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  1. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/golf/liv-golf-adelaide-course-damage-29927432?int_source=amp_continue_reading&int_medium=amp&int_campaign=continue_reading_button#amp-readmore-target
  2. As usual, TXG does a proper review comparing actual data against the closest competitor. If only more golf YouTubers could do the same
  3. I watched the Shiels video last night when it showed up in my recommended feed. The only thing he showed any real data for was the driver test and that was also the only test he did a comparison with the Pro V1. All of the other tests he didn't put it head to head and just used "I've played Pro V1 for years" as his basis on why the PXG didn't perform as well. He also claimed it didn't perform that well on the iron test but the video contradicted that I think. He used the wrong club for the first few shots, but every shot stopped pretty quickly on the greens with a 7 and 8 iron. But again he also didn't actually do a comparison with the Pro V1 to show how the PXG underperformed to his standards. I think he did have some valid critiques but apart from a couple of things like the driver performance, the sound of the ball, and maybe the durability of the cover, most of it was just backed up by his feelings and not any actual data. Maybe his feelings would have been validated by more data and head to head comparisons but since he didn't do enough of those, I'm not sure how much stock I'd put into his review.
  4. Anybody hear or have any experiences with this? https://www.theoneclub.ca/shop/p/one-golf-training-aid
  5. I purchased an M16 shaft for the PXG putter I bought a few months back. Need to get it installed so don't have any feedback about it yet.
  6. I could very well be misinformed as, quite frankly, I haven't looked deep enough into it, but I'm fairly certain I read somewhere that part of the rankings process is that all players play the course in the same fashion barring extenuating circumstances, like inclement weather, which allows for split tees on weekends. That could be incorrect however... My whole thing is that if Greg hates the establishment so much then why does he care about OWGR points. He's basically trying to Formula 1 up golf with LIV so why doesn't he just make up his own damn rankings for a World Golfer's Champion and a World Team's Champion and leave the establishment alone. If players want his tour then cool but you don't get to have it both ways unless Greg decides to finally try to work with the PGA Tour instead of trying to strongarm them into submission. It's not going to work. And I'm just so sick of hearing his BS. I haven't watched a second of pro golf since The Open because of how much this LIV garbage has poisoned pro golf for me.
  7. Not a par, but a most unconventional bogey. Several years ago now but remember it clear as day... 185 yard uphill par 3. Fatted my 3 iron about 30 yards short of the green but in-line with the pin. Overcook the pitch but it's dead on-line with the pin. Ball lands in the hole, does a little lap and exits 90° to the left and ends up on the fringe about 25-30ft away. Left the pin in and putted from the fringe. Putt was tracking perfectly until it hit the pin dead-centre and bounced backward, finishing 6 inches or so from the hole. Tapped in for bogey and laughed my way to the next tee about how ridiculous that hole was...
  8. I don't think you can go wrong with either spot really. Personally I'd lean towards TXG because of Ian Fraser but he also helped launch Modern Golf in the first place before starting his own shop with TXG.
  9. Some pretty harsh words from a Golf Saudi ambassador for LIV:
  10. I certainly feel like it's a hostile takeover attempt from LIV. As many in the professional golfing world have said throughout this whole ordeal, GN has had a 30-year vendetta against the PGA Tour that he finally found funding for. None of his actions throughout while poaching talent from the PGA Tour has been amicable and there's never been an attempt from him or LIV to actually work with the PGA Tour. I continue to have no interest in LIV, mainly because of this hostility in how LIV has come in and disrupted professional golf. Honestly, my interest in professional golf as a whole has suffered since this LIV situation came to fruition. Just makes me sad to see how fractured professional golf has become. I have my own feelings on the source of the funding of LIV which I've already mentioned in a past post in this thread so I won't rehash it, but lately I've been thinking this whole LIV situation may have played much better with the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and whatever other tours, if they came in and were like we want to team up to put on a global series of big money team golf exhibitions instead of how they've gone about it. Ultimately, people can criticize Monahan until the cows come home saying he reacted too harshly but he reacted to a threat that was hellbent on destroying the establishment that is his duty to protect. Another thing that I've really not enjoyed since the announcements of the new changes to how the PGA Tour will operate is all of the thinkpieces of how "Phil was right" and deserves to be "forgiven" for all he did. There is so much more to things than just being right. How you go about it also matters quite a lot. The ends don't always justify the means.
  11. Hard agree. As fitting a champion as there could be this season. And as mentioned, certainly no ill will towards anyone else, especially Scottie.
  12. Getting a bit annoyed with all of the complaints about the playoffs. Don't get me wrong, I don't much like the staggered starting scores for the Tour Championship but it is a simpler solution to the original format. That being said, these guys complaining that the points in the playoffs are too weighted so that all a guy has to do is get hot in the playoffs to win the FedEx Cup rather than having season long excellence are fundamentally misunderstanding the point of playoffs, imo. It's also hilarious when they compare the staggered starting scores to the NFL saying the top ranked team wouldn't get spotted two TDs or whatever at the start of the Super Bowl. Sure, that never happens but guess what does? The top team in each conference in the regular season get a bye week but if they lose at all during the playoffs, they don't win the Super Bowl. The reward for season long excellence is playing in the playoffs. The best of the best should receive some kind of reward for sure come playoff time, be it a bye or something else, but to say the FedEx Cup playoffs are flawed cause a guy could win every regular season tournament and not win the FedEx Cup cause someone got hot in the playoffs is silly. The Patriots lost a Super Bowl while 18-0 to a team that was 10-6 in the regular season. That's how playoffs work. I do think there's a better solution to combat things however. Maybe a three tournament playoff where say the top 16 in regular season standings get automatic byes into the second tournament but there's no points come the playoffs. If you finish in the top whatever of the field you make it to the next tournament. Winner takes all. I think that would be a true playoffs format personally. Also, maybe to combat someone attempting to make the playoffs by just playing every week, maybe take an average point value of a player's top 15 or 20 (with some allowances for injury or whatever) events played to reward the players who were the most consistent throughout the regular season. This could all be moot anyway depending on what Tiger and Rory's plan is for the future of the PGA Tour but I just find some of the complaints silly. The reward for season long excellence is making the playoffs plus winning any potential season long awards, and all the cash earnings that come with doing well on the Tour. /End rant
  13. There's really no need to bring someone's alcohol issues into this. Even if some of the LIV defectors supported Horschel through it, that doesn't mean he has to support them now. Especially when some of them are effectively suing him and every other player on the PGA Tour. Not exactly comparable situations and certainly not something that was necessary to bring up...
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