4. I have had good experiences with the Club Champion in Detroit. So far I have done an iron fitting and a putter fitting. Both times I have been really happy with the results. That being said I did not buy from them. The irons it turned out the stock shaft was beat for me (ZX7 with modus 120) and the putter was pretty standard as well
  5. I have had time with both the B2 and the 2.1, more with the 2.1. In short I am back with a traditional putter. Between the 2 LAB putters I liked the 2.1 better. Speed control is an issue with the 2.1, you have to hit it harder but the 2.1 starts the ball online every time. You just have to get the speed and read right. All that being said putting has always been a strength and I didn’t see enough of an advantage to make me want to switch. It made the bad days better but the good days were the same.
  6. Putter grip! I wanted to try something different. I played a couple holes and couldn’t wait to get home and rip it off. The grip felt great until I actually had to make a putting stroke.
  7. Rogue White in 60 gram range. For me it feels a little tighter but same performance as tour shaft
  8. I loved the XR16 Pro fairway woods, it was one of my all time favorites! However, if I remember correctly the driver was really spinny, I did a driver fit at the time and think I hit only 1 or 2 before the fitter took it out of my hands
  9. Let me start by saying putting is a strength of my game. However my gamer of 7 years, Ping Nome TR, got dinged up pretty bad right in the sweet spot and the grooves got damaged, the feel just wasn’t the same. So I started experimenting with similar putters, bought a Ping slight arc, but it just wasn’t the same, decided it was better to go get fit than buy and try a bunch of different putters. I went to Club Champion and got fit on SAM Lab, it was a great experience, the Ping I brought was really good, my overall was 84% and my consistency was 90%. The fitter thought it was going to be hard to find something better but based on my numbers thought I could use a putter with a little more toe flow. We tried a few different options and I did find something better, EVNROLL ER5. My overall number with the EVNROLL 88% and my Consistency was 93%. So yes I bought a new putter and I have had my best year putting ever, I think part of that is due to the fact I KNOW this putter fits ME!! The numbers prove it and I think it was worth the money to get fitted. If anyone wants to see the reports I can post them
  10. I worry about offset more than topline! I want a little but when there is none it’s intimidating, too much off set and I fear the hooks!!
  11. Support your local pro! Go to PGA Superstore hit a few and see what you like then order through your pro. IT happens a lot more than you think
  12. I haven’t tried that one but I do like the rubber pistol grip. I switched out the gravity grip for the rubber grip, it comes in 2 weights 95 and 75 grams and the 95 gram works great for me.
  13. I tried the ten and hated the feel of the putter, it felt cheap and plastic to me. I like the 2 ball alignment but the feel was a no go. It also felt like it got caught as I was starting the stroke.
  14. I had a Ping JAS Anser that was in the bag from 2005-2014 (9 years). It got benched and never saw the light of day when I tried a Ping Nome TR, that putter lasted until this year when the grooves got damaged (6 years). Now I have an Evnroll ER5b that I love!
  15. Hey guys a few items up for sale. All of it is in very good shape or better, shipping is included, willing to listen to trade offers but really only looking for a 5 wood with low spin shaft. First up is Ping iBlades, 5-PW with Steelfiber i95 stiff shafts. I bought these used but called Ping to verify specs, 5-9 are -1/4” PW standard length all red dot. Great set of irons that are in very good shape. Very little chatter and absolutely no browning on the faces. $450 Shipped to you (Add the Crossover below for $550) Next up is a Ping G410 Crossover 23* with Ping Tour Stiff shaft, Orange Dot (2* flat), standard length. I actually really like this club but it didn’t fit my gaps, club has been used but is in very good shape. $125 Shipped to you (add the iBlades above for $550) Lastly, the reason you probably checked out this post, a Ping G425 7 wood (20.5*) with Ventus Blue Velocore 8s at 41 7/8” long, its in great shape and could almost pass for new. I really wanted to like this thing but I need a 5 wood / 18* hybrid. Comes with headcover but no wrench, I can set it at whatever setting you want, its at -1 flat right now. Graphics are set at neutral $470 shipped to you! .
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