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  1. John San Diego, CA i am right handed. Hybrids – VKTR+ 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular 11.2 currently use a Callaway Big Bertha 6 hybrid.
  2. John San Diego, CA i have the putt out Matt and I love it. id like to test medium speed.
  3. John San Diego, CA USA ping sigma fetch interested in the fetch because I use the fetch now and want to see what’s different about the copper version,
  4. 11.5 Handicap per GHIN live in San Diego bear Glorious Torrey Pines 8 iron goes 105 yards per Arccos but I can get it to 145 on a good day I only know what I’ve reas on MGO. They are a direct to consumer brand that has a fierce following and they did well on the last tests.
  5. John Monteagudo /San Diego 3x week 2 3 putts per round the coolest thing about this is the feedback it appears to give you
  6. San Diego and Handicap is 12.5 per GHIN i use a plastic guide and sharpie to mark a line On My ball. Titleist Pro V1x JCM
  7. 13.5. San Diego, CA facebook, Instagram and Twitter all are CrzyQbn 8 -10 current bag: Driver: Ping 400 Max 3 Metal Cobra King F8 5 Metal Ping G400 6 Hybrid Callaway Big Bertha Irons 7- PW big bertha wedges, Callaway Mackdaddy 4: 48, 52, 56 degrees. Putter Ping Fetch Sigma 2 Dream Callaway bag: driver speed zone extreme 3 metal speed zone fairway 5 metal speed zone fairway 7 metal speed zone fairway 5 and 6 Hybrid Speedzone 7 Iron through GW Speedzone Wedges 48, 52, 58. all conventiona
  8. John / CA 14 Callaway Big Bertha 2019 133
  9. John Monteagudo San Diego, CA get my yardages wish Arccos have to admit I am a techie when it comes to golf.
  10. John Monteagudo San Diego, CA i always use the line to line up puts i use a red sharpie and plastic golf ball line marker Titleist Pro V1X yellow red “be the ball”
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