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  1. On 12/15/2020 at 2:59 PM, RI_Redneck said:

    First question. Does your driver feel very different, in weight, balance or flex, than the 5w? If so, get some lead tape and work on the driver till it feels right. Odds are, that will straighten things out.

    Second, do you swing the driver differently than the 5w ie swing up on driver and down on 5w. If so, then you could be attempting to hit up too much on the driver. Your driver swing should not feel a lot different than your FW swing. The difference should be primarily ball placement and you should be making the same swing.

    If neither of these seem to be the issue, THEN go to a fitter.


    Weight wise, The ST is a lot lighter and the kick is much lower. I messed with some ball positioning and grip this week and it seemed to correct it a little bit. From what I talked to my coach about, He says I am opening the face either too much on the down swing, moving my hips to early, or I am paying it too forward for my swing. It's gotten alot better since October about these issues and hoping that it continues to stay this path. 

  2. I’ve had the ST for nearly a year and seem to hit maybe 2/10 consistently long and straight. I usually either hit a high fade to straight slice (280/300 yards) with it. I recently got the G410 5w and I am to hitting it long and straight (245/65 yards) with the Ping tour shaft unlike the ST. I’m now in a pickle of either getting the Ping Driver or perhaps getting a heavier shaft for me driver. Any advice where to go from here?

  3. Might be in the minority here but I use my 3w and 5w more than my driver just because I can control it more and get my desired rising stinger or low straight shot 8/10 times. I seem unable to turn the face on a driver as quick unlike a smaller wood 

  4. On 2/11/2019 at 4:30 PM, GolfSpy MPR said:

    Hey Everyone!


    I have been playing for about 20 years.... maybe 10 seriously. Normally try to shoot around an 85 or so my handicap is about 17/18. I enjoy golf because it has been something my grandpa and I do when we go on family vacation and allowed me to make new friends through school and on the course. Being left handed, I struggle to find clubs but golfspy has made is easier for me to narrow down some clubs. Currently, I live in Omaha and play damn near every public course in the city or near it. Best and worst part is the inconsistent weather and lack of courses where I live for new options (public courses wise). I am sales rep for industrial generators and my name is just my name haha


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