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  1. That's why you have to actually hit balls . Why some shafts feel Just Right and some feel like cold mutton. I have a 12 yr old blue Ozik Matrix 3 wood shaft that is still Sophia Lauren for me.
  2. Well that makes sense. A slow swing speed bends a shaft less than higher mph swing. So the flex point is less a factor for slower speeds. And Wishon knows a wee bit more than I do. I think. Maybe. Just a tad.
  3. Another word on flex point. The higher up on the shaft it is, the LOWER is the launch angle and flight. A low flex point kicks the ball up HIGHER.
  4. I lucked into a used nearly new Odyssey R Ball with Stroke Lab multi material shaft. Face balanced. Micro hinge face. The R ball is similar to a 2 Ball. Love it. Will adjust the lie, I have long arms so my hands are closer to the ground and the toe is too low, the heel is up. I live near a bunch of stores with lots of used gear. Been stalking them over a year before this baby turned around, looked at me, and said, Take me home, Big Boy.
  5. Ok, I had the surgery on Feb 28 2024. I got tired of arthritis pain. Big toe. Right foot, right handed. Arch support inserts were inconsistent. I will report in my progress. I'm 69, in good health. I can't put weight on the foot 1st 2 weeks. Can't drive next 6 weeks. Can pitch and putt, can't drive. TEE HEE HAH HAH. Outpatient surgery. About 1 hour long, general anesthesia.
  6. Shafts are as mysterious as women. Shafts have bend points that can be high or low, or gradual, they can have stiff butt ends or stiff tips, and most of them have secret codes that a CIA agent can't disclose on pain of death. But the Japanese Miyazaki have a 4 number code, for the 4 sections from the grip down to the tip. The higher the number, the stiffer that section is. Ovalling is the deforming process when you swing a round shaft in a high speed swing. It becomes oval as the energy changes its shape from round. There, that's the first chapter in Moby Dick for golfers. We are all chasing the great white tiny but evil whale.
  7. Looks? Any club looks good if it works well for me. I don't much like the feel of the microhinge metal face on my putter but I like what happens.
  8. Thanks for filling in that info. It is amazing here. The ones I mentioned are mostly easy to get in. Honma is here too.
  9. Maybe it helps if the fitter is near a good golf course. I had good experiences near popular golf courses. A small 1 man shop near the Tony Lema course in San Leandro (SF area). A small 2 man shop in Carlsbad, the mother lode of golf, and then at a busy retailer / driving range (Carlsbad Golf Center) also in Carlsbad. The store and fittings are now part of GolfMart. They used to have multi-brand demo days 2x a year until the virus. If you want to do your own fitting, they give you free range balls to use when trying clubs. Plus a modern school or individual fittings with the store fitters. I said this before, if you can take a vacation to San Diego, you can schedule fittings at PXG, Evnroll, KBS, Scotty, Indi Golf King of Spin wedges, and 2 of the local World Wide / Golf Marts have outdoor ranges, the one in Carlsbad and in Del Mar, where the Surf eats the Turf. I don't know if Callaway, Titleist, TM, and Cobra do fittings at their HQ. There are 3 Golf Tecs. You can't go wrong. And San Diego is a great vacation place. There is even a great but small winery town, Ramona, 40 miles east of San Diego.
  10. Callaway Pre Owned sometimes has never used clubs that are 1, 2, 3, years old. Great price as long as you know what you are doing. I recently bot a 3 yr old unused Callaway 3 wood for $80!!! and it's like it was built for me. My irons, I was fitted, I plan on keeping them a long time, tho I might re-shaft if my swing changes enough after my next arthritis repair surgery. If you play a lot, buying 1 year old clubs is great fun.
  11. More seriously, try to keep your hands low and close to your body. The further away the hands are from the body, the harder it is to control the club head.
  12. My concern here in 2024, is the material consistent density and weight throughout the mass of each part? Hot spots? Slight weight imbalances? I am neutral on Scotty since I appreciate the need for Mizuno level metalllurgy, and I think Scotty does that, I think the build quality has to be there for so many excellent players to use them. I do not like the $$$ and the snotty Davos Man attitude such as I have received in person at their Encinitas Museum. I used a Scotty for last 2 years and just replaced it with a Odyssey with the Stroke Lab carbon composite shaft.
  13. Like Vandyland, I have a Mizuno. 2018 model, 3, 18 deg I think, the MP MMC, on Recoil F3 (reg flex). And flat face, not bulge & roll. So I give up the so-called workability, in favor of straighter shot. I don't draw or fade anything in my bag. I bot it because 2 holes where I played were ideal holes for it, a long narrow par 3 and a narrow par 4 under an archway of trees and a fairway that rolls into the swamp too quickly. It is not the easiest club, for sure, but I now play on a different course with a lot of scrub and trees, so I use it a lot as my rescue. I can get 150 or more yards straight as an arrow even when under the trees and can't hit a regular club. This one is not forged. I also have an older 24 deg Mizuno Fli-Hi that IS forged, even tho it looks like a typical hollow body SGI. I don't use it a lot now that I added the newer one but I used it a lot when I bot it for $10 in 2016. $10 for a Mizuno DI! I use the newer one a lot on the driving range to work on my technique since it is impossible to put any wear on the grooves. Bottom line: if u can, hit a few different ones and then buy it. I got my new one on a big demo day festival with all the big brands on a driving range.
  14. Is the designer Canadian, or Japanese? Do you know the background? Do you know price? Pix look nice. Their website doesn't say much except "We are good"
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