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  1. Any body using or test the new PXG 0211 driver? I did a fitting session this week. Hi hdcp er. Liked my result with the 40 !!! gram Project riptide A flex. Anybody out here using 0211 yet?
  2. Anybody got any info to share about Scottish club maker George Nicoll of Fife, Leven, Scotland. I just bought a set of his Monogram series irons. Beauties from the 1930s or 1940s. Very rare. A few putters on Ebay, very very few irons.
  3. Someone stole my Don Martin bronze chipper, a "Up-n-In". I am cruising ebay but have hard time finding one with a good condition face. Anybody have one, or a similar, like a Matzie or a Stan Thompson Ginty close up, that are willing to part with? Chipper with a very narrow sole. And a low center of gravity. Thanks.
  4. Odyssey O works Black 2M CS. The CS means center shaft. It is very very good. I also found several face balanced putters in Ping line up to be good. The weird thing is that the putters that look monstrous structure with all that stuff protruding back, well, it really does work fr a straight stroke. I ended up finding a nearly new Scotty Cameron Futura X. With the round weights on a x frame. Deadlier accuracy the longer the putt! I putt cross handed, and don't look at the ball. I look at the hole. It took a while of practice if u want to try the switch. Cleveland also makes center
  5. Thanks all. Well it seems nearly universal to learn how to do short and long putts from one cub. For me, the 14 club limit not an issue, I don't need much between a driver and a 4 iron. Only 1 club in between them. that leaves room for plenty of wedges. I wonder how often you use any clubs you carry between the driver and a 4 or even 5 iron. How many times in a round do you use your 3 wood and your 4 or 5 wood and your 3 or 4 hybrid and your driving iron if you carry one?
  6. Hi one0wonder in Austintown. I graduated from now defunct Rayen HS north side of Ytown. My 2 bros grad from South Hi, or, as we pronounced it, Soufff. Now live in San Diego. Just a few miles from corp hq of Callaway, Titleist, Cobra. I know that BeCu went out of production because berrylium is deadly. But alum and bronze, are they too polluting for current emissions, or is the club so soft that as you say, durability is poor? BTW my witb would be similar if I were to buy new today. Love the Callaways. I have a great, old, Hogan Sure out sand, And a Ginty 2 Stan Thompson BeCu sand
  7. does anybody still make aluminum/bronze iron heads? who? or why not? In the past some club mfr offered irons and wedges made from alloy of alum and bronze, offering a softer feel for more touch. Is this still true, better feel from alum/bronze? Callaway Great Big Bertha in 1996. Gary Player wedges. ???
  8. I bot the i500 today after hitting a bunch o clubs, but only buying the 8-9-w. I am creating a split set of irons, a sharper narrower sole short group of 3 "scoring" clubs to go with my 2016 model (their last ever) Nike Vapor Fly irons on Recoil reg flex F3 shafts. I don't have a index yet. Skill level is modest, trying to catch up at age 63 after 20 yrs no golf on the "Bad elbow" injury list. Have a very good instructor and a new legit swing. OK, so, I thought I would get either Miz SC18 or JPX 900 Tour or Forged, or Callaway Apex or Apex Pro. Maybe Cobra Tec Forged. Also tried som
  9. Anybody still using Nicklaus MacGregor xp/70 irons? i am thinking of putting the 7 8 and 9 onto graphite shafts to create a split set with newer modern cavity backs long irons. Any issue with putting old blades onto new graphites? These are on the orig. aluminums.
  10. Drive for show putt for dough. Does anybody carry 2 putters? A heavy head putter for stability of face direction on short putts and a lighter one for speed control on long putts?
  11. Welcome to the forums Donn Rutkoff :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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