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  1. Shaft technology is big reason why good players hit drives 50 yards longer now. Ball tech is also a big advance, and, hey, a new box of balls costs less than a box of shafts. Club heads are more advanced too, but not as much as shafts. A new shaft on a 20 or 30 yr old head might surprise you. Get shaft fitted. Way better torque control on even modest price shafts.
  2. Try Mizuno. I bot a MP 18 MMC Fli Hi 3 iron, fitted to a Recoil shaft. Works good for me. Hit lo stingers off the deck, or hit regular lofted shot, and off the tee is good for 80% of my driver distance and no slice. I bot it cuz I already had an older Mizuno Fli Hi 24degree that is a GFF. The new ones are not GFF but Miz is good with their metallurgy.
  3. Jeez o beenie. 35 pages of comments. does that set a MGS forum record?
  4. I wish they stop making em look so good.
  5. Go to Mizuno website for metallurgy 101, 201, 401, and Master's degree.
  6. Three years ago . . . I love my I 500 irons but when I ordered just 3 clubs, 8-9-w, they made them wrong, white dot instead of black. oh well. I'd prefer good design and bad delivery over bad design and good delivery. not like we can't use whatever we have until the new TOYS arrive.
  7. Merino sheep are a particular breed that grow a fine wool that is smooth. Those expensive sleeveless vests are Merino or Merino blends. That is what I would look for. And try Merino socks. Sooo comfortable. A good blend is at least 65% Merino. If it is only 20%, you are paying but not getting enough to get the feel.
  8. Realize that the golf swing puts a big demand on a shoe. I bot a Squairz, Nick Faldo promotes them and he does almot no endorsements. I have been injured so have not used them much but the concept of better firm wrap of the foot in the swing appeals.
  9. No practice stroke. If you haven't developed your repeatable technique via hours and hours on the practice green, I don't feel any benefit to wasting time on practicing during a round. I putt long putts heads up looking at the hole or the high point. Cross handed. Left hand totally below the right. Examine the darn crater effect right at the hole carefully, tho, it is our worst enemy on public courses. You make a nice putt and it goes haywire 4 inches away, ugh.
  10. I switched and also went cross handed when Spieth made these both famous 5 or 6 years ago. I look at the hole or the highest part of the curve on long putts. On short putts I look down but look from the corner of my eye at the hole, and barely see the putter, concentrate on hitting straight. Grip with the front hand loose on the lower part of the grip and index finger points down the shaft. It took a lot of time to find a cross handed grip that worked for me. And use a face balanced putter. Both changes take a lot of practice. But I like this way. Don't have any stats due to "I play golf between injuries". I am now 66. I find I usually get close to a gimmee on long putts. I don't switch putters, but I practice with various face balanced putters to sharpen my skill and technique. Placing the finger down the shaft helps with not twisting the putter before impact. And I have a full follow thru almost as if a full swing. That helps to imprint a smooth and repeatable stroke.
  11. BostonSal, SharkyM. I have a Ginty 2 copper sand wedge that I use about 30 yards from the green, and a copper 7 iron I use as a range practice club/warmup club. And sometimes I add in my Stan Thompson CloseUp chipper. Stan Thompson and Don Martin made some nice clubs in southern Calif back in the pre civil war era, I think it was. Or was it after Teddy rode up San Juan Hill???
  12. Maybe a 2nd putter. I would go with my fav. lighter weight putter for long shots, and add a heavier and more stable/less likely to rotate even a degree, for the short putts. Or I might go with 2 different 3 woods: one low profile flat bottom for hitting from fairway, the 2nd one a fuller face, like Callaway Steelhead XR, for the tee box.
  13. And, I have 2, both face balanced, and I am trying to zero in on a heavy face balanced, with lie and length fit to my long arm length. I have a Dave Musty Classic mallet wood, a design he has made the same for maybe 20 years, and a Scotty Cameron Futura X that is about 5 years old. I am thinking of getting a Musty made for me, with some internal weights to mimic the winged or 2 tyne style. If you don't know what a tyne is, study up. a.k.a. tine.
  14. It is easy to use several at a time on the practice green, or swap every few rounds, with less risk and effort than running thru a bunch of drivers. And since few of us actually get fitted, study the geometry, or apply any discipline, we go hot and cold, assume it is the club, buy another one.
  15. Nope. I do put a big red or purple magic marker slash for visibility and ID. I putt long putts looking at the hole. On shorter (7 ft or less) if I can see the hole out of the corner of my I see the ball but I don't stare at, I look more at the putter head to keep it straight. It is interesting to see how much angle at impact there is even on small back-stroke putts.
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