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  1. I putt cross handed but a regular length putter. I use face balanced mallets, especially a 2016 era Cameron Futura X with the rear criss-cross wings and 15 gram weights in each wing. I place my left hand partly on the grip but the index finger is on the shaft going straight down. It took a while for me to figure out what works regards where to put the left hand. The finger on the shaft provides me more sense of direction, not twisting, keeping it straight. I look at the target on putts longer than about 7 feet. On the short ones, my mind is locked into making contact straight, not on any arc. I focus on a pretty slow motion and total concentration all the way thru on the short ones. On the long ones, my main focus is speed to accomplish the range and whatever break/curve I want. Sometimes I follow thru by continuing the swing slowly all the way up to shoulder height. Sounds looks funny, but it works for me, to be smooth. Good luck. I live near Evnroll, in San Diego coast, but for now I stick with the Cameron. I might make an appointment to go to Evnroll when I have extra $$$ but I love my Futura. It took a lot of practice on the short ones to keep it straight though.
  2. Shaft is more important than head, more important than latest bestest newest. I'm 67. Hit a drive 230. I went to PXG last yr for a fitting and got an A flex, lite flex and mere 40 gram weight, Evenflow riptide shaft on the 0211 driver. It was better less offline than the Recoil lite flex F2 shaft in a Callaway Epic. And it had a very sensitive feel , as if I could tell where the clubhead was throught the swing. But I play between injuries and haven't hit balls with it yet. 2 surgeries and and hip flexor. Now working 6 days a week. Practicing with medium clubs for now, driver hopefully in a fw weeks. I suggest a few lessons before buying Get a good swing going.
  3. would like to hear back now from the author angry birdies to find out what you've done so far.
  4. Golf is after all SUPPOSED to be FUN. Loose as a goose. When I feel myself tightening I think of the Three Stooges, who I grew up with in the 50s and 60s. And I think of being a slingshot, a rubber band. Good for you. (I hope todays kids get a full measure of the Stooges and Daffy duck.)
  5. Where did the originator, stuka44, go? At this point it's just a bunch of other people chatting away.
  6. I am not sure yr question, but, in practices in stores or on practice greens, I have hit putts with a variety of face balanced putters with pretty good results. Including Toulon, TM Spyder 72, some Ping, some Cleveland. I feel comfortable with them. I stick for now with Musty wood mallet and a 7 yr old Cameron Futura X. When I get healthy enough to actually play some 18s I will probably use the heavier Cameron. I have considered adding weight thru the shaft to the Musty for more stability on shorts, but for now I have been practicing stabilizing my 5 ft range. I am more likley to twist the shaft on a short than on a long putt. And when I feel like dropping $4 or $5 biggies, maybe get a fitting from Guerin Rife at Evnroll, a mere few miles from home.
  7. if you can handle them, try reading the pelz and or harmon books . Or . . . I sound like a broken record: Jan 2015 cover story on Golf mag was Jordan Spieth 5 tips to go low. I took the putting tips. I putt cross handed. Face balanced putters. very litttle arc. arm and shoulder, not wrist. Sometimes I follow thru all the way where my putter is is raised up to shoulder height. Putts where I can't see the hole out of the corner of my eye, I look at the hole, not the ball, and putt "blind". It takes a lot of practice. The index finger of the front, low, hand is on the shaft. Long putts are easy to stroke, short ones take a strong focus to not turn the putter at all and hit precisely where you aim. I can't brag about putts per round due to age and injuries, I only finalized where to place the front hand recently. But I love it. I can use almost any face balanced putter. Shaft length and lie angle are the pieces of the puzzle where a fitter at any retail store can help.
  8. Get a chipper. Like the old Don Martin Up - n - In or Stan Thompson Closup. I prefer the Don Martin, flat face about 6 iron loft on a putter length shaft.
  9. 40 or 50 replies in a month. I like the look of a old Adams that I picked up cheap on Ebay. Then before surgery, I got fitted for a PXG 0211 but havent hit it yet, in A flex, the Evenflow Rptide light shaft felt like magic in the fitting. I no longer think PXG is just a big mouth guy with too much money. I see a lot of lady pros play PXG, and PXG I am pretty sure does not pay anybody.
  10. Nobody can tell u. All clubs these days are well made and engineered. Is your swing decent? Lessons? What feels comfortable when u hit it in real turf, not just a mat?
  11. I think . . . heavier weight improves accuracy on my short putts but I putt cross handed and very little arc, a face balanced big heavy Scotty Futura X and a lighter Musty wood mallet. The Musty being lighter, I don't control it as well on short putts. But putting is so individual, your height, weight, length of arms, legs, waste, neck, curve of neck, etc. Try a buncha, and PRACTICE a lot.
  12. Not Billy Horschel white, but I have 2 pair cottons that are almost white and one golf polyester shorts. I have a bright green and a bright peach-cream color. $2 or $5 from the closeout racks at TJ Maxx.
  13. I don't have a lot of exper but 4 years ago I got fitted for an 8 9 wedge in a forged. I was hoping the fitter would put me into Mizuno with their GFF process but I got Ping I 500. Now I know it is not a total forge, it is a forged face welded to a cast highly engineered body. I love them, in between injuries. I added a 6 iron a year later ( I have a Apex 7 iron that works) and might add a 4 or 5 if I start playing more. I am in S Diego, just a fw miles from the HQ of Callaway, Cobra, TM, Titleist, and Honma, and Torrey Pines, so my fitter location is au courant as they say in French.
  14. A place called The Iron Factory in Ariz refurbishes irons. re makes the grooves and he also makes Kronus wedges. I have not used them but their customer response look legit good.
  15. can someone point me to the one about the gal trying to board the bus in a tight skirt with a zipper?
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