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  1. jfrigo

    Sub70 golf

    im surprised by that. I had the 965s last year and liked the look, definitely on the longer side of blades. The 7-P MB's I have look chunky. Sometimes I think I may have gotten the MB Plus instead. Ill post a pic when I get home but my PW is very thick up top and noticeable offset
  2. jfrigo

    Sub70 golf

    The CB are very very slightly thicker than the MB...and honestly the MB's are probably some of the thicker blades you will find. I dont mean that as a bad thing, but if people are looking for slimmer blades then these are not it. With that being said ive loved the performance of them all year. Performance wise id put these up against anything on the market. is there better?? Yea... Is there worse?? Yea. But for the price you definitely will be very happy! These are high quality forged irons for an unbeatable price
  3. Joe Illinois Bettinardi Queen Bee #6 Elevado Slant neck
  4. just hit it!! you'll be hooked lol... I'll be the first to say I never saw the point of a mini driver, but after hitting it ill never take it out. I went with the 13.5 degree and its a very penetrating launch and low spinning head. This is much more controllable than the driver and for me its only 10 yds shorter on avg, Spin wise I'm able to keep it consistently under 2600 and the ball just cuts through the air. Shorter par 4's or if I have to hit a fairway im taking this out every time. Ive never had much use for a 3 wood (and I dropped my driving iron) so this fits perfectly for me.
  5. jfrigo

    Sub70 golf

    now played 4 rounds with the MB's are they are incredible!!! very forgiving for a blade. Easy to work left or right, but ive found these to go super straight compared to my old P770's. Also ive noticed about 5 extra yards with the MB's even tho the lofts are weaker compared to what I used to play (and yes that's including higher spin rate also). These cut through the turf quite easily and haven't hit a fat, chunky shot....yet. My whole bag is new this year and these irons are by far my favorite investment! and cost less than just my driver
  6. love how these look... currently the Cleveland rtx4's are the best wedges I've ever played, but im biased towards TM and really want these!! The Hi-Toes are nice but id be the first to admit over the years TM has really struggled in the wedge game compared to everyone else
  7. jfrigo

    Sub70 golf

    Got the call yesterday...639 MB's are on the way!!!!! cant wait to play them. The 4-6 in the Cb's have been awesome so far. Will update when they arrive next week
  8. if you're launching 13* and sometimes spin below 2500, then that should be perfect!!! not dropping out of the air.... 2400 - 2500rpm is where most people dream of being at. To want at least 2500 rpm, I wouldn't advise wanting to go much higher
  9. mine came stock at 45.75 inches. Cut it down to 44.75 and did make a difference. During the week I walk 9 holes by myself since I'm off work by 2. Ill hit both drivers this week head to head and see how it goes. As of yesterday my m5 is staying put also
  10. Agree with this 100%! Toe misses for me start right and go farther right. Super high launch and about 30yds short of my avg distance. This is a low spin monster when centered, but forgiveness is pretty bad imo. Of course thats due to strike and inconsistencies in the swing, but compared to my m5 the Hogan is way less accurate. In 4 rounds ive hit some of the longest drives ive had this year, but also had more wild drives in 4 rounds than the 30 rounds with my m5. Could be a comfort thing but right now I really prefer my m5. All around the m5 sounds and feels much better to me... The hogan
  11. Joe Lemont, Illinois 110 mph w/ driver Taylormade TP5x Never played snell before but very curious after the study!
  12. if youre struggling to launch fairways already, I highly doubt the cbx would be the route to go. Those things are penetrating, low spin monsters! also not launching fairways is usually a setup/swing issue.... otherwise id look at the Cleveland launcher line. Those are designed to help people get it in the air..the regular Ping g410 line is really damn good too
  13. jfrigo

    Sub70 golf

    yea the 790's were a bad match for me to begin with. Im a high speed player, launch pretty high already and generally lower spin with my irons. yes the 639's are shorter but its mainly b/c weaker lofts and the heads spin more than p790's. For me I prefer the weaker loft and extra spin to lock in a yardage. with my 790 6iron I hit it anywhere from 200 - 230. every once in a while with the 790 there's that hot spot where it just flies the ball an extra 15 yards that does me no good. When I hit the 639's I hit 10 straight shots within 8 yards of each other and regarding flight, I
  14. jfrigo

    Sub70 golf

    I ordered 4-6 CB and 7 - P MB... prices are same. I use Project X so that was a $140 upcharge. So 7 irons, $140 shaft upgrade, golf pride z cord align grips, and tax..... about $800. So far ive only been charge $350 for the 4 - 6 CB. The MB's are about 4 weeks away still
  15. jfrigo

    Sub70 golf

    Jason is who I met with when I went to hit the clubs. Very genuine person who truly cares about the customer and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy with your purchase. The wedges felt great. My ping glide forged are the best wedges ive ever played and head to head they were right on par with each other. So for $80 or $200 for a club that performs the same ill take the cheaper one!! Update: My irons came yesterday and went straight to the range with them. Very easy to control flight and felt much better than the TM P790/770's I was playing.
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